Xekleidoma - Visions for the future


an mandala thèid a chur a-mach

A period of adjustment, correction and restoration.

After the light forces have taken over control of planet Earth immense efforts will need to be made to adjust policies, laws and regulations, correct imbalances, wrongdoings and the corruption of society and to restore integrity, common decency and abundance in nature, the economy and cultural life. For this purpose the limited thinking patterns of people must be thoroughly overhauled, much planning and coordination will have to be done on a local, national and international level and many people shall be trained and educated with hands on learning that wasn't previously available to them. There will be no unemployment since funding will be provided as needed and everyone's involvement will be required in one way or another. Those that have behaved in negative and destructive ways will be taught to contribute to society in positive and constructive ways; those that are still obstructive and incooperative and that persist in dark actions shall be removed and will have the opportunity to continue their life elsewhere.

Bringing balance and harmony.

It is imperative that strict rules and guidelines based on principles of balance and harmony are implemented on this planet. These rules and guidelines will ensure that no human effort, time and emotion is wasted any longer on problems that can be easily prevented. It is merely a question of common sense, applying our full intelligence and being earnest to acknowledge the principles that underly balance; without balance no real harmony is possible, no need to even try.
As the world is made up of nature and culture, animal and plant life as well as human life, each must have ample space to thrive and procreate. Thriving means to live life richly and endow every lifeform you meet with a blessing, it doesn't mean taking everything you can by pillaging the planet and leaving a wasteland behind. Procreating is to pass on the best of you to future generations, not to breed like rabbits and be part of the greatest plague in history. For these reasons half of the planet's surface should be allocated to nature and half to human culture. This should be done in such a way that both nature and human civilization have equal access to fertile areas, coastland, inland areas, mountains, valleys, arctic regions, temperate zones, tropical regions, shallow seas and oceans. Out of the surface area reserved for nature half should be exclusively designated to animal and plant life and the other half should allow for recreational infrastructure and activities. This means in the nature only reserve no human built installations of any kind will be allowed: no buildings, fences, roads, powerlines, transmission masts or any other construction. No visits of humans on the ground or low level flights of aircraft will be allowed either, so that all of nature can be totally undisturbed. In the nature first reserve roads and buildings can be constructed for the purpose of recreational and investigative visits and a minimum of facilitary infrastructure can be endorsed, but no other economic activities will be allowed. Out of the surface area reserved for culture half should be exclusively designated to humankind and the other half should allow for animal and plant life to live side by side with humans. The culture only zone will allow for unimpeded farming, fishing, mining, industry, forestry, logging and any other human activity, of course within the boundaries of environmental directives; it will also offer space for all forms of habitation. The culture first zone will allow for small scale farming, hunting, fishing, arts and crafts, gathering firewood and food from nature and other human activities that are compatible with and tolerated by nature; it will also offer space for rural habitation.
When it comes to governance, the people who are governed will have the final say in how they are governed, by whom they are governed and where they are governed. This is the principle of Hellinikí dimokratía, democracy in its original form. The initial say in governance will be with the ones who have earned their stripes in liberating planet Earth from the claws of the dark lords. This is the principle of meritocracy. A balance needs to be established between centralized and localized governance, so that people don't feel hot shots from higher up interfere with business that is not of their concern but at the same time generally agreed policies can be executed without counteraction from local authorities. As far as issues are concerned that are specifically related to the characteristics and identity of a location (whether it is a country, a province or town) those with most seniority will have the primary say; so that is not necessarily the oldest people but those who have lived in the location the longest of all. This will secure the continuity of culture.
Reward should be given based on the value of the actual contribution to society and not based on status, ancestry, education level or management level, whether the individual works in a commercial enterprise, in a civil service, a school, hospital or anywhere else. This will ensure that everyone chooses a position which aligns with their true calling and that people do what's best for the whole of society. It is crucial that people's motives are clean and pure, especially if they wish to fulfill a critical duty. In general there should be a balance between distinguishing yourself and acquiring personal wealth as a result and serving the public cause.
Very clear overarching perspectives and objectives should be defined for the whole of society as well as its constituent parts, so that there can be no misunderstanding about the overall direction and course of action. A magnet functions as such because the particles in it are all totally aligned in the same direction, without any exception; nature knows how things work, it is only the human mind that has been oblivious to how things work. This is not in contrast with individual freedom, it actually has the potential to amplify and expand individual freedom. The ones in power will be the wise among us, those who are living examples of knowledgeability and heartfelt, sincere love. They will follow the guidance of the angels and ascended masters and will balance feminine and masculine energies throughout all expressions of life. But at the same time it is highly important that people become their own leader, as an individual and as a group consciousness. No parent wants their children to lean on them indefinitely without ever growing up, they all desire their children to be strong, resilient and independent one fine day. With regard to the naming of newborns, this will change from being a predominantly mental process of selecting a nice name from a predefined list or adopting the name of an admired person to a more intuitive process of identifying the name that fits the spirit and energy of the newborn. Apart from that it goes without saying that each country shall finally have its ministry of silly walks and funny dances.

