lean an t-slighe gus an tùs

The main information of this website can be found on the pages "Introduction" to "Visions for the future". On this homepage I collect news messages from both the mainstream and alternative media that are significant for the development of this planet, try to explain their meaning in a larger context and show the hand of the dark forces and/or Light forces at work. I also share messages that come from within and that feel relevant to the phase of developments that we are in. For the meaning of certain specific terms such as Cabal, Archons, Khazarians and White Hats please read the indexed pages. A lot of the conclusions that I draw in the below news messages are based on alternative sources of information, among which Cobra's blog, Benjamin Fulford's newsletters and testimonies of insiders and whistleblowers. I invite you to investigate the ramifications of my explanations for yourself by accessing the links on the "Links" page as well as the links that I provide in the texts of the pages on this site.

2023-03-30: The lords of karma and the gnostic realization.

In the past weeks I have had a realization that I have had before, but now it was more clear and strong than before. That is that everyone is basically lost and just doing what they think and feel is opportune. Not necessarily talking just about earthlings, maybe the same is true for every intelligent being in the universe. The thing that did it for me was the movie Wanted with Morgan Freeman, James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie that I watched. Long story short: a young man joins a fraternity of assassins whose job it is to rid the planet of corrupt and evil people. The one who is in charge designates the targets for elimination based on what a higher intelligence communicates through patterns in woven fabrics. Not until successfully carrying out several missions does the new recruit find out that the one in charge has his own agenda and has not been honest about the names of targets that come up. When confronted the leader reveals that the name of every single fraternity member has come up for elimination. How about that? What you wish for another being you wish for yourself. But in how far do general spiritual principles of interconnectedness, forgiveness and doing no harm apply to a severely twisted and disfunctional reality that even the light forces have thus far failed to remedy?
I feel that the most important principle to hold on to in this world is to take full responsibility for who you are and everything you do. Forget about missions, other people's truths, rules, expectations and obligations, take the freedom to create your own reality with respect for other people's realities. All the things that really mean anything cannot be expressed in words. That is what the gnostics realized and that is why they sought direct experience of God / the Divine. Life is about feeling, creating and realizing, through beauty, sensuality, sexuality, art, design, music and dance. In this light it is interesting that Cobra wrote an article on the Lords of Karma. I have heard about them before and it was always in a spiritual context, as if to say they are the highest spiritual authority on Earth deciding on karmic matters, life plans and reincarnation. But Cobra puts it rather differently, saying they are Chimera that have been manipulating all of our lives for many lifetimes and having us believe we have karmic debts to pay off. It's all bullshit, the religious leaders are clueless.

In the news recently were the bank failures in the US (Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank) and other banks that were in danger of collapsing, notably First Republic Bank (saved by other American banks) and Credit Suisse (saved by the Swiss National Bank and UBS). So far a major cascade of bankruptcies in the financial world has been prevented. The light forces have indicated that they wish a gradual meltdown of the Cabal's financial system and not an abrupt crash. I wonder what that will look like; an increasingly speedier succession of bank crises that will require ever bigger interventions from the guardians of the financial system, with confidence in the system progressively dwindling?
Vladimir Putin has been ordering the complete destruction of all stockpiles of Covid vaccines in Russia, and the rather final removal of everyone in the medical system who resists his orders. In the US two clones of Hillary Clinton were enddated on the same day.
A very interesting channel to follow is Journey to Truth Podcast on YouTube, although I cannot verify the accuracy of everything that is stated in their videos. What I can say is that they have very well informed guests that they interview on a wide range of topics and their info seems mostly accurate.

One of the things that best help me stay sane in this crazy world is uplifting and inspiring music. So here are some more special songs:

Linda Vida - Vou banindo
Raluca RA - Te nande
Adama Eco Village - The water blessing song

2023-02-19: Urgent meditation for peace between Russia and NATO.

There is a call for an urgent meditation for peace between Russia and NATO on February 21:

Urgent meditation for peace between Russia, Ukraine and NATO on February 21st at 3 PM UTC

I checked with my twin soul about the heavy earthquakes that hit southern Turkey and northwestern Syria on February 6 and that have taken the lives of at least 46,000 people. It was partially manmade is what I heard, the Cabal used what equipment they have left as well as black magic rituals to create additional tension in the earth's crust on top of what was already there in geological terms and in terms of unresolved energetic stresses in the area. One intent is to deter Turkey from joining the BRICS alliance and the other is to create a line of chaos and conflict that blocks the activation of the Goddess leyline that runs through Baalbek in Lebanon. For this purpose the Cabal is planning further unrest and conflict between Israel and Palestine, attacks on Lebanon and Syria.
The other thing I inquired about is whether the Chimera did new abductions of lightworkers and starseeds in the fourth quarter of last year, because sometime in that quarter I experienced a renewed timeloop just like I did back in the late 1990s and that alarmed me. What I get is yes, they tried again doing their extreme trauma based programming to get the awake ones back in line with the Matrix control system, it is one of the red lines that the Chimera crossed, but the light forces cut short their attempts. They will not accept this any longer and will step in immediately if the remaining Chimera try this.

2023-02-07: Potpourri.

Some of the news from the past weeks: Cosa Nostra boss Matteo Messina Denaro, who has managed to stay out of the hands of the Italian police for 30 years, has been arrested in Sicily, along with some accomplices of his.
The US White Hats have taken another Cabal cloning lab, this one being located in Alaska, and have kept this one intact so that they can examine the lab and the cloning technology found therein.

After two types of insects (yellow mealworm and migratory locust) were allowed on the European food market in 2021 an additional two types of insects (house cricket and polystyrene beetle larva) have now also been greenlighted for use in food products within the EU. Although in some other cultures it is rather customary to eat insects as part of the diet, it has no tradition in European food culture. This is of course a decision being driven by the sustainability agenda of the UN and the WEF but one that I find rather distasteful. Although there are certainly arguments in favor of using insects as food, I would say we should eat less animal proteins instead of more. At least from what I understand products containing insects or insect powder should mention it explicitly on the list of ingredients, so you can recognize such products if you pay attention.

