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The main information of this website can be found on the pages "Introduction" to "Visions for the future". On this homepage I collect news messages from both the mainstream and alternative media that are significant for the development of this planet, try to explain their meaning in a larger context and show the hand of the dark forces and/or Light forces at work. I also share messages that come from within and that feel relevant to the phase of developments that we are in. For the meaning of certain specific terms such as Cabal, Archons, Khazarians and White Hats please read the indexed pages. A lot of the conclusions that I draw in the below news messages are based on alternative sources of information, among which Cobra's blog, Benjamin Fulford's newsletters and testimonies of insiders and whistleblowers. I invite you to investigate the ramifications of my explanations for yourself by accessing the links on the "Links" page as well as the links that I provide in the texts of the pages on this site.

2020-12-31: Overview of 2020.

It's the last day of the year 2020 AD and again a year has passed without the Event manifesting. That in itself is very disappointing, especially considering we had 4 global meditations this year that achieved critical mass. But I want to give a brief overview of the successes and setbacks the year brought:

Pro Contra
The Draco fleet has been cleared The novel coronavirus plandemic has unfolded
The Chimera fleet has been cleared Much economic damage due to lockdowns and restrictions
The Illuminati Breakaway Complex has been cleared Many deaths due to the virus and ensuing hardships
World War III has been prevented Many people feel disillusioned and depressed
Large scale terror attacks have mostly been prevented Environmental terrorism caused a lot of damage to nature
Various islamic countries have loosened sharia laws Blatant internet censorship on a scale not seen before
A record number of Cabal agents has been confirmed dead Unashamed large scale voter fraud in the US presidential election
A large number of Cabal agents has resigned or been deposed
Many Cabal corporations face legal charges and proceedings
A record number of citizens have woken up and are speaking out

Despite the many Cabal attempts at igniting regional and national conflicts into escalating military confrontation, no large war has broken out. Despite nuclear weapons that were placed in strategic positions to threaten and intimidate, none was set off. Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are among the islamic countries that have loosened sharia laws. Among the Cabal corporations that are being sued in court are tobacco producers, pharmaceutical companies and banks. On the down side the coronavirus bioweapon that was deliberately unleashed on humanity has caused great harm in multiple areas. In the acts of environmental terrorism I include the way Brazilian farmers and landlords are treating the Amazon rainforest and the increased amount of destruction of nature, along with bushfires in Australia and California and the mass extermination of sea life that took place off the eastern coast of Russia. Internet censorship has been at its worst ever since the internet was created, especially by "social" media platforms.
We will have to bear a bit more patience, but I know 2021 will be a profoundly different year. Even many people who don't meditate notice a substantial and tangible change in the energies and the light forces will finish the job of planetary liberation in the coming year. The light forces taste and smell the victory and are not looking at one more year going by, they are very close at completing the clearing of the Chimera, toplet bombs and core of the primary anomaly.

2020-12-28: The present tense.

The light forces indicate that the Event can still happen before year end, but we're running out of time. If not before year end it will happen in early 2021 according to what the light forces are projecting right now. It is hard for the light forces to translate the multidimensional operations they are doing into our 3D linear time. The situation is now tense for everyone: for the dark forces, for the light forces, for lightworkers on the surface of the planet and for people in general. But the light forces make progress continually and are dealing with the nucleus of the primary anomaly itself, that was brought in from Rigel to Earth in 1996, that gave rise to the dark forces and is the ultimate cause of all suffering.
I am preparing a few articles that are to be posted as shortly as possible after the Event flash that will shed more light on some important topics; it will contain information that is too sensitive to post now.

2020-12-16: The mother of all mass meditations.

The December 21 Age of Aquarius Final Activation global mass meditation is the most important meditation that ever was or ever will be done. There is only a small fraction of the underground Chimera left and they see their final defeat coming. Some of the remaining superposition state toplet bombs are attached to their bodies, others are in the underground bases. Cobra is talking about 2021 because he wants to keep an element of surprise and prevent the Cabal from doing any last minute dirty tricks before they are arrested. After the last Chimera and toplet bombs are cleared the light forces will trigger the mass arrest of Cabal members and servants, provided no serious new obstacles are discovered (part of the light forces are more reticent as the dark forces have come up with so many nasty surprises in the past). Large movements of troops have been reported recently, which are being brought into position to carry out the necessary arrests. Get yourself ready for the energies of the Age of Aquarius by anchoring to your higher self, your soul family, your spirit guides and any being of light you have a strong connection with, because the energies at the winter solstice will be very intense.

Tank (Steffen Rowe) gives out information about the coronavirus tests and vaccines. The tests contain technetium, which is a radioactive element that is brought into your body for purposes of suppressing the role of the pineal gland in intuition and suppressing the brain in critical thinking. Hence the long swabs that are stuck all the way up the nose of unsuspecting sleepers to get the stuff as close to the frontal lobe of the brain and etheric implants in the head as possible. The vaccines contain syncytin-1 which causes the bodies of those injected to create an immune response to this vital protein and indirectly create infertility in men and women which can even be passed on from men to women through the sperm when they have unprotected sex. I can add that the testing swabs also contain microchips. Anyone awake enough and with sufficiently active intuition will have avoided being tested and will avoid being vaccinated like the plague, but you may want to warn less awake family members, friends, relatives and colleagues of which there are still plenty.

Age of Aquarius Final Activation on December 21st
Age of Aquarius Final Activation on December 21st English guided audio
Age of Aquarius Final Activation on December 21st livestream
144K December 21st Solstice / Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction - Age Of Aquarius Activation

(As Cobra stated: If we wish to achieve an impact on the physical plane and reach the critical mass, it is extremely important that we do our meditation exactly at the time which has been determined by the Light Forces to have the maximum positive impact, which is at 18:22 UTC on December 21st. Doing the meditation earlier or later, or doing it in a significantly different way will NOT help us reaching the critical mass, as we are living on a physical plane that is subject to laws of space and time and if we wish to influence the physical plane, we need to do this with laserlike precision, especially timewise and with unified and focused intent. The livestream on YouTube starts at 15:30 UTC, the 144K meditation starts at 17:00 UTC.)

2020-12-12: Coordinated military intervention is taking place.

Without going into details, I can say that international coordinated military intervention is taking place to defeat the Cabal once and for all. It is abundantly clear that core leaders of the Cabal have pushed ahead with their agenda and refuse to give way to the natural development of the universe towards integration, growth and higher consciousness, so that's why they are taken out by force. It can be argued that this should have happened a long time ago, but at least it is happening now. Let it be noted for all time that it is the actions of warriors (soldiers, special forces and military commanders) that are liberating planet Earth on the physical level, of course with the energetic support of the Light and practical aid of the light forces.
The December 14 meditation is coming up for us to help deal a second knock out blow to the dark forces:

144K December 14th 2020 Total Solar Eclipse Mass Meditation

2020-12-09: The Chimera fleet has been cleared.

Cobra has posted an important article with updates on the situation. The interview that is linked at the end of the post is dated December 2 and sounds quite conservative as to how far we are, but his post is more optimistic. The 80,000 people meditating in the Timeline Correction Meditation on November 11 that Cobra mentions is also rather conservative, he only counts the people who did a meditation with sufficiently strong focus, but the total number of people meditating was larger. I can now reveal that the Chimera were able to pull in quantum anomaly from the universe on November 25 which increased their reservoir of quantum anomaly foam back from less than 5% to 14% of its original size. This caused a small delay in the clearing of the Chimera, and I was upset when I found out, but the light forces are making sure the Chimera don't pull in any more anomaly. The most important take aways from Cobra's post are that the Chimera fleet has now been fully cleared and that more officers that are part of the system are starting to disobey and act against the system. The remaining Chimera are all underground. The projection of the light forces is that the clearing of the last toplet bombs and last Chimera will coincide.

2020-12-06: On Mother Mary and the Knights Templar.

I am finding out that the many apparitions of Mother Mary that have been reported the world over, especially around the Mediterranean Sea, were all holograms created by the Cabal to fuel the religious mind programming cults. Also the statues of Mother Mary that cried bloody tears were acts of the Cabal, because the real Mother Mary doesn't support bloodletting. Mother Mary has been portrayed by the Catholic Church as the devout mother, but that is not a complete representation of who she was; she was a priestess of Isis and Goddess worshipper who embodied the spiritual, motherly and erotic aspects of the divine feminine in equal measure.

Another thing I am discovering is a part of the source of my connections with France and Scotland. In a past life I was a French Knight Templar who fled the prosecution of the Templar Order in 1307 and found refuge in Scotland, which was not under papal authority and which has a strong vortex of the light at Roslin that offered protection. Some 40% of the Templars throughout Europe escaped prosecution by fleeing to Scotland, many of the rest were tortured to make false confessions of crimes and heresy and then sentenced to the penalty of death. The real meaning of the red cross with four legs of equal length of the Templars is the pagan four elements and the four directions of the earth symbol, not the crucifixion of Christ. The red color refers to the lifeblood and the love power of the Goddess. The original Templars were not religious but were Goddess followers and carried the secrets of the true white Goddess magic, the kind of magic that is unheard of today and would sound unbelievable to "modern man". Some of these secrets have been preserved in the Order to this day. The Templars who arrived in Scotland settled in the town Baile nan Trodach (Gaelic for Town of the Warriors), which is located southeast of Roslin and known as Temple today. In 1314 at the Blàr Allt nam Bànag (Battle of Bannockburn) the Knights Templar helped the Scottish win victory over the larger English army and eventually regain full independence for Scotland.

The more sensitive information on the Chimera, the top levels of the Cabal and their status I still cannot share. What has become clear however is that the Chimera have always been the brains, the evil genius, of the dark forces, also when Yaldabaoth / the Demiurge was still around. Yaldabaoth was more the big bad bully which was manipulated by the Chimera just like all the beings that turned dark. It is now 15 days before the biggest day on the calendar:

Age of Aquarius Final Activation on December 21st

2020-12-03: In memoriam for killed journalists and whistleblowers.

When the breakthrough of the Light finally happens, we should never forget the courageous investigative journalists, bloggers, vloggers and whistleblowers that paid with their lives for speaking up and telling the truth. In the last 5 years alone, 98 journalists were murdered with a confirmed motive. And that list doesn't include Max Spiers, who was about to expose the global black magic ring of the Black Nobility (no coincidence he coughed up black liquid after being poisoned; it hints the Black Nobility and refers to black goo). Also quite a few whistleblowers were either jailed or killed for uncovering the truth.

