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The main information of this website can be found on the pages "Introduction" to "Visions for the future". On this homepage I collect news messages from both the mainstream and alternative media that are significant for the development of this planet, try to explain their meaning in a larger context and show the hand of the dark forces and/or Light forces at work. I also share messages that come from within and that feel relevant to the phase of developments that we are in. For the meaning of certain specific terms such as Cabal, Archons, Khazarians and White Hats please read the indexed pages. A lot of the conclusions that I draw in the below news messages are based on alternative sources of information, among which Cobra's blog, Benjamin Fulford's newsletters and testimonies of insiders and whistleblowers. I invite you to investigate the ramifications of my explanations for yourself by accessing the links on the "Links" page as well as the links that I provide in the texts of the pages on this site.

2024-06-26: Julian Assange is free.

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks and one of the great heroes of the Truther Movement, has been set free and is returning to his homeland Australia. Did Assange violate the confidentiality of information he shared? Yes, clearly. Did the greater good of shedding light on immoral behaviour of various players in government and business justify his actions? Yes, absolutely. It is a relatively small and incomplete (because he did spend 62 months in jail and had to plead guilty on one charge) but nevertheless very important victory for freedom.
In line with this there was an interesting philosophical discussion on Dutch television about the monopoly on violence that governments acquired over time to settle disputes between citizens and maintain an equilibrium of interests between all parties in society. It postulated that since the advent of this social contract the amount of manslaughter has decreased hundredfold and references were made to the writings of Plautus, Rousseau and Locke among others as well as to the Plakkaat van Verlatinghe from 1581, the Dutch declaration of independence from the Spanish crown. (The Dutch declaration of independence was prompted by what was widely considered abuse of power by the then king of Spain Felipe II.) The term organized crime syndicate was actually used and applied to government and the consensus was more or less that it is a necessary construct although citizens have the right to keep it in check as long as their actions are proportionate. The key questions in this current time are to what extent governments around the world have abused the power given to them by the people and how far citizens and citizen collectives can go to resist before their actions become disproportionate. In other words, where does dissent end and terrorism and criminal behaviour start? There is clearly no consensus on that topic. In any case, my signature is missing under any social contract; I tolerate government, respect the most basic laws and welcome those policy decisions that do serve the common interests, but I cannot in good conscience support the current governments in Western Europe or most other governments in the world for that matter.

Speaking of which, in Cobra's post of last week are some links that tell exactly why most governments are not kosher. Most of the dark Atlantean network has been removed, there is only one stronghold remaining which is an underwater base. The removal of the Lurker is the very last hurdle before the Event, and many people may be triggered and freak out once the process of detachment from the Lurker starts in earnest.

2024-06-12: The world is in flux.

Yesterday morning I had to think about the video in which Osho told his audience he was feeling sorry for people who live in destitution and struggle to survive, but he couldn't go to poor countries because they would simply kill him. So I imagined him still being in the physical world and going to Gaza to teach some spiritual lessons and then a tragic news report coming out about his death at the hands of the population of Gaza. It's gallows humor, but it also highlights the concerns of the light forces in intervening on planet Earth. Should they massively intervene now it wouldn't turn out so well. Instead the processes that are going on need to play out, people need to take their destiny into their own hands and need to deeply internalize that what you sow is what you reap. In essence humanity needs to come to its senses.