For something entirely differently, I have experienced two striking examples of Mandela effects. One was a Dutch movie De scheepsjongens van Bontekoe (the cabin boys of Bontekoe) which I saw several years ago and again recently. Two scenes are different than they were before, I am sure of it. The VOC (United East Indies Company) ship on which the boys sail gets shipwrecked and the 3 boys eventually find their way to Batavia, the then capital of the Dutch East Indies. When they arrive in the port their names are asked and the skipper who also survived is asked to check them out. He knows one of the 3 boys, who wasn't even supposed to be on the ship, through his clumsiness caused the fire that led to the explosion of gunpowder that sank the ship, and he knows that is punishable by death at the time but he doesn't want the boy to be hanged. In the original version that I saw the skipper denies knowing any of the boys, when in the version I recently saw the skipper does mention their names except he makes up a different name for the boy whom he knows is responsible for the fire. The other changed scene is at the end of the trip when they return to Holland in another ship and the boys receive the payment for their work. In the original version I saw the amount paid was denominated in guldens (guilders) and schellingen (shillings) but in the "new" version it was guilders and cents they received, even though at that time cents didn't exist yet. On the more mainstream websites Mandela effects are discarded as false memories that can come about as a result of various causes, but those are inadequate explanations that don't elucidate the reason why many people remember the same "false memory".
While the above example is entertaining and tantalizing, last year I got a bit of a shocker when I met a former classmate at a school reunion from whom I remember he died in a car accident years earlier. I just didn't quite know what to say to him, but a female former classmate who was present seemed to intuitively pick up my thoughts and said "Isn't it special all of our class are still alive today?" Eat that for freaky twilight zone stuff! I will see if I can find out more of what is really causing such phenomena.
One thing is for sure: reality is multidimensional. Back in 2020 when the Covid virus was in the initial stages of the plandemic and at bioweapon strength I got infected myself and at some point I was in quite a bad shape: I had difficulty breathing. I urgently asked the light forces for immediate assistance as I absolutely didn't want to end up in a hospital at the mercy of the medical cartel. First I experienced a relief in being able to breathe more easily and comfortably, and that evening when I briefly left my house to dispose some waste and returned I saw something lying on my kitchen counter that wasn't there before: a plastic pipette. I needed a new pipette for dosing hydrogen peroxide in my drinking water to fight the virus as the one I had was not good anymore but I was in no condition to go out shopping and also I had no idea where to find such a pipette. It's something that medical facilities may have on stock but that you don't typically find in shops for private consumers. I had never seen the thing before, but there it was. I realized it had just been materialized there by the light forces.

2023-02-04: Alba mo tearmainn.

Agus a nis deagh sheann cheòl ceilteach anns a' Ghàidhlig:

Brìghde Chaimbeul - An léimras / Dannsa na Hearadh
Karen Matheson - Canan nan Gaidheal
Raonaid Walker & Skipinnish - Maraiche nan cuantan
Caitlin NicAonghais - Oran a cloiche
Runrig - Sguaban arbhair
Mischa Nic a' Phearsain - Cumha Mhic an Tòisich
Trail West - Waltz Ghàidhlig

2023-01-17: General Berger freed from his captors.

The White Hats have managed to locate general David H. Berger and liberate him from the hostage situation he was in. His captors were CIA agents that were apparently pursuing a price that had been awarded by defense secretary Lloyd Austin and they have been using quite a lot of violence on general Berger, but he is alive at least. I refer to the warning I passed on in my December 7 post, it's dead serious now. White Hat officers, lightwarriors, alternative media bloggers, basically anyone who is very critical of the people running the planetary Cabal horror show should be alert and change their routines where possible, be as unpredictable as you can.

Other noteworthy news is that China is finally releasing true numbers on their Covid deaths, anything statistical that they published on Covid infections and deaths from 2020 to 2022 was ludicrously unbelievable. The large majority of the Chinese population has not built natural resistance to the virus because they haven't been exposed to it yet. But still it's mostly the people of old age that die, they see their life cut short by half a year, one or two years maybe. It doesn't make a difference on a soul level, they are done with their life and ready to pass on. Speaking about dead, for the first time in 60 years the Chinese population has decreased, more people died in 2022 than were born. I would say there is a collective agreement in Chinese society that the country is overpopulated and a population decrease is desirable, even if it temporarily has negative side effects. How much different it is in India and Pakistan, they are going to face serious trouble in the near future if they don't curtail their population growth.

2023-01-11: Deep State attack on Guantanamo Bay repelled.

In the space of two weeks three major Cabal players have left the physical plane. On December 27 former speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi was executed at Guantanamo Bay for treason and conspiracy to commit murder, on December 31 the death of pope emeritus Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger aka pope Maledict) was made public and just yesterday cardinal George Pell died. Good riddance. The American Deep State however had hoped to prevent the execution of Nancy Pelosi by organizing an attack on Gitmo with the aim of liberating her from her prison cell. Such a stunt hasn't been seen before, not when Hillary and Bill Clinton were incarcerated there and neither when James Comey, Bill Gates, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney or Anthony Fauci were spending their last days there. The attack with helicopters and landing vessels was repelled and the majority of the attackers were killed in action. From those attackers that survived the White Hat commanders of Gitmo learned that they consisted of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) agents and military advisors. A counterattack was planned and executed with a bull's eye result. The latest news however is that general David H. Berger who planned the counterattack with his successor as head of the White Hats general Eric M. Smith has gone missing. He has not been seen or heard of since he left Camp Pendleton in California on January 6, so that is a serious setback.

Here are the reports on Nancy Pelosi's tribunal and her departure:

Nancy Pelosi Military Tribunal, Part I
Nancy Pelosi Military Tribunal, Part II
Nancy Pelosi Military Tribunal, the Conclusion
Paul and Nancy’s Christmas Goodbyes
Nancy Pelosi Hanged at GITMO

But there is more: the issue of clones of Cabal leaders has caught the attention of the White Hat commanders and they decided to follow a tip from an informant that a cloning facility was located in Missouri; they found the information to be accurate and destroyed the facility. Now the question is how many clones are around and of whom, and what other cloning labs exist; the White Hats also wondered if any of the deep staters executed by them were in fact clones. On top of that there is the issue of body doubles and latex or silicone mask wearing deceivers. I don't want to speculate on this and I don't want to rely much on information channeled from the Galactic Confederation as it is susceptible to manipulation by Archons. What is clear is that the stakes have been raised in the fight between Black Hats and White Hats and the new White Hat leader has started off 2023 with a series of arrests (Jerome Adams, Brian Deese, Michael Malanoski and an unnamed cloning scientist) in line with his promise to eviscerate the (American part of the) Deep State in 2023.

Cobra has an update on the progress of the light forces. Unfortunately the remainder of the Chimera pit underneath the DARPA facility near Washington DC has not been cleared yet (we should notice it when the pit with the quantum computer mainframe is fully cleared, because it will weaken the effects of the implants significantly). The reason is the presence of some containers of quark gluon plasma and neutron degenerate matter, extremely dense matter in which subatomic particles are not organized in a structure such as atoms are. This kind of matter has the potential to greatly mess up the energy field of living beings that come in the vicinity of it.

2022-12-20: Shutting out the noise.

