Xekleidoma - Cabal strategies and practices


grādh do nāmhaid, feumaidh e gaol

Cabal standard protocol.

The following are the various general strategies that the Cabal employs routinely and indiscriminately to further their agenda and consolidate their position:
  • Divide and rule - As the saying goes, united we stand and divided we fall, we being the people. Once people unite it becomes very hard for any manipulator to order them around and have them do what he wants them to do if that is not truly in the interest of the people. So any party interested in exploiting the people and using the masses for its own selfish ends will do all that it can to cause division among people. It doesn't matter whether it's division between sexes, classes, races, cultures, subcultures, religions, political affiliations, companies, sports clubs or whatever other groups individuals can be part of, as long as people fight each other they will not be able to effectively fight the oppressor that is manipulating all of them.
  • Pretend benevolence - In order for the manipulator to keep up appearances and not be identified and unmasked by the masses as the evil genius behind their never ending tribulations, it is crucial for the manipulator to pretend by all means that he has the best interests of the people at heart. This posture can be put in practice in various ways, such as making excuses for the ill effects of policies, giving the impression of shared sadness for people's suffering, making seemingly nice but empty offers and gestures and returning small bits and pieces of what was at first stolen from the people.
  • Invoke force majeure - The secretive control of the shadow government makes it possible for its representatives to argue that they cannot control everything that is going on and that they can only do so much to ammeliorate the situation. By invoking force majeure the various heads of the monster can hide the fact that they all share the same body that is directing events from behind the scenes. This way people are more inclined to accept their poor living conditions and the incessant creation of fear and strife and are much less likely to protest and revolt.
  • Twist the truth - As the manipulator can never allow the complete and full truth to see the light of day if he wishes to continue the manipulation, the official truth must be twisted to fit the agenda of the manipulator. So the manipulator will point elsewhere for the cause of problems, hiding his sleight of hand, and tell he has the solution for the problems he created in the first place. The solution he offers will only serve to further his agenda and support his position of power over the people. He will indulge in all kinds of half truths, highlighting what is convenient and leaving out what is inconvenient for him. Every decision however malevolent can be supported by arguments, so that is no reason to agree to a decision.
  • Wrap lies in truth - For a lie to find entry into the minds of people rather than telling a blatant lie outright, it can be more effective to conceal the lie by wrapping it in an obvious truth. This bypasses the critical thinking capacity of the audience and instills the lie within the consciousness of those being targeted, which can be people managers just as much as the people themselves. This internalized lie can then be used to build the programming that subdues people into docility and pliability. Example: "Money allows us to acquire the things we need or desire"; while it is obvious that you can buy desirable things with money, the statement implies that you couldn't acquire the same things otherwise and this is not true, the world has functioned quite well without money for countless years and some tribal communities don't use money to this day.
  • Distribute complicity - As the manipulators at the top are few and the masses are many, the few need a structure and means to keep the masses in line with their exploitative policy. This is achieved through distribution of complicity, meaning that people are better rewarded the more they are willing to become complicit in the agenda of the few and the more they fill key positions in the hierarchy of power that the few have set up. This is the real reason why bank managers, corporate executives, politicians and high officials earn large salaries and receive large bonuses.
  • Consolidate - In order to maximize control and make it easy to manage the system of exploitation, the distribution of all basic needs of life is centralized in large corporations. For money we have central banks, for electricity and drinking water we have utility companies, for oil and gas we have oil companies, for food we have supermarket chains and for news we have the mass media corporations; more and more people in the world live in cities and have become totally dependent on a system over which they have no control. The less directors control this system, the easier it is for the Cabal to implement their agenda.
  • Control food production - As food is a primary need of the physical body to survive, the Cabal has a keen interest in controlling the production of food. To this end they have sought to industrialize food production and increase the scale of it to mass production. They have used agricultural subsidies to reduce prices and profitability of growing food crops, so that traditional small farms lose the competition and disappear. They have sought to patent food crops by means of genetic modifications (Monsanto and DuPont play a key role in this), poison them with pesticides (Bayer and Syngenta play a key role in this) and reduce their vitality by means of irradiation.
  • Poison water and food - In many countries fluoride is added to tap water, and in even more countries all kinds of synthetic food additives are added to foodstuff, ostensibly for preserving, coloring and improving food products. These substances are unnatural and have ill effects on the human body; fluoride calcifies the pineal gland and makes people docile, while artificial food additives slowly poison the body to make it weak and sick. Weak and sick people are dependent and don't pose a threat to the establishment, on the contrary they form a lucrative market for the pharmaceutical companies.
