Xekleidoma - Religion versus spirituality


spioradalachd a tha ann an cridhe

The origins of religions.

If the dark forces who have taken control of planet Earth many thousands of years ago have contaminated and blemished everything that was once pure and divine, from our own inner nature and genetic make-up, the natural environment, the air we breathe, governance of the people, trade and commerce, our energy supply, the food we eat, the genetics of food crops, our cultures and entertainment, our education and sources of information, our languages, even the energy grid of the planet, literally everything, do you really think that they would leave spirituality untouched?
It will be hard to accept for people who regard themselves as religious and who identify strongly with the religious tradition they follow, but religions have been purposefully created by the dark forces to control and manipulate people's spirituality, cut the direct connection between our spirit and Source, constrain our life force and harvest the energy of our prayers and religious ceremonies. Spirituality is the subject of our spirit, which is what we truly are more than our bodies which are just temporary vehicles that we get to use during our incarnation in the physical world. That is why it is the number one thing that the dark forces have been seeking to direct and manipulate since the time they have dominated this planet. Words fall short to stress the importance of understanding this, every religion is a dilution and distortion of truth. It is without exception a clever and sophisticated amalgamation of truth, lies and omissions. All original writings that form the basis for the so called holy books that are now used by the monotheistic religions (the bible of Christianity, the koran of Islam, the torah of Judaism) have been edited during the course of history. Other writings have been completely erased and destroyed with great zeal and fervor. I am very sorry to say this, it would be great to have the unadultered and uncensored original writings, but that is not to be found in the scriptures of the churches, mosques and synagogues.
The nontheistic philosophies such as Buddhism and the polytheistic theologies that worship multiple gods such as Hinduism and Voodoo can equally be ragarded as religions. They have also been tampered with by the dark forces although they are generally less aggresive than the monotheistic religions. It is quite telling how many different branches of creeds have arisen over the course of time; this is partly the result of the work of the dark forces causing as much division as they can and partly the result of people feeling something is wrong with the tradition in which they were raised. But what is most telling of all and this should be acknowledged by everyone, regardless whether you are religious or not, is that the world at large is still quite an awful place to live with all the suffering going on unchecked. If every religion would be right in their teachings we would be living in paradise right now. If just one religion would be right in their teachings it would have taken over the spiritual market share of other religions and we would be living in paradise just the same. But that is obviously not the case and with that observation I rest my case.

Who is who in the order of spirit.

Many if not most of the gods that are worshipped and prayed to in the polytheistic religions are actually based on characters that really existed and lived on Earth in the distant or less distant past, and some of them were of extraterrestrial origin. Their specific qualities are the reason they are worshipped and why they are asked to help with certain problems and situations.
But more important than these entities are the main ones who hold principal power and people need to know who they are: first there is Source which could be called the one and only true God but such a word or name is really too limiting to describe it / him / her / us / all. It is simply the source from which all life came and to which all life eventually returns. It is pure and unconditional love, truth, happiness and glory but not limited to that. Second is the Pleroma, which is the living and very highly evolved entity that is the spirit of the Galactic Central Sun located in the core of the Milky Way galaxy. It is responsible for the evolution of the Milky Way and all life in it and it is connected to all of us living in the Milky Way, it follows our progress and sends pulses of light throughout the galaxy at regular intervals. Third is Gaia or Pachamama, which is the living and highly evolved entity that is the spirit of planet Earth itself. Gaia has allowed people to experience life on this planet in duality and has endured the maltreatment by unconscious and foolish humans for a very long time, but Gaia desires to return her body to its former state of being as a 5th density planet. To achieve this goal a planetary ascension process has been planned which will be put in motion shortly after the final defeat of the Cabal. Fourth is the Demiurge or Yaldabaoth, which is a false god that wants to be worshipped and feared. It is vengeful and tolerates no other above it, it wrongly thinks it is the highest entity in existence. It is the god that Christians, Muslims and Jews actually pray to without realizing it. The Pleroma and Gaia have the divine spark from Source, but the Demiurge doesn't, it is artificial in that sense. It is a lower creation that arose from primary anomaly and it is not in the slightest way in line with the will of Source.

Setting apart the truth from the lies.

I want to clearly pinpoint the aspects of truth that are definitely part of the various religious teachings and tenets, as they are based in spiritual principles and offer good guidance for living a positive and constructive life. After that I will pinpoint the false aspects of the various religions that bring people off track from living truly spiritually and onto a path that constitutes spiritual slavery and destruction of self.