Allegiances are shifting, people are being taken out or die by themselves, and what previously was a minority of people who want real fundamental changes (especially in the "rich" countries) is becoming a majority. Benjamin Fulford has been sharing quite a lot of interesting information lately, he wrote that Joe Biden is now controlled by the White Hats which is in contrast to how the White Hats under command of general Eric Smith view it. It is remarkable how Biden nowadays most of the time says things people of reason want to hear and now he has even had the southern border of the United States closed for illegal immigrants. Either he does so to increase his chances or being reelected in November, or he is really under White Hat control. It seems White Hat operations are also compartmentalized, just like those of the Cabal, I think partly for security reasons and partly because the various organisations (White Hats, White Nobility, White Dragon Society, Earth Alliance etc.) came into being independently. Another important news item is that Saudi Arabia has apparently chosen not to renew the Petrodollar agreement that was arranged by Cabal handler Henry Kissinger in 1974.
And from Fulford's May 27 newsletter: So far 124 governments worldwide have promised to act on the arrest warrants issued by the ICC. Top EU diplomat Josep Borrell said, “All states that have ratified the ICC statutes are bound to execute the Court’s decisions.” The leaders of Germany, France and other ICC signatories also promised to enforce the arrest warrants." That means Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, defense minister Yoav Galant and Hamas leaders Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Deif and Ismail Haniyeh cannot travel to the majority of countries in the world any longer without being arrested.

Finally I want to share this video from Deep Disclosure that goes into many interesting subjects and also tells about the life stories of these members of the Earth Alliance. For one, they say Nikola Tesla developed time travel; that would surely explain why all his documents were seized immediately after his death by the Office of Alien Property.

2024-05-28: My take on the conflict in Gaza.

We are now almost 8 months after the start of the conflict between Hamas and Israel which started with attacks by Hamas on Israeli soil on October 7, 2023 and is now being fought mostly in the Gaza strip. It is a bitter conflict with a long history between two peoples that claim the same land as their homeland. It is probably the most complicated conflict in the world.
As far as the light forces are concerned the first priority would be to establish a ceasefire, and they would seek to separate the two conflicting parties. That is rather difficult in a situation where they occupy the same land, or pieces of land that lie very close by. UN peacekeeping forces have in the past been useful to guard ceasefires and keep parties from restarting their fighting, in some cases more so than in other conflicts. But peacekeeping forces could be useful at least to bring back some temporary tranquility and safety for citizens. There are now less and less politicians who unconditionally support Israel's armed actions in Gaza as the death toll among Palestinians has risen excessively and Gaza has been turned into a living hell. While the people in Gaza have been experiencing the ultimate result of their past majority support for Hamas, mutual distrust has risen to new heights and information about war crimes on both sides has come out. This conflict is essentially a guerrilla war because the firepower is asymmetric between the Israeli army and Hamas. One thing must be understood: war is always ugly and more so in "modern" wars that take place in populated areas. It wasn't always like that, in the "good old days" one army of soldiers would fight another army of soldiers on the battlefield and those who got killed or wounded would all be soldiers and commanding officers. That was the risk of the trade, and everyone knew it. Now you don't know who is next, it could be anyone who is in the wrong spot at the wrong time.
While Israeli military commanders seek to achieve certain military objectives, the ones at the top giving the orders show a total lack of empathy and indifference to suffering, loss of life and material damages. The leaders of Hamas that are left are so filled with hate, anger and resentment toward Israel and its government and citizens that they cannot attain a peaceful solution. All attempts at peace in the past have been sabotaged by those of ill will, those who desire more to hurt and take revenge than to live in peace. But what peace can there be with one side dominating the other and imposing its will on the other, that is no basis for peace at all. Any lasting peace should include a form of reparations paid to Palestinians who have lost their land and house in the years since the establishment of the state of Israel. The light forces by word of my twin flame say they have no preference for a one state solution or a two state solution, they say it is the intent that matters. With the right intent both solutions can work, without the right intent both solutions will fail. They cannot fully intervene yet, but once they do all those who seek to harm and disadvantage the other side will be removed permanently. This is the only way a lasting peace can come about.

I would say this: don't be fooled into taking sides, either pro Israel or pro Palestinians, that only serves the dark agenda. The accusations of genocide being committed by Israel in Gaza are a bridge too far, the term genocide has been subject to inflation lately. Originally genocide means either wiping out an entire people or race or a large part of it. That is not what has happened in Gaza, although some Israeli's have made no secret of the fact they want a genocide.