  • Geo-engineering - Geo-engineering is the term used for creating artificial clouds in the upper atmosphere, officially to combat global warming. Global warming from greenhouse gases however is a hoax, the Earth is warming as a result of increased activity of the sun. The chemtrails being sprayed can contain a mix of aluminum, barium and other nanoparticles as well as viruses that poison the atmosphere and make the atmosphere more conductive for scalar waves and HAARP beams. It has an adverse effect on both our health and that of animals and can cause spontaneous outbreaks of diseases once the released viruses hit the surface of the planet.
  • Compartmentalize knowledge - For the manipulation performed by the clique to work best and last the longest, each person in the scheme of power is informed on a need to know basis and trained accordingly. It means that each worker receives only as much information as he needs to fulfill the assigned role and no more than that. Any more information could make the worker bee all the wiser about what is being done to him, his companions and the people in general and that would endanger the continuity of the Cabal agenda.
  • Perception management - To control what view people develop of the world they live in and their place and role in it, the elite uses perception management. This is an approach that uses the media, music, movies and entertainment to steer people's perception in the desired directions. Any group or development however significant that doesn't fit the agenda of the elite is either not paid attention to or if that is not possible it is ridiculed and portrayed as being deranged. Any group or development however marginal that does fit the agenda of the elite is put in the spotlights and hyped. This way a selective focus of people's attention and understanding of the world and life itself is created.
  • Control education - The youngest minds are the wildest and most fertile and least outlined and determined, and that is a serious risk factor for the Cabal. That is why since time immemorial the dark forces in power have sought to control the conditions and scope of education given to children and adolescents. In this manner the unlimited nature of the imagination of the young can be gradually and unwittingly ripped from them and moulded into a serviceable stance, so that once they become adults they will obediently and as a matter of course seek their place within the Cabal system of control and exploitation.
  • Social engineering - Social engineering as used by the Cabal is an upgrade of the basic programming and brainwashing people have already undergone through education, upbringing, religion, media and politics. It can take many forms, but the goal is always to make people do things that they would not normally be inclined to do. It can involve instilling fear by creating the impression of dangerous threats, causing confusion as to what's going on and distraction from what's really important. In the anticipated reactions from the target audience there will be one or more spin offs for the Cabal, thus further strengthening their plans.
  • Preoccupy the mind - As their mind is so central to the path people choose in life, key decisions that people make and what people spend their time on, the Cabal is seeking to predetermine as much as possible what subjects and activities people focus their mind on and give importance to. They use the media to do so, but also the training that school teachers, priests and educators receive is used for the purpose. The more time people spend on neutral subjects and activities that are no threat at all to the Cabal agenda of control, exploitation and manipulation and the more time people spend on activities that ultimately support the Cabal agenda, the more successful this strategy is. Keep people busy with idle things and they will never become a threat to the status quo.
  • Dumb down the masses - In line with the previous strategy it is desirable from a "control and manage the flock of sheep" perspective to have the ordinary folks be just intelligent enough to do the work they need to do to keep the system going and fulfill their designated roles in society, but no more intelligent than that. Any more intelligence could lead the commoners to comprehend what is being done to them and how they are being used as slaves and energy sources. So the attention of people is brought to the common denominators of the lower order, such as sexual lust, food, strife, survival, money, luxury gadgets and things of that nature, and steered away from things that have the potential to elevate the masses, such as meditation, authenticity, self sufficiency, creativity, sharing, connecting and sexual ecstacy.
  • Promote competition - Whether in economics, sports, entertainment or any other human activity, the Cabal invests a great deal of money, time and attention to promote competition. They would rather build a giant sports stadium that is only used once a week and oftentimes not even fully filled than spending the money and effort on alleviating fundamental problems of humanity. Nowadays even creative activities such as singing, dancing and cooking make for suitable subjects of competition. The purposes are to create division, cause feelings of failure in losing competitors, catch people's attention and direct it away from meaningful issues and facilitate the harvesting of emotional energy by demons.
  • Mind control - Although most of the aforementioned strategies qualify as mind control, there is a distinct aspect of advanced technology use to it. The Cabal disposes of technologies that are much more advanced than the commonly known technologies the general public is familiar with, and part of these technologies have much to do with energy manipulation such as beam weapons and frequency modulation such as scalar wave, infrasound and ultrasound generators. They are used widely by the Cabal to influence the functioning of the human brain as well as the vibration of people's physical, astral and etheric bodies. A good vibration is a key ingredient for people to feel well and empowered and the Cabal knows that, so they mess with our vibrations continuously without people consciously noticing and detecting it.
