Xekleidoma - The Cabal


èiridh suas an aghaidh mì-cheartas

The origins and background of the Cabal.

On the previous page I mentioned that the fallen angels played a key role in manifesting evil in this part of the Milky Way galaxy. Apart from that the sector of the Milky Way galaxy where planet Earth is located has a high number of planets inhabited by intelligent beings that are reptilian. Reptilians by nature don't have compassion and empathy the way humans have, it's simply not part of their genetic makeup. The fallen angels have tempted many reptilian races to evil and they were receptive to it. These reptilian races formed the backbone of the dark empire that plagued part of the universe and this was not strictly limited to the physical universe, also higher planes of existence were affected. A special reptilian race that must be mentioned is the Draco, originating from Alpha Draconis star system and famous for their manipulative character and draconian laws, although it must be mentioned that one Draco faction has played a positive role in the development of Chinese culture. Another race that played an important role in recent times is the Greys, originating from Zeta Reticuli star system.
Once the dark empire was created by the fallen angels millions of years ago many space wars between the dark forces and the light forces were fought in various parts of the Milky Way galaxy, especially around the Orion constellation and also in our Solar system. These wars obviously caused immense destruction as entire planets were obliterated and both sides felt compelled to continue fighting each other to death. Proof of nuclear war on Earth in the distant past can be found in the background radioactive radiation that is still prevalent everywhere on the planet, radon emissions from the soil and the fact that there is a layer in the Earth's crust with an anomalously high concentration of radioactive matter around the entire planet. The dark forces even pressurized Source to stop sharing information with the light forces, so that the light forces were handicapped in tackling the threats and overcoming the power of the dark. Only relatively recently a fundamental change occurred within the top ranks of the dark forces, initiated by the advisers and soothsayers, that opened the way for peace. The Cabal on Earth are renegades that refused to give up their familiar practices as part of the dark empire, even though that empire is no more.

The pilars and structure of the Cabal.

The name Cabal is most often used to refer to the hidden organization that functions as a shadow government that dictates world affairs in secret from behind the scenes. It has several pilars of which each has its own characteristics and specializations. One pilar is the Jesuit Order (the Society of Jesus). The professed aim of the Jesuits is the propagation of catholicism by any means, but the occult aim is control of the human psyche and thus the creative power of the world's population through religions, education systems, the mass media, entertainment, drugs, armed conflicts and terror. Closely related to the Jesuit Order is the black nobility, who in past centuries have maneuvered many of their family members into the position of pope of the Roman Catholic Church and also filled the positions of cardinals, bishops and members of the Roman Curia. They consist mainly of the Orsini, Farnese, Aldobrandini, Pallavicini, Massimo, Colonna, Breakspear, Gaetani, Torlonia, Theodoli, Borgia, Somaglia, Chigi, Conti, Sforza, Borghese, Pamphili, Odescalchi and Este families. Their leader and supreme commander of the Cabal hierarchy is the grey pope Pepe Orsini. He dictates the white pope Franciscus (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) and the black pope Arturo Sosa; the white pope leads the catholic church and thereby the official, nice, presentable and seemingly benevolent branch of the power structure while the black pope leads the Jesuits and thereby the subversive, clandestine, dark and secretive branch of the power structure.
Another pilar is the web of central banks and financial institutions controlled by the Rothschild family, the most important being the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Bank for International Settlements (BIS), Federal Reserve and European Central Bank (ECB). The official purpose of the BIS is to act as a central bank for the central banks of the world's countries, serve these national banks in creating monetary and financial stability and have them cooperate worldwide. The occult purpose of the BIS is to make sure the national banks stay in line and adhere to the directives given by the Rothschilds. The banking cartel harvests the energy of the efforts people make when going to work to earn money, which they then pay in interest on private debts, government taxes which partly flow to the banks in the form of interest on national debt and profits on public and private expenditures for companies and corporations who are partly owned by banks and who pay interest on their commercial debts. Apart from that banks earn a lot of money on foreign currency exchange and bank charges on transactions which are now mostly automated. It has been estimated that on average 40 to 50% of people's gross salaries and wages eventually end up in the pockets of the bankers in these various ways.
A third pillar of the Cabal is the military industrial complex, and closely related Khazarians. The military industrial complex supplies the weapons, fighter planes and other military technologies that help fight the wars and armed conflicts that are in most cases engineered by the Jesuits and financed by the Rothschilds through their humongous network of banks, funds and other financial companies. The military industrial complex consists not only of armies and arms factories, but also of companies that offer mercenaries. The Khazarians are the most aggresive and uncompromising group within the Cabal. They consist of the Rockefeller, Bush and Clinton families among others. The term refers to the medieval land Khazaria where these families supposedly originate from. Bloodlines and descent play an important role in the Cabal and if you are not a member of one of their bloodlines you are not allowed to rise above a certain level of power.
Around the backbone of the Cabal that is the above mentioned three pillars many secret societies have been set up to covertly influence and steer politics and government, economies and businesses, labor unions, armed forces, international institutions, non profit organizations etc. The Cabal is especially invested into the secret service and intelligence gathering agencies such as CIA, NSA, MI5, MI6, Mossad and such. The outer layer of the Cabal are the agents, private assassins, lobbyists and other henchmen who are helping further the Cabal agenda for the right pay and other favors. This gigantic power structure that the Cabal has set up is also sometimes referred to as the deep state.