Shalom, Salaam. One people united under God, it is the heart that matters.

2024-05-09: Klaus Schwab dead.

Two recent documentaries have been aired on Dutch TV that deal with the same subject: the network of pedophilia around Jeffrey Epstein. One is Secrets of Prince Andrew and the other Victoria's Secret: Angels and Demons. The first leaves little doubt how close prince Andrew of Great Britain was with Epstein and how they both enjoyed sexual services from underage girls, the second one goes further and concludes that video material was made of all sexual encounters inside the premises of Epstein and that the material was used for blackmail of people in positions of great power. One commenter talked about the "too big to fail network" of bankers, businessmen, politicians and high society members. That's something entirely differently than the mass media spin that Epstein was mainly out to satisfy his own urges and there wasn't much else to it.

Secrets of Prince Andrew - episode 1
Secrets of Prince Andrew - episode 2
Top 10 Shocking Reveals in Victoria's Secret: Angels and Demons

There is one thing I want to note in all this: such people who have been born with a golden spoon in their mouth have a life that is uncomparable with that of an average citizen. Part of them have been in the spotlight and under public scrutiny all of their life and their whole notion of what is normal and fair is different from ours. But of course the laws that apply to us should apply to them also.

Klaus Schwab has died in the Naval Hospital in Guantanamo Bay. Such was his dependence on adrenochrome that his body couldn't function anymore without it. So no trial for him; maybe it's better that way, it's clear what he stood for anyway, although it would be good to hear the evidence that was gathered against him at a later date.
In Russia no less than 450 Covid vaccine supporters from the healthcare system have been executed on Putin's orders. In Ukraine a Russian sniper team killed WEF member Kiva Allgood who had devised a plan to inject hundreds of trillions of counterfeit rubles into Russia’s economy.
Basically from all the reports it shows the Cabal is losing members and supporters on a daily basis, from high level plotters to low level mercenaries and scum.

Benjamin Fulford writes that the White Hats have won and a new setup of the future global society has been agreed upon. This conclusion may be a bit premature, Benjamin likes bold statements, but I feel in essence he is right. However, defeating the global Cabal is one part of the mission statement. After that comes dealing with the ignorant and slavish part of humanity, all those that have bowed for Machiavellian leaders, have succumbed to the fear mongering and divide and rule strategies. A lot of re-education and realignment will need to be done.

2024-04-16: Klaus Schwab arrested!

World Economic Forum founder, Great Reset pusher and one of the Unholy Five Klaus Schwab has been arrested in his house in Switzerland. And sure enough, he was on an adrenochrome infusion when he got arrested. Before being able to make the arrest the members of the Delta Force team had to take out quite a big number of guards, a bit similar to when George W. Bush was arrested. Unfortunately one Delta Force team member was also killed in action.

2024-04-15: Victoria Nuland hanged.

One of the last big fish in the American pond of public Cabal members, Victoria Nuland, has been arrested, sentenced and executed:

Marines Arrest Victoria Nuland and Husband
JAG Finds Victoria Nuland Guilty ‘By Default’ and Sentences Her to Hang
Nuland Hanged at GITMO, Ahead of Schedule
Demon Figurine Found in Nuland’s Cell

A situation update by Cobra tells about dark portals that have been opened by the dark Atlantean network between December last year and early April. The reptilian beings that entered through those portals were immediately cleared, so they caused no trouble for planet Earth.
There is a new call for peace meditations to stop the tensions between Israel and Iran from escalating:

Urgent meditation for peace between Iran and Israel every 4 hours

2024-04-09: Merrick Garland hanged.

