lean an t-slighe gus an tùs

The main information of this website can be found on the pages "Introduction" to "Visions for the future". On this homepage I collect news messages from both the mainstream and alternative media that are significant for the development of this planet, try to explain their meaning in a larger context and show the hand of the dark forces and/or Light forces at work. I also share messages that come from within and that feel relevant to the phase of developments that we are in. For the meaning of certain specific terms such as Cabal, Archons, Khazarians and White Hats please read the indexed pages. A lot of the conclusions that I draw in the below news messages are based on alternative sources of information, among which Cobra's blog, Benjamin Fulford's newsletters and testimonies of insiders and whistleblowers. I invite you to investigate the ramifications of my explanations for yourself by accessing the links on the "Links" page as well as the links that I provide in the texts of the pages on this site.

2019-12-26: December 25 Christmas mass meditation report.

I started this mass meditation by washing Iran with a scouring sponge of light to remove the caked dirt of harshness and rigidity; I expanded the exercise to the entire islamic world, from North Africa to the Middle East, Central Asia, Bengal and Indonesia and saw each region being showered with a rain of light. Then I brought my attention to Western Europe and placated a layer of light paste onto it which quickly turned solid, ripped it off again and saw it pull off spots of darkness; then I washed the surface clean with light carrying water. I applied the same process on the eastcoast of North America. Then I saw light flushing through the Cabal bases in the Southwestern corner of the United States, neutralizing the black plasma. After that I visualized plentiful rain falling in Australia and the Gobi desert. Over Nova Zembla I saw a whirlpool of light going in and cleaning the island. Then I created buddhic columns over Diego Garcia, Okinawa, Bikini atoll and Ascension island. I saw the last Chimera and Archons and all members of the black nobility being taken and removed from the planet and the satanic child sacrificers and black magicians and witches being arrested. I closed the meditation by speaking to all violent criminals and gang members worldwide; I confronted them with the unsafety and grim atmosphere that they have created with their killing and other dealings and asked them to remember what it was they wished and desired when they were young children and to return to that starting point and choose constructive ways of living. They have received the message in their subconscious.

2019-12-24: Cracks in the matrix.

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg has been fired over the Boeing 737 MAX crisis (all planes of the model are grounded since March) and a failure with the Boeing Starliner spacecraft. Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain talks about a bumpy year for the monarchy in her partly prereleased Christmas speech; this is not only because of the controversy around prince Andrew, but also because Meghan Markle isn't the lapdog that the queen would like and prince Harry seems to have found out who ordered the death of his mother, princess Diana.
In order to quash the protests that took place in November in Iran some 1500 people were killed according to anonymous government sources; thousands more were arrested and tortured with no news of their fate. The information on those killed is derived from security forces, mortuaries, hospitals and coroner's offices so that lends credibility to the number and that means the Iranian government under ayatollah Khamenei's leadership has gone at it even more brutally than the Iraqi government acted toward their discontented citizens. China is also less than hospitable to freedom lovers and the righteous with their perfecting of Big Brother principles, their apparent exploitation of prisoners with forced labor and cultural and religious suppression of ethnic minorities. A lot needs to change there before I would ever consider setting foot in those countries.

For the hardcore dedicated lightworkers among us who want to build the crescendo towards the epic January 11 and 12 meditations, here is the link to the December 25 or 26 (depending on the time zone) 144k mass meditation:

December 25th 144k Mass Meditation

2019-12-22: December 21 solstice mass meditation report.

Beforehand I didn't have very outlined ideas what would be the focus for this mass meditation 7 years after the end of the Mayan calendar, but it turned into the most beautiful meditation that I have ever done. I started pulling out strings of darkness along with reptilian entities from Africa with the use of light vortices scattered all over the continent. I bundled ever more intensifying light in the core of Earth expanding outward and transforming or pushing out all that was of a dark nature. Then I visualized remnants of dark energy as air bladders that pervaded the world and I started compressing and shrinking them with my hands on all sides until the dark energy was all concentrated in a tiny dot and then I dissolved the dot; I repeated that process several times. After that I saw myself as a pure white body in human form which represented the Light and I saw a pure black body in human form opposite to me representing the darkness. I reached out my hand and took hold of the hand of the black body; the energy of darkness tingled in my hand, but the energy of light started penetrating into the black body and made it lighter. We stood like that for a while and then I moved closer and embraced the dark body, which was now more like greyish, with a loving compassion. Slightly to my astonishment the dark body liquified and then drained away, it was gone and only a small puddle of water was left on the floor. Then another white body that wasn't there before beckoned me from the side and we walked off together. That part was the countering darkness exercise, but from there it turned into a kind of ballet of light and multidimensional sculpting of light art. It was very detailed and specific, frivolous and creatively inspired. I saw many circles of people forming all over the planet, turning and dancing. Then gnomes, elves and fairies appeared that brought a sense of enchantment back to the world. I created various shapes of colored lights that were intertwined and connected and I sprinkled shiny colored stars and fairy dust over the creation that was to be the new Earth. After the meditation there was this overwhelming feeling of peace.

2019-12-20: Forefront skirmishes and the December 21 solstice mass meditation.

Boris Johnson's Brexit plan has finally been given the go ahead by the newly installed British parliament, which will hopefully put a cork in Jeremy Corbyn's continuous whining (I'm afraid of change, the country is going to be ruined, we will smash to pieces and there will be nothing left of us). Maybe Jeremy can start thinking about the real interests of the people for a change. There have been multiple internationally coordinated actions against organized crime both in North America and Europe, with 334 'Ndrangheta maffia members arrested among others, and I suspect that's not the end of it. The Netherlands has requested a European ban on PFAS (perfluoroalkyl substances), a group of poisonous chemicals that are used in teflon pans, lubricants, fire extinguishers, packaging materials, textiles, cosmetics and other products and that hardly break down in the environment. Former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf has been sentenced to death for high treason and undermining the constitution.
In countries where people have recently consistently stood up and taken action through mass protests and strikes they are winning and forcing the government and employers to make concessions in changing leadership, repealing tax increases and cost savings on social services, improving salaries and labor conditions, improving pensions etc. So this is the major lesson for all: rise up alone against the system and the system will crush you, rise up united as one with determination and you will win. The system can only function with the cooperation of the bulk of the people, it needs our support and active participation otherwise it cannot operate. I saw the excellent documentary presented by Noam Chomsky called 'Requiem for the American Dream: The 10 Principles of Concentration of Wealth & Power' in which the intellectual flawlessly dissects the essence and causes of current economic inequality.

On December 21 and 22 (depending on the time zone) the next 144k meditation will be held. The occasion is winter solstice for the northern hemisphere and summer solstice for the southern half of the globe. Here's the link:

144k December 21 Solstice Mass Meditation

Contrary to what I thought it's not the last one of 2019, as another one will follow on December 25 to counter the dark rituals and block the Cabal's satanists and black covens in hijacking the Christmas energies. So these two huge mass meditations will set the stage for the most major ones that will take place on January 11 and 12 (back to back). I'm ready for it, in fact I was born ready, are you? Let's kick some ass, just metaphorically speaking of course. Where would the Light be without its warriors? (and that includes the positive military that are in the process of clearing shallow underground Cabal bases and picking up dark ones dead or alive).

2019-12-14: Preparing for the ascension of planet Earth.

It must be admitted that the dark forces have been able to cause quite a lot of delay in the planetary liberation, but they will not be able to do so much longer. The consequence of the belated timing of the Event is that timelines have been compressed as the ascension window closes in 2025 and the polar shift as described by Cobra in his Bubbles of Heaven article will happen more shortly after the Event. Also the phases of the transition from a matrix society to a galactic society as described in the Bubbles of Heaven update are not strictly sequential, they partly overlap. This means that although the Event has not happened yet, there is a sense of urgency as so much still needs to be done and it is important to start preparations for the ascension process that will accelerate after the Event. Individual ascension means to bring everything that is subconscious back into waking consciousness, to fully activate our 12 strand DNA and to fully activate our light bodies. These activations will develop so called extrasensory perception such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, precognition, telepathy and remote viewing and other abilities such as telekinesis and levitation. Gaia is increasingly eager to stop its own suffering and is shaking off darkness from the planet with more vigor which results in more natural disasters.
In this time frame it becomes even more important to detach from the matrix and its demands and pressures as much as possible and to connect with fellow lightworkers to join forces for mutual support and to entice sidelined lightworkers to embark on their soul mission. Some lightworkers may hesitate to do so because they know subconsciously that they have been severely punished by the dark ones in past lifetimes for doing their mission. But things are different now and everyone's special mix of divine qualities is needed to create the planetary shift in an optimal way. Some lightworkers have missions that cannot be fulfilled by others due to their unique makeup and background. Another advantage of connecting with other star seeds is that many insights and powerful tools are shared between one another and some of those tools are of a nature that they cannot be made public as of yet but they can be conveyed directly from lightworker to lightworker. The ultimate form of cooperation between star seeds is the creation of physical light communities for working and living together.

December 12 (numerologically 3-3-3) had a very strong full moon and the next major date coming up is the 21st of December (also a 3-3-3). Ground Crew Command is holding its last 144k meditation of 2019 on that day.
On January 11/12 the Age of Aquarius meditation will be held during a tour de force astrological configuration of the Sun-Mercury-Ceres-Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

2019-11-30: It's a mixed up world.

There are both positive developments as well as some quite disturbing ones lately. To start with the latter, Iraq is one of many countries seeing popular uprisings against poor living conditions and a weak economy, but stands alone in the sheer level and scale of deadly violence being unleashed upon the protesters by the police. Around 350 people have died since the beginning of October as a result; seems more like the portal of hell than a regular country these days. Another disturbing trend in general that is showing in news items is more people freaking out all over the place, starting to behave erratically and turning violent on unsuspecting and often innocent passers-by or bystanders with little or no provocation. Some may be victims of Monarch mind control that are activated to display unsollicited violence, others may be labile persons who cannot handle their inner demons that are brought to the surface by the intensified energies and feel the urge to express their anxiety in irrational behaviour.
On the positive side of the equation the Sudanese government has decreed to enhance the freedom of women in the islamic African country by revoking a suppressive law that was introduced under deposed leader Omar al Bashir. The Maltese political class is under pressure to clean house two years after the murder of independent journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia and two ministers have stepped down recently over the case. Former Japanese prime minister Yasuhiro Nakasone who sold out his country to the Cabal has died at age 101. I'm sure the man has done things that helped his country, but if you then go on to betray your fellow countrymen (to quote Benjamin Fulford's 8 of September 2019 newsletter: "Nakasone overruled Japan’s health and welfare ministry to allow carcinogenic and hormone-disrupting chemicals to be put into common Japanese foodstuffs and other products") and privatize state-run railway and telecommunications companies it's all no good. Surinam president Desi Bouterse has been convicted to 20 years in jail for his leading role in the murder of 15 opposition leaders in December 1982 when he was the army commander and leader of the military regime of the time. His supporters who blindly believe in the innocence of the man who has also been linked to drug trafficking operations in the past disagree with the sentence, but it is an indispensable step to do historical justice to those who were silenced and to shift the former Dutch colony of Surinam from a nation akin to a banana republic to a true state of law.
Lastly I want to mention the initiative overlapping multiple European countries to introduce a standardized sign for nutritional value called the Nutriscore that ranges from A (best choice) to E (least healthy food). Although the method of score assignment still needs some debate and it remains to be seen whether a critical mass of food producers will start using the sign on their products, it is a very promising initiative that can bring more clarity and alignment in the current jungle of food labels.