Leadership of the Cabal.

If there are multiple pilars and layers to the Cabal, the question is of course who is running the show? Who are the leaders at the zenith of power? Many researchers mention the Committee of 300 as the zenith of power on Earth, but that is a misunderstanding. This committee headed by queen Elizabeth II of England is merely the conduit that brings the policies decided within the hidden structure of the Cabal to the visible power structure of the monarchies and nobility, western governments, too big to fail banks and major multinationals of the world. It serves to reach consensus within the public powers on how the Cabal policies can be best implemented.
The real top leaders are beings originating from the Andromeda galaxy, many of whom are not incarnated in a physical form but have been observing, communicating, manipulating and attacking energetically from the etheric and plasma planes. Some of them are incarnated into human bodies and are directly taking care of leading the Cabal hierarchy and infrastructure on the ground. They are called the Archons and the Chimera group. They are primarily embedded in the black nobility and the negative military of various countries.
There was an even higher level being and it was called Yaldabaoth or the Demiurge; it was a plasma entity that has been birthed from the creative dark thoughts, emotions and energies of the ages and it was hence of a malevolent nature. It was positioned around Earth and was shaped as an octopus with its tentacles reaching out into the solar system. It was actually trying to strangle humanity on the plasma plane by denying us what we want most and by disconnecting us from our higher self and each other. It erroneously believed it is the highest and only God, but in fact it didn't have creative imagination and could only copy and distort what already exists. This malevolent being has been completely disintegrated over the past years by the joined efforts of the light forces, lightworkers and light warriors.
Yaldabaoth was the zenith of power in the dark hierarchy, who commanded the Chimera in the militaries of the world who in turn commanded the Archons in the black nobility. The Archons command the major organized crime cartels, drugs smuggling networks, money laundering operations, terror organizations and mercenary and assassination operations among others as well as the facade of seemingly legitimate worldly powers in government.
The hierarchy of power of the Cabal is organized in and represented by a pyramid shape, as it literally fed its energy into Yaldabaoth and the non-physical Archons and received its orders and inspirations in return from them. Various major pyramid clusters of the world are aligned in the same formation as Orion's Belt as I showed in the picture on the page "The world as it is" and were aligned toward Orion at the time they were built. This dates the great pyramid of Giza much further in the past than officially recognized; it was built by use of advanced stone cutting technology and levitation technology.

Characteristics of Cabal members.

What many Cabal members have in common is that they are psychopaths and sociopaths, although they can appear to be and present themselves as polite, well mannered and distinguished. Their behaviour is a pose, a mask they wear to mislead their audience and to hide the darker character of their inner state and motives. They lack empathy and compassion and don't experience joy from other people's happiness and bliss and it can even irritate them to see genuine positive feelings expressed. That is why they have little or no inhibition to engage in acts and practices that directly or indirectly hurt others and the interests of others.
Part of the Cabal members even have strong sadistic tendencies and enjoy other people's suffering. They feed off the fear that they instill in people with their destructive deeds. This is especially true of the Cabal members that have a reptilian soul origin. Many of them work as mercenaries to do the dirty work, such as fomenting insurrections, eliminating opposition to Cabal rule, sprouting conflicts, killing and torturing people and performing acts of terror. There is also an international network of pedophilia and human sacrifice within the ranks of these Cabal members. Children abused in such practices may have been born from female satanists, taken from orphanages or abducted while away from supervision. They regard the human population of Earth as their property similar to farmers who regard their lifestock as their property and they believe they can do with humans whatever pleases them, in their view we are expendable.
Then there are others within the Cabal who simply do what's opportune and practical for themselves given the situation we are in. They go along with the Cabal agenda so that they are safe and comfortable, have their needs met and desires fulfilled without considering the greater implications of their choices. In doing so they not only betray their fellow human beings, they deny and repudiate their own spiritual self and higher being. These are the collaborators who have metaphorically sold their soul to the devil.
What can be said in general about the Cabal is that they have created a worldwide system of both nonphysical and physical energy harvesting and implemented laws that protect their positions as exploiters. In this system they have placed themselves above the law, which is symbolized by the capstone of the power pyramid that is elevated above the pyramid itself. This is a highly corrupted interpretation of the original esoteric meaning of the elevated capstone, that symbolizes the unfinished work of creation and the quest of every intelligent being to bring together the soul or inner spirit form and the outer body or matter of physical form in perfectly placed alignment.

