Xekleidoma - Love for all


tha gaol an fhreagairt

The dimensions of love.

In the higher dimensions no darkness can exist, only love. This is because there is a deep understanding in the higher dimensions what works and what doesn't work paired with a full recognition of our origin and divine nature. There is a beautiful expression that sums it up perfectly: One for all and all for one. Another spot on saying is: No man is an island. Not only do we need each other for exchange of services and knowledge, reflection and development, but we are very much interconnected on all levels of existence. Source chose to split itself into countless parts so that it could interact with itself, look back upon itself and express itself in the greatest possible variety of tastes and flavors. It didn't want a few colors, but all colors. Not a few shapes, but all shapes. The split is not final and neither is it absolute, it is like a long journey that we undertake and the destination of which is reunification with Source. Only those in the lower dimensions have forgotten about our common origin and destiny and we have lost ourselves in the division of personalities. As Elvis Presley sang: The world's a stage and each must play a part. So we play to be a part, but we actually are the whole. There is no one else beside you; contemplate that and your perspective changes fundamentally.
Now in this world we have a much watered down version of this unity consciousness which is neatly expressed with the words: I scratch your back, you scratch mine. In other words I help you if you help me, it has become conditional. Such is the consciousness of separation ingrained in us that we firmly believe there is something to lose. But what could you possibly lose if all there is is you? How did it start, who is wrong and who is right, does it really matter? The concept of darkness came into being as the absence of the Light and expressed itself as evil manifested. It has been decided that it will end because it serves no purpose; there is a job to be done mopping up the dirt. Things need to be set straight once and for all, and that means vengeance has no place as that would only produce more bitterness and resentment. Those who fullwillingly inflicted great harm on others must however be confronted explicitly and conclusively with the pain and suffering they induced so that they will never consider such behaviour again.

Forgiving yourself and ourself.

To forgive others for harmful things they have done is a hard thing to do, to forgive yourself is a bit easier, to forgive others as yourself is still a bit easier than that and to forgive everyone is the easiest. But why is that? As long as you persist that you are the victim of other people's actions you subscribe to your periodical dose of blaming and shaming all the while denying your own stake and responsibility in the affairs concerned. You deny the connection between what is inside and what is outside, you deny the illusion of separation and you deny your own divinity. Jesus said to his disciple Peter during their last supper together: "You will deny Me three times before the rooster crows". So why am I willing to forgive even the most immoral, vile and despicable acts of evil that have been perpetrated by the Cabal and their associates?
  • They are caught in the same trap of primary anomaly as we are, only they don't necessarily see it that way
  • In general their perspective is quite different than ours as they have other experiences resulting in blind spots
  • They don't realize what they are doing due to their own limited awareness and disconnection from Source
  • They are on a road there is no turning back from in any conventional manner
  • They do have a point in some respects, for instance when it comes to the plague of overpopulation
  • I am not without sin myself, I have felt intense hatred and could have gone down a destructive path
  • Despite everything we are still one
So what do we choose, who do we want to be and how do we want the world to be like? To be or not to be, that is the question. That is where it all starts and that is where it all ends.

Forgiving evil deeds creates the space for repentance on the side of the perpetrator. Never underestimate the power of forgiveness, it can and will turn lost souls to the light. This is one of the reasons why we have former Cabal servants and associates coming forward with testimonies of their experiences with and knowledge of Cabal activities. Let me emphasize that forgiving someone who has shown repentance is conditional love and thus has a limited impact while forgiving someone regardless whether he or she has expressed or will ever express any regret is unconditional love and has unlimited impact. Forgiving works both ways, it will release you of the burden of holding grudges, feeling animosity and being on your guard all the time. Instead there are so many more worthwhile things to invest your energy and attention into.

The levels of love.

There are multiple aspects of love which all have their own distinct quality, meaning and value, and love can express itself in a multitude of forms. The following levels can be distinguished which correspond with the levels of our own nature and the dimensions of existence:
  • physical love
  • mental love
  • emotional love
  • spiritual love
  • divine love
Physical love ranges from touching, caressing, tickling, hugging, kissing and licking to oral sex and sexual intercourse. Archon mindprogramming has created an artificial division between sexual and non-sexual physical contact, but in reality there is no fixed demarcation line between these two opposites; there are really no opposites, just degrees of physical intimacy. It is very important to note this, as the puritanism and chastity promulgated by many religions is one of the primary causes that gave rise to all forms of sexual dysfunction as well as satanism.
Mental love manifests as preferences for certain qualities and admiration for people who possess these preferred qualities, both physical and non-physical. It also makes us seek out and befriend those individuals that are likeminded and with whom we can share the things that have our interest.
Emotional love is comprised of the things that affect us positively and make us feel amused, tender, nostalgic, overjoyed or appreciated. The affection that is born from emotional love is one of the best medicines you can find for sustained health and one of the best promotors of spiritual deployment.
Spiritual love in essence is unconditional and connects the worldly events of our lives with the divine spirit that is the highest reality. We can use it as a compass to find our way back to compassion and living our passion. It holds the potential to lift us up out of our problems and tribulations, to expand our outlook beyond what we thought was possible and to set us free from limiting beliefs.
Divine love has always maintained immutable truth of our essence and everything in existence is derived from it except primary anomaly, that is why it is called an anomaly. All life force is generated by divine love as it is the absolute nucleus of universal Life which is everlasting and ever enriching itself with new expressions, experiences and explorations. Divine love cannot be expressed in words, as it goes far beyond the meaning of words; words are like idols, they have limits while Source has none. But if I would make a try, I would say there is no truth and even that isn't true.