2019-11-22: Nibbling away the old power structure.

The November 11 Silver Trigger unfortunately did not reach the critical mass needed for direct intervention by the light forces into the financial system, but it sent a strong message nevertheless and I felt a special quality to the meditation that I didn't feel before. Either way, the old system is on its way out as it is under attack from all sides. Cabal sponsored politicians and bankers are being arrested and escorted off stage. Some of the articles linked in Cobra's latest update state that the Quantum Financial System is already online and working in parallel with the deplorable financial system we know all too well and that it is incomparable to anything we've seen before; it is inhabited by a higherdimensional consciousness that simply knows which transactions are consensual transactions and which are fraudulent and corrupt bankers are being caught red-handed and arrested as a result.

The royal family of Great Britain is suffering a setback as prince Andrew, the duke of York, saw himself forced to "temporarily" withdraw from all his public duties. There was a big chasm between how he himself judged the interview he gave this past weekend on his ties to Jeffrey Epstein and the public outcry about it, which only shows how much the elites are out of touch with common people's reality and sentiments towards the establishment. Another representative of the establishment and Cabal spearhead, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has finally been indicted on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust. The charges were a long time coming and are only addressing the lightest of crimes he is being accused of by people in the know. The reaction of both prince Andrew and Benjamin Netanyahu on the accusations is equal, plain denial and a lack of willingness to come clean. Of course the accusations are not going away, they are just the beginning of the downfall for them and their entire corrupt clique as what is now becoming public knowledge is just the tip of the iceberg of moral degeneration and intentional malice.

2019-11-08: Silver Trigger mass meditation and silver purchase during Mercury transit.

In this period of time when considerable transformation on both an individual level and collective level is happening, the time is upon us to turn our attention to the financial system in the major astrological opportunity of the Mercury transit across the Sun on November 11. Here are the links to the Silver Trigger:

The Silver Trigger on We Love Mass Meditation
The Silver Trigger on The Portal
Silver Trigger Update
Silver Trigger Interview with Cobra

2019-11-01: Illuminating the Dimensional Gates mass meditation report.

This 144k meditation was primarily aimed at countering the effects of the dark rituals and human sacrifices that the Cabal performs around Halloween. After zooming in on the people doing these ritualistic sacrifices I started folding up and collapsing the darkness inside them onto the initial point that made them turn dark and then dissolved that point of darkness in bright white light. I then visualized the white light illuminating their heart chakras and pillars of light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun going into their energy bodies top down. I also visualized the black plasma that the rituals attracted burning up by the light.
I then felt the need to focus on the regions of the planet that were hit hardest in the cosmic wars of the distant past. I created a huge vortex over the interior of Northern Africa / the Sahara desert, turning clockwise and going into Gaia with violet spirals on its edges turning counterclockwise and going up. After the vortex was established I poured an enormous amount of white light into it until it spread out over the neighbouring areas. Then I did the same in Asian Arabia, Northern China and Southern Mongolia / Gobi desert and Southwestern United States / Northwestern Mexico. I finished the meditation by visualizing the mythical figure of Europa scattering flakes of light onto the European continent that were being absorbed by the soil and the environment, a Native American medicine man doing the same in North America, a shaman from the Amazon sprinkling light over South America, an African chief doing so in subsaharan Africa and Lakshmi spreading the light over central Asia.

2019-10-29: Keeping the Cabal on the defensive.

Turkish agression towards Syrian Kurds has been curtailed, and Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi has been declared dead by the United States government. More than a dozen countries have seen large scale demonstrations this month, whereby Chile is champion with one million people taking to the streets and demanding lower costs of living. Many trafficked children have been liberated from underground facilities in California, in an operation a bit reminiscent of the liberation of almost 500 boys one month ago from a torture house in Kaduna, Nigeria that covered as a quran school. Several Cabal agents have been taken out, such as Elijah Cummings, who was enabling child sex trafficking according to Benjamin Fulford's sources, and Thomas D'Alesandro III, an older brother of Nancy Pelosi.

It's crucial to keep the pressure on the dark forces and thereby on the physical Cabal while they try to cause new troubles and delays even when they seek to shun us away from fulfilling our duties for the light; as The Unknown Lightwarrior stated they will not stop trying to make our lives miserable anyway. And for the first time a specific date for the Event has been given by the light forces if we all do our job in the coming mass meditations: it could happen in January 2020. The next 144k meditation on the occasion of Samhain / Halloween on October 31 / November 1 is approaching:

Illuminating the Dimensional Gates 144k meditation

From October 30 until November 7 a dedicated meditation is being held once every day to counteract the dark rituals that are performed in this time period:

Goddess meditation to neutralize dark rituals over the period of Halloween and Samhain

2019-10-23: Working towards the financial reset and a redistribution of assets.

Under normal circumstances I would be going full steam ahead with lightwork and activities for planetary liberation, but as The Unknown Lightwarrior and other 144k members reported last week has been particularly hard with targeted attacks and a negative vortex which had been created by black magic covens around the worldwide collective of lightworkers and lightwarriors. This vortex has been addressed by Ground Crew Command; for me personally attacks were not limited to the nonphysical realms and sleep state, I can deal with those, but they extended into the physical and it made me feel unable to continue in such circumstances or to put it in Resistance Movement-style coding: LW minimum requirements not met. Of course I took matters up to the above multiversal light teams and things have calmed down after that, but I am waiting for things to stabilize a bit further.
FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) declassification of the more explosive documents which was announced in QAnon's last posting of August 1 and which should expose the involvement of many Cabal members in the 9/11 terror attacks and other hostile activities also has to wait a bit longer, because the Cabal has made an implicit threat to shut down the entire electricity net and other vital services by use of their quantum computer capacity. This threat of retaliation needs to be dealt with first. The issue of quantum computers was mentioned by Cobra in his updates from October 10 and October 22.
Thomas Williams who generally has a sharp mind in one of his recent Truth, Honor and Integrity shows questioned the integrity of Cobra, even suggesting he works for the Cabal. His proof? At the same time in early October when a Cabal created new system that tried to connect with the Quantum Financial System was detached and crashed Cobra posted coded messages reading VTXC grid collapse and VTXC grid recovery. I cannot send a message to Thomas Williams directly as I don't have his mail address, so here is my indirect message to him: VTXC grid relates to the metaphysical, not so much the physical world and certainly not to a banking system. Have you ever met Cobra and looked into his eyes? Apparently not. It's very objectionable to question the integrity of one of the most prominent lightwarriors on the planet based on assumptions.
Liberating this planet from the dark forces has turned out to be a proverbial mission impossible which we need to carry on until the end nevertheless. Years ago when light forces communicated liberation was close and it would be smooth sailing until then I already suspected they were mistaking and underestimating the situation. The dark ones are trapped on Earth with nowhere to go and the hardcore of the bunch will simply never surrender. The power of darkness is dimming gradually and slowly, which is the scenario I always envisioned. That's not the fault of Cobra or any other representative of the light forces, it's just the logical way it unfolds.

2019-10-14: Meòrachadh gu leòr / Meditations galore.

The OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) announced that they want to have multinationals taxed based on the locations where they realize their sales and profits. The European Union is also working on a common consolidated corporate tax base, making tax shopping within the EU a thing of the past. Current tax laws are unfair for citizens and smaller companies who have to pay a larger share of taxes due to the tax avoidance behaviour of multinational corporations who are assisted by an army of tax consultants.
California is forbidding commercial fur trapping, manufacture and sale of products with animal furs from 2023. It's the first US state to take this step. Once it was maybe a normal and inevitable practice to use furs for coats, handbags and such, but the industrial age has brought so many alternative materials that if you don't live in the wild you don't need fur to clothe yourself.

In the coming weeks various major meditations are being held: the ongoing meditations for Syrian Kurdistan, the 144k meditation on October 31, the Silver Trigger mass meditation for the financial system on November 11 and other meditations that may be organized to address upcoming urgent issues. Coinciding with the Silver Trigger mass meditation is a call to all buy physical silver on the exact same day to break the JP Morgan manipulation of the silver price which they execute through naked short selling.

2019-10-11: Never mind the bullocks, here's the change makers.

In the past weeks a lot of climate marches were held in many countries and an organization called Extinction Rebellion is now holding more offensive protests by blocking roads in major cities to demand stronger actions against climate change. Although I admire the resolve and dedication of these activists, I want to warn them about being played as a puppet in the execution of Agenda 21. The biggest factor in the climate change that we see occurring is the fact that the solar system is moving into the Photon Belt and receiving much stronger radiation from the Milky Way than previously; this is affecting weather systems and heating up planets in the whole solar system, it's not only Earth's climate that is changing. The famous giant storm on Jupiter that has been visible for many decades as a big red spot on its surface is weakening and seems to be disintegrating lately, to name just one example.
There are reports by Benjamin Fulford and The Unknown Lightwarrior that several too big to fail banks as well as the IOR / Vatican Bank are being investigated for illegal activities and financing terrorism. The Vatican itself plays the holy pias, but so many fingers point to the Istituto per le Opere di Religione as linking the underworld and upper world of finance together as well as paying large bribes to world leaders to follow suit and do what is expected of them (by the Cabal that is).
The whole charade of the political arena with its plentiful Cabal manipulations is dragging on and becoming ever more incredible and intolerable. I would advise those public leaders that actually try to make a difference for the people to ignore the orchestrated attacks on them as much as possible, they are below their dignity and not worthy of attention. Everything is going to change deeply, not just some things here and there. Until such time when the desired changes manifest in physical reality and our daily lives it is best to focus on healing yourself, reintegrating soul fragments that got stuck in painful experiences, envisioning the kind of life you want to live and investing your time and energy to pull the elements of that kind of life into your reality. And regarding letting go of old memories of traumas I read this fitting sentence in the text linked above about the Photon Belt: You can still hold the memory, but do not let your memory hold you.

2019-09-29: Being persistent in the face of adversity and counterattacks.

Both public figures who are initializing important changes in how the world operates and lightworkers and light warriors who are doing powerful energetic cleanup and creating the foundations for visible changes in the outer world have their share of intense attacks, opposition and slander aimed at them. US president Donald Trump and UK prime minister Boris Johnson are being targeted quite heavily by journalists and politicians who will read any script handed to them for a handsome payslip; both leaders are not the summum of integrity themselves, and they may have all kinds of personality flaws, but that doesn't matter that much. What matters most is that they are doing things and enabling changes that should have happened a long time ago and which other leaders were not able or willing to deliver.
Quite many bright lightworkers and fierce light warriors have reported experiencing nasty attacks and it can be disheartening at times, especially when most people don't really understand what the heck you're talking about. Personally I have endured aggressive and intrusive attacks by demons, sly and sophisticated attacks by nonphysical extraterrestrials as well as many uninvited and irrational attacks by ordinary people with a negative tendency. A few times the nonphysicals even presented themselves as deceased relatives in my dreams who approached me in a very odd and uncharacteristic fashion to mess with my emotions. In case you are having similar experiences and need a solution, it's best to apply strong protection with the right meditations and take matters up to the light teams, they can address so much more than we can do alone. If you're really discomforted you can also ask for a personal nonphysical bodyguard to watch over you who will be with you 24/7 and who can intervene directly to defend you in ways that a spiritual guide cannot.

