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The main information of this website can be found on the pages "Introduction" to "Visions for the future". On this homepage I collect news messages from both the mainstream and alternative media that are significant for the development of this planet, try to explain their meaning in a larger context and show the hand of the dark forces and/or Light forces at work. For the meaning of certain specific terms such as Cabal, Archons, Khazarians and white hats please read the indexed pages. A lot of the conclusions that I draw in the below news messages are based on alternative sources of information, among which Cobra's blog, Benjamin Fulford's newsletters and testimonies of insiders and whistleblowers. I invite you to investigate the ramifications of my explanations for yourself by accessing the links on the "Links" page as well as the links that I provide in the texts of the pages on this site.

2018-12-06: God is not into babysitting.

Rules and regulations to keep us from drifting astray and making mistakes, dogmas and commandments to keep us orderly and well behaved, retribution and punishments to deter undesirable acts, these are not the way of Source Love. If Source would be invested in babysitting us like that, then how could we ever grow into the gods we are meant to be ourselves? If everyone could just realize that today, then tomorrow we could abolish all religions and 90% of manmade laws. There are just two threats to freedom and that is abuse of power in all its shapes and lack of respect for other people's freedom. Sin and karmic debt are fabrications of the Archons who themselves are the biggest cause of suffering in this world and restriction of our freedoms. Of course no loving being is going to sit by idly and watch another being mistreated, molested and disheartened, so divine intervention is taking place; however the situation on this prison planet is exceptional in every single way. Ultimately it's up to us to get our act together, take responsibility for our lives and our world and the more we do that the more help we can receive from beyond.
The Alliance is taking concerted actions against organized crime in Europe. Eurojust operation Pollino is making moves in tackling the 'Ndrangheta mafia network in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Italy which is controlling much of the cocaine trade in Europe with at least 90 people arrested; Cosa Nostra capo di capi (top boss) Settimo Mineo, the successor of Totò Riina, and 45 other mafia members have been arrested in Sicily, Italy, in an effort to stop the syndicate from rebuilding their organisation.

2018-12-01: Paradise lost? No, paradise won.

Thank you very much, dear Cobra, for linking to my website. Cobra has now also confirmed the cause of the incineration of the city Paradise in northern California just like eyewitnesses have done: directed energy weapons operated by the Cabal. If they think they can change the course of history to stop Earth from reaching its destiny against the drive of the entire universe and all intelligent life in it then they're truly pathetic.
Khazarian chief George Herbert Walker Bush has died at age 94, not a moment too soon. The talking heads on the mainstream media laud his "achievements", but let them take a look at the photographs of many Iraqi babies with the most horrendous deformities due to Bush sr. sanctioned dropping of depleted uranium bombshells on populated areas in the Gulf War and then tell their whitewashing stories once more with dry eyes! He is culpable of many war crimes, has managed the drugs trade into the USA and has given the orders for assassination of a very long list of dissenters and opponents of the rotten status quo to name a few things. I say he has been executed on a numerologically significant date (11/30, 11 + 30 = 41st president of the USA) as a warning to the Cabal and to stop his incessant extremist terror such as the Las Vegas shooting and burning of Paradise. His spirit has been captured by the light forces and he is being sent to the Galactic Central Sun as confirmed by Cobra. The remaining Cabal psychopaths must be starting to feel a bit lonely and abandoned.
The people of France are prepared to start a new revolution if that is what is required, and should revolution come it will start there. In a past life it was my aim to destroy the power base of the aristocracy, the monarchy and the catholic church (who were of course interwoven) but opposed the slaughter of aristocrats as their knowledge and experience could be put to use for the benefit of all. Now it is my aim to dismantle politics and eliminate money; the catholic church is in the process of destroying itself because of its complete lack of integrity and honesty. My vision is that governing councils will be advised by people from all walks of life including those who served as officials in the current system and who are sincerely willing to support the real public interests. But they will be subordinate to the new meritocratic representatives who will be subordinate in turn to we the people.

2018-11-27: A dedicated meditation to manifest material abundance.

It is well known that many lightworkers have been struggling with their finances as they have a hard time earning sufficient money in a system that is so contrary to their nature. Ground Crew Command found out that a curse was cast on lightworkers a few centuries ago for them not to have access to money in order to obstruct them in fulfilling their divine purpose and accomplishing their mission (and make no mistake, curses can be very powerful). They have neutralized the curse, but to swing the energy to the opposite I suggest anyone inclined to help including a small and simple meditation in your routine: visualize a large pile of gold, silver and banknotes that is continually being replenished and from which all lightworkers around the world are taking what they need to live comfortably and do their job of lifting up this world; feel the gratitude of the lightworkers as they take their share. I'm sure this will make a difference and will be much appreciated. On a practical level I want to say that lightworkers can address lack of material means in a multitude of ways; they have abilities and characteristics that are rare and valuable and that can be turned into cash. Rich people pay fortunes for things and experiences that are unique and that make them feel exhilaration. You just need to put your skills to use in ways that appeal to the life in circles of high society. And yes, it may be necessary to step out of your comfort zone...

2018-11-27: The unfreedom of following the little ego.

Nowadays a family having 5, 6, 8 or 10 children in a world that is already overpopulated is not okay, it is insanity. Defending hostile cultural practices merely because they are traditions is not okay, it is foolish. Price dumping to maximize sales and push more sustainable companies out of the market is not okay, it is irresponsible. Unbridled capitalism that maximizes profit without concern for unseen costs to the environment and humanity borders on social psychosis. If man cannot get his own little ego in check and subject it to the larger interests of society and the planet we are headed for disaster, as can be witnessed in so many places around the world. Currently we are slowly but surely killing our planet's vital organs: rainforests and primeval forests are dwindling, 60% of wildlife has disappeared in just half a century of human expansion, the seas and oceans are being poisoned with a nearly infinite list of chemicals and waste, it's plain madness. In a crisis situation drastic measures are imperative, but most politicians don't have the stomach and courage to take such measures and rather lend their ears to their puppet masters who are the epitome of death and destruction. It needs to be understood that once the light forces take over the command of spaceship Earth drastic measures in all areas of life will be taken without hesitation. It will involve curbing some lesser freedoms like the ones mentioned above to protect the greater freedoms such as finding a hospitable and habitable place wherever you choose to go, until such time when people learn to align their little wills to the divine plan for this planet and allow the mandala of light to be completed.

2018-11-25: Keeping up appearances in a crumbling system.

Now that a Brexit deal has finally been presented to be approved by all parties concerned it is abundantly and painfully evident that British prime minister Theresa May never had any interest in creating a solid Brexit deal and has wasted 2 years, as the deal on the table doesn't provide the kind of independence the leave voters were looking for. It doesn't return control of Britain's borders and laws back to Britain and is open-ended. The word toilet paper comes to mind.
Other very regrettable affairs are taking place as well, such as the killing of Syrian activist and journalist Raed Fares who criticized both president Assad's regime and islamic militants, but at the same time some progress is made in cleaning up the dirt of perverse crimes. More child pornography producers are being arrested, 79 people around Spain this time, and some sealed indictments in the United States have been unsealed with charges of money laundering and bribery by two Venezuelans and one Dominican who hold or held positions of great power and influence and who now reside in the United States. The oldest of the indictments was filed in December 2017, so the fact that the go ahead has now been given to unseal it may indicate that many more will follow in the coming months.

2018-11-15: Documentaries on ill effects of clothing industry.

Last evening several documentaries on the detrimental effects of our current day clothing industry were broadcast on Dutch television. One documentary showed how cotton in Uzbekistan is being produced with forced labor and how that cotton is mixed with cotton from other countries and ends up in clothes of the big labels. Another excellent documentary by Stacey Dooley showed how fashion collections carousel at an ever increasing pace driven by commerce, advertising and discounts and how many people buy clothes they never wear or wear only once. The mass production that is required to meet the excited demand combined with a race to the bottom in pricing has a catastrophic impact on availability of clean freshwater, the environment, people's health, fishing and working conditions in the Asian countries that produce the bulk of the cotton for our clothes. Environmental regulations in source countries are weak and hard to enforce and fashion brands are reluctant to take full responsibility for the abuses and gross pollution of waterways by cotton mills. This is a problem that can hardly be blamed on a corrupt elite, it is everyone's responsibility in equal measure. Many years ago I thought something was wrong with me, but now I know that I am a sane person living in a madhouse. Make me the dictator of this world and I will prohibit all commercial advertising and marketing with immediate effect and put the former advertisers and marketeers to work in remedying consumerism, promoting sustainable goods and alleviating the problems described above. And that is just for starters.

2018-11-13: A dream and a message.

Those who think the global conspiracy is mainly about money are dead wrong. This night I had a dream where I was a top Cabal member and I was meeting a boy that was arranged for me. The dream was all about desire, power and sex; the understanding of power as a top Cabal member was that I would simply impose my will and disallow any form of rejection because my desires themselves are enough justification for what I do. At no point did I make a moral consideration whether it was right what I wanted to do, on the contrary, I was looking forward to taking the boy and enjoying him. The dream made me experience firsthand the mentality and beingness of those ones that are in top leadership positions within the Cabal. The divine power works so much differently, it aligns oneself with all of creation in such a profound and complete way that my will is the genuine will of all and vice versa, there is no discrepancy left whatsoever.
Another thing I want to share is that in the past month or so the Cabal has gone rather berserk with their weather modification terror, deliberately lit forest infernos, satanic slaughter of innocent children, coldblooded elimination of opponents and such and this is totally unacceptable behavior. Understandably some elements of the Alliance have made grave threats to the Cabal in response, up to and including the obliteration of cities that house major Cabal institutions, but I would ask them to keep their calm. Destroying entire cities is no way to start the new golden age of Gaia. A strong and unmistakable message to the Cabal is necessary however, and that is the following: the fate of the top Cabal leaders is sealed, their one and only destination is the Galactic Central Sun where they will be restructured in a soul reset; the other Cabal members need to stop following orders from their psycho overlords and cease and desist from their destructive actions right now if they expect the Alliance, lightworkers and lightwarriors to protect them from the rage and vindictiveness of the populace once the full extent of their crimes is exposed for all to see! The fact that the Cabal leadership is now cornered and in despair is their own fault and theirs alone after their stubborn refusal to come to terms with the new reality that is gradually setting in, namely the Light assuming its reign over this planet.

2018-11-13: November 11 mass meditations report.

The situation has progressed to the point that legal action can be taken against certain members of the Cabal, but in order to deal with the top level figures the plasma anomaly must be completely cleared. For this reason and to boost harmonic energies the great date of 11-11-2018 (which is numerologically 11 + 11 + 11 = master number 33) saw many dedicated meditations organized by the various lightworker communities. I participated in a number of them and they were all great in their own way, but the one that really stood out for me was the Ground Crew Command Radio 144k meditation directed by Jim from Return to your Truth. There are meditations where you are a spiritual being bringing light and there are meditations that go beyond that where you become a creator doing white magic. Such is the power of the 144,000 soul group that it is changing this world with its willpower; 2 sessions in and I am already a huge fan of Jim. You have all the creative powers of God within you as do I, because we are God, there is nothing outside God. This is the true meaning of God is great (Allahu akbar).

2018-11-01: Halloween Break-Up Party mass meditation report.

Last night I joined the Halloween Break-Up Party mass meditation organized by the 144k group on Ground Crew Command Radio (the full two hours of it) to counteract the dark rituals of child and animal sacrifice that seek to perpetuate the energetic conditions suitable for the Cabal agenda. Boy, to they know how to bolster the power of the light forces, it was the most profound meditation I have ever done in my entire life. I experienced several things I never experienced before: my whole subtle bodies were energetically reconfigured by the hod, the most powerful transformers of the multiverse, I experienced an angelic quality of love not just coming from outside but from within myself and christ consciousness that was able to embrace the individuals performing the Halloween rituals and give them courage and strength to surrender to the Light. I felt these individuals have not only disconnected from their soul, but have also desensitized themselves from their own pain and are actually very traumatized themselves. They act like drug addicts who know somewhere deep down the stuff is bad for them but cannot help taking another shot anyway. I showed them that they will have to go through the scorn of the masses once their crimes are exposed, but that their personal victory awaits them after that phase when they refind themselves. This meditation went a long way in neutralizing the harmful effects of the rituals and instilling the transformative light into the uttermost darkness. After the end of the guided meditation broadcast I flushed the grid lines of Earth with brillant white light to wash away any remaining dark energy.

2018-10-29: Jair Bolsonaro wins elections for Brazilian presidency.

Brazil will have a conservative social liberal as its next president after Jair Bolsonaro won the elections with a 55% majority. He is certainly not undisputed (to put it mildly), but with current president Michel Temer's popularity all the way at the bottom it can hardly get any worse. At least Bolsonaro isn't the kind of smooth talking slithering snake as we have seen in so many candidates for positions of public leadership around the world.
In the Khashoggi murder case everyone with common sense understands that such a high profile elimination of an opponent cannot have been executed without at the very least the implicit approval of the most senior leaders of Saudi Arabia and the house of Saud is hence totally exposed for who they are. Yemen is being threatened with the worst famine the world has seen in years as a direct result of Saudi Arabia's incessant bombing raids on Houthi rebels and infrastructure combined with a sea blockade.
Meanwhile the mass media are now silent about the crimes of the Vatican and tries to divert attention by portraying the top Cabal operatives that were sent crude pipe bombs over the mail as victims of aggression provoked by Trump. But the better joke comes from German chancellor Angela Merkel who thinks she will remain in her position as head of state until 2021 even though she has now acknowledged the necessity to abandon the role as leader of her party CDU (Christlich Demokratische Union).

2018-10-19: Mega tax fraud by bankers, traders and hedge funds uncovered.

The largest tax fraud in European history has been uncovered: over the course of 15 years an international gang of bankers, traders, tax specialists, investors, hedge funds and pension funds mostly coordinated from London has been defrauding many European countries for at least 55.2 billion euro (31.8 billion euro in Germany alone). This is the outcome of the investigation called The Cumex Files; a group centered around Sanjay Mansukhlal Shah, Solo Capital and North Channel Bank used dividend stripping, a technique to repeatedly claim back dividend tax that was only paid once. The fraud was basically hidden by ingenious constructions, the complexity of the underlying transactions where packs of stocks changed hands very frequently around the dividend payout date and the lack of controlling capacity with tax authorities. In total around 100 different banks are involved in the fraud, so if you still thought that banks in general provide a public service then think again. Over 180,000 documents were studied during the investigation by 19 organisations led by Correctiv.

2018-10-15: Update and call to action from Cobra.

Cobra has posted a very important situation update that also constitutes a call to action for those who are ready and prepared. In summary he says the following:
  • The hyperdimensional barrier in the form of a Dyson sphere that shielded our solar system from the energetic influence of the Pleroma in the Galactic Central Sun has now been fully removed
  • From 1996 to 2001 the vast majority of lightworkers and lightwarriors have been subjected to trauma-based mind programming in underground military bases to render them ineffective
  • People working in one way or another on the planetary liberation need to refrain from using Facebook as it has been made into a surveillance tool of the Cabal
  • The lightworker and lightwarrior community has been heavily infiltrated by Cabal agents (so it's important to use discernment)
  • People who know their mission and who are mentally, emotionally, physically and financially stable are invited to join Cobra's team to work on various projects
Let me just add the following observation: the universe is inside just as much as it is outside, contemplate that for a while.

2018-10-12: Intensified power struggles on all fronts.

Many irregular things are happening lately the full background of which is not clear at the moment. But what is clear is that many chess pieces are falling, both on the good side and on the dark side. The detention of the head of Interpol Meng Hongwei by Chinese anti-corruption authorities is totally unheard of and he was forced to resign from his position. Two journalists who reported critically on heads of state, Viktorija Marinova from Bulgaria and Jamal Khashoggi from Saudi Arabia, have been murdered, once again showing the dangers of openly criticizing the powers that be. Do the people responsible for their deaths really not understand that they are only incriminating themselves more with such actions? They are just making matters worse for themselves. Talking about that, false accusations mounted against judge Brett Kavanaugh by the Cabal to prevent his appointment on the Supreme Court of the United States didn't have the desired effect. The opening of the sealed indictments in the US by Kavanaugh and his associates on the Supreme Court and related mass arrests are eagerly awaited by many and Disclosure News Italia indicates that the head of the Yaldabaoth plasma entity is fully dissolved, but the latter is not entirely in line with Cobra's latest information, which states that remnants of it containing plasma toplet bombs still remain. So let's keep up the energy work while the white hats in the White House remove the remaining Cabal elements from the Department of Justice and FBI; according to QAnon, these are: Michael Steinbach, John Giacalone, Randy Coleman, Trisha Anderson, Kevin Clinesmith, Tashina Gauhar and Sally Moyer.