Cabal fronts and projects.

Just like well organized crime syndicates the Cabal uses fronts to hide the true nature of its operations and machinations from public view. On top of that it uses infiltration to gain influence over organizations that have not been set up by the Cabal. In these ways it has built a global network of control that spans all vital branches of industry, government and human activity and has acquired a say in just about everything important that goes on in this world.
Crucial fronts that the Cabal has set up are Opus Dei, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Royal Institute for International Affairs, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, G7 / G8, G20, European Commission, Tavistock Institute for Human Relations, Skull & Bones and the Thule Society. But apart from those there are many others less known that also play their role in promoting the Cabal agenda through conferring, convincing and flattering and still others sowing discord or draining money from the masses. These can for instance be think tanks, lobby groups, industry associations, research facilities and hedge funds. If any such institution is sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation, it is a sure sign that it is being used to further the goals of the Cabal.
Primary projects of the Cabal which involve many non Cabal members but were initiated by the Cabal are the United Nations (UN), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), European Union (EU), North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Unión de Naciones Suramericanas (UNASUR), African Union (AU) and Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). The occult goal of all these organizations is to concentrate power in the hands of fewer and fewer persons. Other Cabal projects are the Scientology Church, Watchtower Bible & Tract Society (Jehovah's Witnesses) and the Church of Satan. Their occult goal is to confuse people and corrupt their integrity while offering a phony solution to the world's tribulations.
Several secret space programs have been set up with the help of negative extraterrestrials and technology that was reverse engineered from crashed flying saucers and other spacecrafts. I have spent little time investigating these and information about these programs is relatively sparse, but my take is that the intention of the programs was to mine rare metals from various celestial bodies, to conduct interstellar trade, to set up bases in the solar system that strengthened the Cabal's defenses and to test new technologies that were being developed. In any case the official space programs that use rockets are very outdated technologies.
Another crucial and long term project is the replacement of autonomous money (such as gold and silver that have intrinsic value) with fiat paper money issued by Cabal controlled central banks. This was gradually accomplished in various steps: first promissory notes were issued to people who would hand in gold to redeem them at another office, thus protecting people against the loss of their gold during travels. Then came banknotes that were redeemable in gold or silver and that carried the signatures of the board of directors of the bank, then the promise to repay in gold or silver was removed and they became ordinary paper banknotes, then the promise to repay in whatever way was removed, then also the number of signatures was reduced to just the one from the director or governor. In the meantime gold and silver coins were also removed from circulation and replaced by coins struck from base metals. So whereas our ancestors still had real money, we have pieces of paper with a signature of a bank director that cannot possibly be trusted. And even that they seek to abolish so that only electronic money will be left as official means of pay, and all transactions and flows of money will then be fully traceable for Big Brother.

Cabal axis of evil.

The first and foremost centers of global control are Vatican City, the City of London and Washington DC. The Vatican is the psychic and energetic capital of the Cabal, the city of London is the financial and commercial capital and Washington, District of Columbia is the political and military capital. They depend on each other to maintain their dominance in world affairs, but ultimately Washington DC is subordinate to the City of London which is in turn subordinate to the Vatican. The political power structure in Washington DC is saturated with CFR members, zionists, freemasons and other Cabal agents and there is no chance of it ever representing the genuine interests of Americans and taking the genuine interests of other citizens of the world into consideration anymore without a thorough clean up. Washington DC looks after the interests of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION, which is a registered corporation controlled from the City of London. The City of London, which is a district within the greater city of London, England, is the seat of power of the Rothschild family and their related banking families. From the City of London the bankers run the worldwide financial system on behalf of the Jesuits, or to be more precise on behalf of the Archons that are embedded within the Jesuit Order. Vatican City is the district of Rome where all roads lead to, all power cables end there. The worldwide dark energy grid that is fed with human suffering and lack, hatred, violence, grief, superstition, false religious beliefs and that is controlled by government buildings, churches and nuclear power plants located at grid nodes and satanic rituals performed at grid nodes ties together at the Vatican where this energy is harvested to maintain world power. The importance of this grid should not be underestimated, as quantum physics shows that at the most basic level of existence everything is energy.

