Xekleidoma - Ascended masters


na maighstirean cuideachadh soillearachadh fhìn

Gautama Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama, the most famous ascended master, lived in what is now Nepal and India some 400 to 500 years BCE. He was born the son of a king and spent his first 29 years in a sheltered environment inside the royal palace. At that age he decided he wanted to see how ordinary citizens lived and he sneaked out of the palace at night; the suffering he saw outside the palace made him want to investigate the causes of it. So he decided to give up his life as the crown prince and seek spiritual education with well-known teachers. However their teachings didn't satisfy him as it didn't end his own sense of unhappiness.
At that point he commenced to completely follow his own path and started to chastise and castigate himself. He lived isolated in the forests and ate sparingly, but after several years he realized that this way of life didn't result in the end of suffering either. So then he chose the middle way between sensual pleasure and self discipline and started meditating. That is when after 49 consecutive days of meditation he achieved complete insight into human suffering and reached the desired state of bliss and inner peace. After that he slowly started to teach his insights to others from all ranks of society. He was the first to ascend after the fall of Atlantis and opened the door for others to follow his example. His further significance is that he attained enlightenment without a spiritual teacher, that is why he carries the title Buddha. His etheric retreat is Shamballa the greater over the Gobi desert.


The master known to most as Jesus of Nazareth or Jeshua ben Joseph was born in Judea. Earlier incarnations of Sananda were Hermes Trismegistos, Joshua ben Nun the assistent of Moses, the high priest Jeshua who rebuilt the temple of the Jews and Zend, the father of Zoroaster. There were many extraordinary things about him when he was incarnated; he was a highly developed star seed who consciously chose to come to Earth to teach humanity about spiritual love. But during his childhood he was not enlightened yet, he had a bit of a temper and a strong will. From an early age he pursued his spiritual inclination as a matter of course. Between age 18 and 30 he travelled to Egypt, Persia, India and Tibet to study with spiritual teachers and reached enlightenment as a result, becoming the Christ. His straightforward spiritual messages brought him into trouble with both worldly and religious authorities who saw him as a threat to their power. According to various accounts he lived up to a high age after he fled his homeland and had offspring, the sangreal (royal blood).
The core message of Sananda is unconditional love and he is overseeing the process for every human on Earth to adopt christ consciousness. He is the world teacher together with Kuthumi. He ensures that the evolution of our soul aligns with the soul's highest goals and propagates self loving choices in our lives as well as love and compassion for our fellow man through self forgiveness and forgiveness of others. He is working to correct the falsifications of Christianity as much as possible and is encouraging Christians to ask the hard questions in their churches. Sananda has retreats over Jerusalem and the North Pole and his twin flame is Lady Nada.

Mother Mary

Mareia, the mother of Jesus of Nazareth, was already very pure and conscious when she decided to give birth to the messiah; originally she was an archangel and her twin flame is archangel Raphael. The applied wisdom that her son brought with him must have made a deep impression on her. It seems that she was initially taken back by his independence and tendency to challenge rules and authority, but as she became more and more aware of his drive and mission she accepted and appreciated it. She completed her divine plan and ascended.
The core message of Mareia is to liberate the feminine principles of beauty, creativity, mercy, intuition, insight and inspiration. Mareia and Raphael serve on the fifth ray. Her roles are also to protect women and children, comfort people who grieve, nourish the spiritual interest within us, help us release things that hold us back from what we really want to do, assist humans with spiritual initiations and most of all to encourage us to purify our heart.


Maitreya originates from the Sirius star system; he established a mystery school in Lemuria and after the destruction and sinking of that continent he continued on the etheric plane to teach the mystic learnings. Maitreya returned to teach Jesus of Nazareth and Kuthumi. He is linked to the Himalayas and Tientsin, China. His mission is to free humanity from delusions, confusion and problems and to bring in the golden age when the Light will rule. For this purpose he seeks to cleanse humans of all impurities, clear their mind and align them with their divinity.
Maitreya works on opening the heart and mind of people to greater realities and the blessings that await us once we will be able to change our limited perspectives and overcome our inner darkness, let go of judgements and start giving freely and wholeheartedly.

Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara has been the lord regent of the spiritual order of Earth's ascended masters for a very long time. He originates from planet Venus (there is intelligent life on Venus in the higher dimensions that is very highly evolved) and has never been incarnated on planet Earth; he has had physical incarnations in another galaxy however. His retreat is Shamballa the greater, an etheric city over the Gobi desert that has been built according to his instructions. Sanat Kumara has assisted humanity on Earth longer than any other master, he is the prime overseer. He is an expert in communication and channeling and is strengthening energies of joy, laughter and self love as tools in the evolution of humanity toward higher consciousness and ascension to higher dimensions.
Vywamus is the spirit name of Sanat Kumara, and he is known under other names in the various religions and spiritual traditions of the world, among which the Ancient of Days, Planetary Logos, Ahura Mazda (wise lord) and Wakan Tanka (great spirit). His core message is self-empowerment and the oneness of all life and his symbol is a flying eagle. The twin flame of Sanat Kumara is Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and sexual pleasure. He oversees spiritual initiations, advances spiritual progress and is dedicated to the reestablishment of Divine Law on Earth. From what I understand his primary task as lord regent has recently been transferred to Gautama Buddha.


The last incarnation of Kuthumi was in the 19th century when he worked as a Mahatma with Djwhal Khul and El Morya to bring theosophy to the western world. Kuthumi was born in Kashmir, India and studied at Oxford University in England. His twin flame is lady Clara. Earlier incarnations of him were pharaoh Thutmosis III, Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, Balthasar the magi, Sir Parcifal, Saint Francis of Assisi, Erasmus of Rotterdam and Shah Jahan (the builder of the Taj Mahal). Kuthumi originates from Sirius and he is the world teacher together with Sananda and also works with archangel Jophiel. He assists spiritual teachers as well as spiritual students in their mission. He heads the temple of Illumination over Kashmir and also has retreats over the Taj Mahal in India, Shigatse in Tibet and Machu Picchu in Peru.
Master Kuthumi propagates grounding, accepting situations, enjoying life, connecting with animals and elementals, while conveying insights and wisdom.

Maha Chohan

Maha Chohan is the lord of the seven basic rays. He was incarnated as Homeros the poet and his final incarnation was as a shepherd in India. He has developed and embodied all divine virtues and mastered the qualities of each of these seven rays. Maha Chohan represents the divine spirit on Earth and thus directs the all encompassing activities inspired by Source to execute the divine plan; this takes the shape of both practical actions as well as instilling divine feelings into human beings which mutually reinforce each other. He played a key role in guiding Jesus of Nazareth and his disciples during their lifetime. Different individual beings have filled the position of lord of the seven rays, male and female, since the beginning when the first root races of humanity settled on Earth.
The core quality of Maha Chohan is comfort. He directs cultural expressions and civilizations by inspiring incarnated humans to accept and help unfold the divine plan. He teaches us how to balance and integrate the various qualities of the seven rays. He guides spirits as they enter into a newborn baby and as they leave upon the death of the physical body. Maha Chohan's symbol is the white dove and he is called the keeper of the flame, as he keeps the divine light for us until we can fully embrace it ourselves. He is associated with Sri Lanka (former Ceylon) where his etheric retreat the temple of Comfort is located and his twin flame is Pallas Athena.