2018-09-27: Exposing the hypocrisy of the system.

There is currently a controversy in Dutch politics about the material non-military aid (trucks, uniforms, medical equipment and such) that the Netherlands provided to 22 rebel groups in Syria from 2015 until this year. It started with a documentary that was broadcast on national television showing how part of this aid ended up with certain insurgents that have a questionable if not outright negative reputation when it comes to treatment of civilians and prisoners of war. Although the minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok tries to downplay the gravity of the issue, it is quite clear that both the legal and the moral basis for the involvement of the Dutch government in supporting revolts against the elected government of another sovereign state are very weak. Let me add some inside information from my own working experience: When I was working in a big bank on maintaining records of corporate clients, I found that many of these companies were part of larger and at times very large trees of companies whose relations were defined in terms of ownership and whose top level holding companies were almost without exception located in Switzerland, the Cayman Islands or the Bahamas. Just like trees suck water out of the soil, these trees of companies are designed to suck the lifeblood out of the masses. When I was working in a multinational corporation that produces both consumer and business to business goods, I found that it was implementing more and more Cabal policies paying executives, directors and top managers royal salaries while ordering them to scrape as much costs from the operational activities as possible, investing heavily in systems and processes that reduce the dependency on human labor, outsourcing activities to low income countries and selling business to business goods to fellow multinationals and corporate relations below cost price while making big profits on consumer goods. Let there be no doubt that the deeply hypocritical system is set up to keep us in servitude perpetually, mutually divided and dependent and to avoid the large majority of people to ever gain material and spiritual independence and self-reliance.

2018-09-25: Surveillance satellites and solar observatories taken offline.

The development that stands out in the past few weeks is the shutting down and taking over of crucial spying / surveillance satellites which were used by the Cabal to monitor the world's populations. This has been reported by QAnon, Cobra, Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock and undoubtedly others as well. The light forces are now controlling which data and images are being forwarded from the satellites effectively turning the Cabal partly blind; the predominant analysis is that this action sets the stage for a massive and tangible offensive against the visible power structure of the Cabal. Moreover, the Cabal has responded by switching off a number of solar observatories that took photos of swarms of spaceships exiting from the sun. It needs to be understood that our sun is an interstellar portal that is used as a wormhole between our solar system and other locations in the universe. Apparently the corrupt clique is afraid that word will get out about the numerous extraterrestrial presence and they cannot control the flow of information and perception of the masses any longer.

2018-09-14: France admits responsibility for torture during Algerian War.

The French government by word of president Emmanuel Macron has for the first time acknowledged its responsibility for the systematic torture of freedom fighters during the Algerian War for independence between 1954 and 1962. Some 1.5 million Algerians died during the war until France finally allowed Algeria its formal independence (of course economic independence is another ballgame, the overt colonial rule was basically swapped for covert control and exploitation just like with the other former European colonies). Although I am sure the declaration has been made in part out of public relations considerations to make the French government look more benign, the gesture is nevertheless a positive move that shows a certain willingness to look at past mistakes. Before any kind of true reconciliation can take place, each party must accept full responsibility for what it did. This goes for countries as well as individuals and groups of people and for things that happened a long time ago as well as more recent events.

2018-09-12: National preparedness month in United States while it braces for peak of hurricane season.

US president Trump has highlighted the month of September as national preparedness month and advises people to be prepared for disaster by having emergency response plans ready. According to various sources this is an implicit warning to citizens that the going may be getting rough now that the white hats in the American government are planning to undertake major actions against the USA branch of the Cabal. Over 50,000 sealed indictments have been filed and these can only pertain to the backbone network of the deep state. Meanwhile Leslie Moonves, longtime head of CBS Corporation, has resigned from his position after accusations of sexual misconduct and Rahm Emmanuel, mayor of Chicago, has announced his departure from the job next year. It looks very likely that the Cabal has used HAARP weather modification to intensify hurricane Florence that is heading toward the east coast of the USA in an effort to derail the white hats' plans and cause more suffering and hardships for citizens.

2018-08-27: The news is what we create in the here and now.

A lot is happening: shallow underground bases of the Cabal in northern Alaska, Japan and Lombok, Indonesia have been destroyed by massive explosions that caused earthquakes (in the case of Lombok unfortunately civilians above ground have been killed in the series of earthquakes that was triggered); in the roman catholic church a revolution is brewing since Carlo Maria Viganò, who has held several prominent posts within the Vatican, has blamed pope Francis for softening sanctions against former American cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Viganò declares that the pope knew about the abuse by McCarrick back in 2013 and didn't act on it and should hence resign himself. This adds on the pressure from the cases of over 1000 children in Pennsylvania that have been abused by priests and the many cases of sexual abuse by Irish priests. So what we're seeing is that the superficial window dressing cleanup the pope initiated is catching up on him and is now threatening his own position and those of his accomplices in the cover-up. In the USA senator John McCain has died at age 81; he was a Vietnam veteran who was held captive by the North-Vietnamese for over 5 years. That must have been hard for him and it must have created a strong determination in him to succeed in life, but apparently he was unable to forgive his captors. He turned into a war hawk, embraced the Cabal agenda and was instrumental in fomenting insurrections and arranging US interventions in targeted unwilling countries.
But all of that is secondary to what you and I create right here and now. What people call the news is in fact olds, it has already passed. The worst slave is one who encourages others to be slaves as well, the best lightworker is one who saves himself or herself from the inner darkness and thereby transforms the world. Who is guilty of what crime, of course that must be brought to light and discussed, but only as a means to the end: paradise on Earth.

2018-08-19: Largest floods in India in over a century.

This summer is another record breaker of weather extremes with prolonged droughts, heat waves, massive forest fires, flash floods and now an exceptionally heavy monsoon in southern India (12 consecutive days with rainfall in the state of Kerala) which has caused the largest floods in the country in more than a 100 years. As a result of the floods nearly a million Kerala residents have fled their homes or have been evacuated with boats and helicopters to the 4000 tent camps that the government has set up. Since June some 350 people have died as a result of the floods. Apart from the heavy rains inadequate water management, specifically the belated opening of dams to release water and lack of flood forecasting, as well as deforestation and the dampening of swamps and lakes have been blamed for the gravity of the crisis. Whether the cause is climate change, increased solar activity, weather modification technology, strong cosmic energies or mother nature herself, we can speak of the Earth changes that have been predicted. Whether one likes it or not, a new balance will need to be found sooner or later.

2018-08-19: Imran Khan installed as new prime minister of Pakistan.

Imran Khan, the founder and chairman of the anti-establishment PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Pakistan Movement for Justice) political party, has been installed as the 22nd prime minister of Pakistan. The former cricket star player has been active in politics since 1996 and initially his party moved on the sidelines of national politics, but gradually grew in importance and in this year's July 25 elections his party took the majority of seats in the national assembly, blowing away the traditional PML (Pakistan Muslim League) conservatives and PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party) socialists. PTI aims to create a stable, harmonious and prosperous welfare state, promotes freedom of thought and religion and abolition of personal income tax. Moreover Khan and PTI intend to prosecute the representatives of the old political / feudal / military order for ruining the country and to foster a culture of accountability and transparency.

2018-08-16: Key to Freedom meditation during August 11 solar eclipse.

The global mass meditation on August 11 was not as large as anticipated, it made about 70% of the critical mass which corresponds to about 100,000 participants, but nevertheless it made a substantial impact. Cobra has confirmed that the head of Yaldabaoth is now almost completely disintegrated. Further removal of the last pins that hold the current fucked up paradigm of reality in place, the remaining plasma toplet bombs, will follow. In his earlier July post Cobra revealed that the Chimera are insectoid beings incarnated into human bodies and that they are even more full of anomaly than reptilians; these beings don't belong on this planet and need to be removed. Apparently one of their last strongholds is on Nova Zembla in the Russian arctic region.

2018-07-30: Australian archbishop Wilson and American cardinal McCarrick resign.

Archbishop Philip Wilson of Adelaide, Australia, has offered his resignation after being found guilty of concealing sex abuse by Australian priest James Fletcher in the 1970s and he was pressured to step down. Wilson is the highest ranking catholic official ever to be convicted of covering up sex abuse. The pope has accepted his resignation. This resignation comes days after that of cardinal Theodore McCarrick from the United States that is related to allegations of sexual abuse by himself. McCarrick is accused of having abused boys and adult seminarians over the course of several decades. McCarrick is a knight of Columbus and wielded great political influence; he was archbishop of Washington DC from 2001 to 2006.

2018-07-16: Trump and Putin discuss global issues.

US president Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin met in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, for their historic meeting and have undoubtedly discussed a wide range of global issues. After the meeting the "free" press did some Trump bashing as an alternation on their jaded Russia bashing, so the signs are pretty clear that Trump is enrolled in the programme of controlled demolition of the G7, NATO and other Cabal induced institutions. Sure enough, Trump was in bed with the Rothschilds, has ties with oligarchs, has made business deals with the Russian elite, which billionaire doesn't? And in his capacity as president he needs to accommodate many interests, but his determined defiance of established morals shows that he is primarily prompted by the white hats that now dominate the US government. In Trump's own words: "I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace, than to risk peace in pursuit of politics". Before you can build a new house, you need to tear down the old one that is standing in the way and that is spoiling the view.

2018-07-14: Prime minister of Ethiopia and president of Eritrea visit each other's country.

Prime minister Abiy Ahmed has visited Eritrea, the former Ethiopian province that gained independence in 1993, and was received by president of Eritrea Isaias Afewerki. Afewerki in turn has visited Ethiopia the next week. From 1998 until 2000 there was a new war between the two countries after the earlier war for independence and from 2000 to 2008 a UN peacekeeping force was stationed in the borderland. It is the first meeting of the countries' leaders in almost 20 years demonstrating the sudden thaw in the relations between the longtime foes. The visits were made possible by Ahmed's full acceptance of the peace deal that was reached in 2000. Ethiopia and Eritrea will reestablish diplomatic ties. Since his swearing in as prime minister last April Ahmed proves himself to be a reformist by releasing political prisoners, lifting the state of emergency, softening the anti-terrorism law, unblocking dissident websites, recovering phone connections and liberalizing the economy. Keep it up, bro!

2018-07-13: Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay 4.69 billion US dollars in fines.

The pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has been fined with $ 550 million in compensatory damages and $ 4.14 billion in punitive damages for failing to warn its customers about the potential asbestos content in their talcum powder products. More than 9,000 plaintiffs have started lawsuits regarding talcum powder contamination with asbestos and the risks of ovarian cancer it presumably causes with women using the powders on their genitals; this court case was initiated on behalf of 22 women who all developed ovarian cancer. Johnson & Johnson categorically denies that their body powders ever contained any asbestos, but the lawyers of the plaintiffs claim the opposite and say the multinational knew about the asbestos for more than 40 years and covered it up. Many of the women were found to have asbestos fibers and talc particles in their ovarian tissues. If the fines are maintained they go into the top 10 corporate fines ever awarded. It's typical that most corporations in this top 10 are banks, supplemented with two oil companies and now two pharmaceutical companies.

2018-07-02: Presidential elections bring regime change to Mexico.

After Mexican politics have been dominated by the two parties PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional) and PAN (Partido Acción Nacional) for almost ninety years, this year's presidential elections see a landslide victory for social democratic PRD (Partido de la Revolución Democrática) candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador. López Obrador has promised to bring change by tackling violence, wiping out corruption, targeting social and economic inequality and breaking the grip that elites have on Mexican society. The result of the elections can only be interpreted as a thorough rejection of the political establishment and its failure to bring stability and prosperity for all Mexicans. The country has attracted a culture of death, rampant crime and bribery related to the narcotics trafficking and a very skewed distribution of wealth. About half the population is living in poverty, but the departing government found it necessary to sell out the national water resources to private interests thus solliciting steep price increases for the most primary necessity of life.

2018-06-21: Worldwide anti-poaching operation Thunderstorm concluded.

In the past month a coordinated international anti-poaching operation led by Interpol called Thunderstorm conducted in 92 countries has resulted in the arrests of 1400 suspects, 43 tons of wildlife meat, 8 tons of animal scales and 1300 kilograms of ivory being impounded and over 30,000 living animals being seized. It is the largest environmental crime investigation ever mounted. As poachers become more and more professional and the networks that drive poaching and demand for wildlife products are transnational, such global actions are indispensable to combat the pillaging of natural resources and the catching and killing of wildlife effectively. While poaching in itself is one of the biggest branches of crime from a financial perspective, the overall impact on the planet is even larger and it is often connected to other forms of crime at the top levels of the perpetrators.

2018-06-13: Trump and Kim express their intentions for a new era.

The meeting of the year between US president Donald Trump and North Korea's head of state Kim Jong Un marks the start of a new era in the making as both leaders have expressed the intention to cooperate, peacefully coexist and seek mutual benefit. Cynics say nothing specific has been agreed, but of course not everything that was discussed in the meeting is for consumption by the general public and every worthwhile cause springs from a noble intention. The foundation has been laid for a new understanding between not just the United States and North Korea, but between the Western world and East Asia. According to Benjamin Fulford's recent newsletter Kim Jong Un's influence spreads much beyond his own country and Trump's nationalist stance is finding more and more resonance in European countries. In Slovenia the liberal-conservative anti-immigration party SDS (Slovenska Demokratska Stranka) came out on top in the June 3 parliamentary elections, in Italy the newly installed government made a big statement by boldly refusing to let a ship loaded with 629 migrants dock in an Italian port. A bit of tough love is needed in this world (reciprocal trade deals or no deal, defending national interests against foreign conspirators and domestic traitors, politically incorrect no nonsense talk and such) instead of the sentimental pathos and playing the victim role that support the divide and rule policy of the Cabal. It must be said however that separating children from their parents who immigrate illegally as the US is now doing can only be called inhumane.

2018-06-05: India vows to ban disposable plastic in 4 years.

On the occasion of World Environment Day the Indian minister of environment Harsh Vardhan has announced that his country will ban plastic products for one time use by 2022. As the second most populous country in the world with a fast growing economy and one of the main pollutors, this is a significant boost in the fight against pollution of the oceans and environment. The European Commission is also working on banning disposable plastic in the European Union and there are various initiatives to stop plastic waste from entering the seas and oceans, such as the Great Bubble Barrier. The eventual solutions will be manifold, from eliminating unnecessary plastic products and launching disposable products made of degradable materials to using reusable packing materials and cleaning up public space more effectively. I would like to remind people that once there was no such thing as plastic and drinks were stored and transported in barrels, pottery, metal flasks, glass bottles and leather drinking bags which are all reusable. Food was stored and transported in wooden boxes, bamboo racks, straw baskets and leather bags. Sometimes we just need to look at the past for the simple solutions.

2018-06-02: Spanish government fallen after no confidence vote.

Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy has been ousted and his government has fallen after a no confidence vote gained a 180 to 169 majority made up of socialist opposition party PSOE (Partido Socialista Obrero Español), anti-establishment party Podemos, Basque nationalist party PNV and the 2 major Catalan pro-independence parties. Several former members of the ruling conservative party Partido Popular have been convicted for corruption in the Gürtel case that involved personal kickbacks in exchange for government contracts. Rajoy is being replaced by the leader of PSOE Pedro Sánchez; bye bye, Rajoy. Another Cabal loss in Southern Europe is the failed attempt in Italy to block a populist government by proposing a business (read: business as usual) cabinet. The new government that is now formed out of Lega and Movimento 5 Stelle (Five Star Movement) is the first full anti-establishment government in a Western country.

2018-05-27: The end of competition.

Real Madrid, the most elite of clubs in the biggest team sport of the world, has won its 13th European Football Club Champions' Cup / Champions League beating Liverpool FC 3-1 in the final match. The final had the good, the bad and the ugly all in it. The ugly thing was the 100% deliberate injuring of Liverpool's star player Mohamed Salah by Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos. Of course this is not the first nasty foul in football history and it represents the win-at-all-costs mentality that is just one aspect of egoism. The only Real Victory is when all win and for that we need to create win-win solutions. Life is about creating, not about consuming or passively watching others create. The emotional energies of massive crowds in sports stadiums is being harvested by the non-physical Archons and demons, both the energies of joy and disappointment, it's like a lavish buffet for them. For these reasons the future of sports will look much different from its current competitive form, although the esthetic value of the game can be preserved and the creative value increased: Gordon Banks' save, Antonín Panenka's penalty, Diego Maradona's dribble, Rabah Madjer's heel-kick, Marco van Basten's volley, Roberto Carlos' free kick, Zlatan Ibrahimovic's bicycle kick; let the most fantastic player ever serve as an example: René Higuita's scorpion.

2018-05-22: Call to join mass meditations.