  • Electronic surveillance - As generally accessible technology has developed to offer the opportunity of face recognition and license plate registration by cameras, electronic payment and money transfer, identity access cards, biometric passports, electronic recording of fingerprints, emails and social media messages, smart meters and other forms of electronic registration, an entire grid of electronic surveillance has been set up. This brings two main advantages to the Cabal controllers, firstly it enables officials and administrators to log the whereabouts and actions of individual citizens and secondly it builds vast databases of private data that can be interlinked and used for data mining. In this way the Archons have boots on the ground that help to identify, locate and track any dissenter to Cabal rule.
  • Implicit consent - As the Cabal knows people will resist measures that are unfavorable for themselves, instead decisions are taken for people without asking their consent. Then at a certain point a seemingly neutral action is requested from citizens that actually entails giving implicit but legal consent to what has earlier been decided for them. That is of course legal in the twisted commercial law sense of the word, it cannot be considered legal in the universal sense of the word. The prime example is a parent making a birth registration with the municipality; it is much more than officially noting a newborn child, it is admitting the future obligations as a tax payer and subject of the newly born. Another example is elections in democracies, which offer the gleam of free choice within a highly managed and controlled setting; by voting you implicitly give your approval for the current system of representation.
  • Subliminal messages - Another particularly devious manner of influencing people's mood and behaviour is the use of subliminal messages against the people who receive them. Subliminal messages are both audible and visible messages that the senses pick up but that are not consciously heard or seen. The reason they are not consciously perceived is because they are below a certain volume, frequency or duration of exposure to be consciously registered, they are reversed or they are shown in symbols on the background of movies. The subconscious does receive and register the messages thus circumventing all critical selection and filtering processes of the mind. It can be used through many mediums, but most commonly and routinely it is used in television broadcasts.
  • Vaccination - I mention it later in the list as it is a controversial subject, but actually it comes as one of the first strategies unleashed on humans, namely in earliest childhood. Vaccines are supposedly given to infants and young children to give the body practice in countering pathogens and building resistance, but in reality they disturb the delicate process of development of the immune system that is inherent to all living beings and prevent it from ever becoming as strong as it would otherwise be. People that are prone to sicknesses are weaker and more dependent, and are thus easier to control and manipulate and a nice source of income for the pharmaceutical industry. What is more is the addition of mercury as conservatives to vaccines, which poison the body and harm the brain, leading to autism; and vacinnes carry biochips that once injected position themselves on synapses and monitor and influence humans from inside their own bodies.
  • Hypnotic suggestions - Anyone who has seen shows where people are hypnotized and then given hypnotic commands knows the power of hypnosis. Before humans are born into the physical world, they are given hypnotic suggestions by the Archons. These form the very basis of the programming of humans and the confusion as to what is truth and the purpose of life. Common hypnotic suggestions include "life originated from nothing", "you are alone in the world", "settle for what is offered to you", "look after your obligations", "you carry the guilt of your past actions" and "you must resolve your karma". They all lead you away from your divine purpose, which is to love and be loved, create and experience beauty and bliss, manifest paradise, grow to be a godly creature and finally merge back into the Source.
  • Amnesia - This one strategy is exceptionally important and indispensable in the control matrix. Before an intelligent being is born into the physical world, its memory of the past is wiped and its knowledge gained through past incarnations deleted through the administering of electrical shocks, which is a very painful and traumatic experience. It doesn't necessarily cause complete amnesia, but it causes loss of memory and knowledge, making it hard to access it any longer. This is the one major reason why all babies cry so often and heartbreakingly after they are born. Eventually the child settles in with the new reality and more or less accepts its fate to be like a blind man in a world of lost souls.
  • Soul contracts - Everybody who wants to be in a body, so everyone who is being incarnated, must sign a soul contract with the dark forces that basically states you accept the rule of the dark forces. This is their adopted legal basis to exploit and abuse you as they please while you're incarnated. These soul contracts don't serve you in any way and contradict with universal law, so you are free to cancel them and that is a first step to take on the road toward liberation. As the signing of the soul contract happens before amnesia is being triggered most people have no memory of it, but that doesn't prevent the contract from affecting your life negatively.