El Morya

El Morya Khan is the master of the first ray. The first ray is the ray of willpower, confidence, strength, vision and intent. The associated chakra is the seventh or crown chakra for divine purpose. El Morya originates from the planet Mercury and is the exemplification of true leadership, proper use of power and speech and surrender to divine will. He was an Indian prince who worked to spread theosophy and the knowledge of higher truths in cooperation with master Kuthumi and ascended in 1898. In earlier incarnations he was a master mason in Egypt, patriach Abraham of Chaldea, Melchior the magi, king Arthur Pendragon of Britain, Thomas Becket the martyr, grand master of the Knights Templar Jacques de Molay, Thomas Moore the martyr and Indian mogul Akbar the Great.
The core message of El Morya is justice and equality and its qualities of bravery, faith and resolve are represented by the blue flame. He works with archangels Michael and Mikaela (Faith) and the elohim Hercules and Amazonia and guides rulers, executives, public servants, military commanders and sports people to transform from domination through aggression to the will to do good. His etheric retreats are located over Darjeeling in India and Yosemite in California, USA and his twin flame is lady Miriam Geraldine.


Lanto is the master of the second ray. The second ray is the ray of illumination, wisdom, understanding, sensitivity and absolute truth. The related chakra is the fourth or heart chakra for love and light. The soul of Lanto chose to come to Earth as a volunteer to rescue the planet from darkness. Lanto was a philosopher who lived in the same era as Kong Fuzi (Confucius) and he stressed honesty, integrity and the expansion of light in his heart. He even did this so intensely and consistently that his heartlight became visible through his flesh when he was still incarnated. He insisted that this light would keep growing in intensity and would forever be visible through his body. In this respect he is unique among the ascended masters. He gained his mastery as a student of Lord Himalaya in the retreat of the Blue Lotus. He was incarnated earlier as a high priest in the temple of the Divine Mother in Lemuria, lived lifes in Atlantis and was emperor Huangdi (the yellow emperor) of China.
Lanto is now dedicated to the evolution of the planet through cosmic enlightenment and he works on this with archangels Jophiel and Lucida (Clarity) and elohim Cassiopeia and Minerva. The particular quality of Lanto is reverence of life and creation. His energy is represented by the yellow golden flame and his retreat is over the Grand Teton Mountain in Wyoming, USA.

Paolo Veneziano

Paul the Venetian is the master of the third ray. The third ray is the ray of active intelligence, creativity, definition, planning and manifestation of form. The associated chakra is the throat chakra for communication. Paul the Venetian was the Renaissance painter named Paolo Veronese in his last incarnation who lived in Italy in the 16th century. In earlier incarnations he served in Atlantis as the head of cultural affairs, in Peru where he planted the seeds for the Inca civilization and in ancient Egypt as a master of esoteric architecture in the construction of the pyramids together with El Morya.
Paolo Veneziano nurtures the latent, undeveloped talent in individuals and helps to express tolerance, perfection and gentleness between one another. He works with archangels Chamuel and Seraphina (Charity) and elohim Orion and Angelica and teaches selflessness and surrender in order to achieve compassion, patience, understanding and self-discipline. He leads sound healing practices on the planet and guides people to bring beauty, symmetry and sacred geometry into their creative work. His flame is the pink flame. His retreats are Château de Liberté in southern France and the temple of the Sun over Manhattan and his twin flame is lady Ruth Hawkins who ascended in 1995.

Serapis Bey

Serapis Bey is the master of the fourth ray. The fourth ray is the ray of purity, discipline, harmony, balance and order. The associated chakra is the first or root chakra for initiation and continuity of life. Serapis Bey originates from Venus and is the keeper of the white flame; he ascended around 400 BC. In previous incarnations he lived in Atlantis as a high priest in the Ascension temple, in Egypt as pharaoh Amenhotep III, Akhnaton IV and Amenophis III where he built the temples at Luxor, Thebes and Karnak, in Greece as king Leonidas of Sparta and the Athenian architect and sculptor Phidias who designed the Parthenon, and as a druid and a Tibetan lama.
Serapis Bey works with archangels Gabriel and Annunciata (Hope), elohim Claire and Astrea and goddess Isis and seeks to persuade people to use their mental powers for grounding divine will on the planet and teaches how to live life to its fullest in the here and now and how to consciously ascend into the higher reality of the soul. He supports human rights movements, nourishes abstract thought and assists in focusing intent for constructive endeavours. His retreat is over Luxor in Egypt.


