Xekleidoma - Personal declarations


tha mise daonna uachdarail


We stand as all, I stand as one, we stand as one, I stand as all.

I declare that I am a free and sovereign being of light and that all manmade laws are subject to my universal human and spiritual rights and freedom. Any decree that seeks to limit my identity, expression or experience of life in any way is inferior to my universal human and spiritual rights and consequently holds no sway. I revoke any and all explicit and implicit consent and approval that I, my parents and my ancestors have given to any party for subduing, exploiting, bonding and castigating me.

The words of this website are my statement to the world. I have had to endure such a lot in my life while some people who have hardly ever made a real difference in the world themselves ensured me it was all due to bad karma. Well, I have completely emptied the poison cup to the bottom, there is not a drop left within it, and I am still alive and ready to go. I have made it so far only because I can cope with any level of emotional pain and learnt to express my anger and frustration, but that doesn't mean that I like it. To be perfectly honest I wouldn't give a dime for humanity as a whole the way things are, I would rather just surround myself with the best of humanity and stay far away from the imbeciles and small-minded people. And there are definitely some people whom I would still like to speak some words to after we're finally done with all the bullshit of today's world. But I do realize quite well that everyone on this planet has had very hard times in one way or another and I am sure that I have done things in past lives that I would now regret. What I regret most of all is the times when I wasn't able to express the love and naughtiness that I felt inside, out of fear and insecurity. I heard a wise lady say that the only thing you should fear in life is fear itself; I wish someone had told me that when I was younger. As the past is past, let us live as we would do if all is possible and everything can be changed.

I invite the members of my soul family and my twin soul into my life, you are most welcome to connect with me and share your life experiences, dreams and ideals with me. I long to meet every one of you and create a harmonious and uplifting community together. Three different sources have confirmed that my soul origin is in Orion; one was a telepathic contact with an extraterrestrial who knew me from past lifes, one was a video on YouTube describing the characteristics of frequently occurring soul origins in which I recognized myself fully as an Orion starseed and one was a spiritual channeler who identified me as coming from Orion without prior knowledge.

I dedicate this website to 2 individuals whose names I don't know but that nevertheless made a deep impression on me. One is a beautiful girl that held a speech during an Occupy Amsterdam gathering in 2011; I cannot recall the exact words she spoke, but the moral was she didn't identify with the 99% (the exploited masses) but instead with the 100% (all). That really touched me emotionally, the innocence and sincerity of it. The other is an elderly woman that was homeless and sleeping in the street in central Paris when I visited the city in 2013. I don't know how she came to be homeless, but I never ever thought I would see a senior of age in such a destitute state in the middle of a rich country like France. Knowing what efforts so many have made in the past to prevent such a thing, it made me very angry. Not the kind of anger that explodes and then sizzles away, but the kind that lasts and generates a determination that never fades. The so called republics of today would better be called res oligarchica.

I thank everyone who has created the splendid websites that are linked on the pages of this site and that detail and elaborate what I put forth. I am very grateful to all who have made efforts toward the liberation of planet Earth from the dark forces in one way or another. I also thank the persons who have created or shared the photos, pictures, drawings and quotes that I have gathered from internet to illustrate the information on my website. A large part of the illustrations is either free from copyright or has been created by individuals dedicated to the same end goal of unmasking of and planetary liberation from the dark forces, so I feel free to use these pictures and drawings. For the quotes I have approached the websites that created the quote pictures to obtain their approval for using them. For some photos and artworks I have not been able to identify or contact the original source or the original source website does not exist anymore, so I wasn't able to ask permission in these cases, but I hope there is no objection from any creator of these illustrations to my use of the material as it means to serve the common good.
If you want to use text from my website for any non-commercial purpose, you are free to do so as long as you refer to my website as the source.

Arquitectura Organica Plans of the light forces (illustr. 5) - Seashell shape house natural architecture
Office Masaru Emoto Health & food (illustr. 4) - Photos of harmonious water crystals
Mandalas Love for all (illustr. 5) - Violet love mandala
Sur y Nor Visions for the future (illustr. 1) - "Tree of Life and Wisdom" artwork by Mariano Valadéz Navarro

I want to clarify that this website doesn't intend to attack any one individual, either a Cabal member or anyone else who has disregarded the spiritual principles of life, the site intends only to aggregate and summarize what has already been shared by others, put it in the right perspective and contribute to the liberation and upliftment of planet Earth. Part of the information on this website is very controversial, but it is necessary to disperse the information in order to help increase people's awareness and work toward the transformation that this world must inevitably go through.
In the same way this website doesn't intend to offend any one individual or group, either a religious person or group, a nationality, a profession (notably politicians and bank employees) or anyone else, although I realize that people can and will feel offended if they identify themselves strongly with the phenomena that I point out as false manifestations and perversions of truth.

I support independence and self government for Scotland, Catalonia, Kurdistan, Tibet, Papua and all other peoples and nations that have been subdued by or broken up between dominant countries.

Mi a 'dearbhadh gun tèid neo-eisimeileachd airson nan Gàidheal a thoirt air ais. Tha dùthchannan na Ceiltich thèid aonaichte agus a cultar bidh soirbheachadh mar riamh roimhe.

Tha mi a 'dearbhadh gum bi na daoine dùthchasach a tha fo bhuaidh chumhachdan coloinidh a' toirt buaidh air na h-aon chumhachdan sin leis na luachan sìorraidh agus na traidiseanan spioradail aca.

And an encoded message to close this paragraph: lbh ner gur xrl gb cnenqvfr.

Invocations, visualizations and alignments.

I call upon the spirits of the four quarters, the sturdy spirits of the North, the lively spirits of the South, the brave spirits of the West and the wise spirits of the East. I call upon you to help and spread the knowledge and information of this website to all corners of Earth.

Around me is a pink egg of bright love energy fully covering my physical and energy bodies. The egg protects me from harm and negative intentions and it is covered with a metallic layer that reflects all dark energies back to their source of origin.

I stand in the center point of a circle of twelve; the twelve are positioned at equal intervals and they are Nostradamus the seer, masters Saint Germain, El Morya, Sananda, Kuthumi, Hilarion, Pallas Athena, Portia, Quan Yin, archangels Metatron, Gabriel and goddess Isis. Around this inner circle is a second circle that consists of thirty angels, again at perfectly equal intervals. Every fifth angel is exactly aligned with every second being in the inner circle, and each perimeter part of the outer circle that coincides with the interval between two beings in the inner circle is filled with two angels. A ring of intense white light flows counterclockwise through the outer circle from one angel to the next engulfing all angels who form the circle. Then it radiates toward the inner circle and forms a new ring of even intenser white light that also flows counterclockwise through this circle. Both circles are one in unison and harmony and beam their light through me towards the center of Earth. The beam penetrates through all layers it encounters and dissolves all obstacles. An energetic opening has appeared that lets in the Light from beyond which then burns away all that is of a dark signature. The outer circle supports the inner circle and the inner circle guides and inspires me. I am a tool in the hands of the beings that form the inner circle.