The most common form of attack the Cabal employs is through scalar waves, which disrupt the brain waves, nervous system, energy bodies and toroidal field and can have various effects such as itching, irritation, sleeplessness, lack of focus, mind chatter and general discomfort. Scalar waves are generated by almost all modern electronic equipment, like computers, mobile phones, smart meters and any other equipment that has a chip inside. The scalar waves abuse the inventions of Nikola Tesla and others on energy for the Cabal's agenda. You can protect yourself from scalar waves at night by unplugging equipment, by placing Himalayan salt around your bed and by washing your face and scalp, spine and feet with water that has sea salt dissolved in it; don't wipe off the salt when drying, just gently dab your skin so that the salt crystals remain. Also giving yourself a face massage and pulling funny faces helps shed the residual energy of scalar waves that has settled around the aura of your head and relax the muscles of the face, which in turn are connected to the brain.

Keep the spirits up even when the dark forces are biting your toes and pulling your arm, the light forces are determined to manifest the Event before year end. Here's some songs to keep you going through this 'darkest before the dawn' phase:

ABBA - I have a dream
Zaz - Que vendrá
José Antonio Labordeta - Canto a la libertad
Dune - Hand in hand
Ben das Brot - When Johnny comes marching home again

2020-11-26: The word is mightier than the sword, but bullets also talk.

I am sitting on information which I cannot share at the moment, but I will save it for you. I already drew too much attention from the opposing side and the situation is too sensitive now. Note that my site is the only one on the whole worldwide internet that shared a status of the fight against the Chimera; Cobra only gave some info on the Chimera in general, FM144 doesn't even mention them and neither do most other sites. Things are fricking crazy right now, even software and equipment are acting up and not doing what you need them to do at times, and that comes on top of attacks and black magic crap that the Cabal as well as the Chimera themselves are pulling. They are on high alert and dangerous, because we have arrived at the height of the war for liberation of planet Earth. Battles are won and some battles are lost, that is all I can say now.
We desperately need the help of the light forces, but they also need us. We MUST, I repeat MUST, finish the job by the end of 2020, because more and more people are being drilled into the ground financially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by the lockdown bullshit. Failure is not an option. Knock out punch number one of three is on November 30, be there!

A HUGE Week - Energies since Friday 20th explained. Build-up to WHITE Friday & November 30

(By the way, where Jim says the Chimera are 100% cleared he is wrong; they are still putting up a big fight when viewed in our linear time.)

The 144K "Penumbral Lunar Eclipse" Mass Meditation on November 30 at 10.00 CET
Timezone converter

2020-11-20: Soul family reunion is approaching.

In keeping the score on the fight against the Chimera, there is now around 15% remaining of the reservoir of quantum anomaly foam that is basically the Chimera's regeneration pool. Of the Chimera fleet around 25% remains and the Chimera below the surface have some 55% of their numbers intact compared to right after the clearing of the Draco fleet and Illuminati Breakaway Complex were completed. The Chimera are treated differently than the Dracos; the Draco spacecraft were disarmed from a distance and teleported to the Ganymede sorting facility, while the Chimera take different kinds of technology to disable them, capture them and send them straight into the Galactic Central Sun.

Lightworkers and light warriors are now being prepared on multiple levels for soul family reunion. This happens primarily during sleep, when we receive subconscious messages in the form of dreams, meet soul family members on the astral plane and (for some) have telepathic talks with our twin souls. Our soul family members who are on the ships of the Galactic Confederation want us to be as ready as we can be, because the reunions will be very emotional and intense.
Best advice is to take plenty of rest, eat and drink sufficiently and healthily, get some regular moderate physical exercise, get the small little things out of the way that have been on our to do lists for too long, meditate to connect with our soul family energetically and spiritually and nurture our inner light. I have taken below image from Peter Pan's blog, it shows the visualisation from the twin soul meditation.

2020-11-16: There is something about Sion.

First of all I want to share some more information on the governing body of the Black Nobility. It was formed in 1201 AD and is called NEPSO. That is short for Nostra Esigenza Politica Società Occulta (Our Exigent Politics Occult Society). Exigent means required / necessary / demanded (as in what they want to impose) and is not limited to legal and lawful methods. You will hardly find this name on internet, as it is for insiders only. Apart from a few spelling changes the name has remained unchanged since the inception of the central board of the Black Nobility over 8 centuries ago.

The Prieuré de Sion (Priory of Sion) is the worldwide headquarters of the Zionists in Sion, Switzerland. The main tasks of the Zionists are to create division among religions, to instigate war between the East and the West and to promote the divide and rule strategy of the Cabal.
The Octagon Group consists mainly of bankers and also has its headquarters in Sion, Switzerland. The main tasks of the Octagon Group are to control the Bank of International Settlements, the worldwide financial system and the international flows of money.
Novus Ordo Seclorum (New Order of the Ages) is the headquarters of the Order of the Black Sun and it is also located in Sion, Switzerland. The Order of the Black Sun consists of around 2250 members worldwide and is organized in 13 groups. These groups hold regular meetings once a month, and at times also have ad hoc meetings. But most of the time their members communicate through electronic means. Some of the members are embedded in governments, armies, multinationals and international organisations, but most of them don't hold conventional jobs. They have been engaged in adrenochrome harvesting, human trafficking, extortion and the SSPs (Secret Space Programs). The Order of the Black Sun would be in contact with the Draco fleet before it got cleared and is in contact with the Chimera fleet. The main task of the Order of the Black Sun is to guard and enforce the quarantine of planet Earth. If any spacecraft is detected approaching or entering low or medium Earth orbit that is not part of the club (as in Cabal dark fleets) they will notify the Chimera about it. Also they are involved in erasing traces of space observatory data and other evidence that points to the presence of benevolent extraterrestrials.
It was decided to locate the headquarters of these 3 key Cabal organisations in Sion as Switzerland is a neutral country, Sion is an inconspicuous location (not too big and not too small), Sion is located in the sunniest part of Switzerland, Sion has a long cultural history as a town / small city and Sion is located on an important planetary energy grid point.

2020-11-13: Make yourself great again.

The November 11 Timeline Correction Meditation had a strong and multipronged effect, even though the critical mass was not reached; according to my information some 125,000 people participated. The reservoir of quantum anomaly foam that the Chimera use to replenish their ranks with new spiders that they create in the manifestation chambers that Cobra mentioned is now at around 30% of the level it was at just after the Draco fleet was fully cleared. So progress is being made continually and the light forces don't give the Chimera any time to catch their breath.
The Cabal representatives on the surface have been acting really intolerably and subversively lately, seeking to tighten the straightjacket of the matrix even more. So excuse me if I am at times very irritated by them and condemning of them, it has been tough for all of us even more so because part of the members of the Army of Light have forsaken their mission leaving the rest to do more than their fair share in very difficult circumstances. But beyond all this temporary drama is a much more fundamental reality that can help us cope with things if we connect with it. There are quite a few spiritual gurus out there with their websites and channels, some of whom have departed from the physical plane; personally I resonate a lot with Bentinho Massaro and he has a series of recent podcasts out which I want to advertise: Mirror Talks on YouTube and Bentinho Massaro's website. One reader asked me what inner work is; well, see and hear for yourself.

2020-11-08: Short update from Jim.

Here is a short but clarifying update from Jim Tourtsakis, the Unknown Lightwarrior:

144K Planetary Situation Report Audio

2020-11-07: The White Hats saw it coming.

It turns out the whole voter fraud in the US presidential election was foreseen and anticipated and a shrewd trap was set so that the fraudsters could be unmasked. On the old school ballots QFS blockchain encrypted quantum watermarks have been added which can be used to distinguish the real ballots from the falsified ones. Not just that, the real ones that have been dumped in the garbage to be replaced by fake Biden votes can also be located. The Earth Alliance might need to wait until the Chimera have been dealt with to fully unveil the fraud, but they have a failsafe way to do so. The whole story makes me wonder about one thing though: which percentage is higher, the amount of dead brain cells in Hoa' Biden's head or the amount of dead people who voted for him?
Benjamin Fulford has mentioned that Benjamin Netanyahu and Kim Jong Un have been killed recently, and I can confirm that. Netanyahu was taken out by the negative military on orders of Jared Kushner, who was forced to choose either for his life or that of Netanyahu. Kim Jong Un was taken out by the positive military directly. Netanyahu and Kim Jong Un both have a clone, but that will be dealt with also.

The main thing now is getting rid of the Chimera, without them the physical Cabal are toast. Here are the upcoming November 11 timeline correction meditations:

Timeline Correction Meditation on November 11th
144K Backing For The Cobra 11/11 Timeline Correction Mass Meditation

2020-11-06: The matrix strikes back.

The medieval voting system in the United States has allowed for large scale fraud; more than 10 million fake votes in total have been included in the tallies of the various states that are aimed at propelling the 100% Cabal asset Joe Biden to the presidency. I cannot imagine that the Earth Alliance will allow him to assume the presidency however. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have suboptimal candidates to put it mildly, and I couldn't care less about party politics, but I will always favor the candidate who is willing to work with the Earth Alliance in tackling the Cabal. But what bothers me more than that is that apparently there is still a shitload of people who are either so blind and ignorant that they don't see the level of corruption that Joe Biden embodies (even when the clues and indications of it are all over the internet) or who are willing to be slaves as long as they are promised their regular shot (whether it is sports, beer, entertainment, gossip or whatever other mindnumbing addiction they have).
This also begs the question: can a world that is so deeply broken be fixed at all? Superficially speaking maybe yes, once the mass arrests of Cabal members finally takes place and the population is reeducated about the real truth. But fundamentally no, not without wiping clean the planet both physically and energetically. That is why the polar shift will take place and tsunamis will wash the surface clean. Islands of Light that will be formed after the Event and wildlife sanctuaries will be protected with advanced energy shields, but most of the rest of the surface will be hit with the devastating force of nature after the population has been evacuated.

In a sign the physical Cabal is still kicking I had my own agent Smith experience recently, because I have been getting too close to the truth and revealing too much of the incredible cesspit of corruption and decadence that this planet has become.

2020-10-30: The heat is on.

In short succession, both FM144 and Cobra have given an important update on the planetary situation. Cobra confirms that the Draco fleet and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex have both been wiped out and that "The main problem now remaining is the Chimera with their advanced exotic military technologies, especially quantum superposition toplet bombs." FM144 writes: "Soul Parts of many Key Lightworkers are being recovered, which the Dark Ones absorbed during the invasion of Atlantis (and also later on) to manifest many incarnations of prosperity and success (e.g. for many Illuminati artists), while the affected Lightworkers only experienced incarnations of struggle and destitution."

