Xekleidoma - What you can do


faodaidh duine sam bith a 'dčanamh diofar

The basics of resistance.

The most effective things you can do to offer resistance to evil and the ways in which the Cabal oppresses and exploits us are not physical actions. Many people who were to a certain extent aware of the existence of the shadow government and its agenda of control have done a lot to speak out against it, revolt and mobilize others to do the same but have ultimately failed to achieve substantial lasting changes. Why? Because they didn't start with the basis. As I explained earlier, creation is something that is initiated in the higher dimensions of existence. So you need to first formulate the correct attitude, idea and plan to achieve what you aim for and then set out to implement it; this is how the Cabal has been able to control the masses for centuries. You also need to use the Cabal's weapons against them; I'm not talking about literal physical weapons, but non-physical weapons such as secrecy, anonimity, conspiracy, trickery, market manipulation, offering favors, lobbying, pressurizing and magic (that's right, magic). The way in which you do this is critical, I will detail this further on. What's really crucial is to define yourself as a powerful, sovereign and integral being of light, someone who not only desires the best for himself or herself but for all, and to repeat and emphasize that until it sticks. If you don't do that you're in essence not so different from the Cabal members, only less extreme, and the dark forces will then have an easy time to corrupt your energy and intentions. Look at how quite a number of idealists and revolutionaries of the past ended up (mass murder on the aristocracy after the French revolution, Pol Pot forcing citizens to become farmers and chasing several million Cambodians to their death, FARC turning to drug dealing and kidnapping to name a few examples), that's ample proof I would say.

Harnessing your power.

All the infinite options of creation are at your disposal, as you carry the spark of Source. Ignite this power and it will be like a flame that lights up the darkness. To begin with enter the darkness of silence; I'm not talking about the darkness of evil, but the darkness of emptiness. There is nothing, everything you see is not real and everything you think of is not real. There is nothing but a dark void, no thoughts, no memories, no judgements. Once you succeed to enter into this state of consciousness, imagine what you would like to create. Zoom in on that and specify it, then project it into the empty darkness. Focus on it and concentrate your creative power on it; continue and repeat this process until it feels fully crystallized. The higher the level of creation that you apply, the less you will have to do physically. For instance if you create a peaceful atmosphere around a house the metaphysical effort may be enough to manifest the desired result depending on the local situation. If you create the vision of a dream house that you want to live in, then you will most likely need to take some physical action to get things moving toward the desired result. Fill in the details of the actions required for manifesting the envisioned result and follow the steps, but remain flexible to receive the help and suggestions that the universe will offer.
The most powerful impact freedom fighters, lightworkers and peace lovers can make on the global stage is through mass meditation. Mass meditation is meditation that is synchronized in time, subject and intent and creates the so called Maharishi effect. Several people and organizations have organized mass meditations in recent times, but the most effective are the ones that coincide with cosmic alignments to support and enhance the generated creative energy. This can be experienced and ascertained by exactly that energy as you feel it going through your being as well as the effects it has in the physical world. If you are effective with your contribution to mass meditations, the non-physical Archons will notice and may seek to attack you, discourage you and bring you off track. Respond with love and cheerful kindness, as that is about the only thing they simply cannot handle. It will chase them away and they will not bother you anymore, at least not directly. Joining mass meditations will also improve your own sense of wellbeing, self love and love for living beings in general.

Reprogramming yourself and others.

As the Cabal has subjected us to elaborate programming and conditioning in a variety of different ways to make us submissive and tractable, to limit our awareness and fantasy and even to pervert and corrupt our soul, we first need to set ourselves free before we can effectively fight for bringing freedom into the world. There are many tools available to reprogram yourself, and they all constitute the same basic method which is to unidentify yourself with the undesired conditioning and to reidentify yourself with your true being. Easy to use tools are the Solfeggio sound frequencies and subconscious programming with positive, supportive messages. As you return to your true nature of being, people around you will be enticed to do the same.
Another important step to reprogram ourselves is to spread the truth about matters that have been concealed for us or that have been twisted. Internet is a great tool for this as the Cabal has been unable to censor it the way they do with the mass media; the internet is too extensive and decentralized for them to control its contents. Written texts have the advantage that they can go into great detail and documentaries can show much visible evidence of how things really are and have come into existence. But it is also very important to talk with people and share your insights and findings so that they get aroused to investigate matters for themselves.
After adressing your subconscious and consciousness it is time to deal with the superconscious. The world we live in is ruled in a manner that doesn't even slightly provide fertile ground for divine love to manifest, so depending on circumstances it isn't always possible to remain positive and focused on your spiritual nature, it can even be excruciatingly difficult. But nobody can really stop you from connecting to your higher Self, drawing inspiration from that Source and accessing exalted states of being. Superconsciousness allows us to transcend our small self interests and trivial preoccupations and become of service to the whole expression of life. It is contagious and motivational to acquire such a profound conscious experience as it is the ultimate and only real force of Life.

