Xekleidoma - Important speeches


ghabhail astar fhaicinn gu soilleir

Mohandas Mahatma Gandhi - About God, truth and love Mahatma Gandhi talks about the transcending power of the Source.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Inaugural address US president Franklin D. Roosevelt addressing the nation when taking office.
Dwight David Eisenhower - Farewell address US president Dwight D. Eisenhower addressing the nation when leaving office.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy - Inaugural address US president John F. Kennedy addressing the nation when taking office.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy - On secret societies and censorship US president John F. Kennedy warning the people for the danger of the Cabal conspiracy.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy - Best speeches US president John F. Kennedy's most inspiring speeches.
Olof Palme - UN Stockholm conference opening speech Swedish prime minister Olof Palme talks on the human environment.
Olof Palme - Hanoi speech Olof Palme criticizes the bombing of Hanoi, North Vietnam during the Christmas period of 1972 by the US air force in the Vietnam war.
Salvador Allende - Último discurso Chile's president Salvador Allende adresses the nation for the last time shortly before his death.
Patrice Émery Lumumba - Independence day speech Congo's first prime minister tells the truth of how his countrymen were treated during Belgian colonial rule.
Martin Luther King jr. - I have a dream Reverend Martin Luther King's famous speech on equality of races.
Nelson Mandela - Speech at the opening of his trial Nelson Mandela states his ideal of equality and his willingness to die for it.
Nelson Mandela - Inauguration speech Nelson Mandela's speech when he was inaugurated as president of the republic of South-Africa.
Sathya Sai Baba - Discourse on mind and thoughts Sai Baba tells the importance of the quality of the mind and how it affects health.
Osho Shree Rajneesh - There are no devils Osho explains about duality and religions.
Osho Shree Rajneesh - You have everything, but you don't have yourself Osho teaches about meditation.
Osho Shree Rajneesh - Jealousy, society's device to divide and rule Osho lectures about comparison, jealousy and competition.
Osho Shree Rajneesh - The compulsion to reach power Osho speaks about worldly power, feeling lack and social conditioning.
Osho Shree Rajneesh - You are in prison and you think you are free Osho talks on consciousness and confronting our outer as well as inner reality.
Osho Shree Rajneesh - Being in love Osho shares his insights on sharing.
David Icke - What others dare not say David Icke exposes zionism for what it is and the huge network of power it has built.
Cobra - Messages from the resistance Cobra interview where he gives information about and from the resistance movement.