On the surface the Cabal is also under fire. Purdue Pharma, producer of the pain killer OxyContin and catalyst of the opioid crisis in the United States, has settled on 3 legal charges for 8.34 billion US dollars. Many Americans got addicted to the opioid and in total some 420,000 US citizens have died from a drug overdose since 2000. Other American producers of pain medication are also being sued.
Then there is the interview of Tank with Kimberly Ann Goguen where Kim mentions Rothschilds, generals of the Order of the Black Sun and top bankers having been eliminated in their respective meetings. Some people cheered that all Rothschild heads of family are dead and gone, but that is an inaccurate conclusion; Evelyn and Jacob Rothschild did not physically attend the family meeting in Zug, Switzerland, but were calling in and are still alive, the ones who were physically present at the meeting however were indeed killed. The Order of the Black Sun is a worldwide secret society that I didn't specifically mention before, and it is of a higher denomination than other secret societies such as the Rosicrucians, Loggia P3 or Ordo Templi Orientis. It is in fact the highest level organisation of the physical Cabal, higher than the Vatican, the Jesuits and the Black Nobility, and is working directly for the Chimera. The leaders of the Order of the Black Sun have telepathic contact with the Chimera. This organisation is especially involved in human sacrifice and extreme forms of bloodshed and violence in their rituals and is energetically the most closely related to the Chimera.

October 31 is the next 144k meditation to counteract black rituals during Halloween:

144K Mass Meditation Part I: Blue Moon Peak, Hunter's Moon exact conjunct Uranus

2020-10-23: Financial Reset basics.

Of all the physical gold in the world that has ever been mined and that is held either on the surface of the planet or below ground in the form of bars, coins, jewels and other forms, 71% is controlled by the Resistance Movement, 11% by central banks and governments, 7% by trusts and investment funds, 4% by private citizens and 7% is under classified control. Out of all the official gold holdings of central banks, 11% is real pure gold that is actually in the central bank vaults, 34% is tungsten bars coated with gold and 55% they only own on paper but in reality it has been taken by the Resistance Movement. For clarity, the tungsten bars contain 25% gold on average; that means the central banks have between 19% and 20% gold weight of the gold that is on their books in actual ownership.
The total worldwide physical silver holdings are about 16 times the amount of physical gold being held by all parties combined. The light forces expect the gold price to increase 50% to 100% after the Event and Financial Reset, while the price of silver is expected to increase 750% to 1500%. That brings the expected gold to silver price ratio after the Event at around 12:1, which is more or less the average of the historical ratio of the past 2 millenia and the inverse of the ratio of gold versus silver being mined worldwide (1:8). If illegal mining operations are included, the actual ratio of gold versus silver being mined is 1:6. Western currencies like the euro, US dollar, Japanese yen and Swiss franc are expected to remain more or less at their current value (obviously compared to other assets than precious metals). Just so you know.

The last ships of the Draco fleet that was keeping Earth in quarantine have been cleared. The light forces are doublechecking to make sure no more Draco ships are in hiding, but it looks like they are all gone. It also looks like the members of the Illuminati Breakaway Complex have been completely cleared now, there are just some technologies remaining that need to be neutralized. That means the Ashtar Command and Resistance Movement can now shift their focus to the remaining Chimera and quantum superposition state toplet bombs.

2020-10-16: October 16 New Moon mass meditation.

Again Ground Crew Command is organizing a 144k mass meditation in this make or break timeframe:

October 16 New Moon Mass Meditation: Shifting the next 30 days

2020-10-15: More on the trauma based mind programming by the Chimera.

I am receiving more information about the beyond cruel techniques that the Chimera have used between 1996 and 2001 to traumatize and program the core lightworkers on the planet. Cobra mentioned about the programming, but he didn't go into details to spare his readers; I am not sparing mine, but it is for a good purpose. Part of these lightworker starseeds came to Earth with a mission as part of the divine plan to liberate the planet from the dark forces, others simply got stuck or trapped here. One technique the Chimera used was to submerge our physical bodies in a bath of acid that would eat away the flesh and dissolve the body to then reconstruct the body and repeat the process; another was to slowly compress our bodies between large plates that moved in on each other and cracked our bones and caused internal bleeding; again we were reconstructed and the process was repeated. I don't need to explain the indescribable pain and terror it caused in those subjected to it. All lightworkers who were selected for the trauma based mind programming had eleven sessions with the Chimera, who would present themselves in human form. During each session that would take place in any of a number of underground bases around the world lightworkers would undergo the extreme torture repeatedly for 5 to 10 times, or more than 10 times, sometimes more than 20 times. I remember a time in the second half of the 1990s when I had kind of a deja vu experience; I relived some things that I had just experienced before that moment, as if there was a time loop that repeated once. Now I realize it was the moment when I was brought back with my memory of the session with the Chimera erased. The deja vu like experience was the natural side effect of the artificial time manipulation the Chimera did to abduct me and bring me back where I was. I fully realize this is a very tough pill to swallow, but actively engaging with these "past" experiences in dedicated energy and healing work can help tackle some of the downstream effects it is having on our lives. If you feel you are one of the core lightworkers on Earth, but have a hard time getting anywhere in life, feel you keep running into closed doors and obstacles and feel very disenchanted about life, the light forces and Source / the Divine, then you may very well be one of those abducted by the Chimera.
The reasons the Chimera went to such extreme lengths to traumatize us ties in with the reasons why the 9/11 Twin Towers terror attack was staged and why the Archon invasion of 1996 took place. It was all to reinforce the last stronghold of the dark forces after the Anchara Treaty was signed and after planet X was liberated from the Cabal. Without it, planet Earth would have been liberated too around the year 2000. That was the original plan of the light forces. It shows that the dark forces cannot ever be underestimated in their cunning and their will to do whatever it takes to stay in power.

2020-10-13: The status of the top public Cabal figureheads.

While most of the top public Cabal figures are still alive, many of them are in hiding or being cornered more and more. The light forces confirm that both Jeffrey Epstein and Michael Aquino, the two worst child abusers and blackmailers of world leaders, are dead and that both their spirits have been taken to the Galactic Central Sun for a soul reset. Jeffrey Epstein has been killed by the Cabal because he was too much of a liability to them. Arturo Sosa has very recently been dismissed as the leader of the Jesuit Order, and they have appointed a successor, but they are looking for the right moment to publish this. There are currently just very few etheric (superposition state) toplet bombs left and as soon as they, the remaining Dracos and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex are cleared the public Cabal leaders are next.

What I am starting to learn now is the extreme severity of the trauma that has been inflicted by the Chimera on the core lightworkers. Forget about past life and childhood traumas, what the Chimera did greatly surpasses any pain and suffering from hardships, wars and mistreatment we endured in our regular lives. It even makes the satanists and luciferians involved in child abuse, torture and human sacrifice look like boyscouts. All members of the 144,000 Army of Light as well as over 100,000 other powerful starseeds have been abducted to underground bases between 1996 and 2001 to be programmed through trauma. The purpose of inflicting the trauma was to disconnect the lightworkers from the Divine as much as they could, to close down our psychic abilities as much as possible and to dim our light so that we would develop a mindset similar to that of the Cabal and ordinary surface dwellers. The Cabal members themselves, including the Draco, reptilians and Archons, have been programmed by the Chimera. The Chimera are none other than the fallen angels, and by use of their abilities and technologies they have enormous powers to manipulate the 3D physical world as seasoned master magicians. A few things they would do is to crush your head with a heavy metal ball, put your head back together and repeat that process; slice you up in many pieces, put you back together and repeat the process; mutilate female genitals by use of rotating large drills with hooks and male genitals by cutting up the penis, putting it back together and repeat the process. That is one reason why we don't consciously remember anything of it, it is just way too much pain to handle. There are really no words to label it, it is off the charts of insane evil. But becoming aware of these programming and soul fragmenting techniques and sending light into it will allow for a modest start of the deep healing that can ultimately only be provided by the light forces after the Event.

2020-10-10: La testa della piovra / the head of the octopus.

The Black Nobility has been leading the operations of the physical Cabal, instructing the Jesuits, organized crime syndicates, the white and black pope, pulling the strings of many people in powerful positions and corrupting many. The governing board of the Black Nobility consists of 21 representatives and was being refreshed with new members once a calendar year. This year they needed to replace members during the calendar year because they are under siege and their members are being taken out. The chairman of the board of the Black Nobility is Pepe Orsini. Four families currently have more than one representative on the governing board, namely the Bourbon-Parma, Orsini, Gaetani and Colonna families. The headquarters of the Black Nobility and place where Pepe Orsini resides the majority of the time is located west of Foggia in Italy, near Castelnuovo della Daunia. The board would meet there regularly once a week, and beside that ad hoc meetings would be convened when there are urgent issues that need to be addressed. The bunker complex has six stories underground, where a large amount of food and firearms, gold (1 metric ton) and silver (850 kilos), gemstones (mostly emeralds, rubies and beryl) and cash money (60 million Swiss francs, 16 million euros, 200 million renminbi yuan, 1.4 billion Japanese yen, 600,000 US dollars and 260,000 Australian dollars) as well 13 children are held. The children would be sexually abused and tortured and adrenochrome would be harvested from them. Usually there is just 1 guard, but during meetings there are 25 guards present. Below is the location on Google Maps. The information I receive is that the facility is now being raided.

2020-10-07: Mars-Pluto Square Mass Meditation on October 9.

It's not just humanity that needs help, also the animal world is being attacked brutally by the Cabal on the orders of the Black Nobility. They know that most humans care about animals and are using this latest tactic to lower the vibrations. The important 144k mass meditation on October 9 is upcoming, so don't miss out:

144k Mars-Pluto Square Mass Meditation

2020-10-04: Piercing the love and light bubble.