Cabal research into human behaviours and stimuli.

In order to keep control and build and maintain a stable base of world power the Cabal has identified the need to understand human behaviour and the deeper motives that drive it in detail. For this reason the Cabal has done extensive research in an almost endless number of ways, some methods of research being quite neutral and acceptable, other methods being very invasive and harmful. Through this research the dark forces have perfected their strategies over the ages in how best to fortify their dominance and maintain control. Many research facilities were located in underground bases under direct control of the Cabal and staffed in part by reptilians. The subjects undergoing research were in some cases the general public, in other cases selected groups of individuals such as military personnel, homeless people, orphans and children born from satanists. Many experiments were carried out on concentration camp populations during the Second World War by Josef Mengele who was a Cabal member.
Some experiments focused on how much pain a human being can endure before dying or how a human being can be turned into a totally mind controlled slave, other experiments focused on how human beings can be manipulated most effectively to do what the controller wants them to do and which methods are best to ensure the subject doesn't realize it is being manipulated.
It was found that inflicting too much pain and physical damage created zombies that were of no use to the Cabal, but creating deep trauma in a person would shatter a person into multiple personalities that don't know of each other's existence and that act as separate identities or alter egos that have different characteristics and can be made to do totally different things. What was also found is that some persons can be motivated to cooperate through money, others through sexual favors, still others by giving them a sense of importance and being special, and for still others it works best by making them believe they are doing the right thing even though in reality they are enabling dark deeds.
As far as commanding the cooperation of presidents, prime ministers and other top government officials is concerned, the Cabal has known for a long time it works best to secretly offer enormous rewards for cooperation and make grave threats to the officials concerned and delineate what nasty things might happen to their family and their country if they would be so foolish to refuse their cooperation. The only alternative left if either way is not acceptable for the official in question is to resign on a false pretense. That is one reason why there are frequent surprise resignations of top officials.

Fear as a control mechanism.

The basic nature of the Light is love and the basic nature of the dark is fear. All negative manifestations are based on fear. That is why fear is the cornerstone in the policies of the Cabal, its institutions and the institutions it is effectively controlling. The whole methodology by which governments and many large corporations are controlled by the Cabal is primarily based on fear and so is the methodology by which governments and the structures of today's societies control the people. Fear of death, fear of pain and fear of loss are very crude and potent stimulants. So the Cabal will eagerly show you how other people's lives are more miserable than yours so as to give an incentive to comply with the powers that be. Just obey the rules, their rules that is, and you will be fine. Disobey the rules and you will suffer the consequences, that is the core message in the crap that is being shown ad nauseam in the mass media and in public life. Of course the rules for the Cabal members are not the same, they are untouchable for prosecutors, at least that is how it used to be until recently. To those who are not inclined to listen to the fear mongering additional doses of fear are administered, either through direct threats, psychic and demonic attacks or inflicting severe trauma.
There are however more stealthy and sophisticated methods used that go beyond the aware observation of many people. One very key spearhead in Cabal policies is to make the common folks believe that only what can be seen with the eyes is real, there is total focus on the outer form and the inner form is totally neglected so that anything higher dimensional becomes just fantasy and really quite laughable. This is using the fear of being ridiculed, the fear of being an outcast and not accepted by society. Also the notion that we are in essence immortal and eternal beings of immeasurable magnitude and light is being crushed completely, because beings with such awareness can impossibly be controlled and made to obey commands. And please understand that this process of concealed repression is commenced at the earliest childhood in various ways. The trick is that what people should be programmed with is repeated over and over while what people should forget about and disconnect from is hushed up and smothered. In this way the Cabal has managed to make what is crooked the norm and make what is our deepest essence the aberration.
The ways in which the Cabal has accomplished creating societies that are controlled by fear is by first wiping out all balanced, peaceful and holistic neolithic cultures that existed on Earth several thousands of years ago, replacing them with belligerent, power-hungry and possessive cultures and then destroying the mystery schools, gnosticism and pure spiritual teachings and replacing them with concocted religions that dilute or totally deny our divine nature. Now we are searching for the light and the solutions to our problems everywhere but inside ourselves and running around following orders of beings that are lost themselves.

Gridlock from the plasma and etheric planes.