Winter solstice is upon us in the northern hemisphere and that is a time to evaluate the past year, set goals for the new year and contemplate what is needed to achieve those goals. The dark ones do their best to create a lot of outside noise of all kinds. In the Netherlands the government decided unilaterally to offer apologies for the slavery history of the colonial era just prior to winter solstice so that the subject fills the minds of people and dominates the talks in society. The governments of Surinam and former colonies in the Antilles as well as many non profit organizations had expressed their rejection of this date and strong preference for July 1 of 2023 when the 150th anniversary of the end of slavery in the Dutch territories is celebrated. But that wish was addressed to deaf man's ears. So it's important to shut out the noise and determine your own agenda instead. Let everyone else take care of their own business for a while (unless they are really needy and dependent of course).
Some good news came from Cobra on the clearing of the Chimera: the last pit, which is under the Washington DC area, has been cleared for the most part except the facility under DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) where the central quantum computer is located that controls the implants. People who are very sensitive have felt a markable shift in energies as a direct result of this success. In the past months several rather revealing documentaries have been aired on national television about some by now infamous sexual predators, namely Hugh Hefner, Bill Cosby and Ghislaine Maxwell. It is especially shocking how they used their charms and charisma to lure in their preys, then had their way with them in thoroughly selfish and unscrupulous ways and how it left their preys traumatized, distrustful and feeling empty. But this of course is just the tip of the iceberg. The Cabal categorized them as liabilities and threw them in front of the bus. More to come out later. What bothers me most of all is how so many stolen soul parts of lightbearers were abused to do harm. The normies don't see the twisted nature of such people because they are mesmerized by the qualities of the stolen soul parts that they either obtained by themselves or acquired from the Chimera in exchange for their servitude to the dark side.

I like to focus on what's good and beautiful without closing my eyes for what's bad and ugly, so here's some honour to the uplifting original of the song of which I shared a cover before (there are other covers of it by various spiritual communities) and two other very nice songs:

Mapu & Ixã Huni Kuin - Venho la da floresta
Nausicaa Tara devi & Orly Parnassa - Om namah Shivaya Gurudev mantra
Fiachra Ó Corragáin - Da mihi manum / Tabhair dom do lámh (Give me your hand)

2022-12-07: The Cabal is on high alert.

In the space of less than two weeks I have had two dreams that contained a serious warning: the first more general and the second more specific. The meaning of the dreams can hardly be misunderstood: although there have been comments before by Cobra, the Unknown Lightwarrior and others that the Cabal was in a state of panic, now they have been really alarmed by recent developments and they are on high alert, willing to strike at anything that moves and that they consider a legitimate target. They resent the truthers, freedom fighters and lightworkers that have been exposing them and naming them for what they are and they are vindictive. That is why the advice is now to be very careful about what you communicate with whom and to limit your presence and posts on social media to less critical subjects. Also consider leaving your smart devices at home when you don't really need to bring them with you as carrying them makes you easily traceable, especially if you plan to wander into places where there are few people and little or no social control.

So what has alarmed the Cabal so much? Firstly there is the progress in the clearing of the Chimera and we should be in the final stages where the last remaining Chimera are being removed. That makes the mass arrest scenario come into reach. Secondly, the White Hats in the US have made a few strong blows against their Deep State: adrenochrome junkie and Cabal kingpin Nancy Pelosi, torture porn producer Eli Roth and six other so far unspecified deep staters were arrested after visiting a banquet organized by the Biden government. Earlier in November CEO Stéphane Bancel of clot shot producer Moderna was arrested, convicted for mass murder and executed in Guantanamo Bay. Many perfectly healthy young people have died within weeks of receiving their covid vaccine and coroners have found unusually large blot clots in some of their corpses. It looks like not everyone has been receiving the same vaccine, part of vaccine samples have been doctored to contain various substances that should never be in vaccines, so no immediate need to worry if you have been vaccinated, but some people have been deliberately poisoned or injected with otherwise lethal substances. What is interesting is that Stéphane Bancel was working closely with and taking orders from the demon Baphomet as evidenced by notes on his iPad. These notes give some insight into how this works and how such a demon can gain control over a receptive host.

In general there is a lot of turbulence in the world which expresses itself differently from country to country and which in turn elicits different reactions from governments. We have seen blatant repression of mass protests in Iran after which the government has now decided to dissolve the vice police that was enforcing islamic laws, Indonesia's parliament has voted to enact a new constitution that replaces the old colonial constitution but that contains a number of very restrictive rules based on islamic laws and that will result in much less individual freedom, Russia is using increasingly ugly tactics in Ukraine to break the determination of Ukrainians to fight in what may have started as a targeted military intervention but is turning more and more into an ordinary war. There was also a lot of news recently about floods and other natural disasters, a large part of which is probably caused by the weakening of the magnetic field of the planet and increased radiation from the cosmos reaching the atmosphere and the surface. When I asked my twin soul about the turbulence, she said: we are causing it because people want change but they don't want to move. So we make them move. As I wrote before, people are creatures of habit and it is not easy to break old habits, even if they don't serve us anymore. I see it in others but also in my own life. That is why looking inside remains very important, challenging ourselves to push boundaries and at the same time be kind for ourselves.

2022-11-06: Hoge bomen vangen veel wind / High trees catch a lot of wind.

David Icke has been banned from entering all 26 countries of the European Schengen area for 2 years out of fears he would create too much antagonism towards the government and its policies. This decision was taken by the Cabal power structure in the Netherlands and the EU after he had been invited to speak at a peace rally organized by Samen voor Nederland (Together for the Netherlands). God forbid there would ever be a popular uprising here, enough trouble already dealing with protesting farmers, threats aimed at politicians and animosity toward lame stream media journalists. This is his response. I feel with him and agree for the most part with what he says, only I feel that seeking confrontation with the authorities and the establishment is not necessarily the best course of action right now. I am disgusted just as much as he is with this new blatant attack on freedom of assembly and public speech by means of the abuse of rules and regulations intended to maintain order and control immigration and travel of foreigners. More disgusted am I with the ignorant cowards that agree with this government policy (in a poll 67% brainwashed respondents supported the travel ban because they have been told Icke is a hate monger and antisemite that believes reptiles rule the world) and who feel it is justified to protect their little boring bubble of illusionary safety and comfort this way. The Netherlands has a lot of little proxy fascists that have called for forced vaccinations, forced expropriation of cattle farms, forced offering of accommodation to asylum seekers and refugees; well: screw them! After this is done and over and they say: "oh sorry, we really didn't know, can you tell us more?" I will tell them I have no time for them and wish to spend my time with people that are worthwhile spending time with.

But enough on that. Liz Truss was in and out of the seat of prime minister of the UK in record time due to her unbalanced financial plans, I guess Lizzy is dead and burried. Iran is another country with a fucked up regime that shoots at unarmed, peaceful protesters with live ammunition. And what brought this about? A woman not wearing a head scarf, seriously? Is this still the middle ages we are in or is Iran just a fricking backward country that got frozen in time? North Korea's hobby is shooting rockets large and small, and especially the incident where a rocket was flying the entire stretch from West to East coast of Japan before landing in the Pacific ocean was a pure act of war from this dark puppet regime of oppressors. The Japanese government has shown restraint in their response, a more aggressive reaction would have been justified but they know the score and the agenda. It looks like Brazil's elections have been stolen by the Cabal to favor their pawn Lula da Silva who was imprisoned from April 2018 to November 2019 for corruption and this has triggered massive resistance from the Brazilian population. Israel seems to be happy to bring back Benjamin Netanyahu, the closet satanist. I say we do our utmost to undermine the credibility of every institution and individual that is part of the global conspiracy of the dark forces. The pen is mightier than the sword.