Cabal special protocol.

The following are the various customized strategies that the Cabal employs to tackle specific challenges to their rule:
  • Entrain family offspring - In order to prevent new generations of Cabal families to rebel against the shadow government and make them comply with the family interests they are subjected to specific training and treatment from a young age. They learn that ultimately they can only trust themselves, they are hardened to withstand any type of suffering and learn to outsmart others to rise as high as possible in the pyramid of power. The methods used in this training can go as far as undergoing torture and sexual abuse and being forced to kill animals and witness the sacrifice of humans. In these ways the worldview of absolute control, power over others, emotional detachment and applying any means necessary to achieve a goal are passed on to the next generation of cabalists.
  • Dissolve traditional social structures - As the Cabal wishes to turn their hidden power structure into an open rule in a united world government under their control (the NWO or New World Order) it seeks to eliminate all obstacles. Major obstacles are the traditional social structures that people strongly identify with such as families, ethnic groups, nation states and religions. That is why traditional family values are attacked and made to look as restrictive, mass migration and race mixing are promoted, sovereignty of nations is undermined and religions are portrayed from their most negative side. The psychopathic father who murders his own wife and children, the poor refugees who need our help, the guest workers we need to secure our economic future, the global competition that forces us to integrate our economies and governments and the muslim fundamentalist that commits a suicide attack are all highlighted to further this policy.
  • Compromise decision makers - A powerful tool for making decision makers bow to the demands of the Cabal is having something to blackmail them with. For this reason politicians and high officials are unwittingly brought into situations that are very compromising and videotaped as proof of their presence; they may be invited for a special occasion thinking they will be entertained with a nice show and instead they witness a rape or human sacrifice taking place right in front of their eyes; as they never expected anything like this, they are so perplexed that they don't respond adequately and just want to forget about it. Or they may be tempted to have a sexual encounter with an underaged girl or boy that is conveniently being offered free of charge.
  • Bribe key players - It doesn't need much explanation that a large sum of money can get things done that are otherwise hard to get done. What is a large sum depends on the person being targeted with bribery, but since the Cabal is operating the money machine no amount is too high to beget cooperation as long as the benefit is equally large. There is also a psychological effect to the bribe and that is a sense of joining the team, it creates a kind of moral allegiance. That way the person who is bribed will be more likely to cooperate with the Cabal next time his or her cooperation is required.
  • Intimidate into obedience - Persons who hold a high position in society and have strong principles of justice cannot be bribed, so these persons are often threatened and intimidated. This may involve threats of physical violence to the target and his or her family, outright threats of killing the target or intimidation with dire financial or legal consequences, release of biological contaminants and similar unpleasantries. In cases where the whole population of a country is involved it may constitute reflecting a grim future if the population doesn't give its consent with and support for a Cabal plan. Such threats are only really effective if there are convincing examples of economic sabotage and pillaging of a country's assets or casting a country into chaos and disorder, so the Cabal conducively creates live examples.
  • Election rigging - In case an independent individual with aspirations for a leadership position makes it past the obstacles and pitfalls that are placed before him or her by the Cabal and that candidate is showing signs of being opposed to the Cabal agenda, then often voting fraud is practiced to deny the outsider a chance at becoming president, prime minister or governor and to favor a loyal Cabal candidate instead. Shifting votes in a voting machine or manually tallying votes in a fraudulent way is relatively easy if multiple Cabal hands are at work in the election process. In some countries it can go as far as voter intimidation depending on the national power constellation.
  • Eliminate opposition - If a certain key person is proving to be too much of an obstacle in the realization of Cabal plans or is even taking effective action to counter the Cabal plans at a high level of influence or publicity, then it has been a much used method to simply kill the obstructive person. Preferably this is done in a way that makes it look like an accident or natural death so as to avoid prolonged criminal investigations and legal proceedings. This is how pope John Paul I was eliminated in 1978. The most famous Cabal murder was the 1963 shooting of president John F. Kennedy after it became totally clear he was heading for a collision with Cabal rule. The most extreme case in recent history however was the 2010 crash of the plane carrying most of the members of the Polish government and highest ranking military officers as it was on its way to a memorial ceremony in Russia.
  • Human cloning - Top Cabal members try to prolong their life in the physical world as much as possible in order to hang on to their positions of power and spend fortunes on medical treatments to achieve longevity. But in case their body runs out too soon due to illness or degradation of health they have genetically identical clones to replace their worn out body. Their spirit leaves the degenerated body and enters the fresh one that has been grown and aged in a laboratory to look the same. In case top Cabal members are murdered by freedom fighters the process will be similar and one or two weeks later they appear again as if nothing happened. In other cases troublemaking public figures or members of powerful families will be murdered and replaced by a clone that is operated by another spirit who is aligned to the Cabal.
  • Create false flags - If a certain country is showing to be rebellious against Cabal rule or is in another way posing an obstacle toward implementation of the Cabal agenda, it may become necessary for the military industrial complex to intervene and steer the course of events in their desired direction. For this purpose a false flag will be created that serves as a pretense to justify intervention by use of force and military might; the aim is to win as much support of the general population as possible for such intervention. The more it looks like the action is called for from a humanitarian or peacekeeping perspective and the more ordinary citizens demand it, the more successful is the false flag.
  • Manipulate gold & silver prices - Traditionally in the commonly known history of mankind on Earth money has been synonymous with gold and silver, it was used for some 25 centuries as a means of trade and commerce, for storing value and as collateral. Since the Cabal has marginalized the role of gold and silver in the monetary system and the actual gold and silver holdings have dwindled while the amount of fiat currency in circulation has grown exponentially, there is a need to artificially suppress the official prices of precious metals to keep up the appearance that the fiat currencies are worth what they are declared to be worth. This is done by collusion of regulators with market parties and banks that create an endless stream of paper con-tracts for naked short selling. There is no other commodity the price of which is now so heavily deflated as silver.
  • Neglect rural areas - In recent decades it has been a much used approach to favor cities and neglect rural areas. Cultural and sporting events, infrastructure investments, schools, research facilities, shops, job opportunities etc. are more and more concentrated in and directly around the larger cities at the expense of small towns and rural areas. This serves multiple purposes: it strengthens the death grip on small scale farming, discourages self-sufficiency, creates a more centrally manageable environment, puts the bulk of people in the range of video surveillance that is plentiful in cities and exposes a maximum number of people to high levels of electromagnetic radiation from cell towers, microwaves and wifi equipment. The background of this is that the Cabal wants to expand its control to every aspect of people's lives now that the population has become so numerous around the globe.