Attorney general of the US Merrick Garland has been executed in Guantanamo Bay for prosecuting and jailing innocent civilians which is an act of treason. Here are the reports on his demise:

Merrick Garland Military Tribunal, Day I
Garland Gets Upper Hand in Day 2 Military Tribunal
Garland to Hang on April 4
Merrick Garland Executed After Shanking Guard

That is just one psycho less, but there is more good news that things are moving in the right direction.
In Brazil an official apology was made to the indigenous peoples for wrongdoings of the government particularly during the years of military dictatorship. It's a good first step, but more need to follow.

I have recently updated the Links page, which was much needed as quite a number of websites I previously linked are not online anymore, especially ones that arose during the corona years. A few other domain names now host different sites than before which are totally irrelevant for the purpose of my website. I however added other interesting sites.

2024-04-02: Meditation for the United States.

Cobra has confirmed in his March 21 update that the Illuminati underground networks and the remnant of the Illuminati Breakaway Complex on and off planet have been fully cleared. There is one other dark network remaining and it dates back to the days of Atlantis and before then. Its days are also numbered and I feel we are now really in the last stage before the Event. At the occasion of the April 8 solar eclipse a mass meditation for the United States will be held, as it is clear the country plays an important role in deciding the future of the planet and the situation in the US is quite uncertain at the moment. Here is an interesting analysis by Simon Parkes and Kerry Cassidy of the situation.

USA Eclipse Cobra Interview
Meditation for the United States Total Solar Eclipse on Monday, April 8th 2024 at 6:18 PM UTC
Solar Eclipse over America - 144k Mass Meditation

2024-03-06: Jacob Rothschild dead, Oprah Winfrey executed.

It was not a big news item in the mass media, but for the aware and awake it is a big thing: Jacob Rothschild has died. One of the patriarchs of the Rothschild family and therefore one of the controllers of the financial system, Jacob has played a major role in maintaining the status quo, saving the too big to fail banks and denying ordinary citizens the kind of handouts banks got. He is one of those who blocked the release of funding for humanitarian projects as a result of which many plans people made, including mine, did not come to fruition. But of course the mass media portrays him as a philantropist and patron of the arts. Here's David Icke's comment on Rothschild's death. Cobra has confirmed that the light forces have captured Jacob's spirit and it has been brought to the Galactic Central Sun for a soul reset.

Many people have more difficulty understanding how someone like Oprah Winfrey was on the dark side. She may not have started out like that, but she sure ended up there. I found this revelatory clip from an old TV show of hers that talks about the same kind of things she would get involved with herself. From what I have learned she particularly liked to torture white boys. But that is not why she was convicted by the White Hats. Here are the reports of her tribunal and execution:

JAG Convicts Oprah Winfrey, Sentences to Death
JAG Executes Oprah Winfrey

And her replacement looks quite different, as was noted by this observer.

Regarding the issue of the members of the Illuminati Breakaway Complex that went undetected for a long time, this is the information I have intuitively received: the conclusion of the light forces on how these IBC members stayed off the radar is that most if not all of them have gone into stasis (a prolonged state of hibernation) and only came back to an active condition very recently. Why they did so remains unclear, but the light forces suspect it was a kind of psychological reaction as can be seen in a child or pet that did something it knows is wrong and not accepted: I'm not here, you don't see me, I don't know anything about it. They apparently hoped they could escape the clearing process until the storm had blown over. The technologies used by the light forces in scanning for signs of life include all of the technologies known on Earth plus some more advanced ones. Infrared scanning, ground penetrating radar, listening in on telecommunications channels, seismic measurements, reading vibrational frequency patterns, analyzing thought patterns of Cabal members as well as clairvoyance. But no method is entirely failsafe.

2024-02-20: Our bodies, minds and hearts are on the line.