Let us however not forget who are the worst enemies that need to be dealt with. There Cobra is still the only one with trustworthy information and he shared that there was a huge escalation between the Chimera and the light forces that has ultimately resulted in the clearing of many Chimera and their pits. This is bad news for the top levels of the Cabal, many of whom have gone underground to stay out of reach of the positive military and their tribunals. Note this line: "Until very recently, Light Forces around the Earth were still subjected to quantum anomaly to a degree that kept them frozen in fear of the toplet bomb retaliations, hence their inaction." Now that has changed and that should be very good news.
Then some last remarks about Corey Goode and his videos as of late: he said he was going to release a lot of content about the corruption in the Disclosure Movement and about infighting in the lightworker community, but I don't see the goods in his recent posts on YouTube. Maybe that content is only on his site ascensionworks.tv but I don't feel like creating an account there. What I can say is this: he has shared a lot of valuable info on the Secret Space Programs in the past and brought insight into very advanced technologies into the awareness of many people, but he has served on the dark fleet which was a 100% Cabal run operation and he has not consciously revoked his soul contracts with the dark forces (this is what my twin soul said to me when I asked her about Corey). Hence he is not in a position to question hardcore lightworkers who have always stood on the side on the Light unwaveringly. Also he seems to be getting his info exclusively from the SSP now and not from the Sphere Being Alliance anymore. I think he is compromised and his version of the current status is misleading and inaccurate. He states that 14 star systems are still under control of the dark forces, where Cobra has stated many times it is only planet Earth remaining as the last stronghold of the dark forces. He says the moon is controlled by Greys and Reptilians as well as most of the solar system, where Cobra has reported that the moon and the rest of the solar system have been fully cleared already. He also talks about alien abductions still going on and about beautiful looking white skinned humanoid aliens known as the Galactic Federation of Worlds or Pleiadians who are actually the most shrewed deceivers, which is diametrically opposed to the info I have and that most other sources share. I am inclined to trust Cobra's info which is coming from the Resistance Movement and the Pleiadians. Sorry to say, but Corey Goode is damaged goods.

2022-09-25: The Stockholm syndrome and the personality split.

This month the death of queen Elizabeth II of England was announced, which brought about a whole set of commemorations and ceremonies with millions of people queing up to say goodbye to the monarch. All this because of a carefully cultivated public image of 70 years of caring for the people of Britain and the British Commonwealth. And even though Benjamin Fulford has repeatedly alluded to the best intentions and willingness of the queen to collaborate with the White Hats, that was all a smokescreen. If she had really had good intentions she could have done a lot even in her officially neutral position, but she hasn't. On the contrary, Ismael Perez says she was the top honcho of the baddies, even above the white pope and black pope, and was overseeing the Cabal's financial system, the ritualistic abuse and sacrifice of children, the adrenochrome harvesting, the whole Luciferian shebang. She served three main demons, being Bahaal, Molech and Baphomet. My twin soul confirmed the validity of Ismael Perez as being a liaison between the Galactic Confederation and the surface humanity and explained that the ability to portray a completely different public image than the camouflaged real character is one of the things that set apart the ones all the way at the top from other higher level dark ones. One can call it the perfect personality split. Only people who have fully activated their divine abilities see such beings exactly as they really are, but nevertheless people can see the facts of life on planet Earth and draw their conclusions from that instead of honoring their captors. Here are two interesting interviews Janine Morigeau had with Ismael Perez:

Ismael Perez interview: Update's Taking Back Power with Tarot by Janine
Ismael Perez and Tarot by Janine: About our human origins, whoes really the top evil!!

Cobra gave an update on the status of the clearing of the Chimera. Only 12 members remain of the Orion faction of the Chimera and they are stationed at the pit or what I call shallow underground base under the Urim base in Israel. The Andromeda faction of the Chimera is more scattered and living above ground.
The light forces are working fulltime to resolve the deadlock but will not make major moves until all Chimera are removed. Keep the peace and help keep peace in Western and Central Europe:

Meditation for Peace Between Russia and NATO

2022-08-24: Resistance to love is futile.

As always there is too much going on to report everything noteworthy, so I want to focus on a few items. Firstly for quite some time now I have been reading and hearing first hand stories about adverse effects of the darned Covid-19 vaccines. It varies from mild temporary ailments such as skin rashes and pain to much more serious conditions such as developing irregular menstruation, myocarditis, cancer, partial paralysis, miscarriages by and birth defects in babies born from vaccinated mothers up to and including death. The entire Covid-19 vaccination campaign is a crime against humanity and the main culprits are the heads of the pharmacidical companies and their counterparts in our governments who have propagated the vaccines. My take on it is that if people don't want to see and don't want to listen to folks such as myself who have warned against these vaccines and who said there is a dark agenda behind it all, then they have to experience the consequences of their choices.

The rising cost of living is driving more and more people into financial trouble. Many people's energy bills have doubled, tripled or quadrupled. Food prices and costs of other groceries are up. Building materials have become much more expensive. People who don't have a significant financial buffer and who need a big part of their income to cover their regular expenses get to feel the squeeze. And most of it is caused by decisions of our governments to impose sanctions on Russia, OPEC that doesn't want to increase their oil production and disruptions in the logistical routes and supply chains of the world. There is a strong call now on governments to do more to help their citizens out financially, but they can only do so by lending more money from the banks and selling more government bonds. It all fits exactly in the Great Reset agenda of the World Economic Forum. So where are the light forces when you need them? From what I understand NESARA and GESARA are being prepared in the background and some countries take other interesting initiatives. But I feel the energetic modulations that are going on will be the more crucial factor in the end; it changes ordinary matter into light matter and ordinary people into people of the light.