In this great time of culmination it is inevitable to get real with ourselves and each other. Too many people within the surface population have subconsciously delayed the Event because they don't want to face themselves as they have become, they are not willing to confront what is really there inside themselves. They would rather distract themselves from their own pain and suffering which goes back many lifetimes. But when the Event flash comes in there will be no running and hiding anymore and at the same time we will start to experience a divine love which we never experienced before. As things stand now, the hard truth is that even most lightworkers on this planet don't have what it takes to crack the matrix, because of their severe trauma that has been building incarnation after incarnation, their persistent programming and conditioning and their attachments to the superficial comforts of the matrix. Too many lightworkers don't do what it takes to detach from the matrix and don't go to the deepest darkest places to shine the light. They would rather bathe in any feel good stuff they can find and stay in their love and light bubble (which in a way is understandable considering what we all have been through), but that is not cutting it. Many lightworker groups stay on the surface of issues too much, afraid of dealing with the hardcore of their fears and traumas. The Sisterhood of the Rose groups that were restored after a long absence remain a faint reflection of what they would be like in the days of Atlantis. Back then goddess priestesses would make love with men who needed healing and would perform sexual healing rituals. The physical dark forces (mostly people with a reptilian incarnation history and energy bodies) have deliberately raped, mutilated and killed goddess priestesses lifetime after lifetime to suppress their powers, block their light and cause feelings of inadequacy and frustration in men so that men would channel their energy in ways that suit and support the Cabal agenda. If you don't work for the light consciously and actively you actually work for the dark, because it is the dark that has been ruling this planet for thousands of years. The light forces have been very naive and hesitant in tackling the troubles that the dark forces were creating, because they didn't sufficiently understand and didn't have full knowledge what on Earth was going on. But complaining about the light forces not taking enough action is not helping either, that only strengthens the matrix. The matrix is built upon the subconscious mind of people, that is why the subconscious has been created in the first place by the dark forces. The blueprint of the matrix was made in Orion, that is why starseeds who have lived in Orion are better equiped to deal with it. But the unconsciousness on Earth is a lot deeper than it ever was back in Orion. In any case there is strong action being taken now, as can be seen in the latest report from Benjamin Fulford which is the most coherent newsletter he has published in a long time. My intuition tells me it is mostly accurate. Once the deep dark secrets of this world are finally exposed for all to see, there will be a new opportunity for lightworkers to assume their true role and purpose, as that is ultimately their destiny. And the kind of healing and updating of our powers and abilities we need for that will be given to us by all beings of light who have gone through their process of shedding their own ignorance of darkness and how it was able to rule for so long.

2020-09-24: Danke, Victoria / Thank you, Victory.

From the recent reports it is clear it is all out war now. First of all, Cobra has informed us that there are drastic military escalations taking place between the Galactic Confederation and the Draco fleet and between the Resistance Movement and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex. I say this escalation was invited by the Cabal not only going all in with their New World Order shit, but also with their efforts to kill and undermine the health of people even more massively worldwide. When attacks come on so many fronts, it is the highest time to strike back hard. The Gillets Jaunes have come back on the streets in earnest for the first time since March this year when the lockdown began in France. I want to credit Belgium for being the first country that I know of lifting and easing restrictions in defiance of the Cabal agenda to have a second coronavirus lockdown.
The banks are under siege now with new revelations of money laundering and major banks helping clients move money coming from criminal activities and stolen funds across borders. Stock exchanges have reacted with large losses on the share prices of major banks such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank and ING Bank.

Personally I had an "interesting" experience when out of the blue a very dark rather large spot (some 5 by 3 centimeters) appeared on my skin, which luckily faded away again reasonably swiftly. A trusted source stated that it is the physical manifestation of past trauma inflicted by the Chimera between 1996 and 1998 when I was abducted by them for trauma based programming. I have zero recollection of it, apparently the Chimera have very good memory erasing technology. It was surfacing now for healing.

2020-09-18: Each battle counts in a war.

Although we are being kept in the dark about many things that are apparently happening behind the scenes, it is necessary to keep pushing for change and meditating on key issues and general clearing. That way we can win the battles that ultimately win the spiritual war. For that reason there are two mass meditations around the September equinox, one by We Love Mass Meditation followed by the 144k meditation:

Meditation against the engineered second wave lockdowns
The September 2020 Equinox 144K Mass Meditation

It is clear that the Cabal is seeking to work toward a second coronavirus lockdown, as an increasing number of countries and areas has been declared high risk and off limits for foreigners. Maybe we should declare planet Earth off limits for all Dracos. Cobra did share in his September 14 article that a major sabotage by the Dracos which derailed many operations of the light forces is being ended.
Another news item of interest was that China is keeping tabs on 2.4 million foreigners, among whom are politicians, diplomats, millionaires, military officers and journalists. The company that has compiled the database by use of sophisticated artificial intelligence data mining and that contains intricate profiles of detailed personal information is Shenzhen Zhenhua Data and the database appears to serve the purpose of information warfare and global influence operations. In the process, the company has violated the privacy of millions of global citizens, the terms of service of just about every major social media platform and hacked other companies for their data. So that means the Jesuit inspired Chinese surveillance state and Big Brother practices are by no means limited to their own nationals but are expanded worldwide.

2020-09-06: Creating the internal breakthrough to help manifest the external breakthrough.

There are some interesting developments recently, such as the slavish Cabal puppet Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe finally resigning, president Ibrahim Keïta of Mali resigning, the death of media magnate and majority voting shareholder of ViacomCBS (Paramount Pictures, CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and more) Sumner Redstone and the death of Red Khmer Tuol Sleng prison boss Duch (Kaing Guek Eav).
Also continued protests against political corruption and government oppression in Germany, Israel and a host of other countries see the pressure on political leaders building. The blatant censorship and intentional ignoring or downplaying of dissent in the ranks of commoners, healthcare workers and intelligentia by the mass media and social media is becoming very pronounced, which in turn is waking up more people from their hypnotic slumber, conditioned gullibility and comfortable complacency. Especially striking were the speeches given by Robert Kennedy jr. in Berlin and by David Icke in London in front of large crowds on August 29.

Personally I have been focusing on my own life primarily and I have recently been able to create a breakthrough in one area of my life. I am looking to expand that to other areas of my life, as the creation of breakthroughs in our individual lives will help manifest the Event and desired changes on the macroscopic level. There are various good tools to work toward internal breakthroughs and overcoming the obstacles and issues that have plagued us in our past, which are different for every individual. One that I can definitely recommend is the ICB (Internal Compression Breakthrough) sessions from The Unknown Lightwarrior. Whatever tools you use, it is important to keep in mind that it is a gradual process of building toward the breakthrough; if you don't succeed right away, just keep taking steps, affirming your goals and invigorating your determination.

2020-08-14: Mind the gap.

It is clear we are not out of the woods yet, the Cabal is throwing a lot of crap at us and many governments show their undemocratic and fascist nature more and more as the NWO agenda has gone into overdrive, that's why I have a dedicated message for several groups of people.

First of all, to the awake people who know basically about the global conspiracy of the dark forces but who have been losing faith because the Event and planetary liberation remain an illusive fata morgana to them. We are in rough waters and some are suffering particularly hard, but you need to get a grip on yourself and start believing in yourself if not in anything else. Did it ever occur to you that a small tiny part of the reasons that the Event did not manifest yet may be due to you? You are the creator of this reality that we share, just like the rest of us. So work on your mindset, stop whining for God's sake and start bridging the gap between what you want and what you actually create. There is this great scene in the movie The Edge, where two men have become stranded in the wilderness after a plane crash with hardly any means of survival and a large mankiller bear on their tail. Watch it and use it for inspiration!

Secondly, to the activist people who want to do something concrete that has a measurable or distinctly observable result. I call into memory the public book burnings that were done in past eras, often for negative reasons of suppression and eradication of information, cultures and values. Such a weapon that the dark forces have used so many times can also be used for the Light. The intention behind it should not be censorship or resistance against the expressions of Cabal inspired moral degradation and dystopia, but purification, purging and rejection of all that represents lower energies. Think in terms of burning cardboard pyramids of occult power, squashing DVDs of movies that promote violence, decadence and antisocial behaviour, shredding and burning mass media newspapers and such. Use your imagination, it's about the symbolic ritual of removing undesired aspects out of our reality, never targeted at people but always at dark creations. It can be a mix of pagan bonfires with manifestations in protest of Big Brother's agenda of dehumanization and transhumanism.

Thirdly, to the light forces up above. I hear that you want to keep the key players and top leaders of the Cabal around so that they can be held accountable for their actions after the Event; basically I understand, there is no complete catharsis and truth finding possible with only henchmen and delivery boys, but please consider taking them off planet until then so that they can not cause any more trouble, unleash any more black magic on us or be suicided. Also I hear you want to prevent unnecessary suffering as much as possible and need to remove the last assets of the dark forces and their retaliation mechanisms, but how about the immense unnecessary suffering that is going on right now? It gets on people's nerves, we cannot endure this hellish madness for very much longer, at some point even the sane and spiritually evolved people are going to snap. You need to stretch your efforts in planetary liberation to the max just like we are stretching our endurance to the max.

For the rest of us I would like to say: keep up the good work. There is light at the end of the tunnel, seek to create your own bubble of heaven for starters. I specifically want to wish the people of Belarus good luck in getting rid of their dictatorial leader Aljaksandr Lukasjenka.

2020-08-05: Things are on the move.

In the 144k meditation of August 1 I didn't focus so much on transforming the outer world, but more on transforming the reflection of the outer world within me and I set the intention that the world will now serve me and all lightworkers and light warriors to the same extent that we are serving the world.
There is major turmoil going on in many parts of the world. The huge explosion in Beirut that occurred yesterday (4-8-2020 = 4-8-4 = 16 = 7 for maximum energetic impact) and that resulted in at least 135 dead, 5000 people wounded, many thousands of houses rendered uninhabitable and over 3 billion US dollars in damages, has ostensibly been caused by a large load of ammonium nitrate that was stored in the harbour area. It is presented to be an accident started by a fire that broke out, but I have a hard time believing that; I say it is an attack on one of the weakest points of the main Goddess leyline of the planet.

Former king of Spain Juan Carlos I has chosen to self exile out of his country in the wake of proceeding investigations into corruption and probably a lot more than just that. The move is intended to manoeuver the monarchy headed by current king Felipe VI into quiter waters, but it could have just the opposite effect as a small majority of Spaniards is now in favor of returning to a republic. But what is effectively the difference between exile and isolation as queen Lizzy has chosen back in old England? I bet their fate is going to be quite comparable.
Then king Salman of Saudi Arabia and emir Sabah of Kuwait both had to go to hospital for medical checks and also a surgery for emir Sabah. Add to that civil unrest and rioting in a slew of American cities, the coronavirus still taking its toll worldwide, excessive rainfall and flooding in some countries and drought and forest fires in others. Under these circumstances it may not be so surprising that the traditional financial safe haven gold is doing well, but silver is also on the move when for 7 years it has fluctuated in the 400 to 600 euro per kilo band and was kept from breaking out.
There is also this interview of Corey Goode (spherebeingalliance.com) with Michael Salla (exopolitics.org) that sheds more light on what has been happening behind the scenes and what plans the Cabal still have up their sleeve, particularly regarding partial disclosure. It is clear that the light forces above, below and on the surface have more leverage and freedom of movement than before but cannot go all out against the top of the Cabal yet.

2020-07-30: Emotional healing protocol released by the Pleiadians.