Money, the thing that once ruled the world.

The entire life of so many people has revolved around making a living, getting by and providing for retirement. The news can't stop chattering about the state of the economy, budget cuts and deficits and commercials bore us to death with discounts and offers. After the breakthrough of the Light that will be no more, money will be relegated to a functional role that is subjected to genuine factual needs of people. The constant nagging of worry about finances and lust for more will subside as people's attention will be caught by more worthwhile subjects to consider.
The future currencies of the world will have a stable value as they will be completely backed up by precious metals and will be interchangeable upon request. Gold and silver prices will not be based on paper contracts traded in restricted bullion markets, but will reflect their real value based on scarcity. Silver accounts for approximately 75 ppb (parts per billion) fraction of the Earth crust's mass, palladium for 15 ppb, platinum for 5 ppb and gold for 4 ppb. Although there are other factors in play, such as ease of extraction, industrial use and scarcity beyond the planet, these figures should give a pretty good indication of their comparative value.
The one time worldwide debt reset and distribution of prosperity packages after the Event will create a fundamentally different playing field in material terms. When the advent of advanced technologies and upliftment of humanity by the victory of the light forces and disclosure about positive extraterrestrial beings is added in that mix, it will be a recipe for deep changes in spiritual terms. In the longer run money itself will become a thing of the past, it will not be necessary anymore as people will not at all be concerned with what they get and what they own, life shall be a celebration of sharing, experiencing, discovering, learning and growing. Without money there is no ground for greed, fraud and corruption, no reason for inequality or deprivation, no unused talents and no impossible dreams. Love will rule the world as it was always intended to be, our essence will be the essence of the world.

As a means of gradual transition from a money driven, materialistic and self serving society to a love driven, spiritual and service to others society a system of awarding points to citizens could be introduced that is loosely based on the system of drivers license endorsement and penalty points that already exists in many countries. Points could be given to citizens for doing regular volunteer work, consistent excellence and reliability in public or commercial service, saving someone's life, collecting money for charity, reporting abuse or fraud, protection of the environment and other commendable actions and activities. Points could be deducted for committing crimes, reckless driving, abuse of children, maltreatment of animals, pollution of the environment, practising usury and other reprehensible actions and activities. Those individuals with high scores of points could be given preference in public job applications, could receive public praise and attention and could be eligible for meritocratic privileges such as conducting opening ceremonies, being paid for advisory roles, being awarded a cash prize to be spent on a project of the individual's choice or qualifying as the honorary citizen of the year. Those individuals with low scores of points could be invited to review their track record, could be fined or could be forced to join rehabilitation programs. As a special form of meritocratic privilege I would like to introduce the chosen king or queen that is to be selected by the people from the highest scoring citizens and appointed for a period of 10 years. This should replace the outdated, undemocratic and unmeritocratic custom of the hereditary monarchies. The tasks of such a meritocratic king or queen should be to represent the country or nation, to protect the unity of the people and to promote the best interests of the citizens.

Art and architecture.