Cobra's latest update is very intriguing and offers more clarity than used to be the case since the radio silence / critical information blackout was put in place early 2018. It's another sign things are shifting and the light forces have the upper hand now. You can safely bet that we're going to see major changes in the financial system as both the Jesuits and the light forces are looking to crash it. The Jesuits want to get rid of cash and introduce a global and centrally monitored cryptocurrency to end financial privacy and link people completely to the system, the light forces want to end the debt slavery system and the resulting poverty and inequality. Since creation is a fusion of contrary forces at least on this planet, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. And of course we can and will put in our own creational fortitude to keep the momentum of planetary liberation.

2019-09-23: September Equinox mass meditation report.

This particular 144k mass meditation was special in the sense that the focus was not limited to Earth but was on the entire universe. As The Unknown Lightwarrior mentioned dark rituals are performed by satanists and black magicians during such days of importance to draw in any anomalous plasma that is still out there in the universe through wormholes and plasma filaments to keep the matrix going and push down the vibration of the planet. So time was spent to fill these wormholes and plasma filaments with light and transform the anomalous plasma out there before turning our attention back to Earth. I combined a number of techniques, visualizing a core of intense light growing from the center of the planet and pushing out any remaining darkness as well as plasma toplet bombs, I reset the energy bodies of the top system handlers and all the world's government members and leaders of international institutions by emptying what was there and refilling them with pure light, I invigorated the worldwide network of buddhic columns and saw them suck away dark energies to the cosmic central sun for transformation and I plucked off plasma spiders and other negative entities from the surface.
The separate meditation intended for the exact moment of the equinox or after the equinox is also very worthwhile to do:

Amplify the Light - Guided Meditation

On the physical level World Cleanup Day was held on Saturday September 21 and many thousands if not millions of people worldwide contributed in cleaning up the planet by collecting litter from the environment.

2019-09-18: Nicotine and the other legalized harddrugs.

Recently two serious health issues have made the headlines of the mainstream media, namely the dangers of the e-cigarette that is mostly used by young people who would rather not smoke regular cigarettes and the opioid crisis. Cases of adolescents with severe lung illness were highlighted who have been vaping frequently as well as a number of deaths that appear to be linked to vaping. The other big health issue, especially in the United States, is the painkiller crisis as part of the bigger opioid epidemic. Tens of thousands of people die every year in the United States as a result of an opioid overdose. Although the causes of the issues are not the same, it shows how easily people can get hooked on using substances to feel better. E-cigarettes may be trendy and painkillers may seem to be a convenient quick fix but if people don't think for themselves and just follow trends or trust the doctor's prescription they can do themselves tremendous harm in the end. People should use their brains and know what substances they take in and what effects they have on the body. And it would be advisable if people detoxify themselves from time to time both physically and energetically to stay healthy in an environment that can be polluted and stressful.

On a positive note, US national security advisor and war hawk John Bolton has finally been fired by president Donald Trump and 281 internet fraudsters who were involved with money transfer scams have been arrested in Operation Rewired. The operation spanned 10 countries worldwide and the bulk of those arrested, 167 people, were Nigerians. The scams are called Business Email Compromise and have resulted in losses over 26 billion US dollars since 2016. To further accelerate the cleanup process of planet Earth the next 144k meditation is scheduled for September 22/23:

144k September Equinox Mass Meditation
Mass Meditation Energetic Protection

2019-09-08: 'One size fits all' doesn't fit all after all.

Just like consumers want free choice from a range of products to best fit their tastes, needs and desires instead of having only standardized communist style products, groups of people want to organize according to their preferences and societies want to be able to choose how they are governed and what collective rules and values they abide by. The more centralized governments have become, the less space remained for customization in line with people's needs and desires. Trying to impose a system of governance that doesn't correspond with people's customs and reference points is troublesome and will often fail or result in resistance. Only the issues that have global or continental impact should be determined on a global or continental level, issues that have a primarily national or local impact should be managed nationally or locally.

It has become very clear that as long as the Cabal is in a position to halt any major public victory of the Light Forces it will do so. That's why the situation will not improve significantly until enough Cabal middlemen are taken out of circulation; that process is cautiously progressing with the arrest of former Japanese prime ministers Junichiro Koizumi and Yasuhiro Nakasone as reported by Benjamin Fulford, the clearing of reptilians from the surface of the planet as reported by Cobra, the death of billionaire David Koch and former Zimbabwan president Robert Mugabe, the expulsion from the Conservative Party of 21 Cabal agents, lackeys and parrots who backstabbed British prime minister Boris Johnson and the resignation of UK secretary of state and minister Amber Rudd.
The large forest fires that were raging in Siberia, Bolivia, Brazil, Angola, Congo, Indonesia and elsewhere are apparently in part related to the clearing of surface reptilians and military forces have been dispatched in several locations to tame the fires. The wellbeing of animals around the world is just as crucial to the overall vibration of the planet, the health of the energy grid and the ascension of consciousness as the wellbeing of humans. It is my impression that some groups of animals choose to ascend now without waiting for humanity to catch up, and that expresses itself as the dying of certain animal populations, but this is of course no excuse to destroy what is left of nature in the physical world.

2019-08-31: The divine masculine: stepping up, speaking out and taking action.

The world is rumbling with discontent and discomfort, I don't think there have ever been so many problematic issues at play on the planet since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria. That doesn't mean there aren't any substantial positive developments, because there are, it just means the problems that exist cannot be denied anymore by anyone. Jeffrey Epstein was called a coward by his victims; I would argue that many top Cabal members show a lot of cowardice in their behaviours. How else could you classify it when they attack that which is defenseless, hide their true motives, pretend they are better than they actually are, put the blame for their actions on others and lurk more or less anonymously in the shadows while collecting and compiling every bit of information on us that they can? It is becoming ever clearer how self-defeating darkness is; contrary to most regular people who try to use love as their compass in life, the dark ones have little or nothing of value left in the metaphysical world, everything of value they have is in the physical world and that world they seek to destroy.
In such an atmosphere we really need the divine masculine, the energy in not just men but also women which says: I am not taking this bullshit, I am standing up for what is right, I am protecting that which is valuable, and I am doing what must be done to end the ransacking and restore balance. In this regard I love how Boris Johnson is pressing the accelerator pedal on Brexit, it's the exact opposite of what Theresa May was doing. And the Cabal agents in British politics who have wiped their buttocks with democracy time after time are now suddenly upset that the democratic process is being bypassed by Boris Johnson in the 5 week prorogation of parliament, in order to prevent the Cabal agents and remainers from blocking Brexit yet again. The great importance of Brexit being accomplished (with or without a deal) is that it will mark the beginning of the decentralization of world power.
The conclusion that Epstein did not commit suicide is inevitable when you see that he died at age 66 and 6 months at 6 AM on Tisha Beav, the Jewish day of mourning. Either he was killed or he was put in a deep undercover witness protection program as suggested by Benjamin Fulford's sources. At least a number of legal obstacles to go after the bigger fish are now out of the way. I and I'm sure many others will be very happy to see it all go public big time. See, the emperor has no clothes on!

I have recently added a new page to the site called "Meditations", where I have listed links to the most effective and powerful meditations for both personal and planetary clearing, transformation and liberation.

2019-08-19: Bringing some common sense into the world.

On the surface nothing much has changed so far, except maybe that in the material world things are getting even more dysfunctional. There are a few issues which are definitely not new but which have been playing up again recently. First is the conflict over Kashmir, the region which is split between Pakistan and India, and whereof India revoked the long-standing autonomy of its part. Also phone and internet connections were severed, which is a clear violation of the interests and freedom of the Kashmiri population. Pakistan's responses to any meddling in Kashmir have also been quite aggressive resulting in two wars fought and a long list of smaller violent incidents over the years, many deaths and injuries. My proposal would be to make the whole of Kashmir into an independent country, thereby joining the Western and Eastern parts that have been divided since the end of British colonial rule and terminating the recurring squabbling between India and Pakistan.
Another important issue is the integrity of the Amazon rainforest and its indigenous tribes, which have been under increased attack since Jair Bolsonaro took office as president of Brazil. Bolsonaro even went as far as to deny statistics produced by his own civil servants that underlined the risen pace of destruction of the rainforest. Everything has to give way to the economy and is open for Western style exploitation, and the culture of the indigenous peoples who were living in the forest is thrown on the scrap heap in the process. Brazil hasn't exactly been a good steward of the Amazon as it continues to dwindle, and courageous individuals who tried to defend the rainforest have been killed or put in jail. I say that after the Event the Amazon should be made into an independent country ruled by representatives of the native peoples.
Then there is Afghanistan, the country that has seen almost uninterrupted war and armed conflict for 40 years, since the Soviet invasion of 1979. Even though the country has been raped by foreign powers and their interests and traumatized as a result, it doesn't make sense that a crowd gathered to celebrate a wedding should be the target of a suicide bomber just because they belong to the "wrong" branch of a religion. It is pure hate and blind ignorance that drives people to commit such atrocities, where is the justification in that? What moral grounds can anyone find to serve a God that is supposed to be loving by use of arbitrary violence?

The current situation is clarified on a deeper level in the latest update from Cobra. Basically what he is saying is that the Cabal is playing hardball and at the same time events are taking place in the physical universe that will lead to the total undoing of primary anomaly and evil. He also stresses the importance of the divine masculine as much as Goddess energy. A new meditation campaign has been launched to clear the Cabal hotspots where much of the remaining plasma anomaly is located:
Blessings of Al Nilam

2019-08-12: End the Quarantine mass meditation report.

In the End the Quarantine mass meditation of August 10 I started and ended with the white fire of AN encircling the planet. The focus was on removing the remaining plasma toplet bombs, and I visualized them popping out of their positions like bolts that give in to overwhelming pressure and being taken away; I saw the dark grid they were placed into melting like overheated metal. Then I did a short meditation to heal divisions that were caused between lightworkers in recent months due to energetic attacks and infiltration by Cabal agents and dark entities.

The same day saw the alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, the spider in the web of sexual blackmail of politicians, executives and other public heads. Available information strongly suggests it was no suicide but murder, he was too much of a liability for the Cabal to let him live and testify about his activities. But to know more, we need to see what Cobra, QAnon and Benjamin Fulford have to say about it. If Epstein is really dead, the White Hats may need to reconsider their strategy in bringing down the Deep State, but on the other hand they may have been expecting this to happen and will simply move on to the next culprit.

2019-08-06: The sound of silence.

