Xekleidoma - Personal messages


an fhěrinn chan fheum měneachadh

A message to those who look for a leader they can follow.

As it is becoming more and more obvious by the day that the so called and self proclaimed leaders of our time have no real solutions for the world's problems to offer, whether they be politicians, teachers, religious leaders, corporate executives, pop stars, movie stars or whatever other type of authority, the craving of human beings for true leadership is rising correspondingly. A true leader tells people the things they want to hear as well as the things they don't want to hear, a true leader has a vision that he is determined to realize, a true leader knows fear but refuses to listen to it, a true leader doesn't have the solution but is the solution. Well, who do you think could be that leader with such specifications? Could it perhaps be you? Could it be all of us? There will be new leaders, not just new faces on the world's stage but people who will compel drastic changes, only these changes will be brought about by the mass of people, leaders are simply facilitating and creating the right conditions for deep changes that are necessary. What is needed now is that everyone becomes a leader for themselves, and once enough of us stand up to heed the call of responsibility anything can be accomplished.

A message to those who desire luxury and wealth.

If you walk through a neighbourhood or area where one villa comes after the other, with beautiful and well maintained manors and mansions in abundance, it isn't hard to imagine how pleasurable it can be to live in such a house. Large gardens lush with trees, shrubs and flowers surrounding the villas give the estates an opulent appearance, sports cars are on the driveways, alarm systems guard the even more precious items that are held within the small palaces, such as top quality antiques, art works, jewels, expensive watches etc. Things of beauty are eternal pleasures for the soul, so there's nothing wrong with that. But, and this is a big butt, all the luxury in the world cannot aleviate the suffering due to material lack which is unconsciously experienced by every single human being on the planet through the morphogenetic field of collective subconscious, even though it is not their own individual "small me, separate from all others" lack. So before fulfilling the perfectly okay desires for luxury and items of great wealth, all basic needs of all human beings on the entire planet should be met in a structured and lasting manner. Under these conditions luxury becomes of real added value instead of being items that are used in vain to fill the emptiness of the soul. On top of that alarm systems will not be needed anymore, there will be no more fear for burglary and theft.

A message to those who do everything to become famous.

There are so many persons nowadays who have made it their top priority and most important goal in life to become famous, that I feel the need to share this message with them. What is fame? How do you think it would change your life? Let me tell you from my wisdom and past life experiences.
Fame is 50% baked air and 50% people who project their own positive as well as negative qualities and characteristics onto the person of fame. It is 50% feeling important because you're in the center of attention of others and 50% fulfilling the role model that others would like you to play for them. (Rational people will notice that this adds up to 200%, but remember one needs to take a multidimensional look at things to explain them properly.) Sure, being famous will make it easier for you to earn money, even a lot of money, and it will also give you easier access to the other fruits of life, but the point is that you don't need to be famous to have all that you desire. You don't need baked air and projections from others onto you. You are important, you don't need fame to know and feel that, and you can be a role model for others without being famous. Fame can take away your freedom to be yourself independent from other people's expectations and to move freely in public without being accosted by people. So to those who seek fame I would advise to investigate within yourself what are the most fundamental motivations for you to strive for fame and address these motivations directly instead of taking the elaborate route of becoming famous.
The average person will use fame, once achieved, for all the purposes mentioned above, but the wise person will use fame for the only things that it is really suited for, namely to spread the truth, to reinforce love in the world and to marvel people with the true richess of creation. And you know what? The wise person who is coming of age spiritually achieves fame automatically as a by product of the path he or she has chosen and the things that he or she feels inclined to do and communicate.

A message to those who invest a lot of attention into how others behave.

If you are a person who tends to check continuously and automatically how other people behave, what they say and do and how they go about living their life, and if you have a bit of a tendency to form judgements about others (if you dare to be honest with yourself), then you may want to ask yourself what drives you to do that? Don't go judging yourself now instead of judging others, there is no need to attach a moral value to everything that happens. In principle everything that occurs has an intrinsic value in and of itself, arguably with the exception of really evil and degenerated actions, and everything carries its own unique signature of creation.
So could it be that by placing your attention so expressly and persistently outside yourself you are avoiding a confrontation with yourself and could it just be that condemning others for behaviour that you consider unacceptable or inappropriate makes you forget about the things in yourself that you don't quite like so much? Every individual is unique and has his or her own good reasons to do the things they do even when they make errors and misjudgements about their abilities or what kind of results they will get from their actions. In the same way that it shows an imbalance to always want to be in the center of attention it also proves an imbalance to always want to put others in the center of attention and scrutinize them.

A message to those who just want to party.