As the latest update from Cobra informs that certain key members of the surface population are being activated and prepared for compression breakthrough and the Event, and rumors have it that some high profile Cabal members have already been detained and transported to Guantanamo Bay for imprisonment, I want to copy a call for people to join the daily mass meditations to achieve the breakthrough, either the breakthrough meditations at 2:00 AM UTC with 4 hour intervals or the goddess meditations at 2:30 PM UTC. Yes, we have to overcompensate for the multitude of unaware ones, the ones who don't care shit and the ones who have chosen evil over love, and we are not yet getting the rewards and recognition we deserve, even getting attacked at times, but it only creates more hunger for the victory, so let's rush to it.

2018-05-19: All Chilean bishops collectively offer their resignation.

In an unprecedented decision all 34 bishops of Chile have collectively offered their resignation to the pope. Pope Francis held the entire Chilean episcopate responsible for the cover-up of the sexual abuse scandal in which a number of priests abused children and for grave negligence in protecting the children and investigating complaints. It must however be noted that the ball only started rolling once the cases of abuse could no longer be silenced. According to Kevin Annett from ITCCS the collective resignation should actually be interpreted as a protest by the bishops against the standing policy of the church of Rome to silence all misdemeanors by the clergy; he also points out that the protests of indigenous Mapuche people against past land confiscations and firebombing of churches by them gave witness to a lot of resentment towards the catholic church. In the meantime the church is also under pressure in Ireland where a Citizen Grand Jury has been convened to investigate child trafficking and murder organized by top officials within the church, government and corporate world.

2018-05-13: Getting ready for the Event.

Last week I got a question from the other side, from a non-physical being. I don't know from who, as I didn't see anyone or feel any presence, I just heard a question being posed to me in my mind, most likely it was coming from an Archon. The question was short and simple: "Do you mean it?" I knew exactly what it referred to as if the understanding was wrapped into the question, it inquired about my willingness to forgive and offer help to the dark ones after they have had their soul reset. I answered "Yes, I am the real deal" and then I felt a mixture of consolation and reconciliation. Well now, the Archons that are left are the most hardcore bad ass blokes around, so if they start asking such a question it tells me they have come to fully realize that their defeat is unavoidable and probably getting close. So I want to reiterate that whatever is happening out there in the world, we can and will change the situation for the better and create a much brighter future. We have the power!

2018-05-10: Malaysian parliamentary elections won by opposition.

Pakatan Harapan (Alliance of Hope), a coalition of 4 opposition parties under the leadership of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad has won the parliamentary elections in Malaysia. It's the first time since Malaysia became independent over 60 years ago that Barisan Nasional (National Front) and its predecessor Parti Perikatan (Alliance Party) have to make way for another government. Current prime minister Najib Razak who has been in office since 2009 is associated with corruption. Mahathir used to be an autocratic leader but turned into a reformer from 2015 after Razak was alleged to have stolen 700 million US dollars in public money. It is expected that the previous opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who was jailed on charges of sodomy, will be released from prison in June and assume power in the new government.

2018-05-07: Pope Francis ally Giacomo dalla Torre chosen as new grand master of Knights of Malta.

The following half hour video ties a lot of key subjects together and has some historical connotations, although it is off on certain points (the future of the catholic church and the left-right political contrast). The Jesuits are taking direct control of the entire Cabal power structure by appointing supporter Giacomo dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto as the official head of the Knights of Malta and hasten the execution of their plans, but it will be to no avail. Pope Francis seems to think that by correcting gross injustices, talking reconciliatory words and making nice gestures he can reposition the church in formulating a renewed recipe for moral authority and centralized control, but the old institutions of power are way beyond rehabilitation and once all the dark secrets and hypocrisies of the monotheistic religions and their clergy are exposed people will be so shocked and outraged that it will lead to their undoing. The Vatican is the apex and center of the human slavery energy harvesting system (please ignore the flat earth errancy in the linked video, everything else is spot on) while the Ka'aba in Mecca is the physical representation of the Demiurge with the black goo that is manifested in the black stone placed in the Ka'aba.

2018-05-04: Continued cleanup and revelations taking place.

This week has seen several meaningful developments, notably the dissolution of the Basque liberation army ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna) that is responsible for a long list of mostly small scale terror attacks in Spain and France, the indictment of Australian cardinal and senior member of the catholic church George Pell for sexual abuse of children committed in the 1970s and 1980s, the forced resignation of UK home secretary and Theresa May ally Amber Rudd due to her involvement in the false flag Syrian gas attack narrative and attempts at provoking war, the setting of minimum prices for cheap and strong alcoholic beverages in Scotland to discourage alcohol abuse and documentaries and interviews on television that boldly reveal things that could not be so easily and openly discussed just a short time ago. Nevertheless the public revelations so far are only the tip of the iceberg and truth is slowly moving in on the highest ranking perpetrators of crimes against humanity and those guilty of high treason of the people.

2018-04-27: Bee-harming pesticides banned in European Union.

After prolonged discussions, campaigning for and lobbying against a ban, the European Union has finally decided what it should have done a lot earlier, namely to forbid the use of 3 neonicotinoid pesticides in the open air. The ban will take effect from the end of 2018 and they will only be allowed in greenhouses under strict conditions from then on. The ban aims to address the strong decline in bee populations across Europe which is a grave threat to agriculture and food production because of the key role bees play in crop pollination. It has become increasingly clear how big a factor the widespread use of neonicotinoids is in the decline of bees, as it hampers bee foraging and reproduction and lowers life expectancy of bees. The banned neonicotinoids are clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiamethoxam. However, how farmers replace the pesticides will be crucial, says Dave Goulson of the University of Sussex, UK. "If these neonicotinoids are simply replaced by other similar compounds, then we will simply be going round in circles. What is needed is a move towards truly sustainable farming methods that minimise pesticide use, encourage natural enemies of crop pests, and support biodiversity and healthy soils." I would add that natural agents exist that can deter harmful insects and prevent crop diseases and these should be used much more widely.

2018-04-22: Encouraging signs of corrections taking place.

The trend of late that looms in various news articles, interviews and presentations is that of much needed corrections taking place on many levels and in many areas. The upheaval around the Cambridge Analytica scandal put pressure on Facebook to review its policies on collecting and protecting personal data of people, the British sugar tax on sodas has prompted soda-makers to revise their recipes to reduce sugar contents in order to avoid or limit taxation, North Korea has expressed willingness to cease provocations by stopping rocket launches and nuclear tests and people in one country after another are standing up for better wages and labor conditions as well as against abuse of power and undemocratic practices. Equally on a more individual and private level changes in attitudes can be observed on critical issues such as liberty, rights of women, human relations, sexuality and the rising influence of artificial intelligence. In my analysis it is a combination of awakening taking place due to higher frequencies coming in from the cosmos and the various activities of the light forces.

2018-04-16: Global new moon mass meditation for peace.

As the Cabal is being cornered more and more by the multidimensional cleanup that is taking place right now, they are making an utmost attempt to ignite a war between the West (US, UK and France) and the alliance of Russia, Syria and Iran. To prevent an escalation of the renewed tensions and threats around Syria, a global meditation was organized. At the start when I was visualizing the pillars of light flowing I experienced a lot of interference; it felt like AI generated interference from the matrix control programme on the mainframe of the Archons. But then the light grid was activated and the interference subsided. Cobra mentions the meditation had a deep impact, and from Benjamin Fulford's report we learn that the tensions that were created by the warmongers were released by the bombardments executed on designated targets in western Syria while the targets hit by the US military were two abandoned airbases and a derelict building that was scheduled for demolition as agreed with the Russian military and Syrian government. This means that the story told by the mass media is a total ghost story from the false flag start of a forged poison gas attack to the misportrayed result and it means that the Cabal has lost control over the better part of the US Navy.

2018-04-08: Former Brazilian president Lula da Silva jailed.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, president of Brazil from January 2003 until December 2010, has been arrested and jailed after he was sentenced to 12 years and one month in prison on charges of corruption. Although he kept denying his role, crown witness senator Delcídio do Amaral insists that Lula was himself the mastermind of operation Lava Jato (Car Wash), the huge corruption scheme centered around state oil company Petrobras. Investigations into the Car Wash scheme will continue, but if Lula's responsibility is proven it is a great discouragement to such large scale and shameless self-enrichment that used to go unabated in the past, even if the wider phenomenon of corruption will not have ceased in Brazilian society. Lula has gained and still has much popularity among the common people as he made great strides in alleviating poverty and he grew up in a poor family himself.

2018-04-05: Worldwide investments in solar energy rise 18%.

A BNEF (Bloomberg New Energy Finance) study shows that worldwide investments in renewable energy have risen to over 270 billion euro in 2017, of which 130 billion euro was made up of solar energy investments. About 160 GW of new renewable energy production capacity was created as a result in 2017, with solar and wind energy making up the bulk of that figure. Especially the cost of solar energy is decreasing strongly, which resulted in an 18% growth in investments compared to 2016. China is the largest investor with 107 billion euro overall, followed by the United States with 46 billion euro and Europe also with 46 billion euro. Investments in coal and gas driven energy production totalled 83 billion euro. Some 12% of world electricity generation is now provided by renewable sources. So even though the renewable energy market is developing strongly, there is still a long way to go with the current kind of technologies available. The more effective and efficient technologies for renewable energy production have been censored and suppressed; on YouTube however quite a selection of clips showing household size devices for free energy production can be found that all work with converting magnetism and/or gravity to electricity.

2018-03-29: No vote wins in Dutch referendum about new law on intelligence and security services.

In the advisory referendum that was organized about the proposed new law on intelligence and security services a majority of decided voters (49,44%) voted against the law while 46,53% voted in favor of it. The referendum had a turn-out of 51,5% and was organized following popular demand in a phase where the Dutch government is looking to abolish the corrective instrument for public participation in governmental decisions. The newly proposed law has some similarities with the infamous 2001 Patriot Act of the United States and is like a wet dream for Big Brother. It facilitates large scale and indiscriminate data collection of telephone, e-mail and internet traffic (hence the popular name drag law), it offers the possibility to hack citizens, prolonged storage of data and unhindered exchange of collected intelligence with foreign agencies, of course all in support of preventing terror attacks and hacking of vital electronic systems as well as effective military operations. Now the government will be under pressure to make some amendments to take the sting out of the law and give it a more generally acceptable intent.

2018-03-23: Chess game developing involving Russian spies, EU leaders, Trump administration and Chinese dragons.

From the latest news stories, among which this very informative interview, a picture emerges where the Cabal is seeking to create new division and international tensions between Great Britain and Russia, United States and China, United States and Russia, while the white hats are seeking to bring down the political and military might of the Cabal that is centered in Washington DC. The US government has listed over 1000 Chinese products (mostly industrial) that could be hit with $60 billion worth of import tariffs and China has reacted by identifying US produced goods (predominantly agricultural) that could be surcharged. The looming trade war between the US and China might be the preliminary phase of a decisive attack on the Federal Reserve dollar, in other words Trump is giving the Chinese a valid excuse to crash the US dollar, which is totally within their power, and thereby annihilate the Cabal banking system. My guides however told me this would give too much fallout (collateral damage to the legitimate economy), so more likely it is a pressure medium for the Chinese to do something about reducing the huge trade deficit of the US with them. Former Russian spy Sergei Skripal was killed by the Khazarians before he could testify against the Clintons and further uncover their attempts to compromise Donald Trump, and the Cabal mouthpieces Theresa May, Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel went ahead to blame Russia once again.

2018-03-22: President Kuczynski of Peru resigns on corruption charges.

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, president of Peru since July 2016, has resigned after he was outflanked by two distinct charges of corruption. An impeachment vote was planned based on links to Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht, which is at the center of one of the largest ever corruption scandals in South American history. After videos surfaced that implicate the government in buying political support the position of the president became untenable. Kuczynski barely survived an earlier impeachment motion in December 2017. He lacked strong support in parliament, but his business interests got the best of him (his engineering company is said to have received a large bribe from Odebrecht) and his background as a banker working at the World Bank, IMF, Kuhn, Loeb & Co, First Boston and Banco Central de Reserva del Perú doesn't exactly make him an independent political leader, if there is such a thing at all.

2018-03-13: US secretary of state Rex Tillerson fired.

After a whole slew of government officials already left their post since the commencement of Donald Trump's presidency, secretary of state Rex Tillerson has been fired by Trump. With this last mutation in the US federal government the president has now gotten rid of most of the controllers and handlers that were forced on to him by the Khazarians and can embark on a more independent course of action. Gary Cohn, economic top adviser and director of the National Economic Council, resigned himself just a week prior. Earlier officials to resign or be fired were Michael Flynn, national security adviser; James Comey, FBI director; Michael Dubke, White House communications director; Walter Shaub, Office of Government Ethics director; Sean Spicer, press secretary; Reince Priebus, chief of staff; Anthony Scaramucci, White House communications director; Steve Bannon, chief strategist and senior counselor of the president; Tom Price, HHS secretary; Dina Powell, deputy national security advisor; Brenda Fitzgerald, CDC director; Rob Porter, staff secretary and Hope Hicks, White House communications director. Now that the white hats have strengthened their position in the White House, maybe they can start cleaning up the US Senate and US Congress. CIA director Mike Pompeo will be nominated to succeed Tillerson as secretary of state.

2018-03-09: International Women's Day celebrated worldwide.

The yearly International Women's Day has been celebrated in many countries with demonstrations and strikes for equal rights, equal pay and an end to oppression and sexual harassment. The first Women's Day was organized in New York in 1909 by the Socialist Party of America, from 1911 it became an annual event in some countries and since 1977 International Women's Day is celebrated worldwide. This year saw especially accentuated events because of the topicality of #MeToo, growing resistance in Iran against the obligation for women to wear a veil and increasing protests against unequal treatment of women. In Argentina women demonstrated for greater abortion rights, in India women protested against sexual violence, in Saudi Arabia women used the opportunity to go jogging in the street and in Spain women striked to demand equal wages for the same work. In the Philippines women denounced president Rodrigo Duterte as one of the worst violators of women's rights. Even in Afghanistan, a country that has seen particularly severe oppression of women, hundreds of women marched to be given a voice and ensure good education for girls.

2018-03-06: Article on sexual energy and goddess mysteries published by Cobra.

In what is the most important body of information published so far in 2018 (and one I have been awaiting), Cobra tells the entire timeline of Archon manipulation of sexuality and how it has caused a deep chasm between male and female attitudes toward sex. This article is a must read for anyone and everyone. The reasons why men and women struggle to really come together in a lasting way are not because we are naturally different (even though we are), but because of the conditioning and imprinting that has been progressing for at least 15,000 years and which for most of us translates into dozens if not more than a hundred lifetimes with contorted experiences of sexual energy. I have sensed for a long time that sexuality and how we deal with it is a much underestimated and absolutely key factor to our overall quality of life and expression of divinity into the physical world and all that is part of it. Take sexuality in its broadest meaning and it has the same weight in terms of impact on the world and the evolution of mankind as all the other issues of society combined. This is an excerpt from an article on Moondance.org that is linked from Cobra's main article: "In 'Beauty and the Beast', the character Beauty can be seen as the Sacred Whore. She has gone to live with the Beast to save the life of her father. The Beast woos Beauty, painfully and pitifully. Ashamed of his ugliness and his animalistic traits, he pines away, stepping towards death. When Beauty sees beyond his mask, she sacrifices her ego and goes to him. When she gives herself to him with a kiss, he is reborn as a gorgeous prince, symbolizing the bliss of the union of Spirit and Nature. This tale is saying that it is within our power to change the state of civilization by the power of our sex. This sentiment is echoed in Deena Metzger's poem, 'The Women Who Slept with Men to Take the War Out of Them.' The Goddess' way is power with, not the patriarchal power over." Another linked article mentions group marriage, which is a concept that I have had on my mind for years and intuitively feels much more right to me than both imposed monogamy and random polygamy.

2018-02-28: Slovak investigative journalist Ján Kuciak killed.

Investigative journalist Ján Kuciak from Slovakia, who was 27 years old and worked as a reporter for a news website, and his fiancée Martina Kusjnírová were found shot dead at home in Velká Macsa, east of Bratislava. Kuciak focused mainly on investigating fraud with EU agricultural subsidies and tax evasion of businessmen with connections to top-level officials. Recently he stumbled upon information about activities of the Italian mafia in his country and their possible ties to politicians in the entourage of prime minister Robert Fico. Two days after their bodies were found thousands of people staged vigils across Slovakia, in Brussels, Paris and London. The murders have shocked the country as it is the first time a journalist has been killed in Slovakia. Protesters in Bratislava carried a banner reading "An attack on journalists is an attack on all of us." Former Italian anti-mafia prosecutor Franco Roberti said Slovak authorities were warned of dangerous infiltration into the country by the 'Ndrangheta crime organisation, but they didn’t heed the warnings. Minister of Culture Marek Madarics has resigned as he couldn't accept that a journalist has been murdered during his tenure.