The golden rule or ethics of reciprocity is endorsed by all major religions, although the exact wording varies. Christianity says "Do unto others what you would have them do unto you" and "Love your neighbor as you love yourself", Islam says "None of you has faith until he wishes for his brother or his neighbor what he wishes for himself", Judaism says "That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow", Buddhism says "Put yourself in the place of others and harm none nor have them harmed", Hinduism says "One should not behave towards others in a way which is disagreeable to oneself". So the universal and overarching value of this rule or guideline is undisputed.
Another great principle that can be found in religions is the God given qualities and intrinsic value of human beings and human life. Christianity and Judaism say "And God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them", Islam says "I have made him complete and breathed into him of My spirit", Buddhism talks about the sanctity of all human life and about bodhisattvas as humans who have the necessary qualities to attain enlightenment, Hinduism says "The Omnipresent One pervades souls and matter like warp and woof in created beings" and mentions that all lives are of equal value. To summarize life itself is sacred and holds the potential and innate qualities of Source, which is to a greater or lesser degree affirmed by all major religions.
A third highly important principle that is common in all major religions is service to others. In Islam zakat or giving alms to the poor is one of the five pillars of the religion, in Christianity charity is defined as one of the three theological virtues which can take the shape of donating money or providing practical help to people in need, in Judaism tzedakah or charity is regarded as a spiritual benefit and an act of justice and righteousness and the most meritorious kind of tzedakah is enabling the recipient to become self-reliant, in Buddhism service to others in the form of generosity and compassionate help plays a central role, especially service to parents, teachers, partner and children, friends and counselors, servants and ascetics, in Hinduism dana or giving is an important part of dharma and the gift should be given without expectation of appreciation or reward. So also this main spiritual principle is underlined by the major religions, although I must add it should be viewed as a highly advisable way of living and not as an obligation. Giving should be done wholeheartedly and not with the aim to follow a rule or fulfill expectations.
Other spiritual principles and standards that are to be found in the various religions of the world, such as showing repentance, compensating wrongdoings, making offers, giving thanks and the warning against usury by charging interest on loans (ribaa in islam) are supporting the primary principles described above. These spiritual and truthful features are the things that lured people into accepting and subscribing to these religions. Pilgrimage can be regarded as taking a period in your life to concentrate entirely on going inward, similarly as spiritual retreats, but it should never be done out of obligation. Fasting is described as having positive effects on physical and mental health, but it should of course be done in a responsible manner; some people can go without food for a long time, but these people don't have an average energetic makeup and have already done extensive spiritual work in the past to raise their vibration.