As of yet unconfirmed information says the chemtrails have stopped being sprayed or have been changed to contain beneficial substances instead of toxic particles and viruses, and directed energy weapons that were used against lightworkers and their allies have been taken out. If that is correct it's very good news. At the same time there is enormous unrest in the world, with new shootings, bombings, cyber attacks and computer hacks, trade disputes and sanctions, oil tanker seizures, a sharp drop in stock prices, social upheaval and other incidents. Can you name any country that hasn't seen citizen protests and demonstrations this year? You need to think on that for a while, don't you? Maybe Luxemburg or Singapore.
A video addressing the conspiracy involving Jeffrey Epstein has been viewed half a million times in just a couple of days. And this issue of child abuse reaching into the "highest" circles of society is by no means limited to the United States, it is a worldwide issue especially prevalent in the Western world. In Belgium the true extent of the scandal around Marc Dutroux, who kidnapped several young girls before the turn of the century, 2 of which were found alive and highly traumatized in the cellar under one of his houses, never quite became clear as the investigation was smothered at some point when it reached into the highest circles of the Belgian society. One of Dutroux' accomplices at the time was called Bernard Weinstein, but what's in a name?

This week brings two important dates: August 8 when we have the Lion's Gate Portal and August 10 when the next 144k mass meditation is scheduled: the End the Quarantine mass meditation. I had to think of an old song from the nineteensixties that seems appropriate for this period: The sound of silence.

2019-08-01: New Moon - New Era 144k mass meditation report.

I participated in the New Moon - New Era 144k mass meditation from Ground Crew Command Radio and it was a bit of a challenge as it took place in the middle of the night in Europe. First I visualized all the people of the world standing in lines that created the flower of life sacred geometry pattern in the lands where they live. Then I visualized everyone dropping their clothes and being completely naked, both literally and figuratively; nobody could hide anything, their true nature and light and dark properties were fully exposed. I saw a man and woman inside the Earth that embodied the divine masculine and divine feminine caressing each other and making love. Then I started plucking filaments and plumes of dark energies out of the body of the planet and having them dissolve in the light, this is when I really felt the impact of what I was doing. I also used the white fire of AN to purify the planet and to light up the Andes mountains throughout South America and the West Coast and Rocky Mountains across North America.

Cobra has indicated that the next 2 weeks are crucial in determining how things proceed with the planetary liberation, as the White Hats are getting things ready to make their big moves and the Cabal is doing what it can to stop them. Therefore he has asked everybody to meditate as often as possible in order for the process to proceed smoothly and peacefully and for the key lightworkers to be protected. One effective meditation is of course the buddhic column meditation which can be used on any location or person that needs light. Other meditations are suggested in this new update from FM144 and a special flower of life meditation has also been created for this period.

2019-07-22: Monumental changes in the works.

Last week the gold price fixings have reached the highest levels since early 2013, over €40 per gram or roughly US $1,400 per ounce. The price of silver, the most suppressed commodity in the world, has also climbed to the highest level in over a year. This correlates with increasing support for a return to the gold standard and increasing instability in the financial arena with the blocking of credits by banks and a decline in cryptocurrency rates. One report I read hints at efforts by the Earth Alliance to crash the current financial system, so that it can be replaced by the Quantum Financial System or better said Quantum Mapping System. The Quantum Mapping System is being described as extremely advanced, holistic, based on extraterrestrial technology, incorruptable and it reads people's energy fields among other things. The buildup of tensions around Iran and various trade wars should be seen in this light, it seemingly plays into the Cabal agenda but actually undermines their profits and the public's trust like the extra push that brings a collapse of the financial system closer.
The number of recent earthquakes worldwide is at a record level of 3 times above the normal number, stirred up by the influx of intense cosmic energies and solar flares. Channeled messages and insider information both signal we're on the brink of drastic changes as a result of revelations that are to follow about the depth and gravity of abuse that has been going on under Cabal rule. Benjamin Fulford stated that the Clinton Foundation has been raided by law enforcement and child abuse networks are now being targeted full force.

Boeing, a company in which bloodline families have high stakes, has reserved 4.9 billion US dollars for reparations of airline damages due to thousands of flight cancellations as a result of the flight ban on the Boeing 737 MAX model. From what I learnt the issue is twofold: both poor programming by underqualified IT personnel who were hired to save costs and the inclusion of a remote control hijacking module for special purpose Cabal sabotage, in other words deliberate downing of airplanes.
The Hoge Raad (High Council) in the Netherlands has judged that the Dutch state is 10% liable for damages in the death of 350 Bosniaks who were expelled from an UNPROFOR Dutchbat base in Srebrenica and subsequently killed by ethnic Serbs in 1995 in the Bosnian civil war. This percentage is intended to determine the amount of compensations to be paid to relatives of the deceased, but it comes across as a denial of full responsibility. If the UN mandate was inadequate it should never have been accepted by the then government of the Netherlands, but it was and in my mind that makes the Dutch state 100% responsible.

2019-07-17: Lunar Eclipse mass meditation report.

In the July 16 Lunar Eclipse mass meditation I was all over the place to make maximum impact. I started using a kind of gigantic vacuum cleaner to suck away the remaining plasmatic Chimera spiders and the venomous energy they accumulated in their nests. I reinforced the quarantine shields around the top Cabal members and stripped away their higherdimensional backing; I visualized protective light shields around the White Hats and boosted their personal powers. Then I visualized the entire planet as a merging of the I AM presences of all humans living on Earth, in an intensely lit ball of flaming light. In the general mass meditation that started 1½ hours into the 144k meditation the thing that gave me shivers was the reassembly of the chalice of the holy grail out of the 144,000 lightworkers, what a great feeling that gave.
Now it's up to the White Hats and the Earth Alliance to make their moves in the physical world by taking bold steps, making the necessary arrests and taking the mass media out of the hands of the Cabal.

France has recently introduced tax on the revenues of digital technology companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon (3% of their sales in France). This unilateral step was taken after proposals for EU wide taxation of tech giants didn't produce results and will make the companies concerned contribute their fair share to the national budget. Other efforts to level the economic playing field include taxation on jet fuel, which has been tax exempt since the early splattering beginnings of air travel when the industry needed financial support to get off the ground.

2019-07-09: Earth Alliance switching gears with arrest of Jeffrey Epstein.

In April and May nearly 1700 people were arrested by the Justice Department in the United States for production and possession of child pornography, involvement in abuse of children and sex trafficking and engaging in pedosexual acts. Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies cooperated in the crackdown on child predators. This coincided with the trial against Nxivm founder Keith Raniere that resulted in his conviction for sex trafficking and racketeering by luring women into his cult and forcing them into sexual slavery.
Now the White Hats are moving in on the high society pedophile rings that serve politicians, bankers, wealthy businessmen, corporate executives, actors, pop stars and other elites with the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein has been accused of sex trafficking and conspiring to exploit underage girls. He was convicted for similar offenses in 2008, when he escaped serious punishment with a plea deal. It's a public secret that Epstein fetched those elites interested in some private time with underaged girls with his jet nicknamed Lolita Express to his estates where intimate services were provided as many victims will be able to testify.
In another strike it seems that the Earth Alliance has taken out Cabal facilities at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake in Southern California, as the base is reported as "not mission capable until further notice". Presumably the base harbored retaliation capabilities that the Cabal could use in case the heat would really come on them.
Meanwhile in Kazakhstan the newly installed president Kassim-Jomart Tokajev has decided to spend the equivalent of nearly 1 billion US dollars to write off bad loans held by more than 3 million countrymen, while ending state bailouts of commercial banks. Surely a nice example that deserves following, don't you think?

2019-07-05: The dust of confrontations is settling.

Cobra's first update in 6 weeks clarifies the intensity of the past period; in so many words he is saying that Earth moved along the edge of the abyss of planetary annihilation but a very dangerous layer of plasma anomaly with toplet bombs was cleared by the light forces and risks are now more manageable. What is now being cleared are the unmanifested primary anomaly potentials, in other words all higherdimensional energies that are not in line with Source and the Divine Plan, and the plasmatic Chimera spiders at the top of the dark food chain.
US president Donald Trump made a lot of references in his 4th of July Independence Day speech to the original and traditional values on which the Republic of the United States of America was founded. He elaborately lauded the historical achievements of the US armed forces in what I consider a declaration of intent to jointly weed all the deep state elements from the offices of public power, or drain the swamp to use his own words. When you read between the lines this is what he is saying in his speech.
The lower parliament of Austria has passed a bill that bans glyphosate from all use. Originally developed by Monsanto, the weed killer is now also produced by BASF, Dow Agrosciences and other chemical companies. Some lawmakers point out that the bill might be conflicting with EU laws, but if the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) concludes that the substance is probably carcinogenic to humans, on what grounds will the EU then halt the ban? Austria is a forerunner in organic farming with 23% of its farmland dedicated to sustainable farming.
I missed the Total Solar Eclipse mass meditation of July 2, but on July 16 there is a new mass meditation at the occasion of the Lunar Eclipse.

2019-06-21: June 21 solstice mass meditation report.

In the 144k mass meditation for the June solstice I first visualized the hardcore Cabal as a block of black rock that was fracturing over its entire body until it was totally turned into small chips. I visualized a perimeter around the core of the Cabal that separates them from the rest of society and people in politics, the media and elsewhere that have been played as puppets and servants all of a sudden found themselves unstringed and free to make up their own mind. Also I visualized an energetic shield around each core Cabal member that quarantined their energy field around them and bounces back all dark intentions on themselves. Then I located nonphysical satellites, plasma toplet bombs and other higherdimensional controls and sucked them into a large vacuum; then the items in the vacuum were dissolved by powerful white light and I repeated this process a number of times. I noticed that Cambodia still had heavy vibrations lingering over the country as a result of the killing fields suppression campaign of the Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot, so I bathed the country in light for a prolonged time and invited angels, archangels and ascended masters to put their hands on the country until it felt transformed and Cambodia started to radiate its light out to the surrounding countries of Southeast Asia. Then I turned to Uganda and poured liquid light on it which it absorbed and the liquid light started spilling over to the neighboring countries in Southern Africa. Then I picked out corrupt and self serving officials from all over South America and gathered them in a basket, brought the light into the basket and told them they will start taking note of people's interests. I finished with some rituals and created a representation of the energy of the Goddess which I showed to the whole of humanity on Earth for all to get a taste. The Light is victorious!

2019-06-17: Climactic developments leading up to the June 21 solstice.

Never before did I experience a full moon so intensely as last evening. Developments are now coming to a climax and energies are condensing and compressing more and more. The blatantly obvious false flag attacks on two oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz are a last ditch attempt of the Cabal to lure the US Navy into war with Iran, brand that country as the common enemy and steer efforts away from undoing the power of the Cabal. So it's easy to identify the Cabal agents by checking who support this "Iran did it" explanation of the attacks without solid evidence. Then there has been a massive electrical outage in South America affecting 48 million people, primarily in Argentina and Uruguay. An accident? Don't think so, just as little as the large power outages in Venezuela in March were accidental. According to information from Benjamin Fulford it was staged by use of the Stuxnet computer virus in retaliation for attempts to remove Cabal puppet and Argentinian president Mauricio Macri from power.

2019-06-13: Extrapolation from the individual to the collective and vice versa.