2018-02-20: UFOs filmed attacking each other over Nevada.

Videos has been posted on YouTube showing what is clearly a battle between two groups of UFOs. The bright dots showing in the sky move in the fashion of flying saucers, that is very swift, with abrupt acceleration and in steep angles. There is an exchange of beam weapons and at least one UFO explodes as a result. I have seen many videos of UFOs, but never before one of a UFO battle; it can hardly be anything else but an attack by the Ashtar Command of the Galactic Confederation on one of the last remaining space fleets of the Cabal which is apparently stationed on one of the secret US Air Force bases in southwestern USA (either Dulce in New Mexico, Area 6413 in Utah or Area 51 in Nevada). The Galactic Confederation has declared near earth orbit and planet Earth itself Galactic Confederation domain and it is being cleared of all Cabal craft.

2018-02-20: Prisoners in China forced to work for multinationals.

British corporate investigator Peter Humphrey who was incarcerated for 23 months in Qingpu prison near Shanghai from August 2013 to June 2015 has now spoken out about his experiences in the Chinese prison. He was convicted for illegally acquiring and selling personal information on Chinese nationals. During his imprisonment he worked with fellow inmates on producing textiles, components and packaging for multinational corporations like C&A, H&M and 3M and they were paid very meager wages. According to Humphrey the prison was a business performing manufacturing for companies. The foreign prisoners were paid and not forced to work, it was unclear to him whether the conditions were the same for Chinese prisoners. The reactions from the multinationals are as one would expect: denial of knowledge about such practices in their supply chain and an announcement of investigation of the claims. US reports on China's manufacturing and trade sector share the same conclusion of frequent prison labor including forced labor. The situation in US prisons however is not much different, it is often made very unattractive not to work and the work is heavily underpaid.

2018-02-19: Latvian central bank president Ilmars Rimsevics accused of bribery.

In a case that is highly illustrative of the money grabbing culture at the top of the international financial system as well as the covert but intimate links between legal financial flows and illegal financial transactions, longtime Latvian central bank governor Ilmars Rimsevics has been accused of bribery and money laundering. The claim was filed by Latvian bank Norvik with a World Bank arbitration body stating that Rimsevics repeatedly requested monetary bribes under threat of imposing tougher regulations, such as increases in the amount of capital the bank needs to hold. According to statements from Rimsevics and his aide Renars Kokins to the owner of Norvik Banka, Grigory Guselnikov, these are the rules of the game and all Latvian banks "cooperate" in this manner.
The Magnitsky scandal and Laundromat reports detail how billions of euros worth of stolen funds were siphoned off abroad from Russia in earlier years through Latvian and Cypriot banks. Another Latvian bank, ABLV, has been the subject of persistent suspicions of money laundering and funnelling funds to North Korea in breach of international sanctions and Rietumu and Parex banks have been found to be involved with money laundering. What makes the case even more salient is that Rimsevics has been a member of the European Central Bank's governing council since 2014, the year that Latvia joined the eurozone. All signs indicate that Latvia has been a key turntable in the worldwide money flows that are directed by the Cabal.

2018-02-15: Jacob Zuma resigns as president of South Africa.

Jacob Zuma, who has been the president of South Africa since May 2009, has resigned from office after continued corruption accusations. He resisted the allegations for months, but gave in to the pressure a day after his own party demanded his resignation and shortly before a no-confidence vote in the leader would be held in parliament. Zuma's presidency survived several earlier attempts by opposition parties to oust him. Many allegations revolve around a 1999 arms deal and in 2016 Zuma was sentenced to pay back 7.8 million rand, part of a much larger sum of public funds that he used for upgrading his private villa. Cyril Ramaphosa, who succeeded Zuma as the leader of ANC (African National Congress) in December 2017, has been installed as the new president. ANC thanked Zuma for his decision and the contribution to the country and the party over the years; ANC has been the dominant force in South African politics since free elections have been held, but the popularity of the party has suffered from the internal disputes and moral doubts concerning the veteran leader. Neeshan Balton, a more independent commenter, said: "We can finally celebrate that the president, who had become a symbol of the erosion of state integrity, has left office."

2018-02-08: Two rebel groups in South Sudan release a total of 311 child soldiers.

Two rebel groups that formed in the civil war in South Sudan that has been dragging on since December 2013, the South Sudan National Liberation Movement and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-In Opposition, have released 224 boys and 87 girls that had been recruited or kidnapped and used as child soldiers. It is the biggest release of child soldiers in 3 years. Many of the girls have been raped repeatedly by older male soldiers and were forced to cook for them, while boy soldiers had to stand guard or join battles. According to the United Nations almost 19,000 children have been forced into various armed groups during the civil war, either at gunpoint or out of poverty, so this is only a start of a solution, but at least 400 more children are expected to be released in the coming weeks. Of course all these children are traumatized by their experiences, so UNICEF intends to provide them with counselling, civilian clothes, food assistance, school supplies and vocational training and will make efforts to reunite them with their families. South Sudan is suffering from economic crisis, a refugee crisis and local starvation as a result of the civil war and some 50,000 people have lost their lives in the conflict.

2018-01-25: North Korea calls for reunification with South Korea.

In a stunning television statement North Korea has called for all Koreans at home and abroad to make efforts toward reunification with South Korea; they have also called for cooperation and free travel between the two Koreas, a reduction of tensions and the promotion of a peaceful climate. This is clearly reading from a quite different script than the nuclear missile bravado and war rhetoric of the past year, a script that is coming from the White Dragon Society and not from the Cabal. This exceptional call is proof of a thawing in the attitude of the North Korean regime and a changed balance of power between the war mongerers and the good guys. In talks it has also been agreed that a North Korean delegation of athletes and supporters will be sent to the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang in February 2018, the first ever worldwide Winter Olympics to be held in Korea. The new president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, is supporting the closer relations with its neighbor with which it has had an armed truce since the end of the Korean War in 1953.

2018-01-20: Thai animal smuggling kingpin Boonchai Bach arrested.

Boonchai Bach, a Thai resident of Vietnamese origin and allegedly the notorious ringleader of the largest illegal wildlife trading network in Asia, has been arrested on charges of smuggling parts of protected animals. He is claimed to have been trading in illicit animal parts such as rhinoceros horns and elephant tusks originating from Africa for over a decade, which is listed as the fourth biggest black market after drugs, human trafficking and arms smuggling. It has been sufficiently demonstrated by investigators that the worldwide centers of illegal ivory trade and trade in other parts of endangered animals (like tigers, lions and pangolins) are in China and Indochina (Laos and Vietnam). The investigation leading up to the arrest has been facilitated by the anti-trafficking organisation Freeland and I want to applaud them for that. With the proper good will the smuggling network dubbed "Hydra" can now be dismantled completely; Boonchai Bach can be convicted to four years imprisonment if proven guilty in Thailand's largest ever wildlife crime case. Ostensibly the biggest buyer of the network is Laos based Vixay Keosavang. It's about time that everyone gets it into their brains that building a fortune from pillaging a mostly defenseless nature is the poorest and most miserable way into the books of recorded history.

2018-01-20: Facebook now asking users to judge the reliability of news messages.

In an effort to address the issue of fake news (which is mostly a made up issue and was never really an issue in the past) the large social media platform Facebook is asking users to actively rate news sources for their trustworthiness so that news from trusted sources can be prioritized in news feeds. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained the idea commenting that sensationalism, misinformation and polarization in the world need to be addressed. Sounds very nice and considerate, doesn't it? Until you know that Zuckerberg was tempted to join the Cabal (when you get very rich on your own merits you are bound to be invited to the club) and he fell for it because of a desire for power. Then a small translation needs to be applied: we want to stifle news from sources that draws the attention of the masses, that offers alternative explanations and that puts the club and its activities in an unfavorable light. Of course if you are going to ask the general populace what is re-lie-able they are overwhelmingly going to replicate their own brainwashing. The majority of people still get all or nearly all their information from the mass media, so how qualified are these people to rate news messages??? Beside that, it's easy to say in public they will use a democratic approach and then afterwards secretly change some ratings in the computer system.

2018-01-14: Iranian oil tanker Sanchi sinks off the coast of China.

The Panama-registered oil tanker Sanchi that was loaded with 136,000 tonnes of light crude oil from Iran and that was hit by a cargo ship registered in Hong Kong on January 6, has sunken in the East China Sea. The vessel had been in flames since the collision and earlier in the day the vessel suddenly ignited and started burning fiercely. All members of the 30+ crew have most likely been killed within the first hour of the accident. The fire caused a huge cloud of smoke rising up; pollution of the ocean is expected to be somewhat limited due to evaporation of the relatively light oil. Benjamin Fulford has typified the incident as a Cabal act of sabotage that is a warning from the Khazarians to China not to crash the value of the petrodollar by starting oil trade in gold backed yuan. As the value of the US dollar (read Federal Reserve fiat currency) is mostly underpinned by the unfounded trust of people in the Cabal controlled financial system and the selling of oil denominated in US dollars, a large scale move from China to abandon US dollar paid oil deals is now the most serious threat to the Cabal's financial house of cards.

2018-01-09: Police arrest 169 members of 'Ndrangheta crime organisation.

In a large scale police operation aimed at the Calabrian mafia organisation 'Ndrangheta 169 people were arrested in Italy and Germany and 50 million euro worth of assets were seized. The arrested include local politicians, administrators and businessmen and part of them were infiltrated in restaurants, food producers, garbage collection and recycling companies and funeral services. The suspicions are blackmail, money laundering and attempted murder among other offences. In recent years the Calabrian mafia has been more successful than and has overtaken the Cosa Nostra Sicilian mafia due to its closer family ties and less hierarchical structure. The 'Ndrangheta is based in southern Italy but has expanded its reach into the rest of Europe, North America and Australia. Nicola Grattari, the Italian prosecutor in charge of the investigation, described the arrests as the most important step taken against 'Ndrangheta in the last two decades and stated that they controlled all the economic activity in entire towns.

2018-01-07: Father of globalisation Peter Sutherland deceased.

Irishman, Cabal representative and mass migration advocate Peter Sutherland who has been called the father of globalisation has died at age 71. Sutherland was educated by Jesuits at private school Gonzaga College and has played an important role in implementing the Cabal agenda in the various positions he has held during his professional life. He started as a barrister, became attorney general of Ireland from 1981 to 1984, european commissioner from 1985 to 1989, chairman of AIB (Allied Irish Banks) from 1989 to 1993, became advisor to Goldman Sachs International and from 1995 non-executive chairman until his retirement in 2015, but his most influential positions were in GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) and its successor WTO (World Trade Organisation) as director-general. He has been lauded for his negotiation and diplomacy skills, but his career path has been a rather typical elitist one with board and committee memberships in Royal Bank of Scotland, BP, Ericsson, ABB, the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and the European Round Table of Industrialists as well as some less prominent positions.

2018-01-01: California legalizes marijuana for sale to private consumers.

Proposition 64 that was approved in November 2016 by the US state of California takes full effect on January 1, 2018 and legalizes marijuana for sale to all adult (age 21 and older) private consumers. In 1996 marijuana was legalized for medical use only, but remained illegal for recreational use. Since November 2016 the same mentioned proposition made marijuana legal for any personal use if it was home-grown. Both commercial cultivation and retail of marijuana will be taxed as normal consumer produce. Up to 28 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of concentrated marijuana are now legal to possess per person in the state and only possession in sensitive places like school grounds, day care centers and youth centers remains banned. Any individual is permitted to grow a maximum of six plants within the premises of his or her home as long as the room is locked and not visible from the outside while businesses need to obtain a license for selling the stuff.

2017-12-26: US army trains former terrorists in Syrian military bases.

Recent reports state that the United States army has gathered former members of various terrorist and rebel organizations, including Islamic State and Al Nusra, into military training camps inside Syria. Also a refugee camp located near Al Shaddadah in northeastern Syria is reportedly used for training militants. They are apparently to be part of the New Syrian Army, in other words the US keeps supporting the uprising against the government of Syria. Some American officials have stated that American troops will remain in Syria until president Bashar al Assad resigns. Russian minister of foreign affairs Sergei Lavrov is concerned about this development and has commented that anti-terrorism missions should not be used to topple governments. It is clear that the Cabal is determined to keep poking in the smoldering fire of Middle Eastern instability seeking to destabilize the region and cause a major conflict.

2017-12-20: Cabbage contains a substance that treats cancer more effectively than radiation or chemotherapy.

Researchers at the University of California have found that breast cancer cells become even more malignant after radiation. They also discovered that in radiation only half the tumor cells were treated, while changing healthy cells into cancer stem cells. These new stem cells have a 30 times higher chance of growing tumors than cancer cells that were not irradiated. The cancer stem cells can also enter the bloodstream and spread the cancer to other parts of the body. Chemo therapy works in the same way and only kills less harmful cancer cells while leaving cancer stem cells alive. In other words both radiation and chemo therapy are not just ineffective but even dangerous. The substance called phenethyl isothiocyanate which is contained in many cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and watercress however was found to kill 75% of cancer stem cells within 24 hours when joined in a petri dish. Earlier studies have already shown that the substance has an anti-inflammatory effect. The concentrations of phenethyl isothiocyanate used in the test can be found in the vegetables themselves. It shows once more that nature has the answer.

2017-12-17: Secret research of US government into UFOs revealed.

Former Pentagon military intelligence official Luis Elizondo who led a US government program from 2007 to 2012 that investigated UFO sightings and radar detections has made the program public. The program was named Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, was initiated by democratic senator Harry Reid, cost 22 million US dollars per year and investigated reports of flying saucers and crop circles. Elizondo stated: "These aircraft - we'll call them aircraft - are displaying characteristics that are not currently within the US inventory nor in any foreign inventory that we are aware of", and talked about "anomalous aircraft that were seemingly defying the laws of aerodynamics". His cautious conclusion is that there is very compelling evidence we may not be alone. Let me add that the only reason there isn't more proof of alien life out there is that such proof is systematically removed and erased by Cabal agents to keep the quarantine status of Earth intact.

2017-12-15: Net neutrality scrapped in United States.

The United States media regulatory body FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has voted to repeal the net neutrality rules that obliged internet service providers to treat all websites equally in terms of user access and data traffic capacity. This enables internet service providers to favor commercial websites of large companies over non-commercial sites that offer content for free. The decision is a clear threat to the open internet that we have known since it was developed in the late 20th century and is a victory for the Cabal as they want to hinder the free distribution of independent and uncensored information, particularly the kind that exposes their activities and hidden agenda. Earlier attempts by the Cabal with the same objective in the form of law bills were shattered by popular resistance and petitions such as the ones organized by Avaaz. The FCC chairman Ajit Pai defended the controversial decision by claiming the net neutrality provisions impeded innovation and were essentially useless, in other words: free passage for big money. See you in court for treason any day now, Ajit!

2017-12-11: NASA to put astronauts back on the moon.

US president Donald Trump has signed Space Policy Directive-1, which follows the recommendation of the National Space Council and instructs the NASA space agency to initiate a new manned mission to the moon. It will be the first NASA flight to bring humans to the moon since the Apollo 17 flight in 1972 according to the official reading. This is a refocusing of efforts away from a manned mission to Mars that was the primary goal since 2010. No date has been set and no adequate funds are provided so far for the defined goal, that's why partnerships with foreign space agencies as well as commercial space companies are being advised to put humans back on the moon. The idea is to build a base near the moon that could act as a launch pad for later missions to Mars and beyond, while commercial parties are interested in space tourism and mining the moon. It's a declaration of intent without proper funding as of yet, but everything starts with an intention.

2017-12-10: Iraqi army celebrates final victory over IS caliphate.

The Iraqi army has celebrated the victory over Islamic State, or Daesh as it is commonly referred to in Arabic, with a military parade in Bagdad. Prime minister Haider al Abadi declared that IS has been fully defeated in Iraq and that the border with neighboring Syria is again under control of the Iraqi army. The turnaround in the war came with the capture of Mosul, progressed with the retaking of the city Tal Afar and the whole Nineve province in northern Iraq and culminated in the takeover of the last IS bulwarks. The major cities of Ramadi and Fallujah in central Iraq were already reconquered on IS in 2015 and 2016. Al Abadi called the victory a triumph for the Iraqi people as well as muslims in general. Many IS fighters have been killed in battle, others have fled back toward the foreign countries where they came from, and still others have dispersed over Iraq or have been arrested. The new challenge will be how to deal with the ones that remain and that try to blend into the crowd while continuing to foster their extremist ideas.

2017-12-06: The Silence Breakers chosen Time person of the year.