The specific lies or false aspects of religions vary from one religion to the next, but let me highlight the most crucial ones.
The koran refers to unbelievers (that is people who deny the one God and his prophet Mohammed) as kuffar and repeats in many verses that a grim fate awaits them, either by the hand of Allah or his followers. Although there is controversy to which groups of people the word kuffar refers exactly, the rhetoric is aggresive and vindictive. "As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help". Right, and that was written by the same person who wrote about wishing for your brother or neighbor what you wish for yourself? I am quite sure that the prophet Mohammed was a wise man and didn't suffer from schizophrenia, so the verses about kuffars cannot have been written by him; the innate godliness of every human and the punishment for being an infidel are like water and fire, it doesn't combine but somehow it ended up in the same "holy" book. Holy crap, I would say.
Then let's have a look at Christianity and its concept of hell. Hell is defined as the place where unrepentant sinners are sent after they have been judged by God and where they will endure eternal punishment. Well, that is not such a nice example of doing unto others what you would have them do unto you, is it? And neither is it displaying a strong support for the statement that God created man in his own image. If man possesses divine qualities, even though in an embryonic state, then why would it be necessary to punish him for eternity for temporary transgressions he made? It makes no sense at all. The Roman Catholic Church even took it a few steps further: for centuries it tortured to death and burnt alive these individuals who were identified as heretics just because their way of life didn't conform to catholic dogmas. There is no other organization in the world that has committed as much crimes against humanity as the Roman Catholic Church, that's why it's incomprehensible that it still exists and is still massively supported and funded by people.
Now let's look at the concept of original sin in Christianity. It is symbolized by the story of Adam and Eve eating the apple from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and thus disobeying God's command. The initial sin that was committed by Adam and Eve caused the fall of mankind and we have thus become susceptible for sinning, meaning not adhering to the 10 commandments. There is also emphasis placed on the conceived notion of discordance between the spirit and the flesh of the physical body. Humanity is thus deprived from holiness and only by living a consistently devout life as a Christian humans can become holy again. The story of Adam and Eve is just giving a somewhat acceptable explanation to humans for the primary anomaly which has much deeper, multidimensional and ancient causes that are not related to human beings. Apart from that the sacred nature of humans is undermined by the concept of original sin thereby making humans dependent on the churches and clergy for salvation of their soul. And on top of that there is an internal chasm generated within humans that creates an internal struggle; humans that struggle with themselves will not be able to throw off their oppressors.
Buddhism and Hinduism have a similar concept in that ordinary humans are imperfect but can strive to become a buddha and reach enlightenment. The imperfection is not so much the result of sins from ancestors but from your own wrongdoings in past incarnations and your current lifetime. It is called karma and the task of each person is to redeem yourself by paying off or transforming your negative karma. This can be done in a multitude of ways but often involves experiencing the same harm or sorrow that you made someone else undergo in a past lifetime or period. Although it is clear that each effect has a cause, the concept of karma introduces a spiritual debt that is hard to pay off. In the core it is negative and that is because it is Archon programming applied before birth. If the universe would really be governed by the so called law of karma, then the Cabal wouldn't think of doing what they do routinely and suffering would continue forever as one score is settled after the next.
Some other things I want to briefly put straight are the following:
  • The 10 commandments from God are false, the universe is governed by free will, unlimited potential and love; true love will always prevent the type of harm the 10 commandments seek to alleviate
  • The cross is a morbid symbol of darkness, one of the most horrible instruments of deadly torture ever devised; Jesus never chose to be crucified, he only chose to accept his fate when others decided it for him; only the celtic lands have adopted a cross that is based on the ancient symbol of the element earth
  • Religious belief of whatever kind doesn't glorify anyone's life or make it worthy, it is a recipe for spiritual slavery and servitude
  • Converting someone to a religion doesn't save a soul, spiritual truth and goddess energy will save the soul
  • The vow of poverty that some religions ask from their devout followers creates dependency while acquiring a reasonable level of prosperity creates independence and enhances the options for helping people in need
  • The vow of celibacy that some religions ask from clergy disconnects spirituality from physicality, while true paradise is about merging both here and now instead of experiencing bliss in a fictional afterlife
  • Source doesn't need or desire to be worshipped and prayed to, it is only the false God or Demiurge that needs this for its conservation
  • While religion is about following rules and speaks primarily to the mind, spirituality is about listening to the heart and acting on what it speaks
  • Calling some people, places and objects holy implies that others are unholy and that confirms the idea of original sin which is lastly a lie
If you have a hard time accepting this unmasking and feel attached to a monotheistic religion, you may want to investigate Theosophy, Sufism or Kabbalah. These are the purer branches of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Sexuality, the divine gift of creation.

The most pleasurable experience of physical connecting and unification is what procreates the physical bodies that we incarnate in, yet it has been condemned, marginalized and suppressed so much by all monotheistic religions and other forms of Archon programming that very few people ever express and experience the full extent of sexual unfoldment and fulfillment. The reasons why sexuality has been suppressed so strongly are many, but the essential goal is to weaken people's lifeforce and sense of feeling loved and accepted deeply and fully so that they can be bound by Cabal authority, controlled and made into subservient pawns. Many independent researchers of the Cabal focus first and foremost on financial exploitation of the masses by the banks, manipulation of politics and governments as well as the engendering of conflicts and wars but overlook the major importance of what has been done to repress sexuality in its pure and true form and purpose. Sexual ecstacy can actually create openings in the higher dimensional veil of the control matrix, sex magic is a powerful tool of manifestation and pure sex is a doorway toward spiritual growth and experiencing unity with all life. Pure sex is not quenching lust and thirst for sex or relaxing and releasing the tensions of daily life but goes far beyond that. It is the honest and naked expression of your authentic being past all shame, feeling of inferiority or superiority, impotence, keeping up appearances, wearing a mask, claiming, dependency and other false manifestations.
The ability of people to be comfortable expressing their full sexual nature has been severely limited by associating many negative things with sex, by putting restrictions on how and with whom people are allowed to engage in sex, by characterizing it as sinful, immoral and bestial unless it is for producing offspring and by hiding and concealing it. In recent times the Cabal has been positioning sex more and more as a commodity, a product that can be sold and used for marketing and which speaks only to the lower instincts of lust and profit, stripped of all divine and spiritual qualities and creating hunger for more instead of providing real satisfaction. It is very telling that most parents wouldn't dream of having sex in front of their children and most children would be freaked out by seeing their parents have sex (mention just one animal species that has this issue), it is also very telling how much rape, sexual assault, incest and child abuse, sexual frustration, adultery and pornography have become a part of life. Women nowadays often approach sex in a calculative and reserved manner while men often feel unfulfilled and hunt to find sexual excitement.