Recent alternative media reports give some serious warnings and practical advice regarding what is going on and what can still be expected for the coming months. Whatever turbulence we are experiencing, it is important to keep a calm mindset as much as possible and live life one day at a time while at the same time being prepared for any eventuality.
Cobra has communicated that the Pleiadians have created a protocol for emotional healing, which I am sure many lightworkers and others will appreciate. It can be activated by repeating "Command 771" three times aloud or in your mind. My initial findings with this new protocol are very positive and I would say emotional healing is what is needed most in the world right now.
The Unknown Lightwarrior mentioned that he suspects nanites (the nanoparticles that are spread through chemtrails and other methods) can be used to attack us from within as a last form of retaliation by the Cabal, which could result in death through organ failure. So I would advise people to take 3% hydrogen peroxide or chlorine dioxide (MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution) as that should be able to eliminate nanites as well as harmful viruses, bacteria and poisons from the body.

The next 144k meditation is scheduled for Saturday August 1:

144k Timeline Transmutation Gateway mass meditation

2020-07-14: A major milestone has been reached in planetary liberation.

As Cobra has confirmed the critical mass was surpassed in the Age of Aquarius Meditation Part 2 and this has enabled the light forces to achieve a major milestone in the liberation efforts. Finally after all the time of working toward this point all the remaining plasma toplet bombs, the main pins that held the matrix reality in place, have been cleared. That means the primary retaliation mechanism and hostage meta strategy of the Cabal has been taken away from them. So no more Yaldabaoth and other big plasma entities, no more Black Stone, no more strangelet and toplet bombs, they are all gone forever. The Event is not triggered yet however as the light forces want to clear more dark entities and their technologies, especially the Draco fleet and the etheric Chimera and Archons that are left. What is also very good news is that the powerful Mjolnir clearing technology of the light forces can be used again; earlier the light forces had to stop applying it because it triggered too strong counter-reactions from the Cabal.

The Cabal front office is still seeking to implement their New World Disorder and creating new restrictive laws in an attempt to save their system, while in the back office their ass is being chewed up by the light forces. So while we withstand the last convulsions of the control matrix, we can begin to ask ourselves what we would like our lives to look like if anything were possible. This channeled message from the Pleiades fits in well with that. And there's no need to resist the disintegration of the system, it is a necessary part of the process.

2020-06-27: Age of Aquarius Meditation Part 2.

As some people complain that nothing much has changed after the April 4 mass meditation that had over 1 million participants, Cobra has clarified that many detrimental Cabal plans have been thwarted or greatly reduced in impact. A small anthology of further things that have happened:
  • Shell, one of the largest oil companies in the world, has announced a reorganization to shift to sustainable energy
  • Bayer which took over Monsanto in 2018 has settled for 10.9 billion US dollars on some 95,000 lawsuits over Roundup weedkiller in the United States
  • President of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi has been indicted for war crimes and murder of political opponents by the Kosovo Specialist Prosecutor's Office
  • President of Burundi Pierre Nkurunziza, who was condemned for planting land mines in the 1990s and who violently repressed discontent with his rule in 2015 causing many refugees, has died
  • AQIM (Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) leader Abdelmalek Droukdel has been killed by the French army in Mali
  • Former Iranian judge Gholamreza Mansouri, who is accused of newspaper bans, internet censorship, suppressing and jailing dozens of journalists and accepting a 500,000 euro bribe, has died
Here is the link to the 144k mass meditation on June 30 which will include the general mass meditation that is being done on the same day:

June 30 Age Of Aquarius Part II, 144K Mass Meditation

And the latests updates from Cobra:

Age of Aquarius Activation Update from June 23
Age of Aquarius Activation Final Update

2020-06-22: Rebel with a cause.

Rebellion is brewing in many countries, whether against racism, discrimination, excessive police violence, social disadvantage, coronavirus lockdown measures, economic hardship, authoritarian rule, government or corporate hypocrisy. But rebelling should not be the objective, only the means to make way for a different world. And this world could be so much better than it is now, with the right people in charge and the wrong people out of the way.
And this is what I wanted to focus on during the June solstice mass meditation yesterday: the new world that is based on peace, love and unity. After working on clearing some dark webs of command and energetic control I started moving my upper body in circles and swings, chanting collective affirmations that I repeated 12 times each (such as "We are all loved", "We all receive blessings", "We create our own lives") and simultaneously visualizing multicolored light energy flowing through the Earth's grids. This is actually a very powerful combination, using your body, voice and mind's eye in unison, just like with the Goddess Vortex meditation. As the goddessy types were doing their lightwork I could feel the loving vibe, it gave me goosebumps.

Now we can ride the wave towards the June 30 Age of Aquarius Activation Meditation part 2:

Age of Aquarius Activation Part 2
Age of Aquarius Activation Update and a New Cobra Interview
Age of Aquarius Activation Part 2 on We Love Mass Meditation

2020-06-13: Viva la república! / Long live the republic!

The absolute power to rule has been stripped from most of the remaining monarchs and they fulfill the role of symbol of the nation in a theater play democracy, but they still influence the government policy and course of events in their country. In Spain king Felipe VI has denounced the aspirations for independence of the Catalonian people, but who the hell is he to do so? Spanish monarchy was restored by fascist dictator Francisco Franco who decided that Juan Carlos de Borbón would succeed him as the head of state, that should tell you enough. It is high time to show the monarchs of the world the door and introduce real democratically controlled meritocratic governance. Whereas Italy is the mainstay of the black nobility, Spain is the cradle of the Jesuit Order and both countries need thorough cleanup.

Last night I experienced a form of attack that I haven't endured before. In a dream a tiger appeared all of a sudden when I was walking with someone, and it came running straight at me to strike at me; I could dodge the tiger by rolling over a low wall on my right side and saw it flying just over me when it jumped. Then I quickly drew myself out of the dream state and woke up. Something I did in the June 5 mass meditation pissed off someone, but I will not go into details.
In the coming weeks a series of mass meditations has been scheduled on June 14, June 21, June 30 and July 5. June 30 is the date of the major Age of Aquarius Activation Part 2 meditation that Cobra has announced. Before and after Ground Crew Command will host three 144k meditations and this can be the knock out blow for the Cabal. Let's make it happen, we are on schedule for a much needed breakthrough.

2020-06-06: All Lives Matter.

That's right, all lives matter; of course it's a shot in front of an open goal, but I feel it is necessary to state it black on white, in writing. I totally recognize the immense suffering that has been inflicted on the black race; the colonization of Africa was unlawful and the slave trade was a brutal abomination, and I sense that the descendants of these former slaves are dealing with the energetic, emotional and mental fall-out of these experiences to this day. But you will not see me demonstrate in the streets about it, for the simple reason that if I would go protesting I would need to protest just about the entire recorded history of humanity on this planet. When I'm in a cynical mood and fed up with things I think Earth is a shithole planet (you've got to admit, with his oft unpolished and at times offending style of talking The Donald does have his fair share of humor). But seriously, the great majority of positive extraterrestrial beings have shunned coming to Earth for good reason. There has been so much injustice and lack of true law throughout the centuries, everyone has been victimized in many more ways than one. But at the same time we are complicit ourselves; Gaia is not to blame, she has kept providing for us despite us mistreating her and trespassing the boundaries of decency and good morals countless times, this issue is about humanity and the unwelcome aliens that have been invited here or that have gained access as invaders. And even now, when the universe is beaming so much light onto us and billions of beings from beyond meditate for our upliftment, some people behave like total assholes. My greatest grievance is the inability of part of humanity to see and apparent unwillingness of these spiritual infants to internalize and embody that harming another is harming yourself, damaging another's interests is damaging the collective and ultimately yourself.

I joined the 144k mass meditation yesterday, but my preparation was far from ideal and I was in a state of anger which I couldn't shake off. Also I didn't carry my cintamani stone or other power stones I normally use. I did however invite in the Orion High Council for the first time, and although the mass meditation was probably the worst I ever did for my part, I did make peace with myself on a level I didn't manage to reach before. That was the message I received from my I AM presence: make peace with yourself and everything else will follow. What I felt and anchored was this: I am better than this world. I am elevated above this current reality, when this reality will have perished I will still be around going strong. It may sound arrogant, but it isn't. If you even make an attempt to be the light in this world, you will be attacked by darkness and its minions as I have experienced time after time after time. I am tired of that and I am tired of this world telling me what it needs from me without concerning itself for what I need from the world. So fuck that, and fuck the system! I recognize and embrace my dark side, it has been in hiding for too long. So this feels like a coming out.

"The true conquests, the only ones that cause no regret, are those made over ignorance."
"A man who has no consideration for the needs of his men ought never to be given command."
"Hereditary succession to the magistracy is absurd, as it tends to make a property of it; it is incompatible with the sovereignty of the people."

2020-06-03: The center of the storm.

There is a lot of insanity going on side by side with the many goodhearted intentions that people are setting for a better world. Many people, especially the younger generations, are still easily tempted into being triggered by the setups that the Archon mind gamers put in play. The energy of agitation is flaming up (the fire element), so as FM144 suggested it would be advisable to visualize cool and calm energy (the water element) to extinguish the agitation. I might add it is also helpful to visualize plentiful rainfall in dry areas. In the Netherlands grass would almost always remain green, even during warm and sunny summers. A few really warm days and a thunderstorm with plentiful downpourings would ensue; that's how it used to be. But now, anno 2020, summer hasn't started yet and the fields look like a savannah in Africa, drier than ever. This can become a really serious problem for nature, agriculture and the water supply to households and companies. Radiation levels don't help either, our technologies are disturbing natural processes of the planet, animals and humans to a great degree.

All in all I must say I have mixed feelings about the current situation. What I am getting is that over half the toplets in the implant network have been cleared, so that is good progress, but the question is whether the remainder will be as easy to clear because it depends on people's individual vibration. And people's circumstances vary so wildly, some people can almost touch the bliss and sense the presence of the Light, others live in great destitution and see no way out. Some people feel the Light will change everything and overcome all obstacles, but I feel pinpointed military intervention is required lest we don't meditate into infinity before seeing real tangible changes in everyone's daily lives. Because to be quite frank, judging solely from that parameter, the quality of life for the bulk of humanity as it is, one could call the liberation of darkness a total failure. The coronacrisis also highlights the inadequacy of the economic model in the United States, the so called free market par excellence. People are fired (again this darn red element) by shiploads on a moment's notice, nice that flexibility in the labor market. I think I don't need to mention there is no free market, we have a controlled and highly manipulated market. Considering all this, it may be better to blind yourself for the situation you find yourself in and instead animate the dream world you like best. And, as the saying goes, the weather is most tranquil in the eye of the storm.

Cobra's update: Peace Meditation
FM144's update: Grid Infight

2020-05-31: Adolfo Nicolás captured by the light forces.