  • Empoverish the masses - Throughout time the clique of controllers have sought to concentrate wealth in their hands and strip it away from the masses. One technique in medieval times was the use of indulgences by the Catholic Church to buy off the religious debt of so called sins, another was the imposition of tolls on travellers and merchants who wanted to pass borders and checkpoints established by the elites; taxes have been a long proven construct for the same purpose and in recent times we see an extremely low interest returned on savings, increasing prices of daily necessities and cost of living in general. Especially noteworthy are the housing market booms that we see in so many cities around the world where decently sized family homes become almost unaffordable for the average family. That's how the common folks need to keep making a living for them(selves).
  • Tax evasion - The Cabal needs the assets that they have at their disposal and financial resources they own to operate their network, execute their agenda and pay for their black operations. That's why they house their principal holdings in tax havens or have them declared exempt of tax payments for ostensibly providing services for the common good. They even have had many black operations to undermine and eliminate opponents financed with taxes paid by the common folks, while the operations were directed against the interests of the common folks. This can be achieved if the level of control the Cabal has over a government is strong enough. Apart from easily financing operations the evasion of taxes also serves to further concentrate property and wealth in the hands of Cabal members and their direct reports.
  • Stain symbols of the Light - What better way to fight the Light than to stain the symbols that have represented the principles of the Light over the ages and smear the dirt of dark practices on them? One prime example is the swastika, which has always symbolized eternity and rejuvenation, but was used by the NSDAP as the symbol of the Drittes Reich and their aggressive fascist rule. Another is Isis, the goddess of fertility, abundance, love, healing and magic. The Cabal decided to name the successor of Al Qaeda after her name, that is the Mossad and CIA created and funded Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or better said Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. Another important symbol is number 13, the number of elevation, correct judgement, purification and pragmatism. It follows number 12, which is the number of completion and perfection. So many false beliefs have been spread about number 13 through books and movies that uninformed people would rather associate it with disasters and bad luck.
  • Corrupt nature - If the dark forces are able to corrupt the purity and innocence of nature, that is both animals as well as the nature of human beings, then it can give the impression that evil is a natural and unavoidable thing of creation, which is the greatest lie of all. The dark forces have gone about accomplishing this by working on the energies of animals and influencing their behaviour towards each other and humans, and have had a gigantic negative impact on the behaviour of humans towards each other and animals. Also they have greatly corrupted the ways in which people seek to survive, engage in sex, express themselves creatively and communicate with each other. Surviving has become a devastating battle for scarce resources, sex has become a quick and superficial activity to discharge desires and pressures, creativity is tolerated only when it makes money or serves other elite interests and languages have been filled with words that constitute a deception in themselves.
  • Suppress goddess energy - Because of the deeply penetrating and transformative power of goddess energy, which is the true and absolute expression of Source presence, it must be restrained and crushed in order for the Cabal to retain control. This is done both locally in places where a strong vortex of goddess energy has been created in the past by priestesses, witches, magicians, druids, shamans, elves, fairies, nymphs, whales, dolphins, light workers and freedom fighters, and globally by affecting the collective conscience. The modus operandi is always the use of extreme and vile violence, explosions of bombs, deliberately lit forest fires, violation of human rights and the induction of immense suffering and despair. In this way the Light of the goddess energy is dimmed before it can spread out and affect people in positive manners.
  • Suppress advanced technology - Every time brilliant scientists make discoveries that lead to the development of advanced technology which has the potential to create independence from the centralized distribution systems, the Cabal is quick to impose an embargo on the technology by patenting it as a military secret purportedly in the interest of national security. There are thousands of patents of this nature, including free energy devices, water powered engines, food replicators, weather modification devices, levitation technology, advanced healing technology and anti-conception and more. This technology could deeply transform our lives, make us virtually self sufficient and greatly reduce our need for money.
  • Psychic attacks - Higher reality is of a nonphysical nature and reality is for that reason being manipulated on the higher levels of existence. Creation starts at these levels and to discourage and prevent the kinds of actions and communications that threaten the Cabal agenda the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of light workers and light warriors is targeted with psychic attacks. This can be done either by trained Cabal personnel using black magic, Archons hijacking our dreams when we're asleep and turning them into nightmares or more commonly it can be induced by frequency modulation and energy beam weapons specifically targeted at the subject of choice. It can evoke negative thoughts and feelings, a sense of strong discomfort, pains and headaches and even diseases can be aggravated or aroused.
  • Psychological torture - In order to numb people and break their spirit, various means of psychological torture are applied. People who suffer from poverty and debts will be shown pictures and movies of people who live in opulence and who waste their money on futile things, eating contests (who can eat most hotdogs in a number of minutes) will be held while people around the world suffer from famine and lack of food, fake dating sites and advertisements will promise lots of dates with attractive women while delivering nothing and only ripping customers off, individuals and organisations most successful in changing the world for the better and offering people hope will be corrupted or taken down, the most pristine pieces of nature that are examples of adequate preservation efforts will be spoiled by any kind of human activity. This is orchestrated from the non-physical level by the Archons and it is genuinely diabolical.
  • Turn souls to the dark - The ultimate goal of the dark forces is to grow their ranks by winning souls over to the dark. It is a huge step for a soul that has originated from Source and that hence is a divine spark to embrace evil and decide to serve the opposite of what it is by nature. The only way in which this can be accomplished is by consistent infliction of deep trauma combined with brainwashing a person into thinking the dark is actually the Light and vice versa. Suppose you could actually have all that you ever desired, including privy desires related to our most primal urges and without any punishment, if you would just sign your name and sell your soul to the devil? The devil, or basically the dark forces, are not going to tell you that you would already be completely fulfilled in all respects if it wouldn't be for their past actions.
These are the ways in which the Cabal clique has managed to keep the masses under control and they constantly look for new and upgraded techniques to maintain their abilities of control.