So if people's sexuality has become corrupted and repressed, how should it be practiced then and how can it be restored to its divine purpose and potential? I have no illusion that this is going to be achieved before the final defeat of the Cabal and all dark forces ruling planet Earth, but the more conscious people among us can make a start with this. The first guideline is responsibility, as there can be no true freefom of expression without taking full responsibility. Responsibility in sex is respecting other people's limits as well as expressing your own desires openly and honestly. In other words nobody (especially men) should force themselves on anybody against their will and certainly not when a child is involved. It is unhealthy if a grown up has an obsession for engaging in intimate acts with children; that should be discouraged and the root cause of such obsession should be identified and healed. Furthermore the sexual relations and contacts people have should be aimed at mutual pleasure and satisfaction and should address the specific wishes and desires of each individual as much as possible. I think most people can agree with the above and this is a good foundation to build authentic sexuality.
There are other guidelines which in our current primitive societies are controversial and sensitive due to the misunderstanding of life and reality that the majority of people have. A person that sees an incomplete picture of a problem cannot offer a complete solution to that problem, that's a simple fact. It's crucial to understand that suppressing an undesired phenomenon doesn't make it disappear, it just pushes the phenomenon below the surface of people's panorama. One controversial subject related to sex is polygamy, and most often it is interpreted as one man being married to multiple women or having multiple sexual relations with women. In matriarchal times it would be the other way around, when a woman would play the role of the goddess and have ceremonial sex with multiple men. The key is that true love has nothing at all to do with owning a partner or claiming exclusive rights to intimacy with a person. With that I don't mean to say we should all go about copulating with as much partners as we can possibly find, I mean to say there should be no attachment to the choice of the partner to either live a monogamous or polygamous life. Just make that free choice for yourself and allow a partner to also make that choice freely. True love naturally encompasses building a strong relationship of openness, acceptance, support and trust and seeks to bring out the best in each other. A love where partners seek to change each other and don't accept each other as they are is no true love, it is a spiritual fraud.
Another controversial subject is an adult and an "underaged" falling in love and seeking physical intimacy with each other. Let us first analyse the meaning of being underaged. If underaged refers to the mental capacity and maturity, then I must remark that some 12 year old kids are more mentally mature than some 50 year old adults. If underaged refers to the spiritual level of development, that has no correlation whatsoever with physical age, only with the number of incarnations a soul has had and the speed of learning spiritual lessons that the soul has applied. If underaged refers to physical maturity, a person is physically mature usually between 8 and 14 years of age depending on the genes and overall development of the person's body. So the official age of maturity as defined in national laws (between 18 and 21 in most countries) when a person is no longer considered a minor is really of little significance to intimate relations. On top of that it is souls that fall in love with each other, not bodies. If two souls have known each other intimately in past incarnations and haven't met for a long time, then once they finally meet again it creates enormous attraction that can hardly be resisted. To reject such reunion is a clear sign of spiritual stupidity.
Probably the most debated controversy in sexuality is homosexuality. It is disputed by many whether it is a natural phenomenon or a deviation from nature. Scientific research shows that brains of homosexuals are different from those of heterosexuals, but that doesn't answer the question whether it is the cause or the effect of being homosexual. Research has also shown that sexual behaviour of people can be influenced greatly, including the curiosity for having sex with someone of the same gender. The cause of homosexuality is not the same for everyone, in part it is caused by disturbance and oppression of natural sexuality and in part by decisions taken on a soul level. So you could say that some individuals have been driven into homosexual behaviour by past life or early life situations, experiences, experiments and unmet needs that created sexual ambivalence or trauma in the psyche and others have a natural preference based on a desire from the spirit to incarnate as a homosexual and investigate and experience their sexuality from a different perspective and gain a deeper understanding on particular aspects of sexuality. I want to distinguish between feeling exclusive attraction to persons of the same gender and feeling occasional attraction to someone of the same gender, the latter seems to be the more natural thing. Regardless what is the exact explanation for homosexuality, the preferences of each person should always be respected and what matters most is the quality of the love in a relationship.
The last thing I want to briefly cite about sexuality is fetishism, which is the use of attributes and objects to stimulate sexual arousal. A fetishist can have a special fascination for one or more specific types of objects or attributes of a potential partner, such as boots, feet, rubber or leather clothing, wetlook, diapers etcetera. Many people tend to frown on such eccentric behaviour, but in most cases it is quite harmless and is just an expression of diversity unless it becomes an impediment for having a natural sexual experience. It is quite normal for women to dress in sexy lingerie and for men to train their muscles, men often like women with big breasts, round buttocks and a narrow waist, women like men who are confident, humorous and communicative. Fetishism is mostly an expansion of such personal preferences. If the level of excitement in sex however comes to depend too much on the use of objects or certain characteristics of a partner then the natural experience is lost and therewith the opportunity for connecting on a deeper level and experiencing unification.