Arts and crafts, industrial design and architecture will all change to reflect the new energies of the coming age. They will be more intuitive, feminine and imaginative; beauty, tenderness and fantasy will be brought to the forefront and not hidden away in a small niche or sideline anymore. Art is going to amaze and excite people, architecture is going to create dreamscapes and structures based on sacred geometry, handicrafts will combine cherished shapes of the past with inventive new forms, and industrial designs will apply the latest insights on trusted principles. The Eastern tradition of feng shui holds many keys to harmonious and intuitive architecture as it recognizes the energetic state of matter and locations, which is only now being corroborated by quantum physics. Rigid one dimensional design patterns will become outdated as people realize their limited character. Each good design has an element of mystery to it, something that cannot be grasped straight away.
As people see more and more of such buildings, park and landscape designs and originally shaped utensils and get inspired by new forms of art and handicraft, their view on the world changes. For most people it is essential to see and experience before they can really believe, and shapes radiate a specific vibe to their surroundings. Unattractive buildings will be massively torn down to be replaced by newly designed ones that will use the latest technology in isolation, climate control and energy efficiency. Green roofs and hydroponic gardening will also gain terrain in densely populated areas.
Below are the foremost sacred geometry shapes that can be distinguished:
  • Circle - the most simple shape in sacred geometry is the circle. Each point on the circle has the same distance to its opposite point as each other point on the circle; the midpoint of the circle where the energetic center of the shape is located is equally distanced from all points on the circle. It is a totally balanced, symmetric and harmonious shape of feminine energy expressing unity and totality. The circle represents the cycles of life in eternity. The positive extraterrestrials create crop circles exactly for these reasons, they are all messages to our subconscious. It is also why king Arthur introduced the round table, why native American dream catchers and the yin yang symbol are circular and many mandalas are too.
  • Sphere - the sphere is the threedimensional extrapolation of the circle and extends the qualities of the circle into altitude. Now it has become a shape where you can enter into. The law of gravity has made this the most common shape in the universe which is reproduced in stars, planets, moons, atoms and subatomic particles, it is the mother of all threedimensional shapes. The energy signature is the same as that of the circle, only even more profound.
  • Pyramid - multiple types of pyramids can be distinguished, depending on the number of sides the pyramid has; I refer to the ones with four sides. The foursided pyramid is a balanced, symmetric and congruent shape of masculine energy expressing elevation through focused development. All sides are equal in size and shape, converging to the tip of the pyramid. The direction of each edge is different, but the point where they meet represents the higher purpose. That meeting of focused effort generates a bundled energy that makes the whole more than the sum of its parts. This is exactly why Source chose to split itself into so many parts.
  • Spiral pyramid - the spiral pyramid combines the feminine energy of the circle with the masculine energy of the pyramid. It is cone shaped instead of edged and has a circle instead of a square at its base. Around it winds a spiral that climbs to the tip of the pyramid at a regular inclination. There are preciously few examples of spiral pyramid buildings currently (which says a lot), but that will change. One historic example is the Pyramid of Flowers in Xochitecatl (Mexico), another the Malwiya Tower in Samarra (Iraq). The spiral pyramid expresses merger of feminine and masculine energies and ascension to unity consciousness through all encompassing endeavour.
  • Pentagram - the pentagram or golden five pointed star is a unicursal shape where all 5 points are equally distanced from each adjacent point and each line between two points of the pentagram is of equal length. The points of the pentagram signify the 5 elements (solid earth, liquid water, gaseous air, energetic fire and spirit being), the 5 extremities of the human body (head, 2 arms and 2 legs), the 5 physical senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight) and the 5 metaphysical senses (clairsentience, clairgustance, clairalience, clairaudience and clairvoyance). The heart of the pentagram is a regular pentagon, and if the points of the pentagram are connected with straight lines it also forms a regular pentagon. The pentagon represents life and its aspects will, sexuality, cognition, creativity and life force.
  • Dodecahedron - the dodecahedron is a twelvesided threedimensional shape where each side is a pentagon with the same regular shape and surface. The dodecahedron represents our multidimensional being as well as the multidimensional nature of the universe. It expresses wellness and a higher state of consciousness into the physical world. The dodecahedron is the masculine form that comes closest to the sphere, it is the mediation between the sphere and the cube, the basic masculine form representing the finite.
  • Star of David - the star of David or six pointed star merges two equilateral triangles and embodies the union of male - aspiration - concentration (upward pointing triangle) and female - grounding - distribution (downward pointing triangle) in perfect symmetry and balance. When the six points of the star of David are inverted they fold together perfectly and their tips meet in the middle of the star; this reflects the interconnectedness of inward and outward as well as higher dimensional and lower dimensional manifestation.
  • Merkaba - the merkaba or star tetrahedron is the threedimensional extrapolation of the star of David with two times four equally sized and equally shaped sides. The merkaba represents the inseparable nature of all complementary aspects of life (the downward pointing tetrahedron for matter, decay, calmness, cooling, introversion and receiving and the upward pointing tetrahedron for spirit, growth, excitement, heating, extroversion and giving) in perfect harmony, equality and balance, each mirroring its counterpart.
The blueprint of all sacred geometry shapes is the feminine flower of life pattern. The great relevance of sacred geometry is in its very precise reflection of the interrelations and interconnectedness of everything in existence.

