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càileachd math a-steach tha e deatamach airson math a cur a-mach

The importance of health.

Some people have been blessed with a very strong constitution but treat their body in ways that are detrimental to their health in the long run; they practice the YOLO philosophy (you only live once) with the attitude that tomorrow doesn't matter and that you'll have enough time to sleep when you're dead and gone. The human body is quite flexible and can endure a whole lot of maltreatment, so the young guy who's excessively drinking alcohol, eating loads of fast food, taking synthetic drugs and sleeping irregularly will not notice the ill effects of his lifestyle immediately. But the unhealthy intake and lack of rest and regularity will hollow out the capacity of the body to cope with maltreatment and undermine the body's ability to recuperate. Consequently prolonged unhealthy living will definitely take its toll and will sharply increase the chances of all kinds of unpleasant diseases arising. Once people do get seriously ill they realize all too well how precious good health really is; what people who suffer on a daily basis from pains, reduced mobility, dependency on medical equipment and other effects of ailments and diseases wouldn't give to be freed from their physical discomfort! The official medical science isn't able to cure all diseases, so unless people venture into the alternative medical treatments they are pretty much stuck with quite a number of diseases. It handicaps people in the pursuit of their dreams and ambitions, it oftentimes costs them much of their lifetime savings and it can also result in mental depression and loss of vitality. All that is why the better advise is to prevent diseases and general physical misery by adopting and following a healthy lifestyle as much as possible.

The basics of good health.

Good health has multiple pillars simply because humans are multifaceted. Each pillar matches one facet of the human being:
  • Fitness of the body
  • Clarity of the mind
  • Resolution of the soul
Good health starts before birth, in terms of the genetic properties you inherited from your parents, the energetic influences from the mother during pregnancy and the exposure of the embryo to certain beneficial or harmful substances. You cannot help what kind of basis for health you inherit, but you sure can look after your health here and now. In order to maintain a fit body, it needs a balance between rest and relaxation on one side and exercise and movement on the other side. The best form of rest is deep sleep and the best form of relaxation is to have the body caressed with gentle massages. The best form of exercise is to do useful physical work and the best form of movement is swimming as it engages all the main muscles of the body. To keep your body fit it also needs proper nutrients; such nutrients can be found in natural food and the more varied your diet is the wider is the range of nutrients that you take in. Again balance is essential here, you should eat what your body uses up and not more than that. If you listen to your body it will tell you when it wants to eat, how much it wants to eat and what it wants to eat. Eat and drink regularly but don't let the clock decide when you should eat. Ideally you would eat predominantly locally grown food as that is the food that corresponds with the climate, soil and microbic life of the area that you live in. And it is very preferable to eat with the seasons, summer crops in summertime and winter crops in wintertime.
In traditional Chinese medicine which has a very long track record, a distinction is made between yin and yang foods. Yin foods are watery, cool and expansive (they are often soft or sweet), while yang foods are dry, hot and contractive (they are often firm or spicy). It's important to keep a balance between yin and yang. If you only eat yin food your body will become weakened and you will tend to be shivery, tired, unfocused and quiet, if you eat mostly yang food your body will become overexited and you will tend to be restless, quickly agitated, hyperactive and talkative.

In order to maintain clarity of mind, it needs to be regularly cleared of external noise and internal doubt. External noise is basically everything that doesn't align with you and that others tried to penetrate into your mind. Internal doubt is when you question your own capabilities and aspirations even though you know deep down what you truly want. How to clear your mind is by always telling your truth respectfully, insisting on what you stand for and what you know deep down you must do to make your dreams come true. Keep eliminating from your thoughts and considerations what is not yours and keep invigorating what really makes you tick. Beware of very negative people and labile people, it is best to avoid them as engaging with them can pull down your energy and demoralize you; they need to first take responsibility for their problems and change their mindset to look for solutions, you cannot help people who don't want to help themselves. Furthermore the aspects of the things you want to manifest in your life must be specified, detailed and brought to life in your mind's eye, it needs to be discussed with others so that you pull in those people who have an interest in cocreating what you have in mind. In this manner you will proceed continually toward your envisioned goals while growing and learning as you walk the path.

In order to maintain soul resolution and have the soul express itself in your life, you need to allocate time to spiritual activities. The sabbat (saturday) should be a day of rest, relaxation, reflection and meditative activities such an reading an inspiring book, doing energy work or yoga, performing a ritual, walking in nature or doing some light gardening. It is a time to connect to the spirit world, not just your spirit but the spirits in nature, the spirits of the deceased, your spirit guides and all that lives. The direction that the soul gives is the thread that should run through the following week. Apply this regularity and your life will never feel pointless; there is always more to be done, more to be learnt, more to be enjoyed, more to be created and brought to life. The soul set out a plan of how it wants to develop and what it wants to achieve, but it can only succeed if you listen to it, take note and translate the messages of the soul into practical action. This is not difficult, everyone can do it, you just need to be willing to connect with your spirit.