Former Jesuit superior general and black pope Adolfo Nicolás died on May 20; according to Benjamin Fulford he was eliminated by the White Hats. FM144 confirms that his soul has now been captured by the light forces, which means a one way ticket to the Galactic Central Sun for him. Grand master Giacomo dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto of the Order of Malta died on April 29, so this signifies the beginning of a cleanup at the very highest levels of world power.
Regarding the tense situation in American cities, US attorney general William Barr has hit the nail on the head in his press release. As many people are aware, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the Anti-Defamation League and such organizations are all Cabal fronts funded by the Zionists, Rockefellers, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates and the like to support the divide and rule protocol.

The next 144k meditation will be on Friday June 5:

144k June 5 Eclipse Mass Meditation

2020-05-21: Some obstacles left on the road to liberation.

The latest update from Cobra a few days ago makes it clear that there are still some obstacles left on the way to planetary liberation, but it does suggest the Event is within reach ("practically all plasma primary anomaly has been removed", "as we are getting closer and closer to the Event").
One thing that was done first of all according to Paladin, an Earth Alliance member that was recently interviewed by Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot, was to take care of all the Cabal mercenaries so that they cannot execute terror attacks. He didn't have the details how they were taken care of, whether they were killed or arrested, but they have been neutralized. The clearing of shallow underground bases is still continuing, but big progress is being made. Benjamin Fulford mentions that the recent unnatural earthquake at Area 51 (Groom Lake), Nevada, was caused by the destruction of the base according to his sources. Area 51 was used for various black projects, including genetic experiments and research on extraterrestrial bodies. Other operations continue as well, and the arrest of public figureheads will be the last phase of the sweep to end Cabal rule.

What puzzles me is that Cobra mentions in his post that there is still a Draco fleet guarding the planet and there are still Chimera spiders on the etheric plane. In his February 18 post he mentioned that after removing the plasma Chimera spiders, only physical Chimera were left: "Having so many people quarantined has enabled the Light Forces to completely clear all plasma Chimera spiders and all other Chimera entities from the non-physical planes". I feel he should mention it explicitly when he has to correct statements he made in previous posts. Nevertheless, I still consider Cobra one of the best sources of deep information.
The word that stands out regarding this stage we are in is purification, it sums up what this time is about more than any other word. Everything that is not of the light is being brought up and that can be quite unpleasant as some people in our societies show disfunctional and outright hostile behaviour. Also the people who follow rules because they are the rules without thinking for themselves can be bothersome with all the draconian coronavirus measures that have been put in place.

2020-05-13: Pobezjdat' / To victory.

2020-05-06: Speaking the unspeakable.

2020-04-30: Beltane mass meditation on May 1/2.

It's an exciting time for some, and a difficult time for many. I am having my own challenges, but having seen a few photos of the children being rescued from underground Cabal bases and tunnels (call it the underworld) it pales compared to what they have been experiencing. So I may decide to join the upcoming Beltane 144k meditation on May 1 or 2 depending on the timezone (please note that the start time has been advanced by 5 hours):

144k Beltane Mass Meditation

In this period from April 30 until May 5 we can do a violet flame meditation both for our own sense of balance and for the world at large:

Violet Flame Meditation for balancing the energy over the period of Beltaine

2020-04-22: Point blanc.

Over the years I have done what I could to wake people up and work toward planetary liberation from the dark forces, but now I need to take care of myself for the sake of my personal happiness and wellbeing. The part of me that is still traumatized from all that I have been through needs more attention, so that it can finally be healed completely and I have a new blank slate to create the kind of life I really want and that I haven't been able to manifest thusfar. So I may not be posting messages for some time or less frequently and I will not be doing meditations for the world, I need to give my energy to myself now.

2020-04-16: It's about time for an unconditional basic income for all.

I want to give a brief update on where we are in the liberation process. Cobra was unable to specify what progress has been made exactly in his Ascension Timeline mass meditation report for reasons of confidentiality, but rest assured there is great progress especially in clearing the higher dimensions of negative entities. The clearing of underground bases is a more tedious job due to fierce resistance from the Cabal troops, they rather die instead of surrendering and being held accountable for the unspeakable atrocities they have committed. The light forces and White Hats are doing what they can to limit the economic damage from the coronavirus pandemic; whereas China has understated their figures of Covid-19 cases and deaths, see also this article, the United States seem to be overstating theirs although that is a local phenomenon and not directed by the federal government. The medical establishment in the West is still being controlled to a great extent by Cabal agents.
Speaking of that, Cobra confirmed the involvement of Bill Gates in the bioweapon attack on humanity as well as other billionaire honchos with familiar names such as George Soros, Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey. Before too long they will be forced to use their great wealth in order to compensate for the financial and economic damages that so many citizens and companies suffer. Mind you, I agree with them that the planet is overpopulated given the current methods of food production and the impact they have on nature and the environment. But there are other ways to tackle the issue: either you intensify food production even more (think of five story farms powered by free energy growing food crops under artificial lighting, sea water being desalinated and used for irrigation, meat being artificially grown under laboratory conditions; obviously this would involve the release of suppressed technologies) or you implement more acceptable ways of population control: voluntary sterilization, mandatory sterilization for murderers, rapists and other violent criminals, taxing the third child, capping the number of children to three per woman, and most importantly an unconditional basic income for every adult.

2020-04-07: The end of the long dark night.

Wow, what an incredible impulse was given last weekend to the liberation. As far as I know it was the first time ever that a serious mass meditation reached over 1 million participants and this will speed up the process a lot and continue to energetically affect the global clearing for at least a week. I realize very well these are extremely challenging times for many people due to financial uncertainty, businesses crumbling that entrepreneurs have spent so much time to build up, women and children increasingly exposed to domestic violence, people losing loved ones and more, but I see light at the end of the tunnel and I can smell the Event. That's why I felt like listening to a lovely old song by Cat Stevens: Morning has broken.
I paid attention to all the important aspects during the first 144k meditation for the occasion: the toplet bombs in the implant network, the coronavirus, the troops rescuing children from remaining underground Cabal bases, the main players within the Cabal, the occultists and black magicians and the dark constructs and entities on the mental, astral and etheric planes. No need to go into detail at this point, that would make it easier for the opposing party to formulate countermeasures. When I focused on the children in the Cabal bases that have been mistreated and tortured since day 1 of their lives I was quite dismayed from what I perceived, they were being treated worse than beasts. In old folk tales it was often told that hell is below the surface and one shouldn't venture there; well, turns out these tales were actually pretty spot on. The deliberate maltreatment of so many children is one thing that has delayed the liberation of the planet quite a lot, because too few people were regularly doing energywork and lightwork to sufficiently neutralize this immense suffering that was going on underneath our feet and that made it a very slow process to raise the vibration of the planet. I must say I don't understand what took the Resistance Movement and the positive militaries so long, considering that the underground war with the reptilians and Cabal has been raging since the late 1990s. After the Event the entire planetary liberation should be evaluated to learn what could have been done better. In any case, I could feel the strong energies in the general mass meditation, I am sure it is a gamechanger.

One thing of concern is the polarization in the United States; Benjamin Fulford even mentioned in his latest newsletter that a civil war is probably unavoidable. He doesn't specify between which parties such a war would be fought, but it's an easy guess that would be between Trump supporters and QAnon followers on one side and CNN brainwashed citizens and their Cabal puppet masters on the other side. I sincerely hope such foolishness can be prevented, as that wouldn't help anyone. Another point of concern is that the Khazarians have apparently decided and communicated they would rather destroy the planet than to surrender. So we all need to be on high alert and strive to avert any detrimental action the Cabal could be cooking up. And the last thing I want to mention: QAnon has posted a picture of the United States flag on the QAnon Publications blog as a rally cry for patriots and the restoration of the original republic of the USA, but Americans need to be aware of the humongous amount of hatred that the symbols of the star spangled banner and the name of their country have generated in countries like Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Palestine and in South America with the CIA regime change and subversion policies and noxious effects of the war on drugs. No other country has fought so many wars in the last 122 years, not even close. And then I haven't even started on the American Indian Wars. The United States have been founded on the morals and mentality of 17th, 18th and 19th century Europe and Europe has moved on since then, but the US haven't; just look at the arms sales lately, it's insane. So after the Event a new flag and name for your country will need to be found.

2020-04-02: Amour toujours / love always.

So much is being written on websites, blogs and social media on what is currently transpiring in the world and everyone has his or her own take on it, but I will not go into that. All I want to say is that some spiritual people put out so called channeled messages that describe the Covid-19 virus as an instrument that separates the chaff from the corn in terms of who gets to be part of the New Earth and who doesn't qualify and I regard that as new age baloney. The manufactured virus is a tool of the dark forces, not of the light forces. What is true however is that the light is now so strong that even such a dark tool effectively gets to work for the light in certain respects. It brings people together overcoming differences and divisions, it fosters cooperation and it also leads to a cleansing of sorts as well as a shutdown of many aspects of the control matrix. People who have much entropy (meaning damaged DNA and an impaired energy system, typically the elderly) are more likely to die from the novel coronavirus and this clears some of the dead weight that Earth has been carrying, while the deceased are received with loving care and get the necessary healing in the higher realms.

Here are the links to the 144k meditation on Saturday April 4 (April 5 in Australasia) that is the prelude to the general mass meditation and the general one the following night / next day:

144k April 4th Mass Meditation - 1st
144k April 4th Mass Meditation - 2nd

And I want to share some music to keep the spirits up in these challenging times:

What the world needs now
You'll never walk alone
True colors
Stayin' inside
Coronavirus rhapsody

We are creating the world where Covid-19 or any other virus does not and cannot exist anymore.

2020-03-29: Preparation for the Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus mass meditation.

The world has been turned upside down by the Covid-19 pandemic which by all indications has been planned and rehearsed by the Cabal from at least September 2019. Once they couldn't avoid the conclusion that their era of rule and parasitic energy harvesting over humanity's back is indeed ending the extreme factions within the Cabal decided to try and take humanity down in their fall. The pandemic is real and an increasing number of lives are lost, so freedom doesn't come cheaply but the White Hats are using the situation to their and our eventual advantage. It is highly desirable to prepare well for the upcoming Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus mass meditation on April 4 (America) or 5 (Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania). One thing we can all do is to frequently visualize violet flames engulfing the planet and burning up the fear and virus supporting dark energies on all nonphysical planes. The Unknown Lightwarrior has also shared his meditations for further clearing of the higher dimensions. More essential information on the preparation for this beyond crucial meditation in this weekend's episode of Ground Crew Command Radio:

Pre April 4th Mass Meditation Brief

Here are the links to Cobra's articles relating to the meditation:

March 3: Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus Meditation
March 11: Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus Meditation videos
March 16: Endgame Scenarios
March 20: New Cobra interview and a short message to the surface population

Let's make sure this meditation reaches far above the critical mass of 144,000 participants, it has never been as important as right now. If we succeed, then the light forces will be able to finalize the clearing of the nonphysical planes of all remaining dark entities in quick succession as well as remove the toplet bombs from the physical implant network, the last line of defense of the Chimera group, the proverbial head of the snake.