I had a bit mixed feelings with the recent updates from FM144 and Cobra. FM144 shared predictions of a military escalation between Russia and Poland and shit such as new lockdowns starting to happen in September. Of course the Cabal would like to impose new lockdowns coming autumn and winter season, but that doesn't mean they will succeed. I think even the brainwashed sleepers are not so gullible anymore in accepting new restrictions. And sure Russian white hats would like to do a cleanup in Poland like they have been doing in Ukraine, but at what cost does that come? Then FM144 writes about retrieving stolen soul parts, but there are some serious risks involved here. At least part of those dark ones who have stolen soul parts from light beings are powerful black magicians who now have the active abilities that you and I have mostly lost, so confronting them directly is not at all advisable. I have had a few extremely serious warnings concerning that in my lifetime.
Then Cobra in his latest update writes that the surface Lightworker grid has almost collapsed. Unfortunately that is what I observe also. In the years before the arrival of Covid there were international initiatives taking shape, connections being made, networks beings formed and spiritual festivals being organized. Now many Sisterhood of the Rose groups have disintegrated, relationships ended, and even Cobra himself has not organized any new conferences or workshops. Building relationships with your own soul family members has also proven nearly impossible in this Matrix reality, there is simply too much obstruction by the dark forces. Cobra also mentioned the existence of a dark entity called the Lurker that was hitherto unknown and that resides in the subquantum anomaly. It is apparently a remnant of the previous cosmic cycle (meaning the universe that existed before the current one). It also turns out that the Cabal has all along been receiving security intel from the light forces to protect the Cabal's main people from random attacks from the surface population; that was part of the non-interference treaty that has guaranteed the survival of humanity and minimum level of sanity and security of light beings trapped inside the Earth quarantine, but in a way it feels like betrayal (sorry to say).

2022-08-09: Rest in peace.

Today I am emotional from reading about the passing of Olivia Newton-John. Too many beautiful souls departing lately. Olivia started her singing career in the early 1970s, but it was her role in the musical Grease from 1978 that made her the mother of all babes. I felt like posting a tribute to her and all those beautiful ones that have passed in the last few years:

Have you never been mellow
A little more love
Olivia Newton-John Tribute: Greatest Hits
Grease - Summer nights
Grease - Hopelessly devoted to you
Grease - You're the one that I want

Rest in peace, dear Olivia, and see you later. I will gladly make a detour when I'm at the other end of the galaxy to have the opportunity to see you.

2022-08-07: Solid as a rock.

The world has gone slightly crazy this year, as if it wasn't crazy enough. Just in the last weeks former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe was murdered (or it was staged for him to go into a witness protection programme as Benjamin Fulford alluded), the Georgia Guidestones were damaged in a bombing and then removed, Spain has instituted a bank tax to raise money for helping citizens that struggle with the increased cost of living (let other countries follow), we saw uprisings and setting fire to the presidential palace in Ceylon / Sri Lanka and storming of the parliament in Iraq, Donald Trump intervened in a critical situation that developed near Taiwan when Nancy Pelosi's clone visited the country to avert an uncontrolled escalation, Alex Jones of Infowars has been slammed with a compensation order and a fine worth millions of dollars for putting out disinformation, and then Corey Goode comes out with a series of videos that apparently question just about the whole lightworker community. Boy, there is a stir alright.

As for Shinzo Abe, he assisted the Cabal to skyrocket the national debt of Japan to astronomical heights (now at 234% of GDP) with his government stimulus packages to name one thing, so if he's dead I am not sorry. The Georgia Guidestones are well known in the community of truth seekers and freedom fighters; at first glance the texts on the stones were sounding rather wellmeaning, but upon closer inspection you have to draw the conclusion that the Cabal's intentions to decimate the world population of "useless eaters" and enslave the rest with the tools of World War III and the Agenda 2030 Hunger Games are perfectly aligned with the texts on the Georgia Guidestones. But of course, it is all a question of perception. Spain is the first country that I know of that has had the courage to introduce the Robin Hood "steal from the rich and give to the poor" tax, where others have only contemplated it. In some countries the mere financial and economical conditions leave people little choice but to rise up against their government now that global developments have pushed up food prices and energy prices everywhere. In other countries such as Libya, Iraq and Somalia that have been laid to waste as a result of foreign interventions and internal division crises and uproar are also to be expected. I asked a market merchant in cheese what is the matter with prices of dairy products going up so excessively, and she replied it's because of both transportation costs and costs of animal fodder going up strongly. This has everything to do with the globalized production chain, where a lof of fodder nowadays is imported from South America into Europe; the effects of fuel price increases hit the dairy market extra hard as a result.
Then Alex Jones has been made into a scapegoat for the Cabal to put out the message that anyone with an audience that puts out counternarrative info can be next to be prosecuted and ruined. Regarding the material that Corey Goode is sharing and will be updating more in the coming weeks, I will give my full analysis on that once his series is completely published.

2022-07-31: The threat of a potential world war.

As the Cabal is slowly but surely losing its grip on world power, they seek to put a stop to this by instigating a new world war and propelling their agenda forward. They always had plans for three world wars, where the 3rd would be the most horrible and devastating to bring the whole of humanity to its knees.
So there is a renewed call for meditations to prevent such escalation from happening:

Urgent message to the surface population.

2022-07-24: Je suis, donc je pense / I am, so I think.

Here is a rather belated update, but things go as they go. In the past in order to run the risk of getting robbed (at least for those of us who live in a civilized country) you would have to walk through Backstabber Alley in the center of Sin City in the dead of night and you might just be unlucky, nowadays you just go to a large chain supermarket store in broad daylight and it's as if you have holes in your pocket if you don't pay close attention to the prices of products. Nobody blinks an eye anymore if a price is 10% up from a mere half year ago, but some items in supermarkets are up 25% or more since the beginning of this year. Especially dairy products are extreme now, as if there is a giant black hole sucking up half the milk being produced. Then you go to a small independent shop and you would expect to see the same trend, but no, usually most prices there are hardly changed from what they used to be. Typical, isn't it? Whole supply chains are being manipulated in major ways. Anyhow, I adjust my shopping and consumption pattern to the new reality and try to deal with it flexibly. Buying directly from farmers is getting more and more attractive.

In the second quarter of 2022 Loretta Lynch, Anthony Fauci, Thomas Vilsack, Alec Baldwin, Jennifer Dillon and Michael Sussmann have been executed for treason and other serious crimes against the people according to Real Raw News. I recently heard about what looks like a reliable well connected source in the legal world stating that Klaus Schwab has also been arrested, but I don't know any details. The White Hats in Europe are much less visible than in the US and I'm not quite sure if it is because they are operating more stealthily, if there just isn't a channel such as Real Raw News that is reporting news from the European counterparts of general Michael Flynn, David H. Berger and the like or if they are just not doing as much. Nevertheless changes are also happening in Europe, Angela "Wir schaffen das" Merkel is out of the picture and now Boris Johnson can pack up and leave and the same seems to apply to Mario Draghi with his cold blooded reptile eyes. I am not allergic to Boris, I think he is in the grey (identifying with the system and kind of believing the lies of the medical cartel, but not really evil), any day longer however that Mario Draghi and Emmanuel Macron are in office is one too many.
There are now so many issues and problems at play in society on local, national and global scales that it is too much for me to address them all, most that I can do right now is to call out the world leaders as failing to really solve the issues at play and even in part deliberately causing them in the first place. We basically need a modern day equivalent of Martin Luther who in 1517 wrote a letter to archbishop Albrecht von Brandenburg of the Roman-German empire about the materialization of invented religious debts (in other words making people pay gold to cancel out their so called sins) wherein the Catholic Church prostituted itself. Someone who says: enough is enough of this bullshit and gross mismanagement, I recall any authority that I ever recognized in you. I would say 80% of politicians start out with good intentions but due to the corrupt nature of the system, their own weakness of character and spiritual immaturity, their soul contracts and implants and the very real pressures that the dark forces put on them they go off track and gradually become the very same thing they originally set out to fight. A planet, any planet, needs to be led and guided by the wisest of peoples but that is most clearly not how things are being done on planet Earth.
The current reality that we are experiencing is therefore a strange and at times surreal mixture of cleanup and upliftment, shedding of old garbage and continued tribulations spawned by the framework of the Cabal that is still in operation and looking to mentally, emotionally and financially cripple the masses in order to pull off the Great Reset and eventually introduce the centralized World Government.