Sabotaging the system of control.

The principles of sabotage are to do the opposite of what the controllers want you to do, to disturb the inner workings of the system and to incapacitate the vital components of the control system. Hopefully with the information that I shared in the previous pages you have acquired a decently clear picture of how the system works and can consequently figure out ways to sabotage it. Take elections as an example: in local elections vote for a local party that doesn't have affiliations with a national party and that is dedicated to solving local issues, in national elections either vote for an anti establishment party or don't vote at all. Regarding finances: make sure the work you do is paid well enough that it covers your fixed charges and leaves something to spend freely; don't spend all your money but save some and buy only products that enrich your life (you don't need a house full of rubbish). Save money by buying some gold or silver, precious antiques, high quality art, a piece of land or anything else that keeps its value and can be sold for a good price; take your money out of the bank savings accounts you may have and invest it instead. Realize that when you deposit money on a bank account it is not your money anymore but becomes ownership of the bank; in exchange you receive a claim for the same amount of the deposit against the bank and become a creditor of the bank. To collect news stories and stay up to date rely on free internet sources and disengage from the mass media as much as possible. Don't be bothered by whatever bad news, panic or roughness the television news is spitting out. Censor the negative and degrading content of movies, comics, video games and music for your children so that their minds remain relatively unpolluted and innocent. On religion: if you are part of a church community or other religious group then challenge the authorities, ask the hard questions you always wanted to ask, and if you cannot reconcile the religious doctrines with your inner knowing then abandon the religion altogether. In general: confront any state of affairs that is unwholesome and address the responsible minister, official, director, manager or whichever other authority directly, make them state their allegiance and live up to it. Another valid option to voice yourself is to partake in petitions about various subjects of interest, as filing a petition exerts pressure on decision makers.
Another vital strategy is to reduce your dependence on centralized distribution systems and become as self-sustaining and self-reliant as possible. The issuing of money is the primary distribution system, so if you can live with a minimum amount of money you have more freedom to live your own life. Luxury goods usually have a high profit margin, so avoid them because they are not necessities of life. In general treat each expenditure as an investment; spend your money on products you support and that are produced by small independent companies or private citizens. Don't spend it on products manufactured by underpaid workers or produced by corporations in which the elite has a majority interest. Growing your own food, producing your own electricity and using materials that are produced by or can be found in nature increases your independence and freedom further. Create your own artworks so you can decorate your house yourself or trade them for other items you may want to have. Another way to beat the system is mutual unpaid help; once you have built a strong enough relationship of trust within a group of people you can commit mutually to help each other out with whatever needs to be done that requires outside help. Unpaid work is not taxed, so the Cabal doesn't get to profit from it. An alternative version of this is the use of local money that is created by people for the benefit of the people.
Lastly I want to bring your attention to sodiumfluoride in toothpaste; officially it serves to protect the teeth from decay, but the occult reason it is put into toothpaste is to calcify the pineal gland and shut it down. The pineal gland serves as a conduit between the physical and metaphysical world, in other words it connects us with our multidimensional bodies. It is the location of our third eye or intuition and brings in higher knowledge when active. Fluoride also has a strong sedative effect, making the populace less inclined to stand up for their rights and rebel. So ditch the fluoride toothpaste and buy the natural stuff instead. In supermarkets it's nearly impossible to find a toothpaste without fluoride, in drugstores you can sometimes find one or two, but in organic shops all toothpastes are free of sodiumfluoride.

Creating and planting orgonite.

A brilliant way to use the weapons of the Cabal against them is to plant orgonite in the area where you live, especially near cell towers, power lines and other public sources of electromagnetic radiation. This is because orgonite transmutes the negative death energy of such public radiation sources into positive life energy. Orgonite takes various shapes but always consists of 50% organic and 50% inorganic material combined with one or more crystals or other gemstones. Tower busters, holy hand grenades and orgone pyramids are all forms of orgonite that can be placed inside your house or burried in the ground, and smaller forms of orgonite that you can carry on your body include pendants, rings or bracelets. You can make orgonite yourself (it's not that difficult, only you need to get your hands on a good quantity of small crystals and fine metal scrap) or you can order it online on several websites.