The Journey to Truth podcast channel has been kicked off of YouTube, but it is on Rumble now:

Journey to Truth podcast with Tyler Kiwala and Aaron Kuhn

Then there is the interview of Russian president Vladimir Putin by Tucker Carlson. It may have some characteristics of a PR show and Tucker Carlson did not ask all the questions that I would have asked (such as "Why is Russia bombing so much civilian infrastructure?", "Does the Russian government realize how much resentment and aversion it generates among Ukrainians and people elsewhere?", "How does president Putin intend to restore normal relationships with Ukraine after the conflict?"). But it is an important interview that tells the story from Putin's perspective and shares information that is not generally known in the West.
Against the backdrop of this interview came the news of the death of Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalni. Many accusing fingers point to Putin as being the culprit for his death; that in itself is not a given, but at the very least Putin could have spared Navalni the humiliation and adverse circumstances of his detainment in a penal camp that recalls the days of the Siberian gulags. What is very clear is that there is serious oppression in Russia and there is no real free speech and freedom of assembly, regardless what window dressing Putin tried to do with his interview. I don't like the governments in the West, they are infested with Cabal agents and lack integrity, but living in Russia seems worse to me.

Cobra's expected update has some positive and less positive elements. All the bases in the solar system from the Indian and African Illuminati networks have been cleared, there is just a leftover rump body of members in tunnels below India and subsaharan Africa. It turns out however that some 18 million members of the Illuminati Breakaway Complex remain and they are scattered throughout various locations in the solar system containing jump rooms that allow access to planet Earth and hence replenishment of ground forces. On Earth some 100,000 members remain below Western Africa and some 15,000 below Colombia and northwestern Brazil. This begs the question: why was their presence not on the radar and how have they escaped the clearing process thus far? I will strive to get an answer to this question, because these kind of fuck ups undermine the trust of surface lightworkers and freedom fighters in the planetary liberation process of the light forces.
Benjamin Fulford for his part writes about how food (Ukrainian grain for one) is being used as a weapon to try and bankrupt European farmers and at the same time poison consumers. In such times I think back with nostalgia to some TV series that were aired in the 1970s and early 1980s, such as a Japanese one called Suikoden (The Water Margin) about a Chinese rebel named Lin Chung, an Italian series about Sandokan and a German one called Jenseits der Morgenröte. They are all depicting people endeavouring to escape detrimental and unjust conditions with great courage and boldness.

2024-02-06: Justice is coming.

When I read the January 13 situation update by Cobra I was rather flabbergasted that some 300 million reptilians came seemingly out of nowhere to run amok and try and take back the solar system from the light forces. So I went into silence and asked master Saint Germain what the heck is going on. What I heard is this: The dark ones were discussing among themselves what to do next and were making plans to muster their last resources and strike back. They have worked on ways to shield their thoughts and communications from being monitored by the light forces. The light forces knew they were planning something, but they didn't know exactly what that was until it was too late to stop it. Some members in the Indian Illuminati network have ancient manuscripts and documents that describe the jump rooms. They have decided to bring all remaining powerful negative entities into the physical, which were much less than before but nevertheless still an awful lot to deal with. The jump rooms were not all destroyed, because they serve a purpose for the light also. The upside to it is that the etheric plane is now really cleared of all "higher" dark beings. There will be a new update from the Resistance Movement once the last reptilians have been cleared, around halfway February or maybe a bit earlier. The detachment of the Lurker from the universe is proceeding; the construction of underwater bases that the light forces are creating on the sea floors is expected to be complete by the end of this quarter.

In other alternative media news Lloyd Austin's death has been forensically confirmed, two corrupt Ukrainian officials that were arrested earlier while visiting the US have now become the first Ukrainian cabalists to be executed on US territory, many arrests of media spinners and censors have taken place lately, the cruel and merciless head of the Biohazard Safety Level 4 lab in Montana has been convicted for treason and mass murder, and two very pronounced arrests were made: talk show billionaire Oprah Winfrey and attorney general Merrick Garland. General Eric Smith is certainly living up to his promise to increase the number of arrests of deep staters.

Benjamin Fulford shares intelligence on adrenochrome harvesting facilities in his latest newsletter. And he claims that king Charles III of England has been ousted from power; official news says he has been diagnosed with cancer and is suspending public duties.