Spirituality in its pure form.

Many people regard spirituality as something vague and impractical, but the opposite is true. Spirituality is not about believing theories, it is about experiencing facts. The uttermost essential realization in spirituality is to recognize that we are spirits and not bodies. We inhabit a body that we can use to express and manifest ourselves in the physical world, but that is a temporary state of our eternal being. It is temporary not only because of the eventual death of the physical body and the reincarnation cycle, but it is temporary because the third density physical world is the furthest thing from Source essence. From here on we can only move in the direction of Source, as there is no deeper state of denial of our true nature than what we find on planet Earth. Essentially we are not a man or a woman, not rich or poor, not thick or thin, not famous or infamous, we are all and everything. In other words, the universe is the body of Source and we are aspects of Source.
If you say there is something you cannot do, then you have rendered yourself impotent. But it goes further, you have rendered the world slightly impotent and even introduced the idea to the universe at large. That is why the entire universe has a vested interest in ending duality on Earth. The Earth has been characterized by the light forces as a cancer cell in an otherwise healthy body, that is what makes it imperative to heal it. The progress of the universe is halted by the needless suffering going on here based on an incorrect paradigm that humanity follows and supports. This is what the gnostics have always sought to explain to humanity, the very basics of this world are wrong and only by scrutinizing these pilars upon which our "reality" is built can fundamental transformation be initiated. So if you say you can do it, an infinite scope of empowering possibilities opens up for you that you are free to pick from. And you will inspire and empower the folks around you while you're at it. Who says there can be no world peace, who says this place cannot be paradise? What makes you so certain? Until recently, knowing the immeasureable extent of misdeeds and unspeakable crimes the Cabal has committed, I could not find it in my heart to forgive them. Only now, after confronting myself and asking myself the deep question what is more important to me, having my revenge or having paradise, I am able to forgive even the worst of what I personally and we as humanity collectively have gone through. This forgiveness gives room for a change of attitude both in myself, in humanity in general and even within the Cabal. All creation is coming from the higher dimensions, it starts on the metaphysical plane and filters down to the physical plane. So any real change also starts on the non-physical level, it is actually the more real reality than what our eyes can see.