Another effective way to work with energy is seeding crystals and other gemstones on leylines or simply on central points of the area where you live. For that purpose you need to find spots where the ground is unlikely to be disturbed or dug out. To find leylines if you're not into dowsing, you can mark the locations of important buildings such as churches, power plants, government and municipality buildings and trajectories of power lines, railroads, highways and such infrastructure. If you find a recognizable pattern or grid of lines, then you can be pretty sure it overlaps the leylines of the locale. The presumably most powerful stone to use for seeding is the cintamani stone, which is a remnant of a planet in the Sirius star system that exploded in the distant past. This planet has never known duality and the cintamani stones that originate from it and that travelled through space to hit Earth have an imprint of pure light energy. The energetic properties and effectiveness are even enhanced further by tachyonization; tachyon is the most fundamental subatomic building block of the universe and the process of tachyonization totally aligns the quantum energy field of the stone. You can order cintamani stones on the blog of Cobra and the website of Rob Potter (see Links page).

Invoking protection and performing magic.

To do the work of a freedom fighter, lightworker or lightwarrior and be safe from harm you will definitely need protection. The higher dimensional light forces are ready and willing to give that protection, but you do need to ask for it and it is appreciated if you thank them for the service offered. If you feel uncomfortable because of dark entities messing with your dreams and giving you nightmares, if you feel threatened due to psychic and energetic attacks on you or feel that you properties are not safe, then ask the spirit guides, guardian angels, ascended masters and benevolent extraterrestrials for specific forms of protection and to stop the attacks by dark forces. You will notice how much of a difference that can make. Understand however that there are more dangerous idiots in this world than Cabal agents, so don't reveal your freedom fighting and lighworker activities to everyone; in the Netherlands we have a saying: "dat is als paarlen voor de zwijnen werpen", meaning it is like throwing pearls before the swine, they will not appreciate it. Some people cannot handle the truth and will be happy to shoot the messenger so to speak; it is just because they are deeply traumatized and have found no healing although they badly need it and will freak out whenever the trauma in them is somehow triggered.

Using magic is not exactly common practice in our rather superficial and fleeting Western culture, and it is even associated with dark intentions by many as a result of centuries of Cabal conditioning and religious persecutions. It is true that the dark forces have sought to twist the holistic principles of magic and used it for selfish and destructive purposes, but the origin of magic is pure in its intentions and applications. It can be used for protection, for attracting opportunities and new allies, for making undertakings blossom and bear fruit or for any other constructive purpose. Rituals and magical attributes can be used to intensify and focus the magic, but it is not needed per se. There is nothing weird about it, you are just using your supreme creative force as a divine spark to facilitate achieving a certain aim. This same creative force is summoned in various religious chants and rituals. Although white magic has pure intentions, the effects can be experienced as uncomfortable in cases where people are confronted with their wrongdoings or treacherous activities are revealed to the public. But in the end the result will be beneficial for all concerned.

Join the fight for true freedom.

I have not been writing the pages of this website simply to entertain you, and neither did I write them merely to inform you. My aim is to make it clear that you must know who is your master; is it someone of the dark forces or someone of the light forces? I want to confront you with the fact that if you don't serve the Light consciously you are actually serving the dark, even if it is just passively, as the planet is still under occupation of dark forces who fill many positions of power and influence and who seek to direct global matters as well as people's individual lives. This compels us to make a choice between being a more or less comfortable slave to the dark or being an active participant in the planetary liberation process in cooperation with the light forces. In the case you choose the latter and put in some spunk and pizzazz, you might get battered and bruised energetically, mentally and emotionally as there is a full blown etheric war going on for control of the planet, but in the end you will be a hero as the light forces are winning. Not all battles are won by the light forces, but they are time and time again removing weapons from the hands of the dark forces, reducing the size of the primary anomaly both metaphorically and literally and increasing the Light presence on Earth and within the hearts of people worldwide.
So consider this a personal invitation to join the fight for true freedom, which means freedom from physical and mental slavery, freedom from lack of any kind, freedom from limitations and freedom from ignorance and spiritual stupidity. Then I guarantee that we will have a smashing party that will totally blow your mind in the foreseeable future. I know for sure that the positive extraterrestrials have prepared a wonderful show to inaugurate Earth as a renewed member of the galactic community of the Light.