Nutritious foods.

So which are the nutritious foods that stimulate the bodily functions and provide the nutrients that the body needs? Recent scientific studies show that the healthiest diet is one with lots of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, seaweed, herbs and spices, nuts, seeds, whole grains, beans and mushrooms, modest quantities of potatoes, bread, pasta, eggs, dairy products, pickles, dried fruits and vegetarian meat substitutes and small quantities of seafood, fish and meat. Excellent yin foods are buckwheat, salads, spinach, cabbage, artichoke, eggplant, fresh tomatoes, seaweed, fresh fruits, beans, mushrooms, shellfish and soups. Excellent yang foods are quinoa, eggs, fish, carrots, pumpkins, parsnip, peppers, garlic, ginger, onions, mustard, wasabi, cinnamon, raw cocoa, coconuts, chestnuts, walnuts and linseed.
The best fats to use for cooking are olive oil, palm oil and cream butter as they are natural and remain stable when heated. Sunflower oil and peanut oil are fine for making a salad dressing but not for baking at high temperatures. For sweetening cold food raw honey, agave syrup and maple syrup are excellent, for sweetening hot food I recommend palm sugar and for sweetening tea or coffee pure stevia extract is the perfect choice. For salting always use sea salt, it is rich in minerals whereas plain table salt contains none at all. The best drinks for good health are energized mineral water, herbal tea, green tea and a limited quantity of organic milk and pure fruit juice. To energize water put some small pieces of tumbled rock crystal, rose quartz and amethyst in the can or bottle and leave the water for several hours to become energized.
Despite eating all the recommended foods and choosing organic food as much as possible, one can still have a deficiency of vital nutrients and that is because the soil of most farm land is depleted of minerals and trace elements. The majority of farm land in the world has been cultivated uninterruptedly for such a long time and often using fertilizer to make the land produce as much as possible in the short term, that nature doesn't get to replete what the food crops extract from the soil. For this reason it is advised to supplement your diet with good quality vitamin pills, both multivitamin pills and specific pills to complement what minerals are lacking in the food that you eat.

Although alcohol has the ability to dissolve fat accumulations in the veins and blood vessels, a healthy diet combined with sufficient physical exercise will prevent any accumulation of fat in the veins. Alcohol destroys healthy body cells, especially in the liver and brain, that is why drinking alcoholic beverages is not smart.
Highly processed foods carry much less life energy than natural and unprocessed foods, so they don't support your health. This is actually measurable by the value on the Bovis scale which makes it possible to verify the vitality of any living entity, food or location. Foods that have been deep-frozen for preservation or that have been irradiated for sterilization are also low in life force, but their energy level can be augmented by adding fresh unfettered food to them. Please note that tap water is in many countries being irradiated to kill any remaining bacteria and undergoes elaborate treatment to remove contaminants, hence tap water also has a reduced life force.
Many food products that are produced by the food industry contain several or even many artificial food additives; these are synthetic and often harmful to health, especially in the long term. Don't let the government food agencies and international health institutions fool you, many synthetic additives such as artificial sweeteners, flavour enhancers and preservatives are poisonous chemicals that can cause a wide variety of diseases. Avoid them as much as possible.
If you decide to change your diet, do it gradually so that your body gets time to adopt the new nutritional pattern and doesn't get the shock of a sudden massive adjustment. Eliminate unhealthy foods one by one, replacing them with more healthy alternatives. Only in the case when you face an immediate health crisis a more drastic approach is advisable.

The causes of cancer.

I dedicate a separate paragraph to the dreaded C disease, as cancer is the most obvious and tangible proof that the dominant lifestyle and diet in many "developed" countries is unhealthy. There are two categories of causes for this disease: external and internal causes. It is difficult to control external causes, so I mention these primarily for the purpose of awareness. The internal causes are much easier to control, so that's where the big gains can be made.