Party hardy, let yourself go and forget about sorrows and worries, you have no room for anything negative. You just want to experience the good live and hop from one nice place to another cool pleasure. It's a very understandable reaction to a world that isn't necessarily such a nice place overall and that seems hard to change. I must admit it has definitely got its lure to just take from life what procures immediate satisfaction and leave the rest, but doing so in the end results in leaving everyone that is struggling in life in one way or another to their own devices. If everyone that's fortunate enough in life to feel like partying would make such as choice, the world would be an even greater mess than it is now. And there is a critical mass of mess that will make everyone stop partying, at some point the world could slide to such lows that even the best fantasy doesn't make forget what state we're in. Partying uninterruptedly without bothering for anything else is like a sports club that plays in the high regions of the second division without ever promoting to the top division.
There is a highly important principle which is called delayed gratification, and it means to postpone receiving a reward for eventually receiving a greater and more lasting reward that gives a deeper sense of satisfaction. It doesn't mean living like a monk or a recluse, it means dedicating a portion of your time to helping others who are in need of help, donating a portion of your surplus to others who are in material need, and above all spending a bit of your life on making a difference. One person after another making a difference is what will change the world, gradually but surely. So please consider contributing to a better life experience for one person, one group of persons, one city, one country and one world. In the spirit of Jesus of Nazareth: "truly that what you have done for the least of my brothers, you have done for all of us".

A message to women who think men are only about one thing.

If you are a woman who falls in this category, then let me explain you a few things about men. The average man (so excluding the psychopath that beats women up and excluding the womanizer who has a whole trail of women chasing after him) has feelings and emotions that cover the same spectrum that women experience. Men however have a harder time to express emotions that are seen as weak or vulnerable such as sadness or tenderness because of their social conditioning and that makes some women think they need to step on a man's soul in order to get through to him. But stepping on a man's soul hurts him equally badly as stepping on a woman's soul hurts her. Actually many men have been emotionally hurt by women, many more have been deeply hurt by other men or have stopped loving themselves in a world that can drive us to do ugly things we would rather avoid doing; since they closed their heart, they cannot really feel love for others anymore including women. On top of this comes the Cabal conditioning to disconnect the heart from the belly and the plasma implant above the solar plexus that blocks the kundalini energy from rising to the higher chakras. Add the practicality of most men in the mix and the fact that their sexuality has been less severely suppressed then women's sexuality and they will go for plain sex without strings attached. Only women who look beyond superficial appearances will be able to see what lies in such a man's heart, namely the desire for a soulmate whom he can really connect with. The challenge here is to show double the amount of love than the amount of pain the man suffered in his earlier experience with a woman or with people in general that got him to close the gate to his heart (and this is something that cannot be forced).

A message to men who think feminine energies are not their thing.

Many men would rather be as masculine, tough, cool and dominant as they can possibly be instead of associating themselves with outright feminine things such as vulnerability, sensitivity or admiration. Well guess what? Some of the things that make men tick, sexuality and creativity, are purely feminine energies. Sexuality is all about connecting and enjoying each other, giving and receiving with the bridging of polarities and the cunt softly embracing the cock. Creativity is all about originating, defining and expressing who we are as an individual, a group and a society. So your gender is irrelevant in terms of who you are on the deeper level, if you go deep enough into our essence even the boundary of the person disappears and what remains is life, consciousness and energy. In order to become a whole and well balanced person the masculine and feminine energies are equally important and need the same care and attention so that we can achieve and maintain a state of balance and peace of mind.

A message to those who think justice comes from law books.

There are the scholarly types of persons who have a blind faith in the justice system that has been created over time by the national government and/or parliament depending on the specific country. There are much more people who shy away from questioning the law that has been established in the law books as the official law. Those people should understand that the law can be challenged and can be challenged successfully if you know what you are doing. It's primarily a question of information, because there are laws and legally binding treaties that contradict partly because the elite wants to have a legal stick available to beat you with in any given situation where it is convenient for them to do so and partly because the light forces have installed their reflections of truth within laws that are in force. Prevailing law nowadays is commercial law, also known as the law of the see or maritime law because it was created initially to regulate interregional and international contacts and trade when ships started sailing the sees. In earlier days common law was more widely spread and applied. Common law is more intuitive as the basic principles are straightforward and it is more in line with the highest and undeniable law which is universal law. Universal law is completely based on the divine love of Source, the force from which all of creation arose. I don't need any law book to tell me what is right and what is wrong and neither do you, all that is required is to listen to your heart, that is the core of us that is directly connected with our origin in Source through higher self.

A message to persons who steal from their fellow citizens.