2024-01-09: Lloyd Austin apparently killed in Russian strike on Kiev.

Since last week US defense secretary Lloyd Austin was missing and the Biden administration was not notified of his whereabouts or so it seems. The official story that has now been put out is that Austin was hospitalized and in the intensive care but didn't inform his superior and colleagues about it until after his release from the hospital. That is a really bizarre and fishy explanation of his absence. A Russian source of Real Raw News has a totally different story on Austin's absence. Namely that he was in a command bunker beneath Kiev, Ukraine, when the target was hit by Russian cruise missiles and reduced to rubble. If that is true it is a big blow to the Biden administration and the American branch of the Cabal. It explains his temporary disappearance and if a high ranking Cabal frontman like that is eliminated they need some time to take his clone out of the moth balls and program it before sending it into the Washington DC political theater.
The second half of 2023 saw mostly trials and executions of lesser known Cabal agents in the US government, the medical industry and US military, with the notable exceptions of general Mark Milley and treasury secretary and former chair of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen.

2024-01-07: The old ways of doing things ain't working no more.

Another year has passed and it was a turbulent year rife with conflicts, death and destruction, strikes and tensions in society. The Cabal was looking to impoverish the masses by cooking up energy shortages, food scarcity and causing supply chain disruptions and thus driving up prices, but many labor unions and professions came together to force above average wage increases, so the Cabal was only partly successful. In the Netherlands graaiflatie (grabflation) was chosen word of the year and it refers to supermarket and retail chains increasing prices more than what is needed to maintain reasonable profit margins under the cover of the high inflation trend across the board.
A Belgian intellectual called the European Union a compromise machine. I feel he has a point; although sometimes reaching a compromise is inevitable, at other times it is like mixing wine, beer and milk, it tastes like shit. It was remarkable that the legal "authorities" of the Netherlands, the Hoge Raad (High Council) and the Raad van State (Council of State), publicly talked about the phenomenon of people declaring themselves autonomous or sovereign and refusing to pay taxes and called it a worrying development. That signifies it is something uncomfortable to them, but also something which they cannot ignore anymore. The mass media portrayed the phenomenon as simply people who don't want to contribute to society, oversimplifying it and not telling the whole story as they do so often. Of course it is not an egotistical step to declare autonomy, it is saying the system as it is doesn't represent me or who I wish to be and I distance myself from it or cut ties altogether. Personally I have experienced that the consciousness of civil servants and officials is not ready for it, they are inclined and feel obligated to follow their programming and the administrative law above any other considerations.
A trend that I do feel is very disturbing is the worsening psychological health and make up of young generations. Suicides among young people below 30 have been rising, automutilation among young women has increased, the number of minors and adolescents involved in stabbings and crime is up and drug use and alcohol abuse are high among them. And it is no mystery why that is so, there are too many negative role models for them and not always enough positive role models around, society has become more individualistic, more competitive and more cynical. Add in the toxic influences of ultraviolent Hollywood movies and comparison (he has more followers on Insta, she is better looking, he is earning more money, she is a better dancer) and it cripples those who are already vulnerable and insecure.

But generally speaking bullying people into submission, scaring people stiff with gloomy scenarios and sweettalking people into surrender isn't proving very effective any longer. The low vibe approaches have simply lost appeal. We can expect the system and the whole control matrix to come under further pressure as it attempts to find answers to the challenges it faces. How this will play out exactly is hard to say, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear about failing banks again in 2024, big shifts in the political landscape, more shocking revelations, publication of eyewitness accounts of extraterrestrial contact, and more extraordinary things happening.
Cobra apparently confirmed in a workshop in Delhi that the time between the Event and the polar shift has been widened to allow the people of Earth more time to process the revelations and changes. This was certainly an explicit wish of mine and for sure many others, I have objected to the greatly compressed timeline.

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