2022-06-08: The tower of Babel.

Recent posts in the alternative media I follow have raised my eyebrows on several occasions. The more you learn the more you realize how little you know and how much there still is to be learnt and comprehended. One thing I have grown to see more clearly is how the Matrix functions and is maintained. It's fair to say the tower of Babel is a mythological symbol for the inability of people to truly "get" each other. Between the etheric implants, microchips, nanites, personal programming, belief systems, social background and cultural values it's hard for sleepers to wake up to the truth and see each other unfiltered, but if even respected alternative media fall out of line and seem to be talking about different realities, then something is the matter.

Benjamin Fulford is usually filled with optimism about the progress of planetary liberation, he even sees public Cabal members going into isolation due to catching Covid-19 as a sign their final defeat is at hand when clearly there can be other reasons than arrest for them to disappear from the public eye, such as a secret meeting abroad or swapping the real one with a doppelganger imposter. Of course Fulford has a selling proposition, but I think it's also part of his character to be optimistic and at times come to early conclusions.
Then Cobra's recent posts don't share any hard info on the progress of the removal of nonphysical dark entities or even the Chimera and toplet bombs, but in his most recent post he outlined the ending of various cosmic cycles and start of new ones and confirmed that a physical polar shift is coming in the near future and has in fact already started. Where does that leave the Event? I cannot shake off the feeling that the Event will not happen in the way it was planned but more gradually until the airlifting of Earth's population can begin. But his Apocalypse post leaves much room for interpretation.
Then there are tensions being reported within the White Hat leadership of the US military over the question whether arrests and interventions should be speeded up. This is a sensitive subject where a balance between risks and rewards needs to be found and guarded, but there are compelling arguments for those "rebellious" generals that demand more large scale action against the Deep State. General David H. Berger, who has been tasked with the command of the Deep State cleanup in the United States by then president Donald Trump when the latter activated the Insurrection Act, reminded the other White Hat officers of the chain of command. Any real leader would say the same, but what I disagree with is this: "Without President Trump, we wouldn’t have the authority to make any arrests." "Our job is capturing traitors, not having them among us." Really? Who else would be in the position to end the conspiracy that has affected all of the world, not just the USA, so negatively for so long? It is their duty, regardless of any official piece of paper with the president's signature, to act against the state within the state as fast, efficiently and effectively as they possibly can. Let me remind everyone that any revolt or mutiny is illegal and without officially sanctioned mandate until it is completed and a new governing body has been formed and a new reality established. And expressing criticism on the way things are being done now is not treason, it is necessary as things are moving too slowly. I wonder if general Berger appreciates how deep in the red many people across the world are and have been for some time. Not just financially, but physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The situation may not be ready for the Event besides that it needs taking over the mass media to report what is really going on, but surely more can be done than what is being done right now. And I'm talking about tangible action in the physical world, we have been working long enough on mass meditations, energy work, remote healing etc. Speaking for myself, I am not willing to sacrifice my own life and personal goals and objectives any longer with a majority of the population still passively undergoing the Cabal's shit and selling out their own and our best interests and with the White Hats who actually have the hardware and logistics to change the scoreboard in our favor sitting back and limiting themselves to picking off enemies one by one. The great Japanese movie Seven Samurai shows that this approach can work very well, it just takes a lot of time when time has really run out.

2022-05-15: Fear leads to ruin, love heals everything.

It's been a while since my last post, partly because I am prioritizing things I want to do for my own life more and partly because I am less invested in what is happening in the outside world. Anthony Fauci has been executed for leading the corona plandemic:

Fauci Military Tribunal: Day 1
Military Sentences Fauci to Hang!

The Cabal has been pouring a lot of weaponry into Ukraine, their dreamed resurrection of Khazaria, to try and escalate the armed conflict there. The mass media have been twisting the stories about what is happening there so much that it will be their end station once the truth comes out. Also both Russia and Ukraine are learning once again the cost of war and they will have to come to some form of agreement at some point.
Then there have been concerted international efforts by the Cabal to cause shortage of food and a sharp rise in food prices, with partial success. Combine that with the strong increase in energy prices due to Western sanctions against Russia and commodity market speculation and many people feel the pain in their wallet. Those who had the foresight to close multiyear contracts for fixed energy prices and those who have a garden to grow some vegetables and fruit of their own are blessed.

At least the repeal of corona restrictions in many countries is making people's lives a bit easier and more enjoyable. In the background the Cabal is however still working on its plans for new controls such as the vaccination pass and a tighter control of public information. Benjamin Fulford has been sharing quite a bit of interesting information in his newsletters in the past weeks and months, for instance this clip of a few Reptilians for those who still doubt their existence. But the most hardcore info has been coming from Cobra who pointed out there is still a limited presence of Chimera and toplet bombs; without those there is no major obstacle left for the light forces to do a full scale visible intervention on the planet. The question is how long will it take to remove the last Chimera and toplet bombs? That depends partly on the removal of the quantum and subquantum anomaly that is now in full swing. In the meantime we can work to resolve our own issues and straighten out our own lives as much as possible and manifest our most desired life one step at a time.

2022-04-13: Anthony Fauci arrested and brought to Gitmo.

Anthony Fauci, NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) director and chief medical advisor to the fake US government, has been arrested by US special forces for his leading role in the Covid-19 plandemic. This leaves just three public kingpins of the American branch of the Cabal at large. His tribunal is scheduled for next week as he has already been transferred to Guantanamo Bay.

2022-04-10: Base oddity.