Motherly love is very strong (when we leave psychopathic mothers out of the equation), because it is a combination of physical love (the baby growing and making movements in the womb, sucking the nipple of the mother for milk), mental love (the mother recognizes her own traits and features in her child), emotional love (mother and child have gone through the same birthpains and joys together) and spiritual love (the mother brings forth new life into the world, raises the child to the best of her abilities and her child's happiness is her happiness).
Romantic love can be very strong as well, as it combines emotional, mental and physical love and if these are well alligned they reinforce each other and become more than the sum of the parts. This is called a mandala, where the exact placement of shapes, colors and textures creates a powerful harmonious energy field that is often symmetric and always in balance. It is no wonder so many people long for romantic love and no coincidence the dark forces have interfered with it in so many ways.
Platonic love combines mental and emotional love and often includes elements of spiritual love. It is focused on the qualities of the individual and not on physical attraction, although it isn't prohibitive of physical attraction. Platonic love tends to take on a spiritual dimension as the sexual motive is not in play and thus the contact will endure only if there is a strong click. Such a form of love may ignite between soulmates and kindred spirits which vary a lot in age or of which one or the other is already in a monogamous love relationship with someone else.
The strongest love besides divine love is the love between twin flames, it multiplies individual life force a thousandfold and has the power to overcome anything; it actually creates a moving and pulsating energy field in all dimensions that pierces the veil and uncovers all lies. That is why the dark forces have spared no effort to keep twin flames separated from each other in space and time. There is total comfort, familiarity and recognition on a deep level between twin flames from the first moment they meet.

Practical applications of love.

Love encompasses so many aspects and expressions that it can be mind-boggling. But which are the core characteristics of it and which are the things that tend to be mistaken for love? First it needs clarification what it is not; although that may seem evident, these things would not be so numerous in the world and so shamelessly displayed by so many if everyone would really distinguish them clearly. So in order for people to identify things more sharply let me list what is not love:
  • expectations
  • complacency / self-satisfaction
  • presenting your best side
  • criticizing people
  • shifting responsibility
  • asking favors
  • believing / compliance
These are the core expressions of true love:
  • gratitude
  • self appreciation / self-esteem
  • being yourself and shining your inner light
  • being a living example of constructive behaviour
  • assuming full responsibility
  • sharing a dream
  • inner knowing / discernment
The above summary already implies how to show love and how not to, so I will not lay it out for you. Just don't let anyone tell you who you should be, how you should live your life and what your role in society is, you know best if you just listen to your heart and forget about all the nonsense that has been poured into your brain during your lifetime. How else do you think the world has ended up the way it is now? Intuition and heart love are of a much deeper, considerate and all encompassing intelligence than the mind alone. The mind cannot fathom the One. I trust that it is now plentifully clear to you that the new age stances "everything will be alright and you don't need to do anything about it (go with the flow)" and "love and accept everything as it is, everything is perfection" are wrong, these are Archon programmings.

Ascension to the higher dimensions.

With all the love talk one would almost forget the hardships of daily life, but it's not only poor people and sick people that suffer; many freedom fighters, lightworkers and light warriors have paid a high price for their efforts to address injustice, inequality, abuse of power and money grabbing at the top levels of our society and to transform the morphogenetic field to a more loving frequency. Many have been killed to stop their activities, even more have been injured and traumatized. But the reward will be sweet once the breakthrough finally happens and the light forces can reveal themselves and fill the leadership positions for the good of mankind.
Planet Earth is going to ascend to the 5th dimension and that will happen with or without human beings inhabiting it. Gaia is ready for it and has been for quite some time, she was willing to wait for humanity to catch up but she's not going to wait forever. As it looks now a large number of people will be able to ascend with the planet, but another part of human beings currently living on Earth will not be able to ascend or may prefer to continue living in the 3rd dimension. Some people are still incredibly primitive, I'm sorry to say, and they will need much more time to develop their soul and refine their being. What puzzles me perhaps most of all is the weak sense of responsibility that many seem to have, I cannot tell you how often I cleaned up the mess that others left behind both literally and figuratively. Slavish obedience to an oppressor equals a weak sense of responsibility. On the other side of the spectrum are the incarnated angels, they have lived in higher dimensions relatively recently and you recognize them as you look into their eyes. They are so pure and beautiful that it humbles me greatly. I can only hope to one day be like them. The angels will ascend with the greatest ease, they don't have much private cleanup to do. For the average person it will be challenging to an extent as we need to face all our ghosts of the past but also very delightful as the new energy is so gentle, warm, inviting and intimate.
The details of the ascension plan will only be made public by the light forces some time after the Event, once the grizzled veil has been pulled away and humanity has come to peace with the new reality. The extraterrestrial beings of light will be directly and intensively involved, as it is the first time in the history of the entire universe that a whole planet with living beings will simultaneously ascend to a higher dimension. Many technologies and related machinery and equipment will stop functioning as the higher dimension has different mechanics and replacements will need to be arranged. The actual shift to the 4th dimension and later to 5th dimension will be instantaneous, similar as ice which melts: one moment it is ice, the next moment as temperature (frequency) increases it changes into water. The timing of that moment will be determined by the overall frequency of the planet's energy field.

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