When an individual takes constructive action, even just in the form of holding an affirmative thought or sending a supportive feeling, to positively impact other people, a group or organization, a country or the whole world, the energy wave of that action will flow into other energy waves and produce a positive effect, even though it is hard to predict what that effect will be. The opposite is equally true, destructive action, a denying thought or repudiating feeling goes into the mix of energies and influences the outcome negatively.
More often than not problems and issues are being individualized, from the poor slogger to the eminent world leader. Donald Trump disrespectfully talked about shithole countries, but what does that say about the world at large? Is the world a shiny place when it has such countries where development has stalled or regressed? And is it really to blame on an individual country alone? Definitely not, because it denies the interwovenness of the world and the history that made it this way. If an individual human being is depressed and feels suicidal, is that the fault of that person? Or has the world failed to love, comfort, nurture, help and protect that person when it was needed? The same principle applies, it is a question of taking all factors into account. Maybe we shouldn't even talk about blame, just responsibility. It is easier to accept responsibility than to be blamed, and it gives more freedom of movement to choose another approach.

In a very topical update, the current intense confrontation between the light and the dark is described with intimate precision. It is a must read for anyone who has recently been working on the front line of planetary liberation.

2019-06-04: The meta strategy of the light forces.

Since early 2018 there is total radio silence about the critical operations of the light forces, but what can be deducted from the information that does come to us is that all sources and aspects of the primary anomaly on planet Earth are being targeted for broad transformation and that means at times letting things come to a head with the least amount of damage possible and at times energetically transmuting the anomaly. As a consequence the lead time up to the Event has been prolonged, but once it is triggered the overall situation will already be more cleaned up than in previous scenarios.
Ground Crew Command has very recently done two crucial operations: the clearing of two higherdimensional (plasma, etheric and astral) at least 2 mile high transmission towers, one on the North Pole and one on the South Pole, and 6 smaller towers that were positioned at equal intervals around the equator, and the clearing of the higherdimensional lightworker tagging system. It seems that the towers were forming the backbone of the veil of forgetfulness and they were secured by plasma toplet bombs, other fortifications and loads of nonphysical negative entities. The lightworker tagging system had a command center in an underground base with a mainframe that was operated by an entity carrying collective Archon consciousness and it was linked to individual nonphysical tags on every known lightworker. It served to suppress the frequency vibration of those lightworkers that rose too high and became a threat to the energetic control matrix by triggering darkness around them to attack them. Hear the details in this episode of Ground Crew Command Radio from 1:30:00 onwards. The next 144k mass meditation is scheduled for June 21.

Some days after the Isis initiation where I was submerged into a coherent field of unconditional love old wounding that was unhealed came up from my subconscious and manifested as what felt like a deliberate attack on me from my environment, so I had some self-care and healing to do. When you make a big energetic shift within you the surroundings that you are exposed to have to suddenly adapt to the new you and that can be a bit of a bumpy process especially if the frequencies don't match. It has prompted me to consider advancing my plans for the formation of a light community of soul family and spiritual family. On the other hand I don't want to rush into things, this requires thorough preparation on all levels.

2019-05-29: European elections and other system hiccups.

In Europe the results of the elections for the European Parliament have sunken in with various politicians resigning or being sent packing due to bad party performance or background skirmishes. Although the elections show some remarkable results, notably in Great Britain, France and Italy, one shouldn't worry too much about the consequences for the European Parliament as the current system of governance has proven itself incapable of the profound cleanup that is required. Even if all Cabal handlers and agents in EU and national government agencies would be eliminated overnight, there is too much hesitation, attachment to the beaten track, focus on side issues and lack of connection with the day to day reality of the governed people, and too little willingness for the deep transformation that is being asked for. I consider the European Union a monstrosity of elitist tampering with the principles of international cooperation that has imposed a false unity on formerly sovereign nations. Hence it must go and so does the system itself. In the UK the Conservative Party has finally concluded that they and their country are better off without archtraitor Theresa May, let them please bury her political heritage very deeply.

Malaysia has decided to return 60 illegally imported sea containers loaded with 3,300 tons of plastic waste back to their mostly Western countries of origin, such as the United States, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, France, Australia and Saudi Arabia. These so called developed countries have or should have far better facilities to process such waste than a country like Malaysia could offer and the only reason this and other types of waste are sent to poor Asian and African countries is the cost aspect. In the flawed economic system we have no price tag is put on environmental pollution, degradation of nature and endangering of human health, and this has been pointed out so often by so many thinkers. So the Malaysian government has closed some 150 illegal companies that were processing plastic waste without proper licenses and procedures. They follow in the footsteps of China and the Philippines that went ahead earlier to ban plastic waste imports. The message to the rich countries is plain and clear: deal with your own crap and stop dumping it abroad.
The court of Utrecht has issued a total prohibition of the Hells Angels motorcycle club in the Netherlands due to their structural culture of violence and danger to the public order. Hells Angels was established in the United States and settled in the Netherlands some 40 years ago. It is the first country to impose a total ban on the club which is popularly considered a gang. These are the kind of decisions that show balls (cojones aka courage) and are needed much more.

2019-05-23: The blessings of daydreaming.

Recently I have been initiated as a priest of Isis and what I felt afterward was a deep feeling of inner peace and calmness. I also had a spur to just sit and stare, not staring at anyone or anything but into the infinite nothingness of the void. This kind of daydreaming tunes you out of the physical reality that has a limited number of things in it and in to the metaphysical reality that has an unlimited number of options in it. Children are accustomed to daydream, but most adults have unlearned it due to their conditioning and that is one of the reasons they are so stuck in the matrix of the world's expectations, demands, rules, regulations and institutions. Any real nourishment for anger is also gone in me, it just seems so pointless and out of harmony to get angry at whatever bullshit takes place. I feel a strong desire now to heal and be healed on all levels and bring that sense of integration into the world.

2019-05-13: The gradual emergence of holistic approaches.

What I notice in listening to and reading publications of influential opinion shapers, decision makers and academics is a broadly shared growing genuine and sincere desire for all encompassing solutions to the world's major challenges. Backgrounds and disciplines of people may vary a lot and consequently their interests and opinions vary also, but what I do see emerging more and more is the recognized need for real answers to the fundamental problems of humanity that address all aspects in the equation. So the next step is to reach a consensus among the intelligentia out of the proposals that are on the table as to which solutions should be implemented and how they should be implemented. And of course this shouldn't be the kind of Agenda 21 carbon tax the ecological footprint for indirect population reduction solution that the Cabal pursues, but a solution that serves all parties' interests as best as possible. In this respect I would like to refer to Japan, which has some very unbalanced characteristics in its cultural life (especially the missing work-life balance) but which has managed to apply effective collective approaches toward relatively responsible and gradual population reduction. Although it does cause practical problems in the short term, the inventiveness of the Japanese in introducing state of the art robots takes care of tightness of manpower and in the long term it will result in a healthier and more sustainable population level.

2019-05-09: The big sell-off by the Rothschilds.

In recent times the Rothschild family has been selling a number of very highly priced assets. In 2016 they sold a pair of Rembrandt paintings (portraits of Maerten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit) for 160 million euro, in 2018 they sold their Rothschild & Co trust services division for an undisclosed amount, and early this year they sold the 5,412 hectare Langau forestry and hunting estate in Austria for 90 million euro. Now the family is looking to sell another Rembrandt painting (De vaandeldrager / The standard-bearer) for 165 million euro. In July 57 lots of valuable antiques out of Rothschild property will be auctioned at Christie's in London for an estimated 10 million British pounds. Now ask yourself, if the banking family would be prospering and thriving like they used to, would they be selling their crown jewels? Most likely not. It seems like they need to get their hands on cash money now that their access to the global collateral accounts and off-ledger assets has been stripped from them and the revenues from their murky activities are being pinched off.

2019-04-28: Putting the spotlight on the masterminds of terror and destruction.

Responsibility for the well organized terror attacks on Sri Lanka that took place on Easter Sunday and that killed over 250 people and wounded even more has been claimed by a radical islamic group with links to Islamic State, but such large scale attacks are ordered from the highest levels of the Cabal, the Archons and the Black Nobility. So I want to put the spotlights on these beings; I found a set of 9 pages on an Italian website that has elaborate information about them including their genealogy, interrelations, pictures and descriptions of their possessions and social positions. The site is in Italian, but by putting the text in Google Translate you get the gist of what is written. There is a meditation to counter their black magic and dark occultic influence on We Love Mass Meditation. They are at the center of worldly power because they have had centuries to expand their wealth, network and power and are intimately connected to the Vatican. Many of the families in the Black Nobility descend from lineages that go back to the times of the Roman empire. In esoteric terms the Roman empire never ended, it just morphed into a new exterior appearance.

This week the MCIS (Moscow Conference on International Security) that seeks to address Cabal instigated conflicts and acts of terror has taken place with delegations from 95 countries attending. Top agenda item was the stabilization of Syria after the defeat of Islamic State.
Political newbie Volodimir Zelenski has won the presidential elections in Ukraine by 73.2% of the vote, that's how tired the people were of incumbent president and Cabal puppet Petro Poroshenko.
Former Grand Duke Jean of Luxemburg has died at age 98. Although Luxemburg is a very small country, all royal families in Europe are intermarried and are effectively one big society within the hierarchy of power.
Recently we also saw the suicide of former president Alan García of Peru who was about to be arrested for corruption and the resignation of the government of Mali after a massacre of 160 Fulani herders occurred.

2019-04-20: Ending the energy of Sacrifice mass meditation report.

I joined the 144k mass meditation of Ground Crew Command that was aimed among other things at ending the concept of necessity of sacrificing something to get something. When I connected with the hod this feeling of extreme fatigue came over me, but a very pleasant kind of extreme fatigue as in being able to let go of all tensions, strain and exasperation that were stored in my energy system. It was an amazing meditation and I didn't need to think twice what was there to do for me. I visualized a lot of light going into Rome, Paris and London; in London specifically I saw a bell-shaped hill of light that was polluted by specks of darkness on top of it which I gently brushed off until it was clean. In Rome I saw several pools of black goo, at the Vatican, Borgo Santo Spirito and a satanic church, which I shoveled up with my hands, saw it dry out and turn bright and disintegrate. Then I visualized pillars of light coming from the galactic central sun into Earth at Paris, Stonehenge, Roslin, Amsterdam, Brussels and Berlin. Brussels had a heavier energy of resistance against the light and when I visualized the pillar going into Berlin I started crying intensely; energies of guilt and shame for what was done during the time of the nazi regime and of pain and grief due to the separation between West and East Berlin during the time of the cold war came out in my tears. The pillars were like drills digging into the ground and at the end of the drilling process fountains of liquid light started spewing out of the ground. Then I moved to Arabia and poored cans of light onto the darkest humans living there; then I visualized flying carpets of light with genies sprinkling stars of light onto the Arab countries from Morocco to the Gulf states. After that I moved to sub Saharan Africa and gifted intimate caresses and movements of elegance to African women to soften their energy and sexuality and bathed the continent in light. I energetically brought the things that were stolen from Africa back, not just the material things but the cultural integrity that was disturbed by the European colonization and told Africans they can have what they need if they depose their corrupt leaders. I then blasted the most top level physical Cabal members with light and told them it's stupid to continue walking a road which they know has a dead end. I finished by peeling off a big seed of light seven times, at each peel a brighter light appeared underneath. This gave me goosebumps and I planted the seed of light in Rome. Then I followed Jim's suggestions and zapped portals opened by Luciferians, teamed up with other meditators to surround a number of nonphysical Archons and drive them away and plucked plasma toplet bombs as if they were fluff.

2019-04-19: We are the authority now.