Splitting up of soul families and twin flames.

It has always been the higher purpose and natural way for members of the same soul family to live closely together, as they very much reinforce each other. You don't need to explain yourself to your soul family or hide anything from them, they know you deeply as they have lived with you for eons and have developed jointly with you. This mutual understanding where no words are necessary, the reciprocal support and intense love is strongest with your twin flame, it creates a union that can overcome anything. For these reasons the Archons have long ago taken control of the reincarnation process on Earth and are making sure that soul family members and especially twin flames are incarnated as far apart as possible; this way the chances of meeting your soul family and twin flame are minimized. Instead they are incarnating human spirits in the same physical (blood) family that have conflicting and divergent characters, and especially spirits that have proven to be a liability for the dark forces because they have challenged the status quo with a certain degree of success are surrounded with spirits that have an opposite tendency. It is all meant to disempower individuals as much as possible, since the Archons are keenly aware of our immense divine powers and creative force. This is the single most important reason why there are so many dysfunctional and broken up families.
Creating such heterogeneous and disharmonious families starts by bringing together partners in love relationships that have strongly opposed characters. How is this accomplished? Firstly self esteem of people and their soul connection are dismantled one tiny step after the other, starting at a young age when children are presented with the question what they would like to be in life. What else can you be but your true self??? The sense that people are not enough as they are and need to prove they are worthy of living by making themselves useful is instilled by the Jesuit controlled education system, children's movies, cartoons and learning materials. After years and years of disruptive brainwashing young adults feel insecure and incomplete. They are afraid to be different and lift their head above the crowd, and they lack the I am presence and awareness. This is even exacerbated by the unbalanced focus on the mind and negligence of intuition and feelings. So they will start searching for compensation and filling in the gaps that they perceive in themselves by focusing on the marvelous qualities that others have and they don't have, or so they think. This is why opposites attract, our opposite grants us a sense of completeness, albeit very dependently and temporarily.
This contradiction between people who are supposed to be your family and those whole are really your family is actually symbolized in the Harry Potter stories, where Harry's real parents have died at the hand of black sorcerer Voldemort and Harry has been living with foster parents who have no affinity with him whatsoever. They also try to obstruct him from following his calling, which real family (that is spiritual or soul family) would never do. Of course a muggle is incapable of understanding a magician, just as a pig is unable to appreciate the beauty of pearls. It is just a question of which level of development an individual and his family have and what direction the individual and his family have chosen to grow toward.
The attentive reader will notice that the Cabal is taking similar approaches toward destabilizing societies in general, by mixing people with totally different backgrounds, cultures, religions, customs and values in the same cities and countries. Look at how the West Bank has been made into a patchwork of jews and Palestines, witness the picking up of refugees near the coasts of Africa fleeing Cabal induced conflicts, wars and desperate poverty and hopelessness in Africa and parts of Asia, see the migrations of indigenous peoples forced out of the lands of their forefathers throughout history. It evidently creates uncanny and unsettling feelings with both the displaced persons and the original residents of the host countries leading to frictions and it is thus an engine for sprouting new conflicts.