Hilarion is the master of the fifth ray. The fifth ray is the ray of intellect, logic, reason, science and healing. The associated chakra is the sixth or brow chakra. Hilarion was born in Palestine in 291 AD, educated at Alexandria in Egypt and died on Cyprus in 371 AD. He founded monasticism in Palestine, devoting himself entirely to spiritual practice and giving up all worldly pursuits; he lived as a hermit and gathered a great number of followers. In earlier incarnations he was a high priest in the temple of Truth in Atlantis and Saul of Tarsus who became Saint Paul the apostle after Jesus appeared to him and changed his mind and heart.
Hilarion assists spiritually disappointed and disillusioned people and instills new trust in divine love and truth. He teaches to use our mental powers productively and control our thoughts; he is a master physician and healer and he plants seeds of scientific ideas in the minds of researchers, inventors, mathematicians and technicians. Hilarion directs the Brotherhood of Truth which together with archangel Raphael's legions protects, guards and guides all those who dedicate themselves to a vocation of service to humanity. Raphael and Mareia (Virtue) are the archangels of this ray and the elohim are Cyclopea and Virginia. Intuitively I feel that a primary objective of Hilarion in this time is to reconcile and reconnect scientific laws and spiritual laws (actually he insists that I write this). His etheric retreat is the temple of Truth over Crete and he is the keeper of the green flame.


Lady Nada is the master of the sixth ray. The sixth ray is the ray of idealism, devotion, dedication, altruism and service. The associated chakra is the third or solar plexus chakra. Nada was born into a large and wealthy family with very gifted children and she distinguished herself in a different way than her brothers and sisters, namely by radiating her heart love into nature and into the chakras of her family members so that they might pass on the blessing. In earlier incarnations she was a priestess in the temple of Love in Atlantis and a lawyer specialized in the defense of oppressed people and she was Mary Magdalene, the most trusted companion of Jesus in his last incarnation. (Some websites mention Nada and Mary Magdalene as two different ascended masters, but a very good source with direct and clear connection to the light forces confirmed they are one and the same).
The energy of Nada is peace, healing, mercy, service and brotherhood represented by the ruby red flame and her core quality is the disintegration of the personality to give way to christ consciousness. She pours love into the hearts of men, directs healing to people and corrects abnormalities in people's being. She works with archangels Uriel and Aurora (Grace) and elohim Tranquilitas and Pacifica and assists many who hold a wide range of civil service positions as well as other workers and farmers. Nada also brings together twin flames. Her retreats are the temple of Peace over Saudi Arabia, Jerusalem, the Rose temple over New Bedford in Massachusetts, USA and Laka Titicaca on the border of Bolivia and Peru. Nada's twin flame is Sananda.

Saint Germain

Saint Germain is the master of the seventh ray. The seventh ray is the ray of law, organisation, ritual, ceremony and magic. The associated chakra is the second or sacral chakra for creativity and sexuality. Count Saint Germain lived in Europe in the 18th century; he was born as the son of prince Rakoczy of Transylvania and maintained contact with many royals and heads of state, telling them fascinating stories with an embedded spiritual message that captured their imagination. He used their desire to be entertained and bewildered to impart important teachings. He sought to unite Europe and expand freedom. His past incarnations include a high priest in the temple of Purification in Atlantis, Joseph of Nazareth (the father of Jesus), Saint Alban, Myrddin Emrys (Merlin the magician), Christian Rosenkreutz, Columbus and Francis Bacon.
Saint Germain's core message is freedom and transformation of darkness represented by the violet flame. He works together with archangels Zadkiel and Amethystia (Purity) and elohim Arcturus and Victoria. His retreats are in the Cave of Symbols in the Teton Mountains in Wyoming, USA, over Mount Shasta in California, USA, and over the Carpathian mountains of Transylvania in Romania. His twin flame is lady Portia. In a hypnotherapy session I saw 3 lessons that Merlin gave me before I was born into my current incarnation: to remain unmoved and serene in the face of agression aimed at me, to climb an invisible stairs and to dance in the center of a multilayered circle of people that all follow the movements of the one in the center. I didn't understand the invisible stairs at the time, but now I know it symbolizes spiritual growth to higher and higher levels of consciousness.

