Xekleidoma Introduction


anns an toiseach bha am beachd

Purpose of this website

The purpose of this website is twofold: pinpoint exactly what is wrong in the world we call planet Earth and how it came to be like this, and to provide solutions that can deeply transform the macro situation and drastically ammeliorate the life experience of both humans and animals on a micro level. For this purpose everything in the world that is fake, false and stands in the way of manifesting the full glory of divine love on Earth must be completely and totally disintegrated, starting with the false beliefs and perceptions of people that form the foundations of everything that is wrong in the world.
Since there is so much to say about the matter at hand, I strive to be very concise on each subject and will go into detail only when necessary to explain and clarify things better. Although much of the content of this site has been communicated by many others before me, the added value is in providing a summarized and complete overview that links all relevant subjects together. I have kept the format of this site very simple using only basic HTML code as my time is limited and the main priority is to share the information with as many people as soon as possible. I use light letters on a dark background as that is much more comfortable to the eyes than the other way around.

The fundamental problems of the world

  • Ignorance
  • Imbalance
  • Selfishness
These are the most basic, fundamental problems that this world is facing and any real solution needs to address these problems directly and decisively. Any political, financial, economic, sociological or environmental plan that doesn't deal with the beforementioned fundamental issues will fail to result in a considerable and lasting improvement.
Please understand that ignorance is not just the other person's problem, it's yours and mine as well. We have limited conciousness and even if you would be the smartest, most educated person in the world, you would still not know all the experiences another person has gone through and that have shaped the other person's personality. We should always be aware of that.
From whichever perspective you look at the world and whichever aspect of the world you investigate, you will find imbalances on close examination. That is the current state of affairs, it's no use denying it. Before being able to change anything, the reality of the situation needs to be acknowledged.
The greatest poison of all however is selfishness, it is the single greatest source of suffering in the world. I want to distinguish clearly between being centered and looking after your own interests on one hand and seeking to build your happiness on other people's misery on the other hand. The first is completely natural and healthy, the latter is the utmost foolishness as no true happiness can exist in an environment that is sick and deprived.

The right attitude

Applying the following simple and straight forward attitude always works to contribute in creating a better place to live, love and work: remove something undesirable and add something desirable. Clean up litter, correct an error, repair some damage, heal someone's soul, create something of beauty, show creativity, provide inspiration, motivate to be more than someone used to be. Even a little bit of this recipe every day will make a huge difference in the long run.
When reading the content of this website, please do so with an open mind and allow yourself to accept that you don't know everything and there are things to be learned. Some content may be far out there for you and may contrast with the understanding of the world you have built and this can cause a cognitive dissonance within you, but I ask you not to identify too much with the upbringing, education and training you have received in your life as that would limit your ability to expand your horizons. The biggest obstacle to change for the better is people’s personal filters and their attachments to the things they have identified themselves with, which can make it very difficult to discern the truth clearly. What the majority of people believe isn't necessarily correct, otherwise the world would be a much better place than it is today. I don't know everything myself, but I provide links to other sources of information on internet that back up and expand on what I share on this site. Please note that I have spent countless hours and days and analyzed and cross-checked shiploads of information to get to the level of understanding that I am at today. Reality is stranger than fiction, please understand that. I use a holistic approach in composing the content of this site: intellect, intuition and higher knowledge combined with the support of my spirit guides. I base it on facts, although some things cannot be forensically proven at this point in time. In the rare case that I state an assumption, I will mention it explicitly. Please do take in the full content of this website before making a judgement on its validity, for curing the illness of ignorance the whole medicine needs to be administered. Also please read the pages in the listed order, as each next page builds on the information shared in the previous ones.

About me

This website is not about me, but I will tell you a bit about myself just to satisfy your curiosity (as people are indeed curious). I am middle aged and live and was born in the Netherlands. I am highly analytical, a highly critical thinker, very sensitive and I have the M in my hand palms.
For many years now I have been observing this world like a condor floating high in the sky investigating its basic characteristics and have shared my findings only with a small number of people. There have been many times when I couldn't understand the reckless, irresponsible, brutal and downright evil ways in which humans can behave. I have been very much angered at times by such behaviour when it was directed at me or at people and places I love, but in writing the content of this site I put all that aside and am drawing from my source of wisdom. At the same time I seek to be a channel for what the spirits of light, angelic beings and ascended masters wish to convey to all of humanity and that is basically a message of reassurance, support and above all love. Since I started writing the pages of this site, it has been having quite a strong effect on me. I realize that earlier I was not ready for creating the site and that the one and only thing that is really going to save and transform this world is divine love, which is of a much higher order, much stronger and much more pervasive than romantic love or even love for family and friends. Now the time has come that I feel the urge to share what I have learned and to counteract the unfathomable pile of nonsense that I have found in this world. I don't consider myself the evident candidate to write the information and messages contained in this site, I am far from being a saint, have had many negative emotions and made many poor choices in life, but I chose to step forward to commence this project. At first I regarded it a personal project of my own making, but as I progress I realize that I am an instrument in the hands of the forces of light that eagerly prompt me what to share and which tone of voice to use.

My motto

I fully underwrite the motto that I feel closest to from the country that is in my heart: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité (liberty, equality and brotherhood).