What the fuck are you doing? The bankers are robbing our money from under our noses, the governments are burdening us with taxes on just about anything, what money we have left after that pays for the gasoline, utilities, groceries, clothes and all the other overpriced bills and then after deduction of all debts (including the individual part of the national debt and local debts which sooner or later end up on our taxpayer plates as well) most people have no capital at all, even though they have been working for 5, 6 or even 7 days a week for a large part of their adult lives. And then you come along and take what little people have left!? That is no way to live your life. Don't give excuses that you needed money and couldn't think of any other solution than to rob your neighbors, fellow townsmen or countrymen. If you do something for others, others will do something for you when it's needed. A human being doesn't need much to survive, some ascetics and gurus have lived up in the mountains for years in a small shack with little else than a simple bed and some vegetables and rice to eat. If you cannot buy yourself food, then grow it yourself. I know of people who have built a good quality house from natural materials taken from the land and it cost them hardly any money. If you cannot afford new freshly manufactured products, then buy them second hand; it will typically cost you only 10% to 20% of the price of a comparable new product. If you want luxury items, then work for it in an honest way. But if you really cannot figure out how to do all that, then steal from the ones who steal from all the citizens, not from the ones who are practically in the same position as you.

A message to multiculti huggers.

People who show a lack of nuance in their expressions tend to quickly label criticism on the multicultural society as xenophobia or even racism. In doing so they discard the genuine objections that members of society may have against mass immigration, lack of social cohesion and participation, decay of valuable traditions, increased friction and incomprehension between population groups and most of all a loss of common purpose within society. Migration is largely driven by the desire to escape adverse conditions such as poverty, unemployment, crime, war, discrimination and prosecution. It is only logical that people who experience such detrimental circumstances will feel an ever growing urge to leave for better pastures. There are however two basic problems with this impulse to flee: people who rush out of their own country may deny their own role in the circumstances they leave behind and they also rob themselves of the chance to correct what went wrong. They then arrive in their new place of habitation still carrying the old habit to reject their responsibility for unfavorable situations. Is it then a surprise when they in turn are met with rejection by the original residents of the area they moved into? The Cabal is then exploiting the tensions arising from displacement of people and mass immigration to the maximum by overburdening our natural instinct to help those who are in need. The core problem with multiculturalism is essentially the same as with Cabal style globalization: when nations export their low cost, low quality massproduced goods and least desired, least educated and developed citizens to recipient countries, this is bound to have a wide range of disruptive effects in the recipient countries, especially if the countries of origin are technically, morally and ethically underdeveloped. Cultural and international exchange can be and will be beneficial only if the best of breeds, top of the bill artworks, products, services and knowledge workers are included in the deal and if the benefits are reciprocal.

A message to those who have lost hope and faith.

If you are a person who has had much adversity in life, and you feel you have failed to reach the goals that you set for yourself and maybe even that your whole life is a failure, then you have company. Many people have felt like this at some point in time, and quite a few people have felt like this for a large part of their life. It is only logical that this occurs in a world ruled by dark forces that don't care about your sense of happiness and comfort. The more your spirit languishes in despair, lethargy, apathy and numbness, the more they are assured that their rule will continue and the more they feel empowered. The dark forces have put their creative energy into making our lives miserable to the point that we risk losing the very things that make us human, such as joy for life and sense of purpose, compassion and fulfillment. The same creative energy could have been used to do the contrary, and that is what I ask you and everyone who has a heart: use your equally strong and powerful creative energy to work for good and to undermine the evil agenda of the Cabal in any way you can imagine. Use your personal power for healing yourself as well as the world, forgive for giving up to fight darkness, elevate the world and transform all that needs transformation. After everything has been said and done, guess who will be most grateful that you didn't give in and kept going for what is right, what is beautiful and what is loving? It will be the ones who were serving the dark forces.

A message to new-agers.

So you think you have found the way: going with the flow, being nice and kind to people, doing your meditative yoga exercise, avoiding confrontations and unpleasantries, enjoying your little bubble of happiness. Good for you, but I'm afraid it isn't as simple and straightforward as that; not nearly so. Real fundamental change at the deepest levels involves stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging your own beliefs and convictions as well as those of everyone around you. The purpose is not to shock people or offend them, but to make them start to question the mind constructs that are frozen stiff and that block transformation of disbalances and iniquities. Some people will then start to regard you as the unwelcome messenger that they would rather shoot than listen to. Those are the exact individuals that cause the most obstruction to change for the better and that hold the most darkness; it may surprise you who these individuals are as some of them look supremely unsuspected. They may be sleek and smooth, eloquent and presentable but their primary drive and values are strictly egotistical. Apart from this it can be too much to bear for those who are struggling in life to see you being so pleased with yourself and your own little life. In Dutch there is a word that expresses this feeling perfectly: zweefteef; the literal translation is floating bitch, in other words it means someone who is self-absorbed in her (or his) quest for spiritual advancement, detached from and insensitive to other people's suffering. There is only one real enlightenment and that is the enlightenment of all. You don't need to dim your inner light to feel the pain of your fellow men, so give comfort and relieve to those who are in need.