Quan Yin

Quan Shih Yin lived a long lifetime in ancient China thousands of years ago. She is known as the goddess of mercy; her qualities are compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love and she is associated with fertility, birth and healing. After her ascension she vowed that she would not seek or receive private salvation but forever and everywhere would strive for the redemption of every creature in the world from suffering and the bonds of conditioned existence, however long it may take. Her high and far reaching perspective enables the transcendence and dissolution of all conflicts so that harmony and inner peace can fill us. She offers help to anyone who calls upon her, no matter how lowly the spiritual merits of the person calling upon her. She will show all those how to free themselves from illusion and harshness.
Quan Yin works on the seventh ray and has an etheric retreat north of Beijing in China called the temple of Mercy. Her symbol is a pink and violet lotus flower representing perfect balance between yin and yang properties. Her twin flame is Lao Tsu.


Metatron lived a human life on Earth as Enoch ben Jared, a Hebrew patriach who was a scribe and prophet that was so wise and virtuous that he ascended and was promoted to be an archangel. He is one of only two mortal humans who became archangels, the other being his soul group member Sandalphon. In his earthly lifetime he wrote books on the knowledge of creation, construction of cities, the zodiac and planets. His roles as an ascended master and archangel are to oversee the archiving of the deeds of humans and worldly events in the Akashic records and to pass on the divine blueprint of creation to the angels for implementation. It means he is in charge of the tree of life and the patterns of sacred geometry and acts as a bridge between the divine and mankind. Metatron holds the Metatronic Cube, which is a multidimensional structure composed of all the sacred geometry shapes. He guides receptive architects to apply these shapes in their designs.
Metatron is associated with the ninth chakra or stellar gateway chakra which is located above the head. He helps us realize our potential and sustain human life by indicating the right measures for our activities in all areas of life. Metatron is the ultimate guide for the whole of humanity and it is his mission to bring balance to the universe. The twin flame of Metatron is Sophia (Constance).


Venus Kumara is not directly involved with planet Earth so much, but has assisted her twin flame Sanat Kumara from time to time in his responsibilities regarding our planet and maintains contact between planet Venus and Earth. She is very highly developed and hence not just an ascended master. In Greek tradition she is known as Aphrodite, in Akkadian tradition as Ishtar and in Semitic tradition as Astarte and she has inspired many old cultures with her purity and authenticity. Venus represents the desire, joy, pleasure, grace and comfort of the divine feminine, which combines the threefold aspects of the lover, mother and goddess. She invites us to respect and appreciate our true desires and inner beauty and be giving to ourselves first and then also to others.
The core qualities of Venus are pure love, beauty and sexual attraction, and she also holds the key to immortality and the wisdom of experience and abundance. She works together with beings from various planets and some space fleet commanders among which Ashtar Sheran. Her etheric retreat is the palace of Light on the planet Venus.

Pallas Athena

Pallas Athena lived in ancient Greece where she became an embodiment of wisdom, justice and skill and she had an earlier incarnation in Atlantis as the high priestess in the temple of Truth. She is a warrior of truth who sees right through people, she is strong, strict, focused and disciplined, your ultimate power woman. Pallas Athena invites us to look beyond the worldly appearances of things and tap into our higher dimensional aspects of perfection to lift ourselves up and receive our birthright of completeness.
Pallas Athena works with Vesta and Osiris. She helps those who fight for a truthful cause and helps us find the truth within ourselves and live and speak that truth regardless of the ramifications so that our lower and higher self can meet and we accept our divinity. As such she is the mother of messengers. Her aim is to anchor the energy of the goddess and christ consciousness into Earth to aid the development of all. Her core qualities are courage and compassion and her symbols are the spear of truth, the owl of wisdom and the olive branch of peace. Her twin flame is Maha Chohan and her retreat is the temple of Truth over the Greek island of Crete.