Censorship and the destruction of gnosis.

The history of humanity on planet Earth has been falsified enormously, and this has been done through destruction of knowledge, information and evidence and rewriting of history in the fashion of what the Cabal wants us to believe. One great act of destruction was the burning of the library of Alexandria, the largest collection of books and gnostic scriptures in the world at the time. Another great act of destruction occurred over time by the burning of so called heretical books confiscated by the Inquisition of the Roman Catholic Church; anything that was not based on religious belief but scientific inquiry was suspect and qualified to be destroyed. These are just two examples of a systematic and ongoing effort by the Cabal to hide the true history of humanity and planet Earth and eradicate pure spiritual traditions and higher knowledge.
The true history in short is that human beings of various shapes, sizes and skin colors came to planet Earth from other star systems in various periods, eventually forming the highly evolved civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. The dark forces came to Earth at a later stage and caused troubles which led to war between Atlantis and Lemuria; in this war such powerful weapons were used that the entire system of tectonic plates was greatly destabilized which resulted in extremely heavy earthquakes (far past 10 on the Richter scale), huge tidal waves and volcanic eruptions that continued to occur for centuries. The severity of these cataclysms wiped out much of the remnants of the old civilizations, but not all. Some people at the time knew what was coming and had retreated to especially constructed underground cities and their descendants are still living in these underground structures today, such as Telos, Rama, Shonshi, Shingla and Posedid. An even older underground city is most known and is called Shamballa.
The responsibility for the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria lies with the dark forces that got these great civilizations expelled from the Galactic Confederation and then instigated the war between them. The dark forces would rather hide that from us, as well as the fact that people lived much, much longer lives back then. The paradise that Earth once was was gone and people around the globe struggled to survive and maintain some of their culture, habits and technology. So the dark forces have portrayed a story that humanity has slowly evolved from apes into semi-intelligent and then intelligent beings, developing more and more advanced technology over the course of time, while in reality people were just remembering and recreating the things they already knew and used thousands of years ago in past lives and recovering the cultural expressions they knew before.

Managing a flock of sheep.

Humanity is being herded as a flock of sheep which can go and graze the pastures designated to them and which are delineated by the barbwire and fences set up at the edges of the pastures. But escaping this ring fenced terrain is forbidden and any attempt to try and create an opening in the barbwire or fence to pass into the wild areas where existing evolves into really living life is being cut short by the herdsmen. Each sheep receives an earmark in the form of a social security number, a passport to keep track of its movements and electronic identifiers to monitor it and make sure it stays clear of the fence.
Compliant and obedient behaviour is awarded just enough to dispense a dose of contentment and satisfaction, while unruly and recalcitrant behaviour is punished as a warning not to proceed any further on such an adventurous road. Role models who behave as desired are constantly shown, put in the spotlights and praised for being such great citizens. Rebels who defy expectations and follow their inner voice are given the harsh treatment, they are fired, ridiculed, accused and denounced. But more and more people are beginning to see through all this manipulation and are starting to question the basic foundations of authority in this world. This drives the herdsmen mad at times and as a result they make errors of judgement as to how best respond to these new challenges to their rule, thus exposing their agenda of control further.
And this questioning and exposing is much needed, because the majority of people on Earth is still quite deeply asleep and more preoccupied with the latest sports results, investment rates, gossips, getting laid with that new attractive chick or bloke, hobbies and pastimes, movie and music releases etcetera etcetera. That is why I want to call for everyone who has any level of awareness and intelligence to wake up from this conditioned and Cabal nourished state of distractions and focus on side issues and join the fight to liberate planet Earth once and for all from the grip of the dark forces. This is totally feasible and will definitely be achieved, but it is that much easier if more people join this fight; this is the wholiest of battles that you will ever find, it is a crusade and a jihad in the pure and unpolluted meaning of these words. The more of us participate, the sooner it will create a flood of light and truth that will burst open the gates to a world that will be incredibly much better for every living being present on Earth. You can read further about this on the "What you can do" page, but please follow the logical order of the pages if you haven't yet seen the full content of this site.

New World Order, HAARP and other projects.