Time magazine has chosen the group labelled the Silence Breakers as person of the year 2017. Silence Breakers refers to every woman and man who revealed that they have suffered sexual abuse. It all started with the scandal around Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood film boss that was targeted by an avalanche of allegations of sexual misconduct and rape spanning multiple decades after an intial article in the October 5 edition of New York Times. Then on October 15 actress Alyssa Milano called on people who have been sexually harassed to tweet 'me too' and that started another avalanche of allegations directed at various other male celebrities such as Kevin Spacey. This in turn sparked a reaction from one hundred influential French women who state that a legitimate exposure of sexual violence in professional settings has turned into a feminist witch hunt of hatred for men. It must be noted that sexual standards and customs vary by country and age group, but in general it is necessary that anyone who feels mistreated can speak up about it without it resulting in destroying the spontaneous impulses that are part of our sexuality.

2017-12-03: March of Shame held in Tel Aviv.

An estimated 20,000 people participated in a protest march against corruption in the Israeli government and more specifically against prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He is under criminal investigation over 2 different allegations, namely accepting gifts from wealthy businessmen and cutting a deal with a newspaper for favorable coverage. The national parliament is preparing a law that forbids the publication of the police investigation. The Likud party which Netanyahu heads characterized the demonstration a left-wing action that creates division, but the protesters are sick of corruption and call the bill a shameless attempt to protect a corrupt leader and withhold crucial information from the people. In the newsletters of Benjamin Fulford Netanyahu is consistently branded a satanist and top Cabal member who was involved in threatening Japan into obedience and ordering a nuclear detonation in the seabed near Sendai and Fukushima that caused the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and ensuing devastating tsunami on the 11th of March 2011. The righteous people of Israel cannot distance themselves enough from the serpent they have as a prime minister.

2017-11-26: Black Africans sold as slaves on Libyan markets.

A CNN documentary has shown how black African migrants who were aspiring to reach Europe (the promised land in their view) are instead captured on their way through Libya by militias and sold on markets on the outskirts of Tripoli to work on farms. According to the information tens of thousands of migrants from West African countries, some East African countries and Bengal are held as captives in camps and warehouses near the Libyan coast and treated as commodities. Either they pay the traffickers to be brought to Italy (or close enough to be picked up by a "rescue" ship) or they are sold to the highest bidder in auctions. It shows how the once most prosperous and stable country of Africa has degenerated and is now the stage for warlords and their little private armies who are serving their tribal interests before anything else. All this as a result of the clandestine Cabal operation back in 2011 led by Hillary Clinton, Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron to overthrow the Qadhafi government and bring chaos to Libya.

2017-11-18: Zimbabwean army arrests corrupt politicians.

Elements of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces have arrested a range of politicians from the entourage of president Robert Mugabe. The targeted politicians are designated as corrupt and responsible for social and economic suffering. In this way 93 year old president Mugabe has been isolated and deprived of political support. In the following days Mugabe, who wanted to have his younger wife Grace succeed him as president, was being pressurized by the military and his political party ZANU-PF (Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front) to resign but he refused. What then followed was an impeachment process after which Mugabe agreed to resign on terms of a one time generous severance pay, continued payment of his salary until his death and ongoing financial support for his wife after his death. Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was previously vice president and was fired by Mugabe, succeeds him as the new president of Zimbabwe. The entire ploy has prevented the Mugabe family starting their own dynasty of rulers and has ended a dictatorship that has lasted way too long.

2017-11-13: European parliament chairman wants to double EU budget.

Antonio Tajani, the chairman of the European parliament, has launched his plan to double the European Union budget to 280 billion euro. The current budget is entirely made up of contributions by member countries, but Tajani pleads to introduce European taxes raised by the EU in order to achieve the doubling of the budget. He intends to use the extra funding for boosting economic growth in Europe, combatting the problems with immigration and terrorism and spending more on defense. The taxes could be levied on financial transactions on the stock market. Tajani also favors having a European minister of finance and harmonizing taxes across the EU. He just fails to mention that without the Cabal operations there would be no problems with immigration, terror and economic stagnation. In a time when a majority of people want less centralized governance and are fed up with the rule of the unelected elite, the Cabal representatives forge on as if it's business as usual.

2017-11-09: Dividend tax in Netherlands abolished.

The newly formed coalition government of the Netherlands consisting of VVD (liberals), CDA (christian democrats), D66 (social liberal democrats) and CU (christian conservatives) has agreed to abolish dividend tax. This decision came about after pressure and lobbying by four large Dutch multinationals: Shell, AkzoNobel, Unilever and Philips. They suggested that they might leave the Netherlands if dividend tax would not be abolished by stressing the importance of the issue in choosing a country for their headquarters. Although small private investors and pension funds will also profit from the decision, the administrative burden for shareholders will be reduced and investing in Dutch companies will become more attractive for foreign investors, the opposition parties sharply criticized the decision as a 1.4 billion euro present for the multinationals, especially when the low VAT rate on food is at the same time being increased from 6% to 9% which impacts mostly the common folks. It shows once again how unhealthily powerful the multinationals have become and how strongly they can affect the policies of national governments, playing countries against each other. Suffice to say that the Cabal still has a lot of control over most multinationals as well as most governments.

2017-11-05: Saudi Arabian princes, ministers and ex ministers arrested.

In a stunning move by Saudi Arabian law enforcement 49 people have been arrested, including 11 princes among whom is billionaire investor Al Waleed bin Talal, as well as 38 ministers, former ministers and deputy ministers. This happened mere hours after king Salman decreed the formation of a new anti-corruption committee headed by crown prince Mohammad bin Salman. So the arrests are supposed to be a campaign against corruption, but it also appears to have the objective to strengthen the position of the crown prince.
The comment given by Ben Fulford is that the ones arrested are the individuals within the Saudi kingdom who hold responsibility for the 9/11 terror attacks on the US, the comment by Cobra is that this is infighting within the Cabal between the Rothschild affiliates and the Khazarian branch. It seems another sign that the slightly more moderate elements of the Cabal try to distance themselves of the extremist members of the organisation in an effort to regain credibility and respectability for a country that is of vital importance to the global Cabal due to the huge oil revenues.

2017-11-03: Hole in ozone layer smallest since 1988.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has reported that the hole in the ozone layer that was created by chlorine fluorine hydrocarbon emissions has reduced to the smallest size since 1988. The ozone layer that protects life on the planet from ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun was being broken down from the 1970s, the hole over Antarctica appeared in 1985, reached its maximum span in 2000 and has been shrinking since then as a result of the global ban on chlorofluorocarbons. The Montreal Protocol was the international agreement signed in 1987 to phase out the use of ozone-depleting chemicals in coolants for refrigirators and air conditioners and propellants for hair sprays and other aerosols. Although warmer than usual weather conditions in the stratosphere (the upper layer of the atmosphere) have helped to reduce decomposition of ozone, the global efforts to protect the ozone layer are paying off. This is a long-term struggle however as CFCs are quite stable chemicals that can last as long as 100 years in the atmosphere and other chemicals like dichloromethane also have the power to break down ozone.

2017-11-01: New UNICEF report documents scope of domestic violence.

The UNICEF report A Familiar Face states that some 300 million children aged 2 to 4 worldwide (75% of the age group) are regularly exposed to violent discipline by caregivers, either in the form of physical punishment or psychic maltreatment. Around 15 million adolescent girls aged 15 to 19 have been forced to have sex in their lifetime, mostly by people they know. There are big differences between countries in the incidence of the various forms of violence, which shows that some countries have more effective policies and means to minimize violence than others and there are also cultural factors involved. The 5 countries with the highest homicide rates among adolescents are all Latin American. The report concludes that protecting children and adolescents against violence is a path toward more peaceful and inclusive societies. It's a disgrace that so many young people are emotionally scarred before they have even started their own life as an adult. Adressing this issue effectively should be top priority for every institution that deals with children in one way or another.

2017-10-30: Saudi Arabian women may visit sports stadiums.

In a series of remarkable decisions Saudi Arabia has sought to start emancipating women by extending their rights so that they can participate more actively in society. Last month it was decided that Saudi women may get a driving license and from 2018 women will also be allowed to attend sports events in stadiums. Complete families will be able to enter stadiums in the cities of Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam from early 2018. The initiative for these gender equality rulings and the modernizing of Saudi society is coming from crown prince Mohammad bin Salman. The reforms are part of a long term plan called Vision 2030 that is to bring both social and economic transformation to the Arab country. One core objective of the plan is a return to a moderate islam and religious tolerance. These are a few encouraging steps, but many more steps will be needed before Saudi Arabia will truly have equal rights for women.

2017-10-27: Catalonian parliament declares independence.

Following up on the result of the October 1 referendum the parliament of Catalonia has declared the region independent from Spain after a small majority of the members of parliament voted in favor of the proposal from the Junts pel Sí (Together for the Yes) coalition and Candidatura d'Unitat Popular party on independence. The opposing political parties left the parliament before the voting began. The preceding month saw a political jousting game between Catalonian president Carles Puigdemont and his entourage on one side and the central Spanish government in Madrid on the other side at the end of which parties were diametrically opposed. Within mere minutes after the declaration of independence the Spanish senate activated article 155 of the Spanish constitution that gives the Spanish government direct control of a region that is seeking to secede from Spain. According to Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy the Catalonians seeking independence are separatists who try to destroy the unity of Spain, but a unity that must be enforced by law and threat of punishment is a false unity. Real unity can and will only be achieved after all false unity has been terminated.

2017-10-21: Brazilian police arrests 108 pedophiles involved with child pornography.

In Light of Childhood, one of the largest operations ever in Latin America against pedophiles, the Brazilian police have arrested 108 people across 24 states and the capital Brasilia. The detainees formed a ring that produced pornographic images of young children and even babies being abused and disseminated them on darkweb in order to remain anonymous. Darkweb is a part of internet that is shielded from ordinary internet users and that has a reputation for trade in contraband and illegal goods. The arrests are the culmination of a six month criminal investigation that involved 1100 police officers. During the investigation some children pointed out their own parents and close relatives as accomplices in the production of child pornography. Some of the detainees held a public function or worked with children. It has not been clarified whether the ring was connected with other similar rings in other countries.

2017-10-17: Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia murdered.

Daphne Caruana Galizia, a prominent journalist from Malta who focused on corruption in her investigations and who targeted many politicians as well as members of the judiciary, was killed by a car bomb shortly after she left her house in Mosta. She had reported death threats against her a little over 2 weeks prior to her death. Her blog Running Commentary was well read and delivered quite fierce criticism on many key figures in Maltese society. Prime minister Joseph Muscat from the Labour party who was himself harshly criticized by Caruana, denounced the killing of the journalist as unacceptable and a barbaric attack on press freedom. There are links with the Panama Papers as Caruana accused Muscat's wife of owning a suspicious offshore company in Panama. It shows once more the risk that comes with exposing wrongdoings by high-ranking people, especially if the wordings of the articles are sharp and disapproving.

2017-10-15: Final coalition offensive on Raqqa initiated.

The Syrian Democratic Forces that have been advancing on the IS capital Raqqa for several months have started their final offensive to recapture the city on Sunday October 15. Syrian IS fighters have already left the city to retreat eastward into territory that is still held by IS and the IS fighters that remain are mostly foreign jihadists. In the preceding days 100 IS fighters surrendered to the SDF coalition. Two days later the proclamation of the liberation of Raqqa has been issued by the coalition. The last bastion held by IS was the city's football stadium that served as a prison under IS occupation. Much of the city has been destroyed as a result of the continuous bombardments. What remains now of the caliphate is mere fragments of the area originally conquered by IS. It is nevertheless expected that small units of IS fighters will continue to perform attacks, probably guerilla style terror attacks.

2017-10-01: Catalonian referendum on independence impeded by Spanish police.

The referendum on independence that was held in Catalonia was greatly hindered by actions of the police forces that the central Spanish government had sent over from loyalist parts of Spain. Although the referendum was approved by the Catalonian parliament and declared binding regardless the turnout, the Spanish central government and Spanish courts declared it in violation of the constitution and thus illegal. Spanish policemen blocked the access to voting stations, attacked voters that tried to cast their votes and seized ballots and ballot boxes. More than a thousand Catalonians needed to be taken to hospitals to receive medical care due to the physical violence that was used by the Spanish policemen in their attempts to frustrate the voting process. It's a complete demasqué of democracy in Spain and a big loss of goodwill for the Spanish government. Out of the votes that were cast 90% was in favor of an independent republic of Catalonia with a turnout of 42% of eligible voters. In a televised speech a few days later king Felipe VI of Spain called the referendum irresponsible, disloyal and a peril for the economic stability of Catalonia as well as Spain, in other words the status quo must be maintained. But for who's sake?

2017-09-26: Overwhelming majority of Kurds vote for independence.

The independence referendum that was held in the Kurdish region of Iraq on September 25 resulted in a 92.73% vote in favor of an independent Kurdistan. The referendum was organized by the autonomous Kurdistan regional government led by president Masoud Barzani, but the central government of Iraq as well as the governments of Turkey and Iran oppose the plea for independence for obvious reasons. Since the Iraqi army was overrun by Islamic State forces in northern Iraq in 2014 and abandoned their stations, the Kurdish peshmerga have formed a defence force and have taken over contested areas bordering on territory that is recognized as Kurdish. As funding from the Iraqi central government in Bagdad was being withheld from 2014 and Iraq had effectively become partitioned the Kurds observed their chance of aspiring for independence. Nevertheless the Kurdish government doesn't seek to declare independence for now, but wants to strengthen its negotiating position in talks with the government of Iraq.

2017-09-24: New AfD party makes it into the Bundestag.

The German political party AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) that first participated in national and state elections in 2013 has reached 12.64% of the votes in this year's national elections thereby far exceeding the electoral threshold of 5% and is entering the Bundestag national parliament for the first time. The party has been branded populist, right wing radical and nationalistic, especially by established political parties and the mass media, but its success is a reaction on the betrayal of German interests by chancellor Angela Merkel and her accomplices in the "wir schaffen das" (we'll make it) policy of unrestricted immigration. The criticism of racism is lacking nuance and oversimplifies the issue; imagine how people in Syria would react if one million Germans would enter their country with the intention to live there. Although the party and like-minded parties in other European countries do attract people with racist views it is important to distinguish between regarding your race and culture superior or simply having a preference for your race and culture and bidding to preserve them.

2017-09-14: EC chairman wants euro to be currency of every EU member state.

European Commission chairman Jean-Claude Juncker has mentioned in his annual State of the Union that he wants to make the euro the compulsory currency for all countries that are part of the European Union, including the EU-critical countries Poland and Hungary. All member states should also undersign the Schengen agreement about borderless travel within the EU. Currently 19 out of the 28 EU member states have adopted the single market currency and form the eurozone. Typically the Cabal is testing the waters on how people will react if a furtherance of their agenda is proposed. Even when the power of the Cabal has been undermined and hollowed out they still keep pushing on to implement the next steps of their unfolding plans.

2017-09-13: Flemish government closes slaughterhouse that systematically mistreated cows.

After the organisation Animal Rights published shocking hidden camera footage of the mistreatment of cows in a slaughterhouse in Izegem (Belgium) and demanded the immediate closure of the company, minister Ben Weyts of the Animal Welfare ministry gave the order to provisionally close the place. Systematic abuse took place there: cows were subjected to electric shocks and hanged on hooks while still alive; some cows panicked from the painful sensations and from seeing other cows being hoisted up and choked. There has been increased attention to the wellbeing of animals in slaughterhouses in Flanders recently and another slaughterhouse in Tielt for pigs had to close for one month last March after Animal Rights revealed gross maltreatment in that location. This is the darkest side of meat consumption, animals that haven't had much of a life to begin with and that then undergo such a gruesome end to their life.

2017-09-04: Hurricane Harvey causes 198 billion US dollars in damage.

Hurricane Harvey formed on August 17 on the Atlantic ocean, made landfall in the United States on August 26 and finally dissipated on September 3. It caused very heavy rainfall and flash flooding while stalling over the same area in Texas for a few days. Total material damage inflicted by Harvey is estimated at 198 billion US dollars and 90 fatalities were confirmed, mostly due to drowning. The material damage of Harvey surpassed the damage caused by hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans in 2005, making it the costliest hurricane on record. Mass media channels attribute the severity of the hurricane to climate change, but alternative media report that the Cabal amplified the magnitude and strength of the hurricane by use of weather modification technology. It is explained as a reaction of the dark forces to the success of the August 21 unity meditation, where they seek to create suffering and hardship and put people's spirits down. The intent is to control the energetic make up of the planet and maintain a low vibration.

2017-09-02: More than 2600 Rohingya houses burnt in western Birma.