Build up of communities.

The current day build up of communities and forms of cohabitation are mostly rather random and simplistic. If you look at how a village has formed and grown, it often started with a few dispersed houses of peasants where some families got to live, and then gradually the settlement grew when other families moved in from the surrounding area or elsewhere or sons and daughters started their own household. New houses were built side by side along a road or at other sites that were suited and available and so the village grew organically. It's not much different with most towns and cities, albeit that the starting point of the settlement may have been different, such as a market place, port, fortress or castle. In itself there's nothing wrong with that and many older places are quite charming and characteristic, but in many cases there was no initial plan or blueprint that defined the layout of the settlement and the larger town or city that it would grow into.
A good layout of a community, whether large or small, is based on a unique predefined design that is balanced but also exciting, diverse but also harmonious and functional but also mysterious. This goes for the street plan and placement of buildings, parks, squares, statues and infrastructure, but it equally goes for the composition of the population. The basic community should consist of around 20 humans who are either soul family or kindred spirits, half male and half female, divided over all age groups, bringing together a wide range of skills and experiences and commitment to help and support each other in building a prosperous and happy community. A group of 20 provides a solid foundation and is still manageable and intimate enough for each individual member to feel at home. In such a group there will be multiple role models for children, not just two or one as in most current day households. There will also be enough members to distribute tasks comfortably, providing everyone an excellent chance to do what they like to do best, whether it is cooking, gardening, decorating, doing the administration or making a career and earning money. The layout that I envision is a group of buildings placed in a circle with a garden inside the circle and fields for growing food crops and playing sports, fruit trees, trees for climbing, poultry runs and meadows outside the circle. The buildings each have their own function, such as a living space, sleeping rooms, a storage space, a garage, a meditation or yoga room and a space for painting, carpentry or other manual exercises. In the middle of the garden stands a tower or spiral pyramid, from which twelve paths radiate out to the circle at regular angles.
As such communities form and are complemented by other similar communities, people who form part of these communities will find deep peace of mind and inner contentment to be contributors of such splendid undertakings; they will never feel alone and troubled, will always feel appreciated and loved and will find the opportunity to make their long-lived dreams come true. In creating the future of planet Earth each person should inquire within herself or himself what are the things that really makes them scream with excitement, cry of joy, laugh like crazy and overflow with passion. It is no less than these things that we shall work to manifest in front of our very eyes to be experienced physically (jummy), emotionally (golly), mentally (wow) and spiritually (bless us).

Permaculture and sustainable agriculture.