External causes:
  • Pollution of drinking water (notably with fluoride)
  • Air pollution (exhaust gases and particulate matter)
  • Soil contamination (industrial waste)
  • Electrosmog (electromagnetic radiation)
  • Nuclear radiation
  • Excessive exposure to sunlight (ultraviolet rays)
  • Unsupportive social settings (unsafety and noise)
  • Corporate competition (rat race)
  • Wars and armed conflicts (post traumatic stress syndrome)
Internal causes:
  • Smoking (especially cigarettes)
  • Sugar consumption (especially granulated sugar)
  • Artificial sweetener consumption (especially aspartame)
  • Overconsumption of meat (especially red meat)
  • Overconsumption of fat foods (especially fried foods)
  • Consumption of crops sprayed with chemical pesticides
  • Use of harmful household and bathroom products
  • Genetic defects
  • Unrelieved emotions (especially stress and hatred)

Pollution of tap water that is drunk or used for cooking, air pollution from factories, traffic, open fires and asbestos fibers and contamination of land where food crops are grown all lead to intake of toxic substances that are alien to the human body and that the body is unable to utilize or break down. A special form of air pollution is the one that respires from industrial building materials used in houses and other constructions, such as alkyd paints, plywood, undercarpets made of polyurethane and other materials that contain resins, glues and other synthetic substances. It's much better to use natural materials as much as possible, they have more esthetic value as well. Another special form of air pollution is caused by the use of teflon pans for cooking, as teflon contains fluor that can respire from the coating in the form of various toxic fluorine compounds. Note that isolated fluor is highly reactive and can initiate unpredictable reactions in the human body. In the favorable case the body will store toxic substances in the body fat where it will remain harmless, but in other cases it may have all kinds of ill effects on the body including causing cell degeneration which is the initial phase of a tumor.
Radiation from equipment that generates electromagnetic fields (such as cell towers, mobile phones, powerlines, microwaves, wifi equipment), radioactive rays originating from nuclear accidents, atom bomb tests and plutonium powered satellites that fell back into the atmosphere decades ago as well as ultraviolet light from the sun and tanning beds can debilitate physical processes and damage the DNA of body cells. Such a process of physical deterioration can start insidiously and then abruptly explode into a full blown cancer. Many brain tumors are caused by extensive cell phone usage in combination with other causes of cancer.
The emotional stress caused by an unsupportive social environment, the rat race of a career in the corporate world and living in a war torn or conflict ridden area may in itself not cause cancer to emerge, but will aggravate a condition that is already prone to develop cancer.

As far as individual lifestyle and diet choices is concerned, smoking is the most well known and acknowledged cause of cancer, particularly lung cancer. Many unnatural substances are added to cigarettes which make them very unhealthy; for people who are really attached to their tobacco it would make much more sense to smoke cigars or pipe tobacco, but the more advisable choice would be not to smoke at all. Many studies have also confirmed the carcinogene properties of refined sugar consumption in whatever form (and it comes in many forms). The average person eats more than enough carbohydrates (wheat products, potatoes and rice) and therefore additional sugar intake is unnecessary and even undesirable; any surplus sugar causes a short but high peak in the glucose level of the blood. If there is one thing that cancer cells thrive on, it is glucose abundance. Although many people replace sugar with artificial sweeteners, these are even worse as they consist of unnaturally complex molecules that break down into toxic substances. Much breast cancer in women is caused by artificial sweeteners, as well as many other forms of cancer.
Even the conservative World Health Organization has recently concluded that high consumption of meat is a serious health risk, and warned specifically against eating red meat (such as beef, pork, horse and lamb). Heavy meat consumption often coincides with heavy consumption of fried foods, such as French fries, fried chicken, fried fish and fried vegetables. Frying commences various chemical reactions in the food as well as the fat that is used for frying and these reactions can produce unhealthy substances such as trans fatty acids. Note that trans fats are also produced when heating food in a microwave. Heavy consumption of fat foods will increase body weight and the degree of fat in the body, which are known to coincide with the incidence of cancer. Another health risk is the intake of pesticides that have been absorbed into potatoes, vegetables and fruit when they were sprayed for crop protection. An oft unsuspected source of harmful and toxic substances are bathroom products; it doesn't matter whether they have been tested and certified for consumer use, don't trust the large corporations and multinationals to look after your health. If you find incomprehensible names of chemical ingredients on the package, then don't buy it. Perhaps the craziest lifestyle choice people make is to poison their own house willingly with insect sprays just to get rid of a few bugs; there are natural alternatives for that such as mosquito screens, fly swatters and certain insect repelling scents and sounds.
Physical functioning can also be disrupted by other internal processes that don't relate to digestion of food. One example is genetic defects that have either been inherited from a parent or have arisen as a result of cell damage caused by sources of harmful radiation. We all experience a lower or higher level of stress as a result of financial problems, family quarrels, relationship tensions, sexual frustrations, disputes with neighbors or colleagues, issues with upbringing of children, crime and vandalism. If intense stress is experienced over a prolonged period and is not released, it will turn inward and either cause depression, cell damage or both. We can be the source of our own malady if we give in to feelings of intense hatred and are stubbornly unwilling to detach from such ill sentiment. Strong emotions have been proven to alter the energetic layout of body cells in a profound way. It needs to be understood that all disease is ultimately a question of energy and mind over matter; we can make ourselves ill and we can heal ourselves with the same ease. Natural treatments for cancer are multiple. Studies have shown that high concentrations of vitamin C kill cancer cells and vitamin D helps prevent cancer. Hydrogen peroxide, ozone and high concentrations of oxygen in the blood can also kill cancer cells while having no ill effect or minimal ill effect on healthy body cells. Harmonious sound frequencies for cell regeneration and energy work by experts can also support curing cancer.

