Xekleidoma - Uplifting sounds


an adhar nach eil na crìochan

Certain music and sounds have the ability to uplift one's energy and vibration, improve the mood of the listener and send shivers down your spine due to the supreme quality of the voices, characteristics of natural instruments, harmonic frequencies and the specific intention expressed within the sounds. Below is a selection of such special sounds.

Wimme Saari - Gierran enchantment A magical musical enchantment by this Saami. Due to the relative remoteness in the far north of Scandinavia the Saami were less entrenched by christian indoctrination than the rest of Europe and were able to keep some of their traditional spirituality.
Wanya Picchu - El condor pasa The most famous Inca song sung with devotion in Quechua language. Notice the respect for nature that speaks from this clip, I can really relate to it.
Ryka Ali - Aboriginal didgeridoo music A piece with a wide range of Australian didgeridoo tones. This is perfect for grounding yourself and connecting with your inner self.
Fran Idareta - Iruñearen aintzinatiko taupadak The Basque instrument txalaparta played in an outstandingly coordinated way by these two artists. It makes your heart beat faster.
Batzorig Vaanchig - Morin khuur This singer produces the typical Mongolian throat singing while playing the morin khuur (horsehead fiddle) instrument. Deep sounds help get deep into the essence of life.
Robbie Robertson - Peyote healing This native american Lakota song prays to heal the wounds of the past. It translates: Father help me, I want to live. It soothes and comforts.
Harp'Eri - Pagoméni lába Greece, the beautiful cradle of European civilization, brought the harp into Europe and this Greek artist passionately plays a celtic harp in a piece called Frozen lava. It has been found that harp music has healing qualities.
Rittajp - Gymnopédie 1ère This Japanese amateur artist plays the lyre with such elegance and lightheartedness that it brings out the full quality of this instrument. The piece played is a classical masterpiece by French composer Éric Satie.
Toccata et fuga in D minor I would say the most beautiful instrument of all, an unknown organist plays the masterpiece of German composer genius Johann Sebastian Bach. Sit back and enjoy. Although the organ is an instrument you should hear live to feel the vibrations of the music going all through your body, it's just thrilling.
Darkestrah - Kara Oy This Mongolian sings both undertones as well as overtones, it's incredible what a vocal range this man, Enkh Jargal, has. It shows the unlimited potential that everyone possesses.
Ansambl Varganistov - Vargan lager na Baikale As much as twenty Russians simultaneously play the mouth harp or jaw harp to produce a standing wave of sound vibrations.
Inca Caral - Amores hallarás Translation: loves you will find, but one like mine never again. If you have a heart, then have pity on me. It's about a relationship not functioning well, but also about the desire for one that does. We're all unique, and so is the precious love we have to give.
Enrico Caruso - O sole mio The famous Italian tenor splendidly sings the most famous Italian song which is an ode to the beauty and delight of women. Oh my sun!
Maria Callas - L'amour est un oiseau rebelle Maria Callas stepped down from heaven to let her voice be heard in this song about love from the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet. Translation: Love is a rebellious bird that nobody can tame, love is a rebellious bird that has never known any law; how very, very true. Consider that, don't just take note of it, but contemplate the far reaching implications of it.
London Symphony Orchestra - Canon in D This piece by German composer Johann Pachelbel sounds almost like an ascension to heaven. It shows that reality can be better than your imagination when everything and everyone comes together.
Séverine P - Ho'oponopono song This singer has put the healing words and intentions of ho'oponopono to music. It can cure disharmony from a personal level up to a global level.
Pháp Niêm & Thích Nâth Hanh - The great bell chant A Vietnamese spiritual chant for the end of suffering and afflictions and the arrival of peace, serenity and mindfulness.
Lakota - Song for mother Earth This is a native american song of thanks to Gaia, the spirit of planet Earth, by the people who have always remembered to do just that, giving thanks. Without a living and thriving planet we have nothing.
The Chieftains - An innis àigh The Irish folk band the Chieftains perform this ode to their homeland in Scottish Gaelic. The dreamy lyrics go harmoniously with the even dreamier video. Dare to dream and dream big.
Lisa Thiel - Samhain A pagan song dedicated to Samhain, the end of the blossoming and harvesting season, sung with a very warm voice and a very comforting melody that honors our ancestors and deceased family members.
Celtic Woman & Oonagh - Tír na nÓg An enchanting song alternately sung in Irish Gaelic and English about the elvish energies of old and the heritage they have left.
Rhythm of life A splendid choir song after the original from the musical Sweet Charity that is very uplifting and brings us back to the essence; unfortunately there is no mention which choir sings the song.
Rishi Nitya Pragya - Om namah Shivaya The Sanskrit mantra that enhances the masculine qualities. It activates all chakras of the body and connects with higher self, brings protection, personal power, balance and confidence.
Snatam Kaur - Adi Shakti The Sanskrit mantra that enhances the feminine qualities. It invokes the goddess energy, elevates, inspires, gives courage and transcends duality.
Miriam Makeba - Pata pata The South African singer Miriam Makeba sings this catchy, cheerful and contagious party song partly in Xhosa and partly in English.
Ennio Morricone - My name is nobody theme The great Italian composer of music scores for movies created this joyful and carefree piece of vibrant optimism to accompany the suggestive images of the classic western My name is nobody.
The 5th dimension - Age of Aquarius This hippie pop song foretells the future that is waiting once the forces of evil have been overcome. It has been predicted by seers, mages and shamans and it will come, we just need to help giving birth to it.
Nessi Gomes - En el cielo / Pacha Mama A beautiful song from the rich tradition of sacral songs of Latin America praising the fire within and connection with Gaia.
Vortex success - Remove subconscious blockages Live your life to the fullest by deleting sabotaging belief systems and overwriting them with supportive beliefs. This one hour track is a mix of isochronic tones of the harmonious 432 Hz and 528 Hz frequencies combined with subliminal affirmations.
Ohm chant meditation This one hour track combines the most basic and sacred tone of life with intense ringing of a Tibetan bell. Listen to this for extended time and it is guaranteed to change you for the better.