The error in creation that we know as evil resulted from a failed attempt to fix a very fundamental error of contingency, such as the evolution of a planet being undone by an asteroid impact. This could not be fixed by the archangels assigned for the job, it can only be fixed by creation as a whole under the guidance of Source and not by internalizing it as the archangels did but by externalizing it. That process has been set in motion immediately after the error was noticed and it has already been completed on the highest level of creation, now it only needs to filter down fully to the lowest level of creation that we consciously experience. Externalizing certainly doesn't mean denying our inner devils and dark tendencies, it means to acknowledge them and then disengage from them, to reject any and all identification with evil, not just stopping to identify ourselves with it but stopping to identify everyone else with it as well. This is no naive approach, it is the only approach that works. It means to recognize only the original complexion and not what it degenerated into. This is no small task, as every lightworker and lightwarrior on Earth can attest.
The instruments that can be used for this sacred task are various. Triangulation is one fine method that is much used, although many people are not familiar with the term. Its true significance is that it is a multilayered practice; the higher dimensional application of it is to reconcile what seems to be opposed by connecting the opposites through a higher truth. Let me explain that with a simple example: a brother and sister have a fight and both claim the other one started it. The sister said that her brother hit her in the face while she didn't hit him. The brother admits to that, but says his sister insulted him earlier by calling him a buffoon. The sister admits to that and says she didn't realize her brother would feel insulted by that. Both now realize they did something they shouldn't have done as it was experienced as hurtful and express their regret. The principles of this modest housewife's approach can be applied on any scale and on any depth of discord, it all depends on the willingness of parties to come back together.
The lack of willingness to reach consensus on settling a conflict needs to be resolved on a deeper level. One powerful tool for this is called ho'oponopono and the method is to fully erase the feeling of conflict and overwrite it with a feeling of appreciation. It can be applied on a personal conflict or unpleasant encounter with destiny, but equally so on a conflict or calamity that takes place elsewhere in the world. The inherent idea is that we are responsible for everything that happens and that is what makes it so powerful. There is no hiding anymore, you take full responsibility and accountability even for things in which you were not individually and directly involved. It confirms your nature as an interdimensional being that affects everything and everyone, as opposed to the little individual human body you were made out to be by the authorities of governments and religions. Once you are prepared to own any occurence or event you become able to affect and correct anything.
I would like to finalize this paragraph with some beautiful music that expresses the various aspects of genuine spirituality in ways that written words alone cannot do: longing for manifestation, pure communication, healing with mother Earth, authenticity in a twisted world, respecting valuable traditions, making a difference, choosing the truth over the lie, spiritual purification, restoring innocence, guidance and protection.

Transformation of the inner forms.

To summarize, most people don't know what's good for them and that is why the majority isn't necessarily right. They are lost in their conditioning and suffer from opinionitis which is the disease where people hold their "own" opinions, ideological and religious convictions in higher regard than the undeniable and irrefutable evidence that ideologies and religions have been concocted to divide people and alienate them from their own truly spiritual nature; when you tell the truth of the matter most people don't want to hear it. Note that the word conviction refers to a punishment given by a court of law that judges you guilty of a crime. All this is why the big and fundamental changes have always been pioneered by a minority of bright souls.
To make matters worse, there is a segment of the population (just a few percent) that has no interest in love and truth, if you place the most loving and truthful being on Earth in front of them they will just mock her, call her a whore and throw stones at her. I don't see these individuals participating in the ascension process, they are merely obstacles. They have totally internalized the lie that we are in essence sinners, that we're no good, this lie resulting from primary anomaly and supported by the false god Yaldabaoth, they have become the lie. They are the rotten apples and they can infect the other apples in the basket, so common sense says they should be taken out of the basket. Everyone knows it's always the same individuals causing most turmoil and troubles in society, but few people dare to draw the ultimate conclusions. The best in the current setting is to put them in reeducation camps, strip bare their fundamental misconceptions and replace these with the correct conceptions. It's the opposite of our prisons where delinquents are punished and adopt each other's bad habits, that solves nothing at all.
The wise man learns even from a fool, but the fool doesn't even learn from a wise man. So first foolishness must be destroyed completely, that is all the false beliefs that people with a destructive mindset identify with and define themselves by. Sowing seeds in a desert will not result in any growth, unless there are nutrients in the soil, the sun gives its rays of energy and water is added to the soil. Then and only then can the fifth element of ether or spirit be added, which holds the divine knowledge of what works, why it works and how it works. This quintessential wisdom can and will change anything that needs change, even the constructs that seem rigid and immutable. There are levels of quality to everything, a woman can be a whore, just a woman, a lady or a goddess, a man can be a crook, just a man, a lord or a god. The whore and the crook will do everything for money and fame, the ordinary man and woman are the middle of the road risk avoiding and pleasure seeking majority, the lady and the lord are much rarer in this world and have risen above the mundane and impure qualities, the god and goddess are hardly to be found but if ever you stumble upon one he or she will take your breath away and cause an inner exaltation; in that case just bow and show respect. The god and goddess have surpassed all lower qualities, even though they incorporate them into their being. The goddess may use money and fame just like the whore, not in her own small self interest as the whore does but in the interest of all. The god may avoid risk and seek pleasure just like the man does, not for his own small self preservation as the man does but to gift safety and joy to all.
Whatever you decide to do, there will be people who disagree and condemn you for it, so donít seek to please others and get external validation. Seek to be the best that you can be according to your own highest standards.