Vesta lived a life of chastity and service in ancient times and is known in Greek tradition as Hestia. She taught people about construction and hospitality. The core qualities of Vesta are purity and protection and she brings blessings to our homely life.
Vesta works with Pallas Athena, Maitreya and Hilarion to bring us the Light of Source that flows through the Pleroma in the great Galactic Central Sun to Victory in our star system's Sun. The Light is represented by the sacred fire of the eternal flame as it burned in the physical temples dedicated to Vesta, the principal of which was at the Forum Romanum in Rome. There the focus sacris (sacred fire) was tended by six Vestal Virgins, who exemplified and guarded the integrity of the state. Originally these priestesses were harlots that performed sacred dances and held sexual ceremonies to celebrate fertility and the physical expression of de-light. Vesta's twin flame is Helios and their etheric retreat is the temple of the Sun in the center of Sol, the star of our solar system. Earth's temple of the Sun is above the west gate of Atlantis, which is now known as Manhattan Island in New York, USA.


Lady Portia is the goddess of justice and opportunity and her core quality is mercy. She was embodied as Tasca, daughter of queen Boadicca of Britain and went into battle against the Roman invaders to defend the spiritual traditions of the druids and celtic priests. In earlier incarnations she was a Lemurian priestess in the temple of the Great Goddess, a priestess of the sea goddess in Iceland, Wottana wife of a Sioux chief and in her final incarnation she was Morgaine le Fay.
Portia is preparing to become the new spiritual mother of Earth during the age of Aquarius and succeed mother Mary and Quan Yin. She helps people balance their heart and mind by raising their energy away from judgement and criticism to being loving and accepting towards themselves and others. She teaches that true justice and fairness don't come from law books and rules, but from taking all conditions and circumstances into consideration and she pleads for temperance of punishment and absolution from guilt. She now calls on us to stop ignoring detrimental situations and exert our influence even if it is just energetically. Lady Portia aims to replace commercial law with universal law. She also invites us to take every opportunity to make other people's lives easier and more pleasant and cheerful, living our dreams and fulfilling our life purpose. The symbol of Portia is the balance scale and her twin flame is Saint Germain. She has etheric retreats over Ghana and northern India.


Rowena was the descendant of Saxon kings who lived in England. She had an arranged marriage with Wilfred of Ivanhoe because of her royal status, but Ivanhoe was in love with Genevieve. After spiritual counselling she decided to accept the situation as she loved both Ivanhoe and Genevieve very much. She originates from the Pleiades star cluster and had an earlier incarnation in Atlantis as a priestess in the temple of Freedom and Love and later incarnations as Jeanne d'Arc, Mary Stuart queen of Scotland, Marie Antoinette wife of king Louis XVI of France and Bernadette Soubirous of Lourdes.
The virtue of Rowena is charity and she inspires people to forgive and radiate love to all so that they can attain the qualities of tolerance and cohesion. She works on ongoing projects involving energy work through groups of highly evolved lightbearers. These projects intend to regenerate leylines and energy fields to accomplish the opening of energy vortexes in order to birth the Earth changes that will lead us into the age of Aquarius. Rowena has an etheric retreat at Chateau de la Liberté over Marseille in France.