Tensions in the Rakhine state in the west of Birma have risen after the Birmese government cracked down on a militant group called ARSA (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army) that had claimed responsibility for attacks on police and army posts. More than 2600 houses of Rohingya, an ethnic group that traces back to the old Arakan kingdom and that are muslims, were burnt to the ground igniting further clashes and causing a flow of refugees toward neighbouring Bengal. Approximately one million Rohingya were living in Birma but they are not recognized as Birmese citizens and are referred to as Bengali instead by the government. There is nationwide resentment against the Rohingya in the mainly buddhist country which makes it difficult for the government to protect their rights. Some observers describe the humanitarian tragedy as ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. It sure seems that many people in Birma would rather be rid of them and don't care too much how this is accomplished. It should be possible to find more constructive solutions for such historically rooted discord if there would just be the willingness to do so.

2017-08-23: Black Stone nearly dissolved after August 21 mass meditation.

The Black Stone, the kingpin in the Chimera control grid of the planet, has been almost completely dissolved as confirmed by Cobra in his update. I cite Cobra: The Black Stone is a lump of heavy top/antitop quark condensate. It was brought to Earth from Rigel in 1996. The Black Stone is the center of the primary cosmic anomaly of darkness and is far more dangerous than the strangelet bomb, as top quarks are much heavier than strange quarks. Over a quarter million people participated in the August 21 mass meditation for unity and it was the turning point in the liberation process of Earth; it helped advance the efforts of the light forces to remove the Black Stone. The Black Stone had a strong energetic impact on much of the east coast of the United States including Washington DC as it was located in Long Island.

2017-08-09: Venezuela suspended indefinitely from Mercosur.

The South American association of nations and trade bloc Mercosur has decided to indefinitely suspend Venezuela as a member. The argumentation is that the newly set up pro-government and all-powerful legislative council of Venezuela undermines democracy in the country and Mercosur has sharply criticized the political developments and human rights situation under the Maduro government. Peruvian foreign affairs minister Ricardo Luna and Argentinian foreign affairs minister Jorge Faurie went so far as to label Venezuela a dictatorship. The response from the Venezuelan government was that countries that don't have a democratically elected leader in place (such as Brazil since Dilma Roussef was removed from office) should not judge the democratic content of Venezuela. Mercosur will only allow Venezuela back as an active member after democracy has been fully restored.

2017-08-04: German aid organisation helps traffickers smuggle refugees.

The German aid organisation Jugend Rettet (Youth Rescues) has effectively offered aid to human traffickers by taking on board of their ship refugees that were smuggled by these traffickers from the African coast to Europe. Italian coastguards have seized the ship of Jugend Rettet on suspicion of enabling illegal immigration as evidence was received that the crew of the ship was communicating with people smugglers. I'm not sure what is more sad, the fate of the refugees, the naivety of the aid organisation to let themselves be abused by unscrupulous traffickers or the flooding of Europe with masses of refugees. In an effort to repel the excessive migration Italy has sent navy vessels into the Lybian part of the Mediterranean to ward off migrant boats. The Cabal is using the willingness to help of people with good intentions in order to manifest their plan of destroying European identity and culture. If this plan would be allowed to unfold in its entirety Europe would be changed beyond recognition and I for one intend to prevent that as I love Europe, even if it is far from perfect.

2017-08-02: Jordan abolishes 'marry your rapist' law.

In Jordan as in other Arab countries a law existed that stipulated that a rapist could escape legal prosecution by marrying the girl they raped if she was 15 years old or younger and if the marriage lasted for at least 3 years (yes, really). The Jordanian parliament has now decided to delete this law from the penal code. Parents of girls who were raped often agreed to a marriage with the rapist out of shame that their daughter lost her virginity before marriage. This was of course not a fair deal for the girl and neither for her family, everyone should be allowed to live with a partner they truly love. Activists against the challenged law call it a historic moment and an important stride toward halting impunity for sexual violence that gives a powerful signal to other countries in the region that have a similar law. In Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt such laws have already been abolished. In Lebanon a campaign toward the same end is now underway.

2017-07-30: Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif deposed for corruption.

Prime minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan has been deposed by the supreme court on charges of corruption after he couldn't give any credible explanation for a salary he received from a company based in the United Arab Emirates and which he had not declared. The legal ruling was a consequence of the Panama Papers that highlighted connections between Sharif's children and 3 companies registered on the British Virgin Islands. This makes it the third term in the office of prime minister that Nawaz Sharif doesn't complete; in 1993 he was removed from office after a power struggle with the then president Ghulam Ishaq Khan and in 1999 the army ousted him. What is more, not a single prime minister in the 70 year history of Pakistan has thus far finished his or her full 5 year term, a few were even killed and almost half of the time the country has had a military government. It begs the question if democracy is really the best possible form of representation for every country and culture; for some countries an alternative form of government might be more suitable.

2017-07-28: Italy introduces mandatory vaccination for children.

As a response to the declining number of children who were being vaccinated due to parent's concerns over harmful side effects the Italian government has decided to make vaccination mandatory for children up to the age of 16. The required vaccinations are for diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella, smallpox, whooping cough, polio, hepatitis B and haemophilus influenzae type B. Noncompliance may be fined with 500 euro and each child will only be admitted to a state school upon presentation of the vaccination certificate as of the school year 2017/2018. Parents and guardians are only excused if a letter from a doctor can be shown stating that a child cannot be vaccinated because of medical reasons. France has also announced that it will make vaccination an obligation for children from 2018. The compelling reasons brought forward by the politicians are the reported infections, of which some rare cases resulted in death of the patient, and the risk of outbreaks of epidemics. Many people however don't trust the effects of vaccination or at least have their doubts and rightly so, since the Cabal uses vaccines to influence the physical functioning and lower the intellectual capacity in the long term.

2017-07-13: Former FIFA manager Chuck Blazer deceased.

American national Chuck Blazer who was part of the executive committee of the FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) from 1997 to 2013 and who sparked a scandal that ultimately led to the downfall of FIFA president Sepp Blatter has died at the age of 72. He suffered from cancer, diabetes and coronary artery disease. Blazer did a lot to promote football / soccer in the USA, but he was accused in 2011 of embezzlement of Concacaf funds to finance an extravagant lifestyle. He then chose to become a government informant and pleaded guilty on a number of legal charges in 2013. What followed was a comprehensive judicial investigation that led to a thorough cleanup of the Concacaf and FIFA boards. Blazer stood at the cradle of the Concacaf Gold Cup, the North American national team championship which is played once every 2 years, but what is more he showed an example how a corrupt official can come clean with his past trespasses and help end corruption and abuse of power.

2017-07-09: Hundreds of thousands protest in Istanbul against Turkish government.

The largest protest against the Erdogan government of Turkey since the failed coup of July 2016 was held in Istanbul. It started with a 450 kilometer long justice march from the capital Ankara to Istanbul that lasted from June 15 to July 9. After the failed coup the government has cracked down hard on anyone suspected of involvement with the coup or who ideologically supported the coup, but it is clear that president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is using the situation to get rid of just about anyone who is opposed to him: over 50,000 people were imprisoned and 140,000 fired or suspended from their job in a year's time, including journalists, school teachers, human rights activists and parliamentarians. The protest march was organized by the CHP (Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi or Republican People's Party), the oldest political party of the Turkish republic. Nevertheless many Turks support the president and regard him as the embodiment of the unity of Turkey, while in reality he is a Cabal agent primarily interested in preserving the status quo. It shows once again how easily people can be fooled and manipulated.

2017-07-09: Mosul fully retaken by Iraqi government forces.

Nine months after the Iraqi army started the recapture of Mosul from Islamic State all IS fighters have been chased from the city in northern Iraq. IS controlled Mosul since it conquered the city in June 2014. The Iraqi army was supported by the Kurdish peshmerga and the coalition forces. The only reason why IS could hold Mosul and a large part of northern Iraq for 3 years is because of outside help it got from the negative faction in the CIA and Mossad in providing sophisticated arms and other equipment. In this time span IS has destroyed many cultural treasures in a frenzy of iconoclasm and idolatry purging. Many other cultural treasures were stolen from museums and archaeological sites and traded on the black market for cash to finance the war efforts. Thousands of civilians have died in the bombings and fighting and the damage to the city is huge. The battle of Mosul was the world's largest military operation in over 13 years.

2017-07-02: WorldPride Madrid attracts one million visitors.

The annual Orgullo Gay de Madrid, one of the world's largest gay manifestations, coincided with the Europride and WorldPride this year and has been closed with a parade of 52 carriages and a closing ceremony. It marked the 40th anniversary of the first demonstration in Spain for rights of homosexuals in Barcelona and the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Spanish state federation of lesbians, gays, transsexuals and bisexuals. Such manifestations are habitually made into large colorful celebrations of diversity, but I want to point out that homosexuality is promoted by the Cabal to pervert human sexuality and reduce procreation of what they deem to be genetically inferior worker bees. Gays themselves may be too biased to accept this information, but that doesn't change the facts. Everyone should be free to express their sexuality as they choose as long as they don't abuse anyone, but as with all important things our life's choices are being socially engineered and influenced to a great extent from early childhood. Consider all that and it throws another light on the so called pride aspect of these gay manifestations.

2017-06-23: Arab countries hand Qatar a list of 13 demands.

The Arab countries Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have cut ties with Qatar over allegations that Qatar funds terrorism. US president Donald Trump has made the same accusation. The 4 countries have issued a list of 13 demands that Qatar must comply with in order for the countries to restore ties with Qatar. The demands include shutting down Al Jazeera news channel, reduce diplomatic ties with Iran, close a Turkish military base in Qatar, sever all ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda and Daesh (Islamic State), stop naturalizing citizens from the 4 countries, stop meddling in internal affairs of the 4 countries, hand over all individuals who are wanted for terrorism in the 4 countries, stop funding entities that are designated as terrorist groups by the US, provide detailed information on the opposition figures that Qatar has funded in the 4 countries, expel members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard and only conduct trade with Iran that complies with US sanctions. If Qatar agrees to the demands, it will be monitored for compliance to the demands during the coming 12 years. It looks to me like a positive move from the Arab countries in an effort to put an end to divisive and state undermining activities that have plagued the region and restore the integrity of greater Arabia.

2017-06-17: Top religious leaders of the world deliver shared message of tolerance.

In an unprecedented initiative of the Elijah Interfaith Institute, 22 top leaders of the world's major religions have come together to deliver a unified message of openness and tolerance toward each other's followers. They emphasized that the deeper meaning of religions is to uplift human beings and that one should look for that deeper meaning when dealing with followers of other religions so as to make an interreligious connection. In a conflict ridden world this is a welcome message, especially since a large majority of humanity consider themselves religious. My comment would be that in each religion is indeed a core of truth and genuine spirituality, but I would also say that one can do very well without religion and strictly focus on the spiritual nature of life and every living being. The pope of the catholics cannot be taken literally on the sincerity of his words given the central role the Vatican plays in the entire power scheme of the world, this initiative fits entirely into the declared goal of a one world government and religion that the Vatican called for in 2012.

2017-06-16: Former German chancellor Helmut Kohl dies.

Helmut Kohl, the politician that was chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1982 to 1998, has died at age 87. Kohl was the longest governing German chancellor since Otto von Bismarck in the 19th century. His political career began at a young age in 1947 and he played a crucial role in the reunification of West and East Germany in 1990, the drafting of the Maastricht Treaty in 1992, the subsequent integration of European countries into the European Union and the preparation of the euro single currency introduction. The euro could only be realized with the full support of Germany as the largest and strongest economy in the EU. Helmut Kohl was awarded with the title Honorary Citizen of Europe for his efforts to promote cooperation in Europe and for being one of the architects of European integration, the second person to receive the title after Jean Monnet. The reunification of Germany was a commendable achievement as no country should be split up because of ideological differences, but apart from that Kohl was predominantly executing policies decided by the Archons.

2017-06-13: Thirty percent of world population overweight.

According to a massive worldwide investigative project that has been conducted over a span of 35 years in 195 countries a staggering 30 percent of surface Earthlings is now overweight or obese. That amounts to 2.2 billion people, of which more than 700 million have a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 30 signifying severe overweight or obesity. The research paper has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine and was released at the annual EAT Stockholm Food Forum. It notes that the results from the study represent a growing and disturbing global public health crisis as overweight greatly increases the chances for all kinds of illnesses to take hold. I would say that is still a mild wording for the undeniable facts. What is needed is a concerted and aggresive campaign aimed at all responsible parties in this health disaster, first and foremost the multinational food businesses. Fat and sweet foodstuff is everywhere, especially in the Western world, and to find healthy food that is affordable you need to undertake a search. This is Cabal policy and the result is that many are dragging their body along, addicted as they are to their burgers, fries, sodas and supermarket junkfood while we are all paying excessive health insurance premiums to feed the hospital plants and their relatives in the pharmaceutical industry.

2017-06-07: Oldest known fossils of homo sapiens found in Morocco.

In a paleontological find that alters the understanding of the history of our species, homo sapiens bones dating back at least 280,000 years have been uncovered at a site called Jebel Irhoud in Morocco. Until now the oldest homo sapiens remains dated back some 195,000 years and were found in Ethiopia. The new scientific narrative is that instead of originating in one spot in East Africa as was previously upheld, our current human species evolved in multiple areas across Africa. The most remarkable difference with current day homo sapiens is the shape of the brains, which is more elongated and flat. This is explained as an earlier form which later changed to the rounded shape of brains we now have due to changes in the way the brain functions, when the scientists are actually looking at remains of descendants of humans that came from the stars. There is a huge variety of shapes, height, skin colors and organ placement inside the body among the extraterrestrial humanoids, and today's humans are a mix of the characteristics of those types of humans that came from other star systems in the distant past and initiated the earliest homo sapiens civilizations on Earth.

2017-06-02: UN imposes new sanctions on North Korea.

The sorry ass excuse for a nation that goes by the name North Korea has been targeted with newly imposed sanctions from the United Nations Security Council. Following a series of highly provocative missile tests carried out by the regime of North Korea, the UN Security Council reached a unanimous agreement to impose a travel ban and asset freeze on 4 entities and 14 key government officials. Among the officials are the head of North Korea's foreign espionage operations, Worker's Party leaders and trading firm leaders who fund the military. North Korea is now the only country in the world that operates concentration camps for dissenting citizens, where the captives are humiliated on a daily basis by brainwashed idiots. The Cabal uses North Korea as a testing ground for advanced totalitarian rule and as an instrument to create tension and international conflict. It even tried to escalate these tensions into all out war with the United States, as Cabal leadership is starting to realize their power is being undermined further and further and they hope drastic measures might still prevent their looming downfall.

2017-05-30: Manuel Noriega deceased.

Former general and de facto leader of Panama from 1983 to 1989 Manuel Noriega has died at age 83. After general Omar Torrijos died in a Cabal engineered plane crash in 1981, Noriega consolidated his power and became the leader of the country. Initially he was working as a puppet for the Cabal turning Panama into an illicit weapons trading, cocaine trafficking and money laundering headquarters, but when he started to prioritize his own agenda he became a liability for the Cabal and hence they organized an invasion by US troops to capture him and transfer him to a prison inside the United States. There he was imprisoned from 1990 to 2007 and following an extradition to France in 2010 he was returned to Panama in December 2011 where he spent another 5 years in prison for murdering political opponents. It shows that first going along with the Cabal agenda and then refusing to play the game any longer is not taken kindly; in Noriega's own words: "You are a good person so long as you say yes. However, once you say no, then you become an evil guy." Cabal family members who don't agree with the agenda are well aware of this and that makes it hard for them to quit and distance themselves from their psycho grandparents, uncles and aunts.

2017-05-27: Zbigniew Brzezinski deceased.

Prominent American Cabal member of Polish origin Zbigniew Brzezinski has died aged 89. For decades he has been instrumental in helping define Cabal policies and monitoring the implementation of these policies through his role as national security advisor and other advisory roles. He has worked to arm and train the Afghan mujahideen during the war against the Soviet invaders, especially the factions with more fundamentalistic ideas that would over time develop into the Taliban and Al Qaeda. You need only look at some photos of him to see what hard and cold blooded eyes he had. In a Council on Foreign Relations speech at Chatham House in 2008 he remarked "Today, it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people." Such are the considerations among Cabal inner circles how to deal with us, the expendable cattle that needs to be herded. Cobra in the May 30 interview with Prepare for Change confirmed that Brzezinski's soul has been disintegrated in the Galactic Central Sun.

2017-05-22: Swiss vote to stop with nuclear energy.

In the binding national referendum that was held on the topic of nuclear energy a 58.5% majority of the Swiss voted to phase out nuclear energy generation. Based on the referendum results the government of Switzerland has decided not to build any new nuclear power plants and to close the existing ones at the end of their lifetime. The current 5 nuclear plants produce 35% of the nation's electricity consumption, so the decision signifies a major policy change. At the same time billions of francs will be invested into renewable electricity in the coming years to quadruple the production of solar energy and wind energy from 5% to 20% by 2035. The largest source of electricity are hydroelectric power plants currently covering 60% of the national electricity use. With the decision Switzerland joins Germany and Austria that also decided to move away from nuclear energy.