The New World Order has been labelled the ultimate goal of the Cabal, where all worldly power is fully centralized in a one world government run by the Cabal top leaders and the human population totally subservient to Cabal rule. In my best understanding however the Old World Order is the world as it has already been run by the Cabal for millenia and the New World Order was the plan of the Illuminati to undermine and then dismantle all institutions of Cabal power and control and create a centralized world government that would end wars and conflicts and serve all people's interests equally. The Illuminati were however discovered and infiltrated by the Cabal and the Cabal then proceeded to assimilate the plan as its own, conveniently adjusting it to fit their own agenda.
HAARP, short for High frequency Active Auroral Research Program, was introduced to humanity by US president Ronald Reagan as Star Wars, an advanced system that would be able to destroy incoming ballistic missiles from lower space orbits. This purported purpose is not the whole story to it, it has much wider and more diverse uses and has been a prime weapon in the hands of the Cabal. It is powered from ground stations located all over the planet that are linked to a network of satellites which can generate very strong beams of energy. It can generate earthquakes, create plasma lenses in the atmosphere to bundle sunlight, target surface areas with electromagnetic radiation that can make people fall asleep or be unable to sleep depending on the transmitted frequency, and destroy any target on the ground.
Apart from HAARP many other sources of electromagnetic radiation have been introduced into our lives and surroundings in recent times, such as mobile phones and cell towers, babyphones, DECT telephones, microwave ovens, scanners of various kinds and sizes, wifi and wireless equipment. The amount of radiation produced by such equipment is now at a level that planet Earth is sending more radiation into space than a supernova. It is completely ridiculous how so many people have gullibly embraced this kind of technology without questioning whether it is safe and healthy and what consequences the exposure to such levels of radiation has in the long term. Independent research shows that it can lead to all kinds of diseases, such as headaches, chronic fatigue, cancer and dementia. The words that denominate this are electrosmog and radiation sickness or radiation stress. Don't think for a moment this is by accident, the Cabal always researches the effects of technology thoroughly before they introduce it to the public. It is meant to tamper with people's functioning, to weaken and sterilize people and to kill excess population gradually. The long term plan is to turn humans into cyborgs that obey commands automatically without a trace of criticism by means of transhumanism and nanotechnology.
Cabal movie projects include Walt Disney Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Touchstone Pictures and formerly also Miramax Films. Movies are an important tool of conditioning and programming and Walt Disney was a pedophile and Cabal member. He enabled other Cabal members to molest children and the Disneyland, Disneyworld and Eurodisney theme parks are outstanding magnets to bring in children. Many Disney cartoons and movies sexualize children at an unnaturally young age, so that they feel their value depends on exterior attractiveness and confirmation. Violence is also normalized and portrayed as something natural and inevitable in many Disney cartoons and movies. Many symbols have been wrapped in films that send direct messages to the subconscious of children and adults alike. Also very disturbing is the systematic undermining of the authority of parents and adults over children by showing adults as fools and idiots who don't know what they are doing and as persons who can be argued with or ignored. All this corrupts young people and society in general in ways that can only lead to social disasters. Already there are segments of young generations that can hardly be corrected in their vandalistic and obnoxious behaviour.
Other initiatives concocted by the Cabal are what I call keep 'em busy initiatives. That includes newsletters and folders sent out by just about any organization nowadays that citizens deal with so that people are swamped with information as well as polls on the service provided by organizations, festivities and celebrations organized by schools, community centers and cities that ask for the pratical help and support of parents, neighbours and other volunteers, free market choice of utilities companies, telecom providers and health insurance companies with a whole range of product options etcetera etcetera. It is all meant to consume people's free time and keep everyone busy from cradle to grave without giving people a moment to take a breath, reflect and consider what we are doing and what is being done to us.

Summary: a bleak existence under Cabal rule.

Much more can be said about the plans and activities of the Cabal, but what I shared on this page and the previous one is the essence apart from religion and its functions, which are so important that I dedicate a separate page to it, on which page I will also make a transition to the lighter and more elevating subjects starting with spirituality. In case you want to know more, click the links that I included within the text of the paragraphs for detailed information, access the websites listed on my "Links" page, search the internet or read a book by one of the excellent independent journalists and researchers that are out there.
All of the actions of the dark forces that affected life on Earth in the past millenia, from genetic modifications to make humans more aggressive and easier to manipulate, to the war mongering, exploitation, wage and debt slavery, incessant undermining of people's happiness, integrity and wholeness, all of it we have experienced throughout our incarnations has created in us a greater or lesser degree of trauma, desillusion and cynicism. Tremendous healing on multiple levels and in multiple aspects of our being is needed to counter this, and it will be given to us by the light forces once the road is free to make it come our way. In the meantime we can do little things ourselves to improve our wellbeing and overall situation. Use your own imagination and let yourself be inspired by what more I will share with you.