Recently Cobra celebrated the 10th anniversary of his blog The Portal, which is quite a thing. On the one hand it is very admirable how Cobra has persevered in doing his mission and providing the awake and aware with hardcore information of what is going on behind the scenes of world power and how the war for liberation of planet Earth is proceeding. On the other hand it shows how longwinded and slow the process is and how large the attention span to keep the focus on the same basic subject for all these years. I noticed for instance that one prominent and longtime member of the lightworker community, Untwine / ANtoAN, took his excellent website Recreating Balance offline. I don't know the exact reasons for this and I don't want to speculate on it, but it shows that it's not a given that a website is maintained for so long.
In the first quarter of this year George W. Bush, Gavin Newsom, Dick Cheney, Anita Dunn, Francis Collins and Sonia Sotomayor were executed by the US military for their involvement in 9/11 (Bush and Cheney), the unconstitutional plandemic bankrupt-them-and-bring-them-to-beg-for-our-help lockdowns (Newsom, Dunn, Collins and Sotomayor) and other crimes against humanity. It was also announced by Real Raw News that Loretta Lynch has been sentenced to death for similar crimes and that Deborah Birx (former White House coronavirus response coordinator) has been executed in July 2021 at a US military base on Guam. That was less than 4 months after she joined the George W. Bush Institute in Dallas, Texas, as a senior fellow, working on initiatives to reduce health disparities and "prepare for future pandemics" (read: help create future pandemics). Hillary Clinton's clone has been paraded in the mass media on various occasions to make it look it's business as usual, but they don't have clones of the lesser Cabal agents that have been executed or plainly shot on sight.
Other operations that have been going on are described by Megan Rose and explain the hive consciousness of the Cabal and why it's pretty pointless arguing with them.

Then there is this new group that has popped up out of nowhere called Guardians of the Looking Glass which has apparently caused a stir and unnerved people with their fearmongering about the battle for the timelines. Folks, this is Cabal propaganda created most likely by their fronts the CIA, NSA and/or Cabal think tanks. The Unknown Lightwarrior made a detailed analysis and dissects and brands the material of this group as a psy-op. The real Looking Glass technology when it was used by the Cabal to their own dismay showed all timelines converging into only one possible outcome: victory of the Light and a complete transformation of global society. As a matter of fact I have been witnessing some so called mandela effects myself, as some things I clearly remember from the past are now somehow slightly different. For instance, I can very clearly remember the planet housing a rebel base in Star Wars was called Tatooine (censorship), and now it is Dantooine (the real historical name). Also I very clearly remember the Queen song We are the Champions ending with "We are the champions of the world (duality)", but now only the live version ends that way and the studio version ends "We are the champions" (affirmation). Here is a list of mandela effects that will make people scratch their heads. This is apparently caused by timelines collapsing onto each other and merging / correcting.

2022-03-20: Give peace a chance.

Four weeks into the Russian military operations in Ukraine it has become more clear what Russia is seeking to accomplish. Beside the Western funded facilities where new biological weapons were being developed and the scientists working on these programmes, the child trafficking network in the Ukraine has become a prime target. If the info provided on Real Raw News about regular phone calls between Donald Trump and president Putin is correct 5000 children have been rescued out of the hands of traffickers so far. Also it seems that a spacecraft has been uncovered in Ukraine that is activating its systems, so that is a prize Russia wanted to get its hands on. Also the sea ports and airports of the country are being shut down by the Russian army to stop Cabal assets from escaping and stop weapons deliveries and mercenaries from abroad coming in. This leaves the land routes but these are also being cut off one by one.

The question is however if what is being accomplished is worth the suffering that is caused by millions of ordinary citizens being driven from their homes to flee the armed conflict. Also many Russian nationals are facing the consequences of this conflict as a result of sanctions imposed by the West. Human trafficking and pedophilia networks are worldwide phenomena, same as biolabs and other Cabal facilities. We cannot go and start bombing the whole world because there are Deep State targets to be found everywhere. Those military actions that are really necessary should be executed with surgical precision, such as this one. With everything that is happening in the world I value more and more creating peace within and expanding that feeling as far out as I can. So here are a few nice songs that I selected which may inspire to do just that:

Otava Yo - Oi Dusya, oi Marusya
Ayla Schafer, Joshua Wenzl & Cesar Alcedo - Agua del amor
Adama Community Song Circle - Venho la da floresta

2022-02-27: The art of listening.

One of the most important abilities in life is listening. It requires being in tune with your inner self, beyond the programming and temporal delusions. Because true listening involves the belly, the heart and intuition, not just the ears and mind. When the listening stops the conflicts begin.
As I wrote earlier, stop poking the bear unless you want it to lash out. Now the top echelons of the Cabal (or what is left of it) have their full scale war that they have been seeking to foment for so long, I hope they are happy. It is so, so sad that two brotherly peoples are now facing each other in battle, but Ukraine should never have sold out to the Cabal the way they have, turn its back on its bigger brother and disregard Russia's legitimate security concerns. Judging from what I have read, heard and observed it is a mixed situation. Russia intends to rescue the ethnic Russians in the Donbas region from Ukrainian shelling and siege, intends to incapacitate the capabilities of the Ukrainian military, has been taking out bioweapons facilities throughout Ukraine that have been set up with the help of Western countries including Israel and intends to force regime change in Kiev. It is clear that the military actions have been in the works for quite some time, at least half a year; diminishing the gas supply to Western Europe was just one part of the preparation, so that Europe is not in any position now to boycot Russian gas. Mutual proposals between Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelenski and Russian president Vladimir Putin to hold peace talks have been made, but so far there is no agreement on the venue where that should transpire. Belarus is not an acceptable venue for the Ukrainian government, which is understandable considering the launch of a Russian military incursion from that country, and Russia is never going to accept a NATO or EU country as the venue of choice. I would say Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, could be an acceptable alternative for both Russia and Ukraine.

In a way nothing has changed, because there was a spiritual war going on already, it just so happens to extend even more into the physical reality now. Look at how peaceful protesters in Canada, New Zealand, Russia and elsewhere have been and are being arrested, it's a bloody disgrace. We are at a point in time where good intentions don't suffice anymore. Many have had more than their fair share of crap, especially lightworkers and light warriors. In this respect the analysis and explanation by Megan Rose on attacks by dark entities is very clear and helpful. If we want results that we haven't seen so far we should do what we (or most of us at least) haven't done so far and here is where I want to share a call from ascended master Babaji for each being of light to do a daily half hour meditation to connect with the divine Light of Source, either at 0:00 AM, 6:00 AM, 0:00 PM or 6:00 PM in your own timezone.

2022-02-13: Ascension Plan Update.

Inspired by the Freedom Convoy in Canada and the blockade of the Ambassador Bridge on the border between Michigan and Ontario (the busiest international border crossing in North America in terms of trade volume) truckers and car owners from across the country have organized blockades in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand which has seen one of the most repressive corona policies, and in France have formed the Convoi de la liberté that has encircled Paris. Of course these blockades cause inconvenience to residents and economic damage to companies, but they are turning out to be effective tools to put more pressure on national politicians to ease restrictions.

I have personally witnessed YouTube manipulating the number of views on the guided meditation video for peace in Ukraine; when I backarrowed to the toplisted English version the number of views had suddenly dropped from 5600 to 5254. Yesterday there were multiple different language versions that all had 366 views, how coincidental is that? Know that the real number of views on many of the important meditation videos is considerably higher than shown. I call on people to bug YouTube and Google about their falsification of viewer statistics.