Detoxification, harmonization and alignment.

As we are inevitably exposed to harmful effects both chemically and energetically regardless how healthy we try to live, it is highly advisable to detoxify the body once in a while (especially if you have been around for a while) and to harmonize the energies of the multidimensional bodies.
There are multiple techniques for detoxification which will all reduce the chance of developing degenerative diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular diseases as well as allergies. Some techniques involve the use of specific herbs and natural compounds with purifying effects, others the administration of diluted hydrogen peroxide, ozone or concentrated oxygen and then there are colon cleansing techniques. Personally I can recommend hydrogen peroxide therapy; I have regularly taken it for about a year and since then (roughly a decade ago) I have hardly ever been seriously ill. The reason it works so well is because it works deeply throughout the whole body and can even kill germs that have been dormant for many years in the spinal marrow. The best method of ingestion is spraying it into the nose, as the hydrogen peroxide can then easily enter the bloodstream through the many tiny capillaries in the sinus. Beware that the peroxide must be diluted to 3% using distilled water and the peroxide must be of food grade purity, and you must then add a few drops of it into distilled water for intake.
Harmonization is akin to detoxification of the physical body, only it concerns the mental body. The mental body is not in the brain, it surrounds your whole physical body on the mental plane. The brain functions like the modem of a computer, where the computer is like the physical body and the internet is like the mind. Every pathogen of the mind, that is ideas, norms, programs and reflexes that you are not in accordance with, needs to be eliminated from the mind. I'm not talking about ideas that shed a different light on certain subjects than you're used to, I'm referring to ideas and values that repulse you or that corner you. In order to harmonize your mental self, identify the elements that are foreign to you and how they slipped into your mind; then send them where they came from and be silent about them, so as not to renew the acquaintance. This can be practiced by close examination of thoughts, memories and associations, forgiving and affirmations.
Inspiration is the process of permeating the body and mind with the spirit. This is what allows the soul to be brought out into the open and expressed in your life and it facilitates the alignment of spirit self, mind consciousness and body action. All people who are very happy and highly successful in life have intuitively grasped the importance of alignment. This applies not only to us as three-dimensional humans, but equally to higher-dimensional beings as all beings in all densities are multidimensional. The ways to get inspired and aligned are attentive observation, intimate communication and purposeful meditation.

Opening of the energy channel and energetic cleanup.

A very common abnormality which can be found in most people is the tilted and rotated position of the atlas, the topmost vertebra between the head and the backbone. Almost everyone who hasn't had it corrected has it; it is proof of genetic and physical tinkering with humans in past ages to narrow the energetic passage from the body to the head. Our ancestors were adjusted to be a slave race for alien exploiters, but we don't need to be slaves anymore and there is a good and reliable treatment available to straighten the atlas, it is called Atlas Profilax. This has multiple benefits: the head is then supported better, the spine will align itself in a more straight line and this reduces the chance of getting backache, the energy can more easily flow from the body and lower chakras to the head and higher chakras producing clarity of thought and perception and it can diminish or stop different kinds of physical discomfort and ailments.
What I have also learned is that many if not most of us are infested with nonphysical entities, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, that have nestled or attached themselves into or on our energy bodies, the energetic parasites and invaders. This is a problem for various reasons: the natural energy of the invaders and parasites doesn't match your vibration and disturbes your energy field, they can suck your energy up like vampires so you don't have it available for yourself and feel regularly drained and they can increase the chance of you attracting illnesses and more uninvited entities. They can also keep you in a state of addiction and fear and block you from releasing past trauma. For these reasons it is highly advisable to get an aura cleanup at least once and maybe even more than once, certainly if you have a feeling that you may indeed have entities clinging to you or inside you. The most disturbing would be demonic possession as that can drive people to do really destructive things to others and themselves, up to and including suicide. But demons are mostly attracted by people who are susceptible to it because they already have a strong negative tendency or display unhealthy and destructive behaviour. In case of more neutral infestation with entities a well trained shaman or energetic healer can remove these from your subtle bodies and shield you energetically for any potential future intruder. A shaman or energetic healer will also realign and clean your chakras if that is needed.
Another powerful way to enhance our energies and lay a solid foundation for health and wellbeing is to program the water we drink. Since water is by far the most abundant substance in the human body, passes through all organs and is an ingredient of all chemical processes in the body, programming the water with specific qualities is very effective in positively affecting the energetic layout of the body. To program water simply hold the water bottle or container in your hands, speak the confirmative words you want to program the water with and feel the meaning of the words. Suggested words are love, joy, pleasure, strength, abundance, success, connection, attractiveness, conviviality, compassion, health, wisdom and happiness, but of course you can play around with this and customize the programming to your exact needs and desires.

