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Privacy statement.

This website does not use cookies. The web hosting company that hosts this website gathers IP address and location data of the visitors to this website for the purpose of their web hosting service. I don't gather or use any personal data of visitors, I will only review statistical data on the number of page views. Neither do I share data of visitors with third parties; the web hosting company may share data of visitors with third parties to comply with legal requirements.
All other websites that are linked from this website are the sole responsibility of the owners and webmasters of these external sites. I provide the links for background information purposes as these are relatively reliable sources of information to the best of my knowledge, at least the most reliable that I could find, but I am not responsible for their content and how they use data of visitors. Of all the time I invested into creating this website (and that's a lot), the biggest part has gone into filling in the gaps that still existed in my own understanding of things and selecting the best possible sources of detailed background information.
I frequently link to YouTube videos as there are many good quality videos on YouTube, also on more exotic subjects; YouTube is owned by Google and it is commonly known that Google collects information about people's personal interests and viewing behaviour to create user profiles and offer relevant search results and advertisements on their websites and other websites that display Google ads. Please note that YouTube pushes many cookies onto your device when viewing videos, it's part of their data collection and revenue model, but you can prevent that by installing a cookie autodelete add-on in your internet browser; Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome offer this option, not sure about other web browsers. Sometimes videos on YouTube are blocked due to claims of copyright infringement or improper content, I have already had to replace several links and will keep reviewing links regularly to check if they are still active.


I have removed my e-mail address from the website as I have been receiving mostly spam mails for quite a long time.