2020-03-21: Back to basics.

The closing of shops, pubs, restaurants and borders, interruption of sports competitions and diminishing working hours for many people are creating space to get back to the basics of life. People have time again to contemplate and focus on what really matters for them, and to connect more with their feelings and inner world now that so many distractions have been at least temporarily eliminated. What is also positive is that everyone worldwide is coming together to address the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic in whatever way they can. Everyone? Well, there is just one pesky country in the world whose government apparently has other priorities: North Korea. They found it necessary to launch rockets into the Japanese Sea, even though their leadership admitted they are facing a big threat with their coronavirus outbreak due to poor medical facilities and lack of nutrition for the population. Stop playing with rockets, stupid idiots, there is no need for them, and start properly taking care of your people!

On the initial source of infection with Covid-19, China, I have asked Merlin about the real situation (Merlin is my guide and he is an aspect of ascended master Saint Germain). I have doublechecked the results with a high priestess to be sure. Here is what I have heard: the number of infections in China is over 1 million, approaching 1.5 million; the number of dead in whole or in part as a result of Covid-19 is over 50,000 (I get close to 90,000) in China alone. So that's something entirely different than the official stats. The Chinese Communist Party was afraid for its reputation when the whole truth would come out, but exactly this dishonesty is going to hurt their reputation most.
Then there was another very remarkable item in the news: king Felipe VI of Spain has cut financial ties with his father, former king Juan Carlos I de Borbón. The explanation for public consumption is that there is a legal probe into offshore funds set up by Juan Carlos, but what is behind it is the high level involvement of Juan Carlos in the international drug trade among other things. This is a very explosive subject, but Cobra has basically confirmed the same by linking to a revealing article about it on two occasions. What I get is that king Felipe wants to distance himself from his family's dirty dealings and is interested to cooperate with the Earth Alliance and White Hats. Again, this has been confirmed by a high priestess.

2020-03-20: March Equinox mass meditation report.

The 144k meditation for the March Equinox turned out differently than I expected and differently than any other mass meditation before. It took a lot of time to get up to omnipresence with the light teams because of massive interference from the dark side at the start out, so first I was cleansing the planet by engulfing it in violet flames, shooting fields of light energy to the opponents and lighting up the planet so that the teams could see clearly where the resistance was coming from. Then once we finally were up I realized there was something very basic that needed attention more than anything else. We brought not only mother Earth but also father Sun with us as there was an issue with the Sun; according to the Unknown Lightwarrior's information it related to other timelines and parallel universes where the Sun has been messed with or even destroyed. So I didn't pay attention to dark rituals, the coronavirus crisis, toplet bombs or anything else, only to the most essential things: the divine feminine and the divine masculine. All the great problems of this world without a single exception are the result of the suppression of the divine feminine, the distortion of the divine masculine and the separation between the two that has been created. So I embodied the divine masculine as the Sun and held Gaia in my arms like a baby and just transferred the loving feeling of the reconnection and cherishing into that.

Concerning the coronavirus crisis, some respected sources such as FM144, Benjamin Fulford and M and miss M have labelled it a flu, maybe a bit more severe than a regular flu. This doesn't do justice to the people dying and being hospitalized. While we don't know the truth about the real statistics at the moment, indications are it is a very contagious biological weapon that needs adequate responses. Judging from Twitter tweets in Chinese (such as ones saying crematories in Wuhan have been working nonstop 24/7 in February) and Chinese websites the true number of infected and dead may be much much higher in China than officially reported. That would also explain why Italy now reports more deaths than China even though Italy has better hygiene practices, is less densely populated than Hubei province of China and the outbreak in Italy started much later than in China. If it is true that the Chinese government is lying about the actual number of Covid-19 cases to save face it will be one of the biggest scandals ever involving the Chinese Communist Party and lead to their undoing. See for yourself a number of posts, partly in Chinese, that have not been censored and enter in Google Translate:

More than 100,000 hospital beds are required by the 20th
Wuhan smog caused by burning of bodies of those deceased from pneumonia
CCP could implement a network in the country to prevent the truth being revealed
Fourty mobile incinerators sent to Wuhan
Wuhan cut off from internet due to too many negative online messages

2020-03-17: Lead-up to the Financial Reset and 144k March Equinox mass meditation.

The financial markets are moving like crazy: stock markets have on average shed some 30% of their capitalization value since the start of 2020, oil prices have halved, the gold to silver price ratio has passed 100:1 and is now even at 120:1 which is unprecedented and bitcoin is on a rollercoaster ride as well. For me bitcoin has no value, because 99% of the people will never accept it as payment unless they would be forced to; apart from that the Chinese have been working on a cryptocurrency backed by gold and if that will be introduced bitcoin and other "baked air" cryptocurrencies will lose most of their value virtually overnight. Fiat currencies are themselves losing value because of the ever expanding extent of Quantitative Easing (free credit for systemic banks) by central banks. Oil is dropping because Russia doesn't want to reduce production even when demand is diminished; it seems there are two reasons behind that: Russia knows oil will quickly become a thing of the past as free energy technologies will be introduced soon so they have little time left to make some money from their in ground oil reserves, and above ground oil reserves need to be at a sufficient level to outlast the chaotic transition period we are now in and provide continuity of transportation, industrial and agricultural production. The more real value is in the tangible assets such as gold and silver, but even those are going down at the moment, especially silver. The official explanation is that some large holders are liquidating their investment positions and industrial demand will be down, but who in their right mind is voluntarily going to sell physical gold or silver in the face of the carnage on the stock market? The silver price has completely lost touch with reality (remember, it's an industrial metal used in electronics and other applications and mining output ratio is only 1:8); soon the supplies that are still held by precious metals dealers and shops will be totally depleted.

The spreading of Covid-19 over more and more countries and regions and increasing numbers of deaths due to the weaponized virus have been causing fear and panic just as the Cabal intended. Governments see themselves compelled to implement restrictions and ban large gatherings of people. It must be said that East Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, but also China (Wuhan) and South Korea (Daegu) where strains of the virus were seeded have dealt more effectively with the outbreaks than Europe and the United States by taking stringent measures early on. Now Europe is catching up, but it's already too late to contain the virus anymore, it can only be slowed down. As Cobra mentioned the Pleiadians have been working tirelessly to make the Wuhan strain close to harmless and it took them two to three months to accomplish that. If they are equally successful in dealing with the Codogno strain that has been circulating in Europe and that has jumped to North America and the Qom strain that is circulating in Iran and the Middle East the immediate impact from the virus may be over by the beginning of May. We can help them by visualizing the virus supporting plasma burning up in violet flames and the virus cells being encapsulated by flower of life spheres and shriveling. And maybe even more important is to send love and light energy to the ones who are on intensive care and fighting for their lives and the people who are losing their income due to the economic impact of the measures taken by governments.
You can protect yourself from Covid-19 and other nasty viruses with plenty amounts of vitamin C, oxygenation of your body with ozone therapy or hydrogen peroxide therapy, nanosilver and colloidal silver.

I don't think I need to explain the critical importance of the upcoming mass meditations on March 19 (America) or 20 (Asia, Oceania, Europe and Africa) and on April 4 or 5:

March Equinox 144k meditation
Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus Meditation
Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus Meditation videos

2020-03-11: March Super Moon mass meditation report and update.

In the 144k meditation on March 8 I didn't zoom into specific locations so much. First I focused on the collective trauma in the morphogenetic field of Earth and asked the light teams for healing of the regular surface population, lightworkers and Cabal members alike. I felt and released part of the trauma, so that was quite emotional. Then I held a bowl with wonderful colored lights and showed it to a group of Cabal members who represented the entirety of the Cabal and who were a bit apprehensive but curious. I said that these are your souls and I saw the lights lifting up out of the bowl and gracefully moving into the bodies of each of the spectators. Then I held up a tachyonized crystal and visualized powerful lightning springing from it and entering the energy fields of the Cabal members to clear their anomaly. After that I visualized the torch of the Statue of Liberty in New York lighting up with brilliant white light that was spreading out. When the Unknown Lightwarrior started working on Germany and removing the Baphomet entity, I visualized a cone of brilliant light over Switzerland and a spiral of rainbow colored light spinning around it over Western Europe.

As Cobra mentioned in his February 18 post, the nonphysical Chimera entities have been completely removed and other negative plasma entities are in the process of removal. This creates more opportunity for clearing on the physical level to gain traction and according to Benjamin Fulford's latest newsletter British special forces are moving in on Zug, Switzerland to arrest the Zionist leaders that have bulwarked themselves in a Rothschild hideout over there. The number of sealed indictments in the United States has risen to nearly 160,000 of which only 1 percent have been opened and acted on so far. Many executives have quit their positions in large corporations in 2019 and early 2020.

2020-03-05: Upcoming mass meditations.

In the upcoming weekend an extra 144k mass meditation has been scheduled for Sunday March 8. The next regular 144k mass meditation will be on Thursday or Friday March 19/20 (depending on your timezone) for the March equinox.

144k March Super Moon mass meditation

Cobra has scheduled a mass meditation for Saturday or Sunday April 4/5 called the Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus meditation and calls on people to spread it far and wide:

Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus Meditation

The spoken versions in English and Spanish of a number of pages from my website that were posted on the UFOSWLG YouTube channel are not available anymore as the channel was apparently removed by YouTube, so I have deleted the links to these audio files from my site. This is of course the risk with such media where the Cabal has a big influence, it is pure censorship. But I noticed a new channel with the same name is being created, so if and when the audios get uploaded and become available again I will reinsert the links to them.

2020-03-03: The mind rules the matter.

Given the various crisis situations going on around the planet, there are dedicated meditations to help tackle them. I list the primary ones for everyone's convenience:

Bring peace to Idlib, Syria and necessities to the refugees  (daily at 1.30 PM UTC time)
Stop the coronavirus outbreak in China and worldwide  (daily at 1.00, 5.00 and 9.00 AM and PM UTC time)
Stop the coronavirus outbreak in Italy and Europe  (daily at 1.15, 5.15 and 9.15 AM and PM UTC time)

Other meditations that can be done daily and aid in general clearing of the higherdimensional planes are these:

Flower of Life meditation  (daily at 0.00 PM UTC time)
Cosmic Central Race meditation  (daily at 3.15 PM UTC time)
Buddhic Column meditation  (daily at 3.30 PM UTC time)

And may I remind you the guided versions are available on YouTube (links on my "Meditations" page) and don't nearly have as much views as they should have (assuming YouTube statistics are shown correctly).