2017-05-22: Homs fully retaken by Syrian government forces.

Following an agreement between the government of Syria and insurgents that are concentrated in the Al Waer district of Homs, some 3000 people, insurgents carrying light weapons and their family members, were evacuated out of Homs into rebel held areas and about 1150 more militants chose to hand over their weapons and remain in the city under a government amnesty. In total more than 14,000 have left Homs since March when the implementation of the agreement commenced. This brings the entire city back under government control for the first time since the uprisings against the Assad regime started; the last opposition-held area of the city had been under siege of government troops for over a year. The city of Homs played a central role in the initial stages of the uprisings with massive civilian protests in 2011 that transformed to an armed rebellion and from there into a civil war. The only key vortex point in Syria still under the control of rebels is Raqqa, the capital of the self proclaimed Islamic State caliphate.

2017-05-08: Emmanuel Macron wins French presidential elections.

Emmanuel Macron, the controlled opposition candidate, has been chosen to become the next president of the Fifth French republic. He gained 66% of the specified votes against 34% for Marine Le Pen. It must however be noted that a relatively large part of those qualified to vote didn't bother to vote or voted blank. On the surface Macron has the more positive message with his moderate reform plans, but chances are he will join the long queue of national leaders who lost much of their initial popularity after receiving their instructions from the Cabal upon taking office. Other Western leaders were quick to congratulate Macron with his victory, first of whom was Cabal representative chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. That cannot be considered anything else but an omen; for now at least the European Union project is saved.

2017-04-24: Macron and Le Pen to second round of French presidential elections.

In the highly anticipated first round of the elections for the new president of the French republic the social liberal Emmanuel Macron has won the most votes, 23.75%, followed by Front National candidate Marine Le Pen with 21.53%. The conservative candidate François Fillon, the socialist candidate Benoît Hamon and the leftist renewal candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon are eliminated from the race. It means the traditional conservative and socialist parties have lost and the people have expressed their deep distrust against the establishment. Macron, the candidate from the newly formed political party En Marche has presented himself as the reasonable alternative, but he is a former banker who worked for Rothschild & Cie, so he is not the leader who is going to turn the system upside down. The prediction for the second round is a clear victory for Macron who is pro EU as Front National is still considered a controversial party that is associated with right wing extremism, even though Marine Le Pen has distanced herself from such a characterization.

2017-04-14: Canada legalizes cultivation and possession of marijuana.

As the first major country Canada has taken the step to legalize both the cultivation and possession of the soft drug marijuana. Adults will be permitted to carry up to 30 grams and minors a quantity less than 5 grams. The exemption will take effect from July 2018. Selling or giving marijuana to children stays forbidden and punishable with imprisonment and there also remains a limit to the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (the principal narcotic ingredient) that traffic participants may have in their blood. Uruguay was the first country to legalize marijuana thanks to its progressive and forward thinking president José Mujica. Although the new Canadian legislative framework is still a bit double sided, it is a strong indication that attitudes toward soft drugs and how to best fight against drug abuse are changing.

2017-04-08: Major protests in Caracas against president Maduro.

After a week with much protest and the decision of the Venezuelan government to ban opposition leader Henrique Capriles from any political office for 15 years, an estimated 50,000 people gathered in the capital Caracas to demonstrate against the impopular president Nicolás Maduro. It is clear that a majority of the population has lost all trust in him, as the country suffers from a sustained deep economic crisis and high crime rates. Despite the oil wealth of the country the government has been unable to create an acceptable standard of living for its countrymen; it shows all the more the failure of totalitarian communism. The government's stance meanwhile is that Capriles has invited violence and bloodshed by organizing protests. This inflexible attitude of the leadership of Venezuela combined with the profound dissatisfaction felt among the common people creates an increasingly grim atmosphere. Even an authoritarian leader such as Maduro cannot resist so strong an aversion for a long time, so let's see how this plays out.

2017-04-08: ETA hands over their last weapons.

The Basque liberation army ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna) has revealed the coordinates of the 8 armories where their remaining weapons are stored. Some 120 firearms and 3 tons of explosives and ammunition have been confiscated by the police as a result. The revelation was made more than 5 years after the organization renounced the use of violence in their quest for independe of the Basques from Spain. The armories are all located in the French part of the Basque territory called by the concealed name Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Officially regarded a terror organization, the separatist army killed over 800 people (mostly political adversaries) and injured some 20,000 during the extended armed conflict that started in the 1960s. The reaction from the Spanish government is lukewarm as it expects nothing less than the dissolution of ETA; apart from that it bothers many Spaniards that ETA never offered excuses for the casualties made in the armed conflict. In any case it is a positive step that the pursuit of independence by means of violence has now been officially terminated.

2017-04-07: US war ships bombard Syrian air force base Shayrat.

After the recent chemical incident in the town Khan Sheikhoun in Syria's Idlib province where some 86 people died United States president Donald Trump has given orders to bomb the Syrian air force base Shayrat without prior approval by the US Congress. In this unconstitutional act a total of 59 Tomahawk missiles was launched from the 2 US Navy destroyers USS Porter and USS Ross stationed in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, effectively making the air force base inoperative.
All Cabal channels have said in unison that the chemical incident was a nerve gas attack by the Syrian air force, although the Syrian government has categorically denied it and claims the dozens of casualties are the result of an airstrike hitting a rebel operated chemical weapons plant. The incident has clearly been used as an excuse to cripple the Syrian army and cause a setback in the fight against Islamic State, Al Nusra and other rebel / mercenary / terror organizations financed and supplied by the Cabal. Donald Trump has bowed to do the bidding of the Archon Jesuits.
Immediately after the bombing of the Shayrat base by the US Islamic State started a fresh offensive on Palmyra, which was so far repelled by the Syrian army. Meanwhile the various rebel groups in Syria and the totally Cabal controlled governments of Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia applaud the action of the US armed forces; you can quite easily deduct the affiliation of each politician and government official by whether they support the Cabal policies or criticize them.

2017-04-05: Galactic Confederation and Ashtar Command start direct intervention on Earth's plasma plane.

Now that the desintegration of the head of Yaldabaoth is underway and the battle for control of planet Earth is heading for a climax, the attacks on key lightworkers and lightwarriors have intensified further. The Galactic Confederation and Ashtar Command have begun full force active removal of all plasma negativity near the surface of the planet, in the words of Cobra. The Chimera group seeks to retaliate for the intervention of the light forces, doing what they can to create chaos, conflict, death and destruction. They are also seeking to strengthen the space operations branches of the world's major air forces in response to the interventions of the Galactic Confederation. One commenter on Cobra's blog wrote: the mere 180 members left in the Chimera group against all the light forces and the whole universe, good luck! It is clear that things are now culminating in a major way, so stay focused and confident of the outcome.

2017-04-03: Hungarian government puts a ban on foreign financing of universities.

The Hungarian government under the leadership of prime minister Viktor Orbán is moving to banish foreign financiers of universities for interfering in state affairs. The main target is the Central European University which has been founded by billionaire and top Cabal member George Soros, who is himself of Hungarian descent, and is financed through his Open Society Foundation. As always the allowance of grants is designed to influence the orientation of the educational program, which is propagating open borders (read unlimited immigration), multiculturalism (read cultural demise) and Western style democracy (read rule by the oligarchy). Although the students at the CEU university object as they see their study jeopardized and rector Michael Ignatieff appeals for academic freedom, Hungary together with Iceland and especially Russia are the European countries that show most courage in resisting the Cabal agenda. There is a total of 27 other foreign universities and institutions of knowledge that are threatened with closure.

2017-03-29: Brexit request handed to European Council.

The long awaited official start of the Brexit process, the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, has been made by the handing of the request documents to president Donald Tusk of the European Council. British prime minister Theresa May, who took over from David Cameron after he lost the EU referendum vote on the 23rd of June 2016 by 51.9%, signed the documents on May 28 and they were delivered to the European Council during the next day by the permanent British representative to the EU Tim Barrow. This has invoked article 50 of the European Union treaty that gives Great Britain and the EU two years to negiotiate the exact conditions of the British leave from the EU. In the meantime Scottish prime minister Nicola Sturgeon has proposed a renewed referendum on Scotland's independence from the United Kingdom, which has been approved by the Scottish parliament. The background of this proposal is the majority Scottish vote to stay part of the EU in contrast to the majority of the English vote. In both referendums the Cabal agents strongly argumented in favor of staying (Scotland staying in the UK and the UK staying in the EU) and played the fear card repeatedly (how many jobs would be lost and companies would move abroad if voters would dare to vote for independence).

2017-03-23: Huge explosions demolish largest ammunitions depot in Ukraine.

A series of explosions ever increasing in strength and size completely demolished the largest ammunitions depot of Ukraine in Balakleya, a city quite close to the Donetsk and Luhansk separatist regions that are predominantly inhabited by ethnic Russians. At some point a mushroom cloud forms over the site of the depot, leading to speculations of a tactical nuclear missile SS-21 exploding. Ukrainian authorities claim this incident that destroyed 138,000 tons of ammunition was caused by sabotage and point accusing fingers to Russia. But chances are higher sabotage was organized from the side of the separatists and I would say the most probable scenario is that the Cabal arranged for the incident, thus creating a new pretext for further intervention from the West into Ukraine and seeking to reignite the conflict.
Ukraine has traditionally been part of Russia's sphere of influence for many centuries, and the bold attempts of the West to pull Ukraine into the Western sphere of dominance and provoke the anger of Russia are all part of the Cabal's policy to divide and rule, trying to spark an international war that would result in more chaos and instability and reduce the chances of fundamental changes in the world.

2017-03-20: Top Cabal member David Rockefeller deceased.

Billionaire and top Cabal member David Rockefeller has died at the age of 101 years. David Rockefeller inherited the fortune of John D. Rockefeller, the first billionaire in the United States who became rich from the company Standard Oil that he founded. David Rockefeller is officially a great philanthropist, but that is just a smoke screen. As with many ultrarich they give financial aid to universities, institutions, foundations and other charities, but in the case of Cabal families it is always giving to get something in return, such as buying influence in the policies, getting family members or associates in the supervisory board and board of directors, gaining support and propagation for Cabal objectives etcetera. David Rockefeller has been a member of just about any committee, consultative group and conference that was organized by the Cabal for the past half century or so to steer policies of governments, banks, multinationals and international organizations. Many people in the know will be very glad that this man is finally gone from the physical plane.
The death of David Rockefeller (or at least the announcement thereof) comes just 9 days after operation Justice of Maat that was executed by the light forces and which was so far only described succinctly and cryptically with the words "no negative non-physical entity is now safe from removal and departure to the Galactic Central Sun" and "many key physical members of the Cabal have finally tasted their own medicine". This operation was a reaction on the intense and brutal Archon attacks on certain key lightworkers in recent weeks.

2017-03-15: River in New Zealand legally recognized as living entity.

The Whanganui river in New Zealand that has an important spiritual meaning for the Maori, the original inhabitants of the country, has been legally recognized as a living entity and thus as a legal entity. A local Maori tribe has fought and negotiated 140 years to get this status for the sacred river called Te Awa Tupua in their language. It is the first river in the world that has been granted the same legal rights as a human being or a company. From the perspective of a Westerner it is quite odd to give a river such a legal status, but not from the perspective of indigenous peoples who have always lived in harmony with nature and regard themselves as part of the natural world. The consequence is that harming the river will now be punishable in the same way as harming a human being. The interests of the river will be represented by one member of the Maori community and one government official. May this example find widespread following throughout the world and be the start of bringing commercial law in line with universal law!

2017-03-07: Brazil starts centralized electronic registration of timber.

The Brazilian government institution for protection of nature and the environment Ibama has launched a nationwide centralized system of electronic registration of timber called Sinaflor which is intended to be fully implemented across the country by the end of 2017. Every tree that is legally cut down will be electronically tagged and tracked from source to sale through this system to fight illegal logging. Ibama regulators can consult the Sinaflor database using their mobile phone while they are on patrol. The system shows built-in satellite maps with the locations where commercial logging is allowed. So basically every piece of timber in Brazil that is not registered in the Sinaflor system will become illegal. In the last few years deforestation has been increasing after a 10 year period of reduction, and the new system must help to reverse that trend again and save the Amazonian rainforest.

2017-03-07: Wikileaks: smartphones and smart TVs used for spying on people.

WikiLeaks has revealed that the CIA uses smartphones, televisions, personal computers and internet routers to spy on their owners. The US intelligence agencies use powerful hacking tools and backdoors to get access to smartphone microphones, cameras and messaging apps as well as television microphones for surveillance, eavesdropping and data gathering on individual citizens. Data encryption on popular smartphone apps is bypassed and data communication over PCs and routers is intercepted, copied and automatically analyzed on key words. Targets of special interest are politicians, diplomats, business leaders and social elites; while many carelessly say "I have nothing to hide" that is not the case for anyone opposing the establishment and corrupt power structure of the Cabal. That is why such intrusive technology should be regarded as a very serious threat to privacy and individual freedom. As all modern electronic technology is potentially vulnerable to digital spying it is advisable for dissenters and freedom fighters to limit the use of such technology.

2017-02-26: Global mass meditation Etheric Liberation reaches critical mass.

For the first time since the Resistance Movement has invited people to do global mass meditation during cosmic alignments the critical mass of 144,000 participants has been reached! This Sunday's meditation was specifically intended to heal the so called Congo vortex as concentration of primary anomaly and reptilian entities is greatest in Africa and the planetary energy grid had a rift over Congo as a result of the 1996 Archon invasion. The meditation began at 3.55 CET as that was the moment of the Solar eclipse maximum and very shortly after the start I felt this incredible surge of energy which gave me shivers of excitement, and that kicked off a profoundly intense meditation. I knew we were making a huge impact and I sensed the energy continuing long after the meditation. Cobra's report a few days afterwards has confirmed that much plasma anomaly has been healed and many plasma toplet bombs have been removed. The process of liberation of planet Earth from evil has gained much momentum as a result and the last layer of defense of the dark forces is now disintegrating.

2017-02-23: Netherlands responsible for much higher CO2 emission than reported.

Three environmental organizations have stated that the Netherlands is responsible for roughly double the level of carbon dioxide emissions that was previously reported. As the emissions cannot be measured, they are calculated instead; in these calculations air traffic and shipping are omitted as the Paris climate agreement of 2015 leaves these emission sources out of consideration. The difficulty with international traffic is how to split the environmental impact of it by country, but in the calculation that the 3 organizations did half of the pollution from air traffic and shipping coming from and going into the Netherlands was added to the officially reported emissions. This gives a much more honest and representative figure for the Dutch carbon footprint and shows the great responsibility of densely populated industrial countries in combatting air pollution.

2017-02-19: Last FARC members hand in their weapons.

The last 300 members of the Colombian rebel group FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) have arrived in specially set up UN camps where they hand in their weapons. This milestone has been achieved as a result of the peace agreement that was signed between the Colombian government and FARC in November 2016. In total almost 7000 rebels move from their guerilla bases in the jungle to various camps in the country where they will be prepared to become normal citizens in the society of Colombia. This can be regarded as a major success of the light forces after 52 years of violent resistance against the central government that tore the country apart. It's just one step in the reintegration process of the FARC rebels, but a crucial one. The intention of FARC is to continue as a political party and 10 guaranteed seats in congress are allocated to them from 2018 to 2026.

2017-02-18: Bill Gates makes veiled threat of bio-terrorism.

In a speech at the Munich Security Conference prominent Cabal member Bill Gates has expressed a veiled threat of terrorism by use of genetically modified highly contagious pathogens that could kill as much as 30 million people in a year. The Khazarian branch of the Cabal has earlier made attempts at substantial population reduction by use of ebola, SARS and AIDS among others, but most of these infections could be stopped before turning into a pandemic. Gates has been involved in setting up vaccination programs in Africa aimed at sterilization of young girls with a clear racist motive. The threat is in line with Cabal custom to announce their actions beforehand either in a movie or in another type of public communique; it serves the purpose to plant the seed of the idea in people's minds and also to exculpate themselves from guilt in such an action (in their twisted logic at least). According to Benjamin Fulford the threat should be interpreted as a reaction on the arrest of many low ranking pedophiles, warning law enforcement to stay away from the high ranking pedophiles within the Cabal.

2017-02-08: Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo declared new president of Somalia.

Parliamentarians of the East African country Somalia that has been plagued by extremist terror committed by Al Shabaab have elected Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo as its new president. The newly elected president seems dedicated to serve the interests of the Somali people, which would be a breach with the past. Former president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and his predecessors have been associated with bribery and corruption. There were celebrations in the streets of Somalian cities for the occasion as the new president can begin to take on the nation's many challenges. Africa is the anchor for reptilians on Earth as Cobra recently mentioned and reptilians turn against development, opposing and frustrating it whenever they can. Many terrorists, extremists and mercenaries have reptilian souls as they gravitate toward violence and suffering.