One reason why the Cabal wants people to focus as much as possible on the lower dimensions that we call the physical world is that their highest level control mechanisms are in the plasma, etheric and astral planes. Another reason is that the Cabal wants to prevent contact between human beings and higher dimensional beings of light, which includes extraterrestrial intelligent races from higher dimensions. In ascending order terms of density solid is the 1st, liquid 2nd, gaseous 3rd, plasmatic 4th, etheric 5th, astral (emotional) 6th, manasic (mental) 7th, buddhic (intuitional) 8th, atmic (spiritual) 9th, monadic (will) 10th and logos (divine) 11th density. Many beings reside in 4th and 5th density but can manifest a 3 dimensional body if they wish to make themselves visible in the denser physical world.
The plasma, etheric and astral controls are interconnected and create a lockdown on the multidimensional matrix of control. Conditioning by the experiences of people and the entrainment they are exposed to puts up an invisible barricade bottom up and energetic influence of the matrix lowers a nonphysical curtain top down. The combination of both is what traps us in a corner that has been determined by the system. The pins that have kept the entire system in place are strangelet and toplet bombs, very advanced weaponry that is based on heavy particles. The explosion of one such bomb could turn the entire planet into a black hole. These weapons are based on extraterrestrial technology and have been brought to Earth by the Chimera group. The strangelet and toplet bombs have been positioned in the body and tentacles of the Yaldabaoth entity and help maintain the anomaly of evil, and they are connected to an artificial intelligence program running on the mainframe computer that sustains the veil. The veil is what is hiding the truth from us all and keeping us in perpetual oblivion. The mainframe is also connected to etheric implants that all humans on Earth have within their body, one directly above the solar plexus, one in the left frontal lobe and one in the right frontal lobe of the brain and one in the upper side of the neck. The implants act as mini black holes on the etheric level that suck up our knowledge and comprehension and block our kundalini or life energy from rising to the higher chakras. The plasmatic mainframe is also connected to the scalar wave devices that monitor and affect everyone's vibration level and it intervenes if the vibration of an individual rises so high that it becomes a threat to the veil. To put it short we live in a highly manipulated reality and the manipulators go to great lenghts to keep it that way.


The Cabal has created a world that is based on highly hypocritical foundations: rights of ownership are more valued than basic human rights such as freedom from poverty and slavery, people with large salaries decide on the pays for people with small salaries and institutions that own great wealth profess about being more sharing and helpful while not doing anything structural themselves to end poverty and dependence of people.
The dark forces both in the Cabal and in all of us have not only created a dysfunctional world which is totally upside down and that revolves around an artificial construct called money instead of the only ultimate truth which is love, they have created a tame world. Anyone giving in to his or her true wild nature and acting on it, would be almost immediately regarded and labelled a rebel, an agitator, a pervert, an assailant, a blasphemer, a slanderer and a savage, and worst of all: an irresponsible person. The opposite is true, it is everyone's greatest responsibility to not just seek but realize complete freedom of expression. It is the common and overarching law which states that all actions are allowed that don't hurt any person and their genuine interests. The Cabal wants people to behave predictably, so that they can keep their control and positions of power. But we always have the opportunity to disobey and it is our duty to disobey the dark forces which have degenerated humanity to a questionable level and spoiled everything that once was a pure expression of divine love.

The Cabal is not separate from us, so don't judge them too harshly. It is very easy to criticize others, but not as easy to offer alternatives. It must nevertheless be stated that the Cabal top leaders are the most dysfunctional and insane beings that live on planet Earth. That is why they must be stopped one way or the other. Divine love is the key that will change everything, it will unlock the door to paradise, the way life was always intended to be. However in specific cases where a measure of force is required it will be used, by the Resistance Movement, positive military and by others who will step up to their responsibility.
As I wrote earlier, human beings are creatures of habit and the Cabal is no exception to that, they are stuck in their ways of living and doing things. They are unable to see alternatives, they committed and perpetuated immense crimes against humanity, the animal kingdom and mother Earth herself, they have burnt all their ships behind them and think they cannot possibly be redeemed. That is why they persist in their pursuit of total control and domination at the expense of both our universal rights and divine nature and their own soul. It has been determined by the light forces that the core leaders of the Cabal, the fallen angels, are damaged beyond repair and that is the greatest tragedy in all of existence and in all of history. It is hard for me to say how this happened; it seems they were requested by Source to fix the error that slipped into the creation of the universe, but they were unable to do so and they have identified themselves with that error, even though it was not their fault. They have apparently felt strong resentment for failing at their assigned task as they were magnificently powerful archangels and they must have concluded that if they cannot serve the Light they will be the opposite force. That which has never been known cannot be known, even by almighty Source. Source created a universe with free will and unlimited potential as the basic rules, but could not foresee that this unlimited potential might spawn the opposite of Source and hence no mechanism of direct correction was incorporated into the creation of the universe.