Reactions to the burning of the Notre-Dame cathedral vary greatly, and I guess they reflect the many aspects that the fire has. One aspect is that the energy of the mother of God / mother God has now been detached from the Roman catholic church so they can no longer abuse it to hide their darker nature. Another aspect is the destruction of beauty and sacredness that was manifested in the construction, interior and decorations of the cathedral that have been created over 8 centuries by a wide range of craftsmen. It is ridiculous to think this can be replaced, it is gone forever. It also reflects the decay of the 3D reality which is still part of our life experience. And of course the intention behind it from the dark side was to attack the key leyline of which Parisis, the city of light, is a main node.
For the members of government, top officials and anyone affiliated with the Cabal it is now more clear than ever what are the consequences of their affiliation, you reap what you sow. They have no moral authority anymore, that now rests in the hands of the lightworkers and lightwarriors and the forces of light. It is fitting to dedicate an Ave Maria to the cathedral and the ones that gave the order for its destruction. May all that is precious and sacred be protected from now on and may the real temple of the Goddess be built on Île de France and inaugurated by her priestesses.

2019-04-16: Notre-Dame set ablaze.

Yesterday evening a fire has broken out in the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris that has destroyed the spire, the biggest part of the roof and wooden interior of one of the most iconic, historic, picturesque, beloved and symbolic buildings on the entire planet. Although the fire has not caused any mortalities, again Paris is hit with a terrible loss. A coincidence? An accident? No, everything tells me this is a deliberate strike by the Cabal at what is not just a catholic place of worship but the site of a prior temple of Isis and a symbol of the Light for everyone in the energetic centre of Europe. Notre dame means Our lady and that is mother Mary, the woman who brought the light into the world in the embodiment of Christ. So putting it on fire right at the start of the week leading up to Easter, the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, is a precisely timed attack on goddess energy represented by mother Mary, Isis, Quan Yin and the other female ascended masters and aimed at suppressing the rising christ consciousness. The orders must have come from the Archons in the Black Nobility.
This is the greatest mistake the Cabal has ever made. It has been clear for years that the hardliners within the shadow world government don't intend to surrender and will fight to the bitter end to maintain their perverted rule and sickening system of control, material and moral corruption and oppression. For me they have crossed the line with this last act of destruction and I call upon all lightworkers, lightwarriors, freedom fighters and truthers out there to start a mail storm and expose the Cabal for good. From this point it is no longer a spiritual war between the minority of awakened citizens versus the dark forces, it is a cause of humanity at large to rid us of the malignant tumor in the upper echelons of world power. Send mails to everyone you know and explain what is happening, provide them with links to the relevant websites and invite them to spread the word.

Only by uniting can we overcome self serving and ruthless rulers, as Sudan has demonstrated by toppling longtime president (or should I say dictator) Omar al Bashir. What is particularly notable is the role that women played in the Sudanese uprising, with the student Alaa Salah, dubbed Lady Liberty and the Nubian Queen, on the forefront.
Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has been arrested in the Ecuadorian embassy in London after his asylum was revoked by Ecuador. The pretense is an alleged attempt at hacking a government computer to obtain secret documents, but of course the real pain for the deep state is in the exposure of some of their machinations.

2019-04-09: The matrix has started to disintegrate.

Cobra has posted his update on the Soul Families Workshop and a situation update. Extensive notes from the workshop are available here: part 1 and part 2. Primary take away of the update is that the control matrix has started to disintegrate, but other important information is included about the key leyline that runs from Teotihuacán via New York, Stonehenge, Ljubljana, Troy, Baalbek and the Syrian pentagram to Saudi Arabia, soul family connections and the transformative power of the merger of pure masculine and pure feminine energies.

Benjamin Fulford has reported that the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 that crashed on March 10 in Ethiopia as well as the Lion Air plane of the same model that crashed on October 29, 2018 in Indonesia have been hijacked by use of remote control equipment that was built into the planes. I have no confirmation of this from other sources, but I believe the information is accurate. The Ethiopian flight carried some 20 UN officials who worked on a programme targeting hunger, poverty and Cabal interests in Africa. The Lion Air flight carried a group of some 30 white hat officials who were involved in negotiations with the Cabal on using off ledger gold for social programmes just prior to the crash. These crashes now have serious repercussions for Boeing.
President Abdelaziz Bouteflika of Algeria has resigned after weeks of massive protests against his regime. He occupied the post for almost 20 years, but has been disabled since 2013 when he got a stroke and seldomly appeared in public since.
The European Parliament has adopted a new EU directive of 2 months paid parental leave for all parents. On top of that come 5 days of carers' leave for sick relatives or loved ones in need and flexible working arrangements including remote working. These increases in parental leave entitlements and new entitlement to carers' leave will improve work-life balance and gender equality while maintaining living standards.
The European Commission has charged the 3 main German car makers BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke), Volkswagen and Daimler with collusion to avoid competing on and limiting the introduction of sustainable technology that reduces emissions. The antitrust investigation can result in very hefty fines if cartel formation is proven.

2019-03-28: Signs of shifted balance of power.

From what I have heard, the satellites that were used by the Cabal for weather modification purposes have been taken over by the Earth Alliance. The evidence is that the 2018/2019 winter has been the wettest in the United States since records have been kept; water brings life and abundant harvests.
From the bits and pieces of information that surface it looks like the two primary methods of buying political influence and cooperation of powerful people, bribery and sexual favors, are being systematically taken away from the arsenal of the Cabal. All major streams of illicit moneys are under attack, most notably the accounts at the Vatican bank (Istituto per le Opere di Religione) that were used to bribe some 6,000 world leaders. The Cabal middle management that has been involved in human trafficking, pedophilia and grooming of women and children to become sex slaves are being arrested and put on trial in the military tribunals.
The SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) have conquered Baghouz in eastern Syria, the last remaining stronghold of Islamic State / Daesh, thereby effectively nullifying the IS caliphate. It will not be the end of terror in its entirety, but it is the end of the most extreme form of institutionalized terror based on sharia law.
India has successfully tested a ground-based anti-satellite missile against a low orbit satellite at an altitude of about 300 kilometers. This means it now has the capability to shoot down low orbit satellites that are used for spying or more nefarious goals, and this will bring a better balance of world power.
After the European Parliament (the only democratic institution in the European Union plutocracy) rightly branded the Netherlands a tax paradise (for certain companies that is, not for regular citizens), the governments of the Netherlands and Germany have initiated a plan for an international minimum tax for corporations. This would halt the tax avoidance shopping of many multinationals and private equity funds. More than half of the US Fortune 500 companies now have a registration in the Netherlands, mostly because of the business-friendly tax climate.
Bayer has been fined 80 million US dollars by the San Francisco federal court jury for the Monsanto herbicide Roundup contributing to development of lymphoma cancer in Edwin Hardeman, who used the glyphosate-based weed killer for 30 years in his garden. Thousands of comparable lawsuits are queuing to go to trial and could take down the entire poison mixer moloch.

2019-03-23: Skirmishes on all levels around March equinox.

The March 20/21 equinox mass meditation of Ground Crew Command Radio started out gently but became quite intense. First I focused very strongly on balance, bringing the awareness and sense of importance of balance into everything and everyone on the planet. Then I saw bubbly mud on the surface of the planet as in volcanic areas that spewed up dark energy gas and the gas became increasingly smellier and stinkier. The gaseous excretions were burned by fire of various colors. After that I visualized some prominent Cabal members whose identity, energetic makeup and tools of power were totally broken down and stripped. My part finalized by my I AM presence shooting highly charged light onto Gaia that really got the better of many beings that couldn't bear the intensity of the light and simply escaped from the scene. The Unknown Lightwarrior concluded by bringing the divine pure masculine and pure feminine energy polarities back together in a symbolic love making ritual.
In advance of the equinox and shortly afterwards many smaller and larger skirmishes have been created by darkness to disturb the transmutational effects of the shift to the astrological new year. Apparent accidents and disasters, false flag attacks, personal dramas etc. can draw off our attention if we let it, so it is important to stay in your center of power. There is no update of Cobra yet on the Soul Families Workshop that took place in Budapest during the past weekend, but I'm sure a big impact was made there as well.

2019-03-15: Being compromisable in order to be allowed to rise to fame.

I have watched part of the documentary Leaving Neverland directed by filmmaker Dan Reed where Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck tell about their childhood experiences with Michael Jackson and prolonged sexual abuse by him when they were invited at the Neverland ranch. Their testimonies are completely credible and I feel they are telling the truth. It turns out all the earlier stories about children being abused by the king of pop were pointing to something which is more apparent than ever: Michael Jackson was sick. If you don't allow a child to be a child and enjoy their innocence and casual playing while they grow up, they will want to make up for that with a vengeance when they're grown up. Does that make Michael Jackson bad? Maybe, but I feel his songs still have their intrinsic value, even the ones that talk about morals, they are above the persona in a way. So for now I have decided to keep the 3 songs of him that I link on the "Music with a message" page.

2019-03-13: The hall of mirrors that is the corridors of power.

Upon superficial observation one could totally mix up who is working for the light and who is working for the dark side, such is the fervor with which world leaders try to fool the crowds and trick their counterparts. Pope Francis convoked cardinals and bishops in a special congregation to discuss how best to deal with sexual abuse within the catholic clergy, but in reality he has been present at child sacrifice rituals by the Ninth Circle and that is one of the reasons he has been sidelined, he was bringing too much public heat to their activities. He is merely staying on as a figurehead, but Vatican executive power in the interim has been taken over by a triumvirate of cardinals: Pietro Parolin, Marc Ouellet and Gerhard Müller. All three men are actively associated with the Ninth Circle, according to ITCCS. Another reason for Francis' dismissal is that he has maintained romantic ties with Maxima Zorreguieta, who became queen of the Netherlands.
Stories have also come out on widespread crimes and cover-ups within the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple under the auspices of Russell Nelson. Nicknamed the Killer, he is said to have raped young children, aborted babies, killed fetuses, trafficked children and killed predecessors who led the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints so he could assume power. So much for those who still believe in the innocence and exemplary role of church leaders.
US president Donald Trump has been making statements that seem to underwrite the Cabal agenda, such as calling for the removal of Nicolás Maduro from power in Venezuela and replacing him by Juan Guaidó. This even led Benjamin Fulford to cast his doubts on the objectives of Trump, but as far as I can tell such statements seem to be aimed at shaking off the adversaries and disarming the mass media criticism on him so that he can do his job more easily and undisturbed. In effect he has signed a number of crucial presidential executive orders that allow the white hats to deal with the Cabal criminals effectively and he is planning to reveal the truth about 9/11 and other Cabal conspiracies and release suppressed advanced technologies.
Benjamin Fulford has repeatedly reported on negotiations between the bloodlines (meaning the Cabal top levels) and the gnostic Illuminati (meaning Western meritocrats) and now writes that an agreement has been reached. If that is the case we should see some major public announcements soon, but personally I don't believe in negotiating with a clique that has committed so many crimes against humanity and left the masses to suffer without significant relief for such a long time. My interest is in no less than unconditional surrender of the Cabal and everyone who is associated with them, so I will keep pushing for just that.

2019-03-06: Shell and ENI prosecuted for bribery in Nigeria.