For the sake of biodiversity, preserving old species of livestock, food crops and fruit trees, independence from the bio industry, connection with nature and mother Earth and attractiveness of the country side, permaculture and small scale sustainable agriculture should be recommended and promoted. Agricultural subsidies will be abolished as they have made it impossible to earn a living from small scale farming and have lead to the monoculture of large scale industrial farming. The emphasis will be on robust and healthy livestock and not on maximization of production. Nature will no longer be combatted and suppressed, but the innate intelligence and organisational competence of nature will be used to produce a wide variety of food that is pure, healthy and rich in nutrients. For crop protection natural methods will be used such as the deployment of natural enemies of insects, snails and rodents and biological sprays that can offer the same level of protection as chemical pesticides. The survival of wild species of any kind will no longer be threatened by food production for humankind. Soil depletion and erosion will also be prevented by smart landscaping with consideration for nature.
The current overpopulation will be resolved in part because deserts will be made fertile and lush, star seeds will return to their planet of origin to be reunited with their soul family, people who choose to continue living in 3rd density or who are not ready to ascend will be moved to other viable planets and the birthrate will plummet in countries where the primary survival strategy has been to produce plentiful offspring. People will only have children once they are ready to take care of them and have settled and stabilized their life; they will not be their insurance policy for old age anymore, but will be the next generation expressing life in accordance with their spirit.
Soil salination will be lessened by abundant rainfall in areas where rains have been very sparse for decades or even centuries, thus reducing the need for irrigation. Climate control technologies will now be used for the good instead of dark purposes. Crops will be grown in areas that have a suitable climate and on terrains that are naturally adequate without the need of excessive use of fertilizers. As the pressure on agriculture and fisheries to provide food will be reduced, the soil will get more time to recuperate from harvests so that it can maintain its production capacity in the long run and fish stocks will also stay at a safe level.

Space exploration.

As the advanced technologies that were kept secret will be revealed and the forces of the Galactic Confederation will share their technologies, the cosmos will be open for exploration. It is a most adventurous time that awaits us, as there is so much to learn, discover and enjoy. From what Eduard Anton Maier recounted of his trips in space there are planets where dinosaurs still roam, fancy a ticket? Other planets hold civilizations that are extraordinarily old and that have seen undisturbed and uninterrupted development for millions of years. Our archeological artifacts are yesterday's toys in comparison. Some galactic civilizations are highly specialized in technology, so inventors and science aficionados will be very enthusiastic to visit such a planet. And once we have been healed and restored to our sublime original state, our services will be in high demand because of the extremely challenging experiences we have surmounted; I foresee that many will be asked for advisory roles and management roles elsewhere in the universe.
Planet Earth was once the envy of other planets, especially the ones populated with reptilian intelligent beings. It was the time when Earth was a 5th dimension planet of great splendor and magnificence, the time of the garden of Eden. Let Earth be the pride of the Milky Way galaxy in the time to come. After darkness and evil have been completely overcome and their lessons have been incorporated into the new Earth, nothing shall stop our progress and the opportunities that offer themselves will be eagerly taken advantage of to realize and manifest what once seemed utterly impossible.


Now that I have finalized the writing of the content of this website, I feel grateful and impressed with the messages contained in it. Some of it is mine, but some of it wrote itself in ways that I cannot explain. Neither can I pinpoint exactly where the "mine" ends and the "from out there" begins, it just flows and fuses together in an instinctive manner. I have struggled a lot in my life with mixed feelings of love and joy on one side and adverse feelings of fear, anger and frustration on the other side. It is as though the struggle of the world played out within me on a micro level; maybe that's why it was my task to present this information to those who care to take note of it. One time over 20 years ago I lay in bed and felt miserable; I sought to pierce the limitedness and plainness of life as I experienced it and deduced that if there is a lack of vibrant life energy it must be because our energy is siphoned away to elsewhere. Right then and there I faintly but distinctly sensed a group of invisible beings laughing in an unpleasantly mocking style. That is when my quest began!

I finish with some special songs that are dear to me:

U2 - A sort of homecoming
Lykke Li - I follow rivers
Kate Bush - Wuthering heights
Ludwig von Beethoven - Ode an die Freude
Melina Merkouri - Ta paidia tou Peiraia
La Talvera - Mon país
Itzhak Perlman & Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra - Flatbush waltz