Some masters have ascended such a long time ago that they have become legends who are venerated as gods and goddesses. White Tara is such a master who is known in Roman tradition as Juno and in Greek tradition as Hera. She was born the daughter of a king and gave regular offerings and prayers to monks and nuns. Because of the spiritual merits she attained the monks advised her she would be reborn as a man so she could spread the buddhist teachings, but she replied that there is no male or female, that nothing exists in reality and that she wished to remain in female form to serve others. In one incarnation she was Wen Cheng the wife of Songsten Gambo, king of Tibet.
Tara helps people to expand their heart and feel compassion with all living beings. She works on the eighth ray, which contains all the seven basic rays and is the ray of love, wholeness, synthesis and integration. She is associated with fertility and pregnancy, domestic harmony, spiritual teachings and practices, encyclopedias and libraries. Her core qualities are purity, truth and responsibility and her twin flame is Zeus. The month of June has been called after Juno / Tara.


Isis was known as the goddess of motherhood and fertility in ancient Egypt and originates from Sirius. She lived in Atlantis and was the student of Iona, an ambassador of the central civilization of the Milkyway that visited Earth at the time and who brought the esoteric mysteries to our planet. Since Iona left the planet it is the mission of Isis to safeguard the knowledge of the goddess. For that purpose she founded the mystery schools of Atlantis, which were moved to ancient Egypt after the fall of Atlantis and saw a continuation during the times of the Roman empire until emperor Constantine. Two main temples of Isis were in Malta and Ireland.
Isis works on the sixth ray and her twin flame is Osiris. The core qualities of Isis are serenity and gentleness and she has a very refined, ethereal energy. She is a master of ascension, the process of changing matter into light energy. Isis helps people to balance their life, find inner peace and make time for the things that bring fulfillment. Her symbols are the rose and the Holy Grail.
Message from Isis: the soul is the real gold, so listen to your soul. Only the soul will give what nothing else and nobody else can give you and that is pure happiness.


Sophia has become the goddess of wisdom. Her latin name is Sapientia and her Hebrew name is Hokmah. Her core qualities are wisdom, detachment and protection. Sophia's history is intimately intertwined with those of Gaia and Yaldabaoth (the Demiurge). In ancient times there were many shrines for her and she had many followers, but this gnostic tradition that was based on intelligence and live experience instead of doctrine was suppressed and went underground.
The twin flame of Sophia is Krishna. Sophia carries the resurrection flame and her symbols are the chalice, white dove and crescent moon. Her etheric retreats are the Resurrection Temple over Israël and a retreat over Tucson in Arizona, USA. The Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, current day Istanbul, was built in her honor.

Djwhal Khul

Djwhal Khul was born in Tibet in his last lifetime before he ascended in 1875 under master Kuthumi's guidance. He is very learned and mastered materializing and bi-locating. He brought theosophy into the world together with Kuthumi and El Morya. His earlier incarnations include Kleinias the pupil of Pythagoras, Caspar the magi and various lamas in the mountains of Asia.
Djwhal Khul has passed on a great amount of esoteric teachings through various spiritual authors among which Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, inspires philantropic movements and helps healers and those who seek truth. He also helps people develop more confidence and self awareness. He assists Kuthumi, El Morya and Saint Germain in their tasks to enlighten us and move us forward into the golden age. His core quality is humility, his etheric retreat is in Tibet and his twin flame is lady Leto.

Connecting with the masters.

The subject matter of ascended masters is definitely not common ground for me, but I wanted to include a description of the most important masters that are involved in the planetary liberation and preparation for ascension so that people can see we are able just like the masters did to rise above the cheap and ordinary levels of worldly affairs, that we are not alone and are getting a lot of help from other dimensions of existence. There are many other ascended masters apart from the ones described above, some of which have ascended very recently such as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu (mother Teresa) and lady Diana Spencer.
In order to gain an understanding of the principal ascended masters that form the White Brotherhood and gather relevant details I read a lot of short and more elaborate pieces of text on various websites and read a number of messages that have been channeled from the masters. Some information that I found contradicted, so I did my own assessment to reconcile the data and in some cases I felt communication coming from the masters to guide me which was later confirmed by new information I found on internet. I want to pay tribute to these websites and express my gratefulness for their work in general by listing them below:

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