But most importantly of all, Cobra has posted a highly noteworthy article on the updated Ascension Plan of the light forces. I know this updated ascension plan is based not only on the more recent findings of the light forces but also on the deep wishes of Gaia and the most evolved starseeds that live on her. First of all, the ascension window will not close in 2025 but stay permanently open; in other words, planetary ascension is going to happen no matter what. Cobra has even speculated on a potential timing of the Event! He also confirms that the coded message "L0 state of emergency declared" refers to the surface of the planet and will be upgraded to martial law at the time of the Event. And then this: "After the Evacuation and after the Earth goes through its transformation, only beings fully aligned with Light (estimated about a few million Lightworkers) will be allowed to return and reinhabit the Earth in Islands of Light and prepare for the second and third wave of Ascension which will happen relatively soon afterwards. The mass of humanity will be evacuated in their physical bodies just before the Galactic Pulse and transported to the planet in the Pleiades star system which already inhabits about 70 billion humans which were evacuated from the astral plane of planet Earth in 1999." Seeing the mass psychosis of slavish stupidity among the general population, this is the only condition under which I would consider returning to Earth.
"About 500 million of surface evacuees, mostly sociopaths and psychopaths and many of them Dracos and Reptilians who came to Earth in 1996-1999 period and were living since then in human clones on the surface, will not be able to fulfill the minimum criteria for evolution and will be taken to the Central Sun for restructuring." One doesn't need to look far for such people, we all know their ilk, the ones who don't give a fuck about anyone or anything except their pittyful little selves. It's staggering that they are so many, but I am reassured that the light forces mean business and are extremely methodical and serious in cleaning up the mess of today's world we're all too familiar with.

2022-01-30: The magnetics of creation.

The January 23rd protest march in Brussels was derailed by a few hundred Antifa members who started using violence against an EU building and police. The Antifa flag can be clearly seen in video footage taken at the scene. The Antifa members acted as agents provocateurs, thereby undermining the peaceful nature of the protest and solliciting a reaction from the police forces. As a result of this the program of the manifestation with speeches of public figures could not be completed as planned.
In Canada the Freedom Convoy started a week ago with trucks from various corners of the country to assemble in the capital Ottawa. The intention of the organisation is to stay and block the capital until all Covid mandates across Canada are abolished.

The Cabal is seeking to escalate tensions between Russia and NATO in the hopes that a major international conflict would make mass arrests impossible. Here they are mistaken, because if need be the Resistance Movement can carry out the arrests themselves. Nevertheless, war between Russia and NATO is extremely undesirable, so recurring meditations are being done to difuse tensions. Cobra has also called for meditations for Ljubljana, one of the key planetary vortexes.

Dick Cheney has been executed at the start of this weekend for high treason, mass murder, war mongering and war profiteering. While witnessing the demise of the dark forces, we should also put part of our attention into creating the desired future world beyond duality, fear and separation. I found these inspiring messages:

Crucial events are about to unfold 2022.
If you see this, it's your time!! Prepare yourself for what's coming.
Only 1% of light beings will receive this message - The revelation of truth is near!

2022-01-22: Worldwide Rally for Freedom 2022.

This weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, protests for unconditional freedom and human rights are being organized. More and more people in public offices, doctors, lawyers, policemen and even politicians are joining the fight and supporting protesters in their cause. Worldwide Demonstration and Europeans United together will hold a large protest march in Brussels to send a strong signal to the European Union honchos and European governments on Sunday January 23rd. Here are some videos that show the power of people uniting with a common goal:

Police in Paris giving way to protesters
Freiheitstrychler from Switzerland
Police of Valencia for the people (in Spanish)
London demonstration with NHS workers at Downing Street

2022-01-18: Off color revolutions.

After Afghanistan and Birma there has been another foreign-led insurrection / coup attempt in central Asia, but this time sponsored by NATO members instead of China. This power grab in Kazakhstan however was thwarted with the help of Russia, but not before 225 people were killed and 4500 wounded.
Ukraine is the other major place of contention: while western media paint Russia as the aggressor with its 100,000 strong troop buildup along Ukraine's borders, NATO is the real aggressor in progressively encroaching further into traditional Russian influence spheres for over 20 years. The tiny nation of Kosovo was cut off from the Serbian motherland in 2008 and made independent with support from the United Nations, United States and European Union against the will of Serbia and Russia. Why? Its residents wanted and deserved independence. But they are over 90% ethnic Albanians who have their own nation already. So what is really the difference with Crimea where over 65% of inhabitants are ethnic Russians, other than that Crimea was remade part of Russia (which it already was before the formation of the Soviet Union)? This is called applying double standards.

Enough about Western hypocrisy and war mongering, as Cobra's update from January 13 shows the heat is on. Cobra expands on what he referred to as erroneous ideas that form more than 90% of the thinking processes of the surface humanity: "The main focus now is the clearing of the primary anomaly on the lower mental plane and the so-called Invisibles. Invisibles are Archontic entities which inhabit the lower mental plane around the surface of the planet and are the ones creating and manifesting the false ideas matrix. They are the beings responsible for ideas such as karma, prime directive, purposeful suffering, omnipotent God, purposeful duality, flat Earth, second law of thermodynamics as the ultimate truth, speed of light as the maximum speed, monogamy as the only choice, global warming, woke ideology, critical race theory, etc."

2022-01-13: Het jaar van de waarheid / the year of the truth.

This year it comes down to it: are people going to demand an end to the corona measures that are doing increasingly more harm than they prevent, is the whole truth about what has been happening behind the scenes of world power finally going to be revealed to all, are we going to see the changes that are needed? This would be my biggest wish for the collective in 2022, to see the truth come out into the light and the lies exposed.
In the fourth quarter of 2021 Bill Gates, Hunter Biden, Peter Scolari, Andrew Cuomo and Chelsea Clinton have been executed by the US military for treason and other serious transgressions according to Real Raw News. George W. Bush has been executed on January 4, which means the White Hats are well underway in decapitating the American branch of the Cabal. The aim should be purely to have the fuckers removed from the planet in the most humane way possible so they can cause no more damage, not to make them suffer. I would say a firing squad is a more humane option than hanging, but that is up to the military commanders; ideally they would be teleported away alive to the Ganymede sorting facility, but obviously the military doesn't quite have that tech yet.

FM144's post of December 31 sheds some light on the current situation and Cobra's Divine Intervention Activation Report is quite positive with a section dedicated to extraterrestrial contact. I want to quote this noteworthy part: "The Light Forces are now focused on clearing the primary anomaly on the astral and lower mental plane. Removal of the primary anomaly on the astral plane will start removing the cosmic cause of negative emotions such as anger or fear. Removal of primary anomaly on the lower mental plane will start removing the cause of false ideas matrix. False, erroneous ideas right now form more than 90% of the thinking processes of the surface humanity."

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