2017-02-05: Massive demonstrations in Romania and Morocco against corruption.

In Romania protests of the population against an ordinance proposed by the newly sworn in Grindeanu government reached their peak with an estimated 500,000 participants. The ordinance aims to limit penalization of corruption, officially with the intention of reducing pressure on the overcrowded prisons but more likely with the intention of exculpating corrupt government officials. Hundreds of current and former officials are facing criminal investigations into corruption charges. They are the largest demonstrations in Romania since the fall of communism.
In Morocco meanwhile protests that started in the fall of 2016 after the death of a fishmonger in Al Hoceima see a continuation with renewed demonstrations. They are aimed at police brutality, repression by the authorities, humiliation and belittlement of citizens and nepotism. It shows all the more that ordinary people everywhere around the world are no longer prepared to accept the crap that the Cabal controlled governments of the world are trying to sell us without offering any real solutions to the world's fundamental problems.

2017-02-03: Documentary on Jimmy Savile shown on Dutch television.

The excellent documentary that Louis Theroux made on British pedophile Jimmy Savile was shown on Dutch television this evening. It showed how this man could get away with sexually molesting and even raping children, by being charming, famous, working for charity, well connected in high places and showing a fabricated image of himself. The documentary producer knew Savile personally as they both worked for the BBC, but was fooled just like most others by the benign image Savile presented. It must be understood that Jimmy Savile is no isolated case but instead a symptom of a widespread disorder that is condoned by people in positions of power. The documentary gave me more insight into the mind of such psychopaths, in that they create insecurity, fear and shame in their victims so that they themselves can feel stronger and more powerful. Of course such sense of power is totally false, as real power always comes from within.

2017-01-27: Theresa May first foreign leader to visit new US president Trump.

British prime minister Theresa May has visited new US president Donald Trump to reaffirm the close relations between their countries. The fact that the British prime minister is the first foreign leader to be received by Trump can only be interpreted as a strong declaration of support for the Brexit, the British majority vote to leave the European Union and restore national sovereignty. Note May's quote: "The days of Britain and America intervening in sovereign countries in an attempt to remake the world in our own image are over." That suggests some lessons have been learned, but it can just as well mean they will opt for the below radar, subversive type of interventions in the future as it has been practiced in Libya, Ukraine and Syria.

2017-01-24: Chile experiencing worst forest fires ever recorded.

Countries with a hot and dry summer climate are all too familiar with forest fires, but the sheer number and magnitude of the fires that have been blazing in Chile since mid-January is unparalleled in their written history. Many areas in central and southern Chile are suffering from fires that destroy forest lands, houses, vineyards and more totalling 130,000 hectares of land so far. Authorities have declared a state of catastrophe and Chilean president Michelle Bachelet asked for help from other American countries, France and Spain. Soldiers join firefighters to combat the threat. It reminds me of the uncontrolled forest fires that were plaguing Russia in 2010. The Cabal is not only organizing terror attacks on cities, but also on nature; if dozens of fires break out in a short span of time in various scattered locations it is a clear sign of deliberate arson. The Cabal is using this as leverage to enforce compliance with their rule.

2017-01-20: Donald Trump inaugurated as US president.

The republican candidate Donald Trump has been inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States of America. Not exactly to everyone's liking, as he is highly contentious for his anti-immigration standpoints and macho statements. Of course his inauguration speech was a condensation of the earlier speeches from his campaign, with much emphasis on the interests of Americans ("from now on it will be only America first") but also pledging to bring power back from Washington DC to ordinary citizens ("oath of allegiance to all Americans, loyalty to each other"). Let's see what he will do and whether he can deliver the promised reconstruction of the infrastructure and creation of new employment. Parting president Barack Obama hasn't nearly delivered what he promised to do mostly due to fierce political opposition, but his biggest accomplishment is undoubtedly that he has been able to steer away from any major escalation of conflicts in the Middle East when the Khazarians were doing the utmost to ignite a new major war.

2017-01-17: World Economic Forum 2017 started.

In the Swiss city Davos the 2017 edition of the World Economic Forum has been kicked off which will last until January 20. Business leaders, top politicians, diplomats, economists and intellectuals discuss economic topics and ways to boost economic growth and development. As Cabal members seek to bring participants in line with the Cabal agenda, other participants seek to bend discussions in other directions. While such an event enables the establishment to give the impression of being concerned with economic inclusion and fairness, it allows the light forces to introduce new ideas that can really trigger changes. Cabal standing policy is to discourage strong economic growth as it puts too much burden on the limited natural resources and the commoners are useless eaters anyway in their view, so no miracles can be expected forthcoming.

2017-01-12: Car tunnel to be built under Stonehenge.

The British government has decided that a car tunnel will be built underneath the famous megalithic monument Stonehenge to diminish traffic around the site. Many historians have criticized this decision saying that the monument (which is recognized as a cultural world heritage) could be damaged in the construction process but UNESCO already approved the plans last year. It's typical that such a decree is taken as if we're only dealing with a construction, when in fact what makes the place important is the energy vortex located there. That is the whole point why the structure was erected there in ancient times, because ley lines meet at that point. By building a tunnel exactly on the spot that vortex will be suppressed and that is the real intended effect of the decision.

2017-01-10: Morocco forbids production and sale of burkas and niqabs.

Morocco has surprised the world by immediately forbidding the production and sale of burkas and niqabs, the face covering women's clothing typically worn by wifes of muslim fundamentalists. Officially it is a security measure, but it looks like the government wants to put a stop to the rise of such extreme clothing and favor moderate islam instead. As burkas and niqabs are very visible signs of oppression of women's rights and equality, this decision can only be applauded. It may well be the stepping stone toward a total ban when wearing burkas and niqabs is also forbidden.

2017-01-06: US intelligence agencies release report on presumed Russian hacks.

The public version of the US intelligence community report on hacks during the 2016 campaign for the election of the new US president has been released. The report claims that Donald Trump was favored by releasing information detrimental to the reputation of Hillary Clinton. Furthermore the report claims the hacks originated from Russia and were ordered by Russian president Vladimir Putin himself. Many trustworthy people however question the conclusions of the report and it looks very much like another transparent attempt at blaming Russia for things that displease the Cabal. First of all, if Hillary Clinton would be above any suspicion then no damaging information on her could have been found. Secondly, the incessant Russia bashing is only creating division and serves no noble purpose, so this is an obvious fingerprint of Cabal involvement.

2017-01-02: Finland starts basic income experiment.

In the past there have been a few small experiments here and there with basic income, but Finland starts with a rather large scale national experiment: 2000 currently unemployed citizens will receive a guaranteed and unconditional basic income of 560 euro per month for 2 years. There are no restrictions on earning money or getting a job, the basic income will continue to be provided for the whole duration of the experiment regardless how much participants earn with paid work. The goals are to reduce poverty, reduce bureaucracy and increase employment. It is a small but very important step on the way to giving people economic liberty and freedom from poverty, which is recognized as a basic human right in the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

2017-01-01: Happy new year for real.

It is a good custom to convey best wishes at the start of each new year, but let's make it a really happy new year by bringing about the breakthrough in the planetary battle between the Light and the dark. Many insiders, intelligence agents and lightworkers say 2017 will be the year when we will finally see the mass arrests of Cabal members and everything that is to follow after that. I have decided to join the global synchronized mass meditation every Sunday at 4 PM GMT from January 1 onwards to speed up the clearing of the energy grid and start of the Event. Although I have never really suffered from material lack, I have suffered a lot in other ways so I am eager to see the Event happening.

2016-12-25: George Michael dies: winter solstice sacrifice?

The famous British singer George Michael has died in his own house on Christmas morning. It is the next in a long list of famous singers who have died in 2016, but he was still rather young at age 53. It is known that George didn't always live very healthily and it is speculated that he died from a drugs overdose or heart failure, but days after his death messages pop up saying it was a blood sacrifice for the occasion of winter solstice. That might very well be, because the Cabal likes to make sure the new year cycle starts with a note of darkness as night is the longest between December 21 and December 25. It's too much coincidence that one of his greatest hits with Wham! was called Last Christmas and he now dies on Christmas day, I don't believe in such coincidence.

2016-12-16: Campaign against fake news: as fake as it gets.

The campaign that the Cabal controlled mass media and social media have launched to restrict so called fake news turns out to be funded by the likes of George Soros through Open Society Foundations, Bill Gates through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Pierre Omidyar through the Omidyar Network, Google and the National Endowment for Democracy among others. Just follow the money trail and the true purpose of the whole enterprise becomes much clearer, and that is an attempt at blatant censorship of independent and alternative news. George Soros is a top Cabal member whose name often comes up in funding of Cabal operations and Bill Gates is also deeply involved with the Cabal. National Endowment for Democracy is an organization that is funded mostly by the US government, that subverts anything that is of a socialist nature and that promotes economic globalization. Much of the real disinformation is actually being spread by the mass media, that is why the alternative media are desperately needed to shed a different light on things.

2016-12-16: Syrian army recaptures East of Aleppo.

The Eastern part of the city of Aleppo that was occupied by Al Nusra lead forces since 2012 has been fully retaken by the Syrian army after months of intense fighting and bombardments. The remaining extremists and mercenaries will be allowed to leave the city so that order can be restored. Western media have told one lie after another about the war in Syria, but truth is that the so called insurrection against the Syrian central regime is a Cabal plot to bring chaos to Syria. This is for multiple reasons, the most important being to suppress the goddess vortex energies in one of the oldest civilizations of the modern world and to instead create a swirling storm in this country that is like a magnet for negative energies. The strategic importance of Syria is that it is at the center of the old continents Europe, Asia and Africa. There are 5 major vortex points that form a pentagram and these are Aleppo, Homs, Palmyra, Raqqa and Manbij.

2016-12-12: Oxfam Novib publishes list of top 15 tax havens.

The foreign aid organization Oxfam Novib has published a list of what have been identified as the top 15 tax havens in the world that enable multinationals to evade taxes. They are Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, Ireland, Luxemburg, Curaçao, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Bahamas, Jersey, Barbados, Mauritius and British Virgin Islands. While for these small countries it provides some type of economic activity and income, they are used by the Cabal to hide away their fortunes and minimize the tax that their majority owned corporations are paying while the common man in the street, the shop on the corner and the small local family business are bleeded for every penny they have. I have worked in a large bank in the past and know first hand the huge trees of company structures, with up to 10 or more levels of ownership, of which the top holding company was invariably located in one of the tax havens that come up on top in the mentioned list. More and more people become aware of this imbalanced and selfish practice and we should demand action on this.

2016-12-09: Dutch court convicts Geert Wilders guilty of group insult and encouraging discrimination.

PVV Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders has been found guilty in the judicial process that was started against him for making his voters scan "less, less, less" when he presented them the question "Do you want more or less Moroccans?". "Then we go and take care of that", was his reply at the time in March 2014. The legal process was about the issue of freedom of speech versus the prohibition of discrimination and where the boundary lies between the two. It has caused huge controversy, as is distinctive for Archon and Cabal manipulation aimed at causing division among people. The PVV makes a big topic out of multicultural and religious frictions, while the traditional policital parties tend to downplay issues of that nature. The truth is in the middle, but that is too often lost in the heat of discussions. Either way it is no solution to condemn a person who ultimately seeks to preserve the values the Netherlands have painstakingly developed as a society over centuries, it would be much wiser to reconcile the interests of everyone involved.

2016-12-09: South Korean parliament indicts president Park Guen Hye.

After weeks of protests by civilians on the streets of South Korea's cities following accusations of corruption targeted at South Korean president Park Guen Hye, the parliament of the East Asian country has decided to indict her. A bill submitted by the opposition last week accusing the president of violation of the constitution and abuse of power has been accepted by a 79% majority after the population of the country lost any and all trust in her integrity. As a result an impeachment process will now be started. Park will be the first democratically elected leader of South Korea to be dismissed before the end of her term which started in 2013. The corruption scandal revolved around exerting pressure on conglomerations together with female friend Choi Soon Sil to donate money to foundations run by the latter. The relationship between the president and her friend "adviser" is quite typical for how the Cabal handles government leaders.

2016-12-05: Italy votes no in reform referendum.

A 59% majority of voters said no to the reform of the Italian constitution proposed by prime minister Matteo Renzi. Proponents advocated the reform as a way to improve the efficiency and stability of the government, while opponents stated it would have made the government too powerful. Whichever is true, it is indicative of the trust the populace has in proposals made by leading politicians, every national referendum that is organized seems to result in a no vote. Although EU leaders rushed to express this shouldn't be regarded as a vote against the EU such as Brexit, many comments from voters told exactly the opposite. Matteo Renzi announced his resignation as he promised he would do in the case of a no vote.

2016-12-04: Chapecoense awarded with Copa Sudamericana.

The South American football association Conmebol has decided to award the Brazilian club Chapecoense with the Copa Sudamericana after its Colombian opponent in the scheduled final Atlético Nacional Medellín proposed so. Most of the first team players of the club from Chapeco perished in a plane crash 4 days earlier while traveling to the city Medellín where their first ever continental tournament final match would be played. It's a beautiful and heart warming gesture in a top sports world that has been more often the scene of heated battles and quarrels.

2016-11-28: Cabal spacecraft escaping Earth were shot down.

The latest Benjamin Fulford newsletter mentions that another 2 Cabal spacecraft that were in the process of evacuating Cabal members from the planet have been shot down, one over Florida, USA and another off the coast of Fukushima, Japan. Cobra earlier mentioned similar incidents where space ships carrying Cabal members were shot down. A powerful force from beyond is stopping the escape of Cabal top members from planet Earth. This apparent wish of the Cabal to leave Earth can only mean one thing: they are pessimistic about their prospects when staying here.

2016-11-26: Former Jesuit leader Peter-Hans Kolvenbach dead.

Dutchman Peter-Hans Kolvenbach who was superior general of the Society of Jesus (the black pope) from September 1983 until January 2008 has died in Lebanon where he spent multiple periods of his life. In the last years of his life he was involved in fomenting the uprisings against president Bashar al Assad and his regime in Syria as the unseen manipulator behind the scenes. He was thus directly responsible for changing Syria from a stable country into a war ridden chaos and displacing millions of people. Also he has been instrumental in carrying on the programming of people with fear based concepts of guilt consciousness, religious damnation and spiritual dependency. Thank God that this man is gone and may he never return!

2016-11-25: Fidel Castro deceased at age 90.

Former and long time Cuban president (1976-2008) and prime minister (1959-1976) Fidel Castro has died. While his rule was rather fierce and intolerant to opposition, there are few leaders of small countries that have made an impression on history like Fidel Castro has made. He dared to challenge the United States and its imperialistic governance in a way that not many have shown after him. And although Cuba is a poor country, he was able to provide relatively good quality health care to all citizens, something the US has failed to achieve. Hasta siempre, commandante!

2016-11-15: Russian minister Uljakajev fired for corruption.

Russian president Vladimir Putin has relieved minister of economic development Alexei Uljakajev from his duties as he is suspected of taking a large bribe in an oil company take over deal. He is the highest ranking Russian official to be arrested while in office since the split up of the Soviet Union. As Putin despises the Cabal, my best guess at this moment is that Uljakajev was bribed by the Cabal to cooperate in the consolidation of the Russian oil industry. That would mean it's a high profile warning to other officials in the ranks of Russian government not to accept bribes from the Cabal.

2016-11-09: Donald Trump wins US presidential elections.

To the astonishment of the biased mass media but not so much the ordinary US citizens, Jesuit candidate Donald Trump has won the US elections for the presidency. Khazarian candidate Hillary Clinton has been portrayed as the more reasonable and decent option, but it seems many voters felt intuitively nothing much significant would change with her as the new president, while the less predictable Trump could actually achieve some real changes as the new president. Despite him being a Cabal stooge just as Hillary, it does seem that the Jesuits try to give their reign a more digestible appearance and that would involve meeting some minor demands of the populace.

2016-11-08: India abolishes 500 and 1000 rupee banknotes.

In a stunning move the Indian government has announced that it will declare the 500 and 1000 rupee banknotes invalid with almost immediate effect. The official reason that is given is fighting corruption as a lot of cash payments of larger amounts involve bribery and tax evasion, but it is well known that the Cabal wants to abolish cash completely between now and not so far into the future. Apparently the Indian government has been pressured greatly to make such a decision in an economy that still depended greatly on cash transactions. As the two highest denomination notes account for 80 percent of total cash value in circulation, people who don't have a bank account will be pushed to open one and electronic payment methods will get a strong incentive.