A message to satanists and people flirting with satanism.

If you are a member of the church of Satan (which is a rather small number of people) or consider joining it, or if you use its symbols occasionally such as the satanic two horns hand sign or the number of the beast 666 (which is a rather substantial number of people), then I want to make you aware of a few little things (the devil is in the detail, as the saying goes). Satanism came into existence as a counter-reaction to christianity, that will not surprise you. Christianity has suppressed sexuality as I describe on the "Religion versus spirituality" page, it states that sex is for producing children and should be limited between people of opposite genders who are married. Christianity says "if someone hits you, turn the other cheek" whereas the satanist will say "if someone hits you, hit back equally hard". Essentially satanism defined the opposite of the core beliefs and teachings of christianity. The thing is however that not every doctrine in christianity is disempowering or false, it's an insidious mix of truth and lies. It's a mix because if it would be only lies the clergy would not have been able to sell the christian teachings to so many believers. So by making an inverse copy of christianity as satanism has basically done you get the same, a strange concoction of truth and lies. I would strongly advise you not to follow any fixed set of rules, teachings or beliefs, but instead judge every situation you come across on its own merits. In a crazy world such as ours you need flexibility; when in need of a guideline, the golden rule is better than anything else, it's the most basic ethics you can find anywhere: treat others the same as you want to be treated.

A message to potential jihadists and persons who hate Western civilization.

If you are a person who feels hostile towards Western civilization and regard it as imperialistic and a foe of the Arab part of the world or the so called Third World, then let me begin to confirm that Western civilization as it is now is not holistic at all, it is not just an enemy of war torn countries in Arabia, Africa and Asia, it has grown to be an enemy of humanity as a whole including people living in the West. It is essential to understand how this came to be. There were a number of events that had a deeply unsettling impact on the history of Europe; the first one was when Kaukasian warring tribes invaded all of Europe as well as the Near East between 5000 and 3000 years ago and put an end to peaceful matriarchal rule. The second one was when the Cabal moved its capital from Egypt to Rome about 2000 years ago where it still is today. The third one is when Archon emperor Constantine I of the Roman empire censored the bible during the first council of Nicaea and ordered all druids, mages and shamans to be killed and all their sacred sites and temples of worship to Gaia and Source located at energy nodes to be destroyed, their goddess energies suppressed by rape, torture, murder and desecration and then replaced by catholic churches built on the same spots. The fourth is the organization of the crusades after centuries of conditioning with fear of hell and fear of God led by the Archons. The fifth is the colonization of America, Africa, Asia and Oceania by the monarchies of Western Europe again inspired by the Archons to spread the twisted culture of catholic religion and ruthless trade and exploitation to all corners of the globe. Maybe after reading this you can acknowledge that Europe itself was the first victim of Western style imperialism before it became the perpetrator of it. So if you feel tormented by what the powers of the West have done to the world, then I emphatically request you to help and support restoring some of the original natural spirituality of Europe and America that was wiped out by the actions of the Archons and their agents in the catholic church and in European monarchies instead of attacking the ordinary people of the West.

A message to those within the Cabal that would like to silence me.

On this site I am laying out the full scope of the dark rule that you have instituted or at least the essentials of it, but unless you are one that has freewillingly and fullconsciously worked to that end there is nothing for you to fear from the information and the distribution of it. Because of the fact that you and your overlords have made yourselves my enemy through all the acts of black magic, psychic attack, abuse of my powers and creative force, psychological torture, suppression of my sexual life force, matrix style slavery and imprisonment and trauma inflicted to destroy my heart energy, you would think that I consequently am your enemy. That however is not the case, you are your own enemy and that is all the animosity you need. As you don't speak or comprehend the language of love, I will speak to you and only to you in the language of fear. I promise you, and mind you this is a solemn promise that surpasses all barriers of space and time, that there will be a moment when I will be like a god to you and you will be like a small fragile animal in my hands. You will have started your development as a living entity from scratch as a result of having broken all universal laws consistently and without the slightest trace of remorse, while I will have grown on and on from my current state into an all powerful being. You will be in need of my help and unaware of your past actions while I will know exactly all that you have done to me, humanity in general and life itself in your past shape. Think of all the things that I could do to you then, just for a moment. So you do what you need to do, but let me do what I need to do and don't you hinder me in whichever way; then I promise I will help you when you are in need and I am as a god, even when nobody else would be willing to help you.