Dutch-British petroleum corporation Shell and Italy based energy group ENI are being prosecuted for paying bribes to gain the exploitation license of an oil field off the coast of Nigeria. Italian courts already charged ENI CEO Claudio Descalzi and 4 former Shell managers and now Shell is going to face charges from the Openbaar Ministerie (Dutch Public Prosecutor's Office). Earlier a Nigerian court ceded the oil field known as Oil Prospecting Licence 245, one of Africa's richest oil blocs, back to the government.
It has been the Cabal modus operandi in many African and Latin American countries over the years to exploit their mineral resources, pay key politicians and officials for access and appropriate the revenues so that local populations hardly profit from the riches in their soils. The same scenario plays out in Venezuela, where president Nicolás Maduro has mostly been enriching his entourage and wannabe president Juan Gauidó is aiming to privatize (read: hand over) the national oil fields to foreign oil companies in exchange for an undoubtedly generous compensation, if he can just get his hands on the top position of power.

In Italy Camorra mafia clan boss Marco di Lauro, one of Europe's most wanted criminals, has been arrested in Naples after being a fugitive for over 14 years. His offences include instigation of murder, drug trafficking, arson, armed robbery, racketeering and extortion according to Europol. Marco di Lauro took over the Camorra from his father Paolo di Lauro when the latter was arrested in 2005. His father and all his nine brothers are either in prison or dead.
A new money laundering scheme has been uncovered dubbed Troika Laundromat in which 2 Lithuanian banks functioned as hatches. Lithuanian Ukio Bankas and Snoras and all 3 major Dutch banks ING, ABN Amro and Rabobank have been involved as well as Amsterdam Trade Bank, GarantiBank and numerous offshore companies. The objectives beside money laundering were to sidestep restrictions, channel money out of Russia and hide assets abroad. Part of the money originated from organized crime and fraud. The opaque financial network was operated from 2006 until 2013 and centered around Troika Dialog, the largest private investment bank in Russia.

2019-02-28: The Achilles heel of Asian collectivist thought.

I feel the strong need to put the spotlight on an issue that I see in many Asian countries and which reflected in various recent news items. Whereas the Western countries tilt toward individualism which can breed egoism, Asian countries have a more collectivistic culture. Whenever there are or were things going on in Asian societies that can be regarded as unjust, unfair and negative, there is a strong tendency toward denial and looking away. It's a collective problem, so individuals shy away from taking responsibility for it. The collective is greater than the individual, so it is not fitting for a single person to criticize the collective in the Asian mindset. This is a very serious fundamental weakness in many if not all Asian cultures. It can also be seen in people of Asian origin who live outside Asia.

Forced marriage is a long-standing tradition among peoples in central and southern Asia and objecting often means to harm the family honour, considered a mortal sin. Where does that leave individual freedom? It's totally unbalanced and hence a sign of backward thinking.
In the days of World War I the Ottoman Empire decided to reserve the entire territory of Asia Minor for the muslim peoples of Turkey. What had historically been a patchwork of various peoples much like the Balkans was turned into a mostly homogenic population that we know as Turkey today. It was a reaction on the influx of muslims from lands previously occupied by the empire that had to run for their lives when the Ottoman troops withdrew in the late 19th and early 20th century. The ethnic Greeks that had been living in Cappadocia and on the coasts of Turkey since antiquity were either killed or expelled to Greece, the Armenian population of northeastern Turkey was driven to extermination and the Assyrian people of southeastern Turkey were also killed en masse. Although the killings were not orchestrated officially, there was a clear religious motive behind it, because only the Kurds who are muslims like the Turks survived the violence and remained in significant numbers. Just about all the nations of the world have committed terrible crimes in their history, so why are Turkish people still denying the facts that genocide took place in their country? And mind you, genocide on peoples who had more seniority in Asia Minor than the Turks who originally came from central Asia as invaders. Owning your history and that of your country is essential to heal the past, a better future cannot be built on lies.
China is a heterogenic country with dozens of ethnicities of which one is very dominant by number, the Han Chinese. The majority of Uyghurs, a Turkic and largely muslim group, live in Xinjiang in northwestern China. Reports have come out about re-education camps where some one million Uyghurs are detained without charge or trial and receive anti-extremist ideological education. The official line of the national government is that it is an initiative to counter terrorist threats and separatist tendencies among Uyghurs; detaining specific individuals who have carried out or actively planned terrorist acts can be called proportional, but a million people or more is by all standards mass internment, political indoctrination, enforced loyalty and oppression. Uyghurs didn't migrate into China, they have lived in the region for many centuries; more and more Han Chinese have actually been moved into Xinjiang, but if China cannot accept local culture and finds it too deviant it should take its hands off the region and facilitate its independence as Uyghurstan. Otherwise it might be an option to rename China the Party's Depublic of China. China is also suppressing Tibetans and seeking to destroy and marginalize their culture and language, it is soul wrenching to see how they are treated in their own country. And China is the number one nation responsible for the sharp decline in Asian tiger populations and African elephant and rhinoceros populations, it is the hub of international trade in tiger bone, ivory and rhinoceros horn products. China once considered itself the most civilized nation in the world; well, it surely isn't according to my standards.
Japan has built an incredibly strong high tech industry based economy over the past decades, but many elderly people don't have adequate pensions and some even resort to theft out of material need, what a shame for such a rich country. The slavish successive Japanese governments have all allowed the Cabal to funnel the wealth of the nation into their pockets while the Japanese were working themselves to death, sometimes literally. To Japanese I would say: no need to overcompensate the fact that you have lost World War II by winning the economic war, just deal with the shame of defeat and work to live, don't live to work. Then there is the annual whaling of some 300 minke whales continuing to this day by the Japanese fleet, when almost all countries of the world have concluded that whaling is unnecessary, outdated and undesirable. Stop bloody well eating whale meat, for god's sake!
Then we arrive at the state of Israel, the country that has embraced zionism, stolen lands and destroyed houses of Palestinians without the slightest compensation offered and instead unleashed violent oppression and economic blockading on Gaza and the Westbank. Is this the victims of fascism becoming fascists themselves? At least it is an effective recipe for kindling and nurturing hatred. Surely this is not how Jews want to go down in history. Most Jews don't descend from Judea anyway, they descend from Khazars and other European and Middle Eastern families who have adopted Judaism in past centuries and that undermines their historic claims to the land of milk and honey.
Lastly I want to write a few words about gypsies, the people who migrated into Europe from Egypt (Egyptsies) and who originate from northern India, where they were driven away by a combination of foreign conquest and lack of social acceptance. They have a closer connection with nature than most people nowadays and for the most part are a stark mismatch with the Cabal system of control and exploitation, but many have failed to adapt to the cultural norms and values of the countries they migrated into and contribute to society in constructive ways and have instead relied on parasiting off the local population's productivity. This has earned them a very bad reputation and it has primarily been their own doing.

Although there is plenty of wisdom in the cultural and spiritual traditions of Asia, if it is not sufficiently applied in practice it has little meaning and remains dead words written in ancient texts. That's why I would like to call on lightworkers with an Asian background to be courageous and address the issues that need to be addressed in your respective countries so that silenced subjects can finally be discussed openly, collective attitudes can start to change and the self corrective capacity of your societies can be increased.

2019-02-27: Swiss bank UBS fined and other high stakes financial-economic decisions.

The Switzerland based Cabal dominated bank UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland), the largest asset manager in the world, has been fined 3.7 billion euro in fines and 800 million euro in civil damages by a French court in Paris. According to the verdict the bank aided wealthy French clients in tax evasion through the use of secret bank accounts.
The German government has announced it will halt new arms sales to Saudi Arabia until further notice. Although German weapons exports to the Saudi kingdom have already been decreased since its peak in 2012, the decision puts pressure on other countries to follow suit, especially Great Britain, France and the United States. It will also affect production of weapons systems that contain parts that are delivered from factories in Germany.
The Dutch government has announced it has acquired 12.68% of the shares in the holding Air France-KLM, the merged airline that combines the former national airlines of France and the Netherlands. This move is meant to level the playing field and defend the Dutch economic interests, as the French state already owns 14.3% of shares in Air France-KLM. The decision can be interpreted as a turn against untamed globalization. In the past some flagships of Dutch business have been left to fend for themselves and were completely absorbed into foreign corporations or went bankrupt due to insufficient funding, such as aircraft manufacturer Fokker.

2019-02-19: 144k Love Bombs mass meditation report.

I did the Ground Crew Command 144k Love Bombs mass meditation of February 16/17 with a delay. It started with the scanning and then clearing of negative portals on the higher dimensional planes that negative nonphysical entities can use to hide out or enter an area; I saw them popping up everywhere on the planet and then being zapped by the light. Many of them were located in troubled areas with lots of poverty, crime and other social problems. Then I moved my focus to India, the most populous country in the world where the caste system is still a factor to be reckoned with in social dynamics. I talked into the mental programming that underlies the caste system and professed that all people should be judged by and treated according to their spirit and merits and not based on their caste, ethnic background or family name. I shattered and obliterated the mind construct of institutionalized inequality and separation which the caste system is. The last part was for dropping love bombs of intense Source light onto the nonphysical planes surrounding Earth and I concentrated them on Southern Asia, moving from one country to the next and finishing with China.

2019-02-18: Peace efforts coming to fruition.

Earlier in February a peace agreement was reached in the Central African Republic between the government and 14 armed rebel groups. Although it is not the first peace deal that was signed, there are good hopes this agreement will bring more stability to the country that has seen almost uninterrupted armed conflict since 2004. In Yemen an agreement has been reached for both Houthi rebels and coalition forces to withdraw their troops from contested port cities; the Houthi will withdraw from the ports of Hodeida, Saleef and Ras Isa, the coalition will withdraw from the suburbs of Hodeida. This fortifies the ceasefire that was agreed on December 18 and opens the way for a permanent peace agreement.
Soft disclosure of extraterrestrial presence and visits is slowly seeping through to mainstream media; there is still silence and denial from the side of governments and worldly authorities, but more people are pushing to change that. On RT (Russia Today), one of the least censored television channels out there, a concise interview with dr. Steven Greer was broadcast about some of the reasons for official cover-up.

2019-02-12: Mexican drug kingpin El Chapo found guilty on all charges.

Joaquín Guzmán Loera alias El Chapo, the notorious former leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel in Mexico that generated billions of US dollars in revenues, has been convicted on all charges brought against him in the US federal court of New York: narcotics trafficking, leading an organized crime syndicate, money laundering, bribery, kidnapping, rape, torture and multiple counts of murder. El Chapo was extradited to the United States in 2017. The trial started in November last year and saw testimony from former cartel associates and other witnesses. The amount of damage to society that one misguided man can do is just unfathomable, especially if he is able to lure so many into following his destructive lead.
In Madrid the trial of 12 leaders whose principal "crime" was to seek self determination and independence for Catalonia has started with charges of rebellion and sedition. They have supposedly endangered the unity of Spain, but how can you endanger something that doesn't really exist? All false symbols and manifestations must and will be broken down and taken apart before real unity can emerge. I favor cooperation between Spain and Catalonia, where an independent Catalonia could serve as a bridge into Europe that defends Iberian interests, promotes Iberian cultures, products and services and helps Spain build its own industry instead of having to lean on the Catalonian economic backbone.

