Xekleidoma - Music with a message


fosgail ur cluasan gu cluinntinn

Pink Floyd - Another brick in the wall A classic pop song about the mind control embedded in education that eliminates creativity and individuality.
The Black Eyed Peas - Where is the love? A song about how the attention of people is consistently drawn to the negative by the mass media.
Manu Chao - Politik kills A protest song describing the hypocrisy and treacherousness of politics.
Eminem - Not afraid Song from the famous rapper who sold his soul to the Cabal and later reclaimed it.
Luar na Lubre - No mundo Folksong in Galician calling for ordinary people to take action on the world's problems.
Elvis Presley - In the ghetto The king of rock appeals to people's empathy and sympathy for the poor in this classic song.
Michael Jackson - Earth song The king of pop painting the suffering of the world in music.
Michael Jackson - Man in the mirror Michael inviting us all to look at our own errors first.
Michael Jackson - Heal the world Whether he was wacko Jacko as the Cabal's media called him or a very kind and sincere spirit, the music remains. Michael was killed for betraying the Cabal agenda, like so many others.
Christina Aguilera - Beautiful Great song for restoring our self esteem and confidence.
Tupac Shakur - Unconditional love Empowering and light bringing song the kind of which made the Cabal take him out.
Bob Marley - Redemption song The king of reggae performed his magic in many songs and this one calls for reconciliation. His presence, energy, messages and performances had a profound positive impact on people around the world, so the Cabal didn't want him to stay around.
Scatman John - Scatman's world Original song that makes you go jiddy and tells us to use our imagination and creativity.
Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey - When you believe Uplifting and stimulating song that tells us there are no limits to what's possible. The Cabal got their clutches on Whitney.
The Kelly Family - David's song (who'll come with me) Inspiring the young and bringing the elderly back to innocence.
Nicole - Ein bisschen Frieden (mehrsprachig) The lovely singer from Germany who charmingly voices her desire for peace in 4 languages.
Doe Maar - Niet nodig (als de liefde het antwoord is) One of the most popular bands in Dutch pop history with their funky ska beat singing that no questions need to be asked when love is the answer.
Zo - Loin d'ici ( la recherche du paradis) Always save the finest for last: this beauty sings in the most beautiful language (French) about her quest for paradise.
John Lennon - Imagine  And the master explains how to find it. He was killed by a Monarch totally mind controlled slave sent by the Cabal after revealing in a radio show how music is used to program and condition people.