Collective health.

It's very nice to attain good individual health, but equally important is good collective health. Collective health entails that everyone is reasonably healthy, there are no epidemics of life threatening infections, the cost of health care is affordable and people can expect to live up to a high age while staying fit enough to enjoy their life and do the things they want to do. But it is more than that: a society functions best if all heads are turned in the same direction and people are striving for the same shared values. It doesn't mean that people should try to be the same or live their life in the same way, it means agreeing on the basics of the society and honoring that agreement. The world needs less uniformity and more homogeneousness. Uniformity is boring and predictable (the drag of daily life), while homogeneousness is a solid basis for a successful community (unity is strength). Add to that heterogeneousness of skills and talents and you have the perfect recipe for a healthy society. This has been scientifically proven in the research on life expectancy, where certain so called blue zones were identified.
An even deeper meaning of collective health has to do with preserving the richess of the planet, natural as well as cultural richess, and passing it on to next generations. There has been a lot of talk about this subject in recent years, since we have seen one crisis after another, the housing bubble, credit crisis, financial crisis, so called climate crisis, so called war on terror etcetera. Villages in the countryside of Eastern European countries and villages in certain regions of Southern Europe have been deserted or are slowly dwindling, as the level of technological development is such that they cannot compete with Western advanced technologies and subsidized mass production, and neither can they compete cost wise with low income countries in Asia. This is destroying the living history of such villages and regions, and houses and infrastructure are crumbling due to lack of maintenance. The misguided younglings who have been recruited to serve in the Islamic State forces even willingly destroy cultural heritage for supposed religious reasons. Uncontrolled population growth in African and Asian countries puts incremental pressure on natural resources, biodiversity and living space for wild animals. The Cabal has no faith in the self corrective abilities of humans, but at the same time they have themselves created the conditions where people in impoverished countries are left with few options for survival and even fewer for thriving. To me this is completely incomprehensible, there is no greater stupidity than this.

As the single most critical factor that endangers the conservation of nature on Earth is the production of meat, I list here the plentiful reasons for refraining from eating meat:
  • large forest areas need to be cut down to make room for growing cattle feed
  • agricultural land that is used for the production of cattle feed cannot be used for the production of crops for humans
  • sulphur dioxide and ammonia emissions from manure cause acidification of the soil, leading to impoverishment of vegetation diversity
  • a large portion of livestock is given growth hormones, medicines and / or antibiotics which partly end up in the produced meat
  • cattle feed may be polluted with pesticides or other chemicals which partly end up in the produced meat
  • a large majority of livestock has a poor quality of life, which adversely affects the quality of the life energy of the meat
  • the human body is not designed to digest meat effectively and heavy meat eaters usually have quite a lot of undigested meat in their intestines
  • you are what you eat, both in terms of food contents as well as food vitality and quality
  • meat lowers the vibration of the human body and intensifies primitivity and unawareness
  • meat eating enforces the predator role of humans toward animals and creates fear and animosity for humans in animals
  • wild animals are often scared of humans due to hunting and as a result it is more difficult for nature lovers to observe and enjoy them
  • humans were designated to be guardians of the animal kingdom, not enemies; meat eating has been introduced by the dark forces
I hope these clarifications will bring you to reconsider your meat intake. If you prefer to continue eating meat, then consider eating wild meat or organic meat that has been produced with attention for the quality of life of the livestock.

If you have a hard time with all the recommendations on this page, then remember just this one simple rule of thumb: one orgy a day keeps the doctor away (now you know what the apple really stands for).
I am closing this page with a map of the "old world" continents and the country that is at the center of it all: Syria. Over the Syrian area is a rotating piece of Halafian pottery that is inscribed with sacred geometry symbols of purification and harmony. This picture was shared by Cobra on his blog.