2019-02-03: Entries into the Earth Alliance.

The jokers of the mass media still pretend things are business as usual, but they will be phased out soon enough. The situation is tense behind the scenes as the Earth Alliance is taking apart the Cabal power structure. I have dived into the stories about the world trust and found out it is genuine; the full name is Manna World Holding Trust and it contains the global collateral accounts that underpin the financial system. Kim Goguen alias Kim Possible is now the sole trustee of the Manna World Holding Trust; the trust is in the hands of the Earth Alliance and I have identified some contacts for the Earth Alliance. They can be contacted by people who have serious project proposals for the benefit of humanity and these people will need to meet certain requirements, but the intention is to provide funding to citizens instead of the banks as it used to be.
The contacts that I found so far with the help of fellow lightworkers are Thomas Williams, the Kre8change team and M & miss M. Please note that they may not be aware of all the things that are at play and in the planning, I still consider Cobra to be the best informed and most knowledgeable representative of the light forces on the surface of the planet; it is for good reasons that he is the spokesperson of the Resistance Movement that counts tens of millions of souls. Although plans have changed and shifted over time, there is still going to be the Event in which the most top players in the Cabal will be arrested, including presidents, prime ministers, CEOs, cardinals, the 3 popes, the black nobility and Jesuits. In this timeframe a few hugely important bills are discussed in US congress: H.R.24 for a full audit of the Federal Reserve and its board and H.R.25 for repealing income tax and abolishing the Internal Revenue Service in the United States. Things are compacting and it all serves to pave the way for the new era; I got to know and fall in love with this very special song that tells the entire essence of life.

2019-01-29: Growing discrepancies between old 3D reality and new 4D/5D energies.

Cabal agents are still immersed in power games around Venezuela (the country has the largest proven oil reserves in the world, but that has obviously not been benefitting the general population) and are sabotaging the Brexit process to either deliver a no-deal Brexit that does maximum damage to the British economy, as a form of punishment for not conforming to the agenda and demanding independence, or to stop the Brexit altogether. In these circumstances a referendum on reunification of Ireland should be held in Northern Ireland, as was requested by Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald. And if a majority of people vote for reunification it should be allowed to happen without London getting in the way, 97 years after the establishment of the republic of Ireland.
The scene around China-based multinational Huawei is mixed: it has hardwired surveillance technology in smartphones and is working on determining the global 5G (5th generation wireless telecom) optimized mind control microwave toasting depopulation standard, but it is also involved in setting up the new financial system. This shows the complexity of the situation. The partial US government shutdown has been temporarily suspended, now that parts of the deep state have been cleared out. US president Donald Trump has emphasized the need to halt the drug trafficking, human trafficking and other forms of smuggling into the US by means of a fence equiped with electronic detection along the Mexican border. Cabal related criminal gangs earn a lot of money from the illegal organ trade and child trafficking for pedophile customers.

All this back alley intriguing and counter attacking is in stark contrast with the inner energetic and spiritual transmutations and developments that are taking place in humanity. From what I read and hear it becomes very clear that there are highly coordinated actions taking place to undo what must be undone and to bring in a new paradigm of living. No stone will remain unturned, both on a collective level and individually; we all need to confront our own dark side and shine the light on it, or have others do that if people don't manage to do it themselves yet.

2019-01-26: Translations of webpages linked.

Since Cobra included links to two pages of my site in his November 30, 2018 post some people created translations of several pages and the UFOSWLG YouTube channel converted pages to audiofiles in English and Spanish and published these. I have in turn added links to these videos and external webpages at the bottom of the corresponding pages of this site for the convenience of non-English speaking readers and people who prefer listening to the spoken words. I appreciate the efforts people made to provide translations and narration of the pages to reach a larger audience, but I do want to note that the full content of my site should be regarded as a logical unit; so please don't draw your conclusions from the contents of a single page. Please also keep in mind that the background information that is available on the external pages that I link in the texts of my webpages corroborates and expands on what I put forth on my own site.
Copies of the 2 pages "Light versus dark forces" and "Plans of the light forces" were also published on the Prepare for Change website and a number of people commented on the pages; most of the comments were positive and appreciative, but a few comments gave points of criticism or side notes. I reflected on these and made some small changes as I have been doing since the site first went online, the site is a work in progress and it can always be improved. I would also like to react on some of the comments, so I am considering creating a separate new webpage for that purpose. On the "Health & food" page I recently added a new section called "Opening of the energy channel and energetic cleanup", I recommend reading it if you haven't done so yet.

2019-01-21: Return of Light Activation mass meditation report.

This mass meditation had a quality of sanctity about it. In the 144k meditation that led up to the general mass meditation, I focused on the key obstructions in our way to liberation from darkness: the remaining plasma toplet bombs and nonphysical Archons. I feel that when we project our consciousness from the physical plane to the nonphysical we are stronger than the Archons, especially when we connect to our higher self and I AM presence and are surrounded by our guides, the ascended masters and other powerful beings of light. First I worked on the astral plane in tuning into the emotional complex of criminals and very aggresive people and whispering to their emotional makeup to soften it. Then I visualized Amor type youthful angels who poured liquid light in a range of colors onto the surface of Earth; the liquid light started mixing but kept its own colors at the same time and each color flowed to where it was needed to disintegrate darkness and bring healing. Then I shifted my attention to the Archons, grabbed various of them and hurled them into the hands of archangels and other light forces to be carried off our planet. Then I used my hands to break apart one plasma toplet bomb after another. We finished with the light flowing from the cosmic center to each being in each corner of the physical universe and the Goddess vortex creation. After the meditation I sensed a feeling that I can only describe as a deep and profound peace.

Cobra has confirmed that the critical mass of participators has been greatly surpassed and has shared his report about the mass meditation, and what a read it is! Well over 300,000 people have joined in the meditation and that makes it the biggest and most powerful mass meditation ever. The impact is not linear with the number of meditators but increases exponentially with more than double the number of meditators required. We have entered the breakthrough phase as a result of the meditation and can now start concentrating on creating the new reality we wish to live.

2019-01-16: Taking back the planet: all hands on deck!

Are you ready to take back the planet from the usurpers who have controlled us for thousands of years? Then bring it on, baby! In case you haven't yet stocked up on food, water and other daily essentials, then now is the time to do so. It is advised to have some cash at hand, and maybe a bit of silver coinage.
Serena Rothschild, wife of Jacob Rothschild and scion of the St. Clair bloodline family, has died on January 13 at age 83. Jim Yong Kim has been forced to resign as president of the World Bank by February 1 because of his involvement in Clinton Foundation corruption. The military tribunals that are handling the sealed indictments are underway since the beginning of the year. Thomas Williams claims that there is a world trust in which all banks, corporations, trusts, funds, physical assets, technologies, artifacts and knowledge of the world are consigned and that this world trust was managed by a Draco called Marduk. It was Marduk's task to harvest the Earth and then destroy it, but the trust has been taken over by a woman going by the alias Kim Possible (after a Disney animation character). She is going to give all the properties back to the people, as every human being on the planet has an equal right to it. This aligns with the information from Benjamin Fulford who mentioned earlier that the Rothschilds have had to relinquish control of the world's financial system.
The exceptional galactic alignments that arise on January 20/21 with the galactic center, Pleiades and Sirius star gates all activated by multiple planets and major asteroids, a grand square and a super blood moon lunar eclipse covering the entire continent of America provide a rare opportunity for a quantum leap to set the planet on an intrinsically different course.

144k Total Lunar Eclipse - Super Blood Wolf Moon meditation
Return of Light Activation mass meditation
Return of Light Activation mass meditation

2019-01-09: January 5 New Moon - Solar Eclipse mass meditation.

I have joined the Ground Crew Command Radio mass meditation of the January 5 new moon and solar eclipse a couple of days late as I was busy with other things, but by connecting to the specific intent and presence of this meditation I bundled my energy into it nevertheless. This one was of a really technical character as we worked on the mental plane to undo the impact of the conditioning and reversal of divine principles that was rooted there. Just highlighting the most important things: I saw a giant brain which is the collective mind of humanity, and the outer membranes were not closed but instead attached to a concave sphere that fully encapsulated the brain and that controlled it. This link was cut all around the brain, the sphere was removed completely and then the loose flaps of membrane were reconfigured to seal off the outside of the brain in a healthy way. I saw and cleared several other aspects of the mental plane and then I got to what felt as the very core of the Cabal power structure and that is the mental attitudes of the physical members toward each other; they are keeping each other in check and one member cannot move much as it is held in position between surrounding members. I cut the mental links between the physical Cabal members. That's something extremely critical, not writing this to brag about it because there's no need for that, just very honored and grateful to be of service and compensate for whatever harm I may have done in past lives. Another thing I did was talk to the most negatively oriented common folks around the world (extremists, criminals and cleptocrats) to change their mindset and I talked to the remaining negative non-physical beings as they are offering most resistance to the light. After that I saw my consciousness as a swirling ball of light that carries the full force of I AM. Namasté.

2019-01-08: It's all happening in the eternal moment of now.

Forget about what happened in the past, it doesn't matter anymore. You can cut emotional attachments and links to traumatic and unpleasant experiences and situations by using the light sword of archangel Michael. Letting go and allowing necessary changes to take place is very crucial in this phase. The higher self knows no doubt, no hesitation, no attachment and no need to judge, it just is what it is and it knows itself. Change is part of necessary evolution and happens in the only moment that exists, the eternal moment of now that is always in motion.
We are creating the grandest, completest and most majestic victory of the Light that one could possibly imagine with our every effort. We can imprint the blueprint of love on those we call the Cabal for practical purposes, as they are also our brothers and sisters. Part of them still resists, because they don't fully realize the great changeover is in some ways an even greater liberation for them than for the general population. Ultimately we are all going to be as free as a bird, flying on the spur of the moment into whichever direction the wind and thermodynamics want to carry us and unbound by the denseness of the Earth but still connected to it.

2019-01-02: Building a network for fundamental change.

Hello, I am Condor. I chose this alias for multiple reasons: first of all the high level "bird's eye" view that it represents, secondly the symbolism of the superiority of that which is natural over that which is artificial and thirdly for the special position that the condor has in native American traditions. I was however not consciously aware of the full extent of the meaning in these traditions and the prophecy about the eagle and the condor. The name of my website, Xekleidoma, is the Greek word for unlocking. Unlocking opens the door to new possibilities, a different type of future.
In preparation of the great changes that are coming I would like to build a network of action oriented people who want to be part of the pioneering toward a bright new world. There are many things that have my interest, but my main focus will be to eliminate suffering due to material lack by lifting people out of poverty and into economic empowerment. For this purpose I'm looking for presenters, interviewers, marketers, negotiators, anthropologists, organizers, planners, translators, interpreters, entrepreneurs, administrators, builders and architects as well as affluent sponsors. If your mindset is that you want to cocreate a world based on the eternal qualities of love (beauty, joy, pleasure, balance, wisdom, creativity, giving and receiving) and you understand that in the society of the future your social status will not be determined by possessions and worldly power but by who you truly are, how you live your life and what you do for the benefit of all, then I invite you to contact me at condor@xekleidoma.info. My one and only master is Saint Germain and I am going to bring together the rich and the poor.

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