2020-03-01: The golden middle way.

They are very roaring and confusing times we live in right now. In Northwestern Europe we have had some three weeks of nasty weather with storms, strong winds and lots of rain and hail. I did feel it was bringing clearing on multidimensional levels and others commented similarly. The weather patterns reflect in people's individual processes, where lightworkers are undergoing energetic and emotional processing from their own present and past lives, family line traumas and heavy energies from the environment down into the physical level.
The Cabal has seeded Covid-19 coronavirus strains in South Korea, Iran and Italy now that the outbreak that started in China is being repulsed more and more, and they order quarantine measures locally in affected areas to stop people from interacting and bring society to a standstill. But this is hurting their own megabanks and multinational corporations, that get into supply chain problems and are losing sales. Also the dragon societies in China will have murder contracts out on the heads of the black nobility or Khazarians who ordered the coronavirus attack in Wuhan, so essentially these extreme factions of the Cabal are digging their own graves. Gold jumped to a top of over 50,000 euro per kilo or 1700 US dollars per ounce on February 24 before being driven back down by the Cabal's market rigging AI program, just like silver. Financial market regulators meanwhile look the other way as they have done for decades. Without such criminal market manipulation gold would have stayed above the 50,000 euro mark and silver would be at least 3,000 euro per kilo or some 100 US dollars per ounce.
How to deal with such an environment? Buddhism defines the golden middle way as a balance between extremes, but actually it is a more general spiritual approach. No overindulgence but no self castigation either, no fleeing but no reckless assaulting either, no self-evident pardoning but no unforgiving punishing either. Overindulgence makes you lazy and complacent, self castigation makes you dreary and humorless. Fleeing nurtures fear, reckless assaulting discards deliberation. Automatic pardoning skips the lesson that must be learned, harsh punishing deepens the divide. In practice that means all criminals and all Cabal members should not be treated equally but should be judged according to their willingness to change; the ones willing to change need to come clean and be given the help and support they need as they have been misled, while the ones who insist on bringing hurt and damage to humanity, nature and the planet (most of them have a Draco or reptilian soul origin) need to be removed as soon as possible in the way that works best.
It is hard to predict what will happen over the coming year, but the high level scenario is described somewhat in the notes from the Taiwan conference of Cobra that have been posted recently.

2020-02-22: On matters of life and death.

Fear of death is one of the most potent negative stimulants that the dark forces have used to control people and lower their vibration. But as spiritual teachers have said, the death of the body is the liberation of the soul; for the soul it is a new start rather than an end when it is detached from the body and free to move around. The ego however is attached to the body and its physical life and doesn't want to let go of it. Regardless of outer circumstances it is the soul that decides when you die; you die when you are done with the things you needed to do from a higher self perspective or when the higher self finds it expedient to end the incarnation.
That means any virus scare, whether caused by the Chinese coronavirus, ebola, bird flu, swine flu or any other manufactured or natural pathogen is unnecessary. There are also multiple ways to protect yourself from such diseases and heal yourself in case you do attract one, for instance with nanosilver or diluted hydrogen peroxide. In the way an autumn storm only blows off the leaves from a tree that are already loose and prepared to fall, the people who do die from a virus outbreak are the ones who are ready to leave the physical world.
In this timeframe we see people parting from the physical who are either more of a burden to the planet than a blessing or who's job it is not to fix this planet. They suddenly fall ill and die, they get a heart attack or a lethal accident, they die at the hand of a disaster, they commit suicide or they get killed. It is part of the energetic clean up process we are going through and it will only intensify until it is complete.

2020-02-12: Staying true to your self.

In the stage that we are in it becomes ever more important to go inward and pay less attention to what is going on outside of us. You cannot directly determine what goes on out there, but you can direct what goes on inside of you. On an even deeper level there is no strict separation of what is inside and outside. Besides, all the issues at play in the world I have basically already described on the pages of this site. We know the deal by now, the light forces are inducing positive transformation and then the dark forces react by causing more problems in each and every way they can.

In order to direct what goes on inside of ourselves, we need to first and foremost identify what is our self. What really makes up who we are and what is adopted from external sources. Am I a European? Well yes, but more so I am a human being. Am I a human being? Well yes, but more so I am a spirit in a human body. Am I a spirit? Well yes, but more so I just am. When we zoom out like this, it is easier to detach from the temporary states we are in, the conditionings we have been subjected to, the cultural attachments and identifications etc. It doesn't mean we need to throw it all in the garbage bin, it just gives space to breathe and see all the relative things for what they are. The only constant in life is change as they say, beside life itself. Greatness and vastness is what we are, not smallness and limitation. For regular earthlings this may be a thing to learn, but for starseed lightworkers it is only a thing to remember. No need to be a slave to a system that doesn't truly serve you, no need to comply with rules that restrict you and that don't serve a higher purpose. Envision what you want out of life, the way your masters have done before you. Then act on it, one step at a time. Rome wasn't built in a day, but it was built and that's the whole point that all roads lead to. Creation, not mindless and routinely copying; living, not plainly surviving and existing.

2020-02-02: 144k Mirror Gateway mass meditation report.

In order to stabilize the worldwide situation after the major cleanup that has taken place recently on the plasma and etheric planes and consolidate the positive outcome, Ground Crew Command scheduled a 144k mass meditation over the weekend of February 1 and 2 for the occasion of the palindrome date 02-02-2020. I initiated by visualizing the key that opens the gate to the Event timeline and I held the key up for all lightworkers and other Earth inhabitants to see, as the key is linked to everyone on the planet. Then I inserted the key in the lock, turned it and opened the gate. I entered the gate and invited all lightworkers and others to follow onto the path that leads to the Event. Then I focused on the dominant social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and YouTube) and visualized violet flames purifying them of censorship; after that I visualized bright white light radiating out of them. I did the same with the mainstream media channels (newspapers, news programmes, mass media websites and all) and saw Cabal parrots and agents being removed and replaced by fresh faces who are interested to disperse independent information, while sealing the energetic dark portals around the lies that have been propagated by the mainsteam media.
After that I visualized intense white light spreading out over populous areas and the planet as a whole. Then I turned to the Chimera plasma spiders who were gathered around Wuhan to harvest the fear and suffering energies of the coronavirus outbreak in China and started pulverizing them. No mercy for the Chimera, they must be eradicated completely (or better said: their permanent removal from existence will be their mercy as they are so deeply fucked up, so thoroughly entrenched in the anomaly that they are unable and unwilling to change). I trust that the light forces have seized the opportunity as we projected our creative super powers from the physical onto the higherdimensional planes.

On the physical level the Brexit has finally been realized, thanks to the unrelenting efforts of British prime minister Boris Johnson, for which I salute him. This opens the door for more previously unthinkable changes, as it is the first and most important step in the decentralization of world power the end result of which will be full restoration of individual sovereignty for each and every human being. In France an impending ban has been proclaimed on the mass killing of male chicken hatchlings which will take effect by the end of 2021. There are many more positive developments which by themselves are not groundbreaking, but they do add up.
On the other side of the equasion was the news about Zolgensma, a medicine marketed by pharmaceutical giant Novartis. It is a one time gene therapy treatment for spinal muscular atrophy in infants priced at around 2 million euro per injection. The medicine was not even developed by Novartis themselves, but by AveXis which was taken over by Novartis in 2018 for 8.7 billion US dollars. So for the sake of quick return on investment and profit maximization for share holders a critical medical treatment is being offered at an impossible price over the back of young children with a life-threatening disease. It's an absolutely disgusting display of greed and free market obscenity.

2020-01-22: The day after and where to go now.

Cobra has posted his update on the Age of Aquarius Meditation and I want to comment on it and the situation after the meditation. First of all he mentions there are still trillions upon trillions of nonphysical reptilian entities, but as far as intelligent reptilians are concerned there are just a few million left on the physical, plasma and etheric plane combined according to my source. Phase III of the transition from a matrix society to a galactic society has started, which means bubbles of heaven or seeds of the 5D world are growing exponentially since autumn 2019. The number of physical Chimera left is now less than 30 and they have very limited cloning possibilities remaining.
The last layer of plasma toplet bombs which is the biggest hurdle toward the Event is also the first and oldest one that was created directly after the establishment of the Earth quarantine during the decay of the Atlantis civilization. This layer is the most strongly tied in to the trauma and darkness inside the surface population and starseeds, which makes it hard to remove without triggering the traumas and darkness in people. That's why it is very important that people tackle their issues by doing their inner work, otherwise removing these toplet bombs and other advanced dark technologies will create too much entropy and thereby lower the timeline. What the light forces are observing however is that too many people (including starseeds) are currently not doing their inner work, that is one of the reasons why planetary liberation is taking much longer than needed. So how much longer it will take for the Event to manifest depends on the free will of the people in realtime, as the bulk of the creative power on Earth is in the surface population.
The series of earthquakes around Puerto Rico since December 2019 is partly the result of Gaia releasing tensions and partly because of the light forces removing a small number of toplet bombs and other exotic weapons that were part of the last layer to be cleared. The light forces wanted to test the effect of removing some of these plasma toplet bombs. Many starseeds consider themselves ordinary citizens and act accordingly, but they are not. Some came to Earth with a specific mission, others simply got trapped here by the dark forces. Many starseeds also don't want to move out of their comfort zone, even though deep down they know what they need to do. The time has now come for lightworkers and starseeds to pull out of the illusion of the matrix as much as possible by breaking the invisible prison one small step at a time with increasing support of the Light. In that process there is no need to please others, your biggest obligation is to your mission and your soul purpose. Change is not going to come from doing the same familiar things over and over again.

2020-01-13: Age of Aquarius Activation Meditation report.

I have participated in all 3 of the 144k meditations this past weekend the second of which included the Age of Aquarius meditation itself. At the end of the weekend I was really exhausted, but I feel we have moved mountains energetically speaking. Cobra has confirmed that the critical mass has been reached.
On Friday we started shifting the energy of Saturn from being dominant and oppressive to being supportive and protective. I saw a dark jacket covering Saturn which I pulled out and I visualized various bright shapes of sacred geometry and swirls of light forming on the surface of the planet. On Sunday the guided meditation was predominantly aimed at transforming Saturn further with the aid of Pluto, where both planets assume their divine purpose in paving the way for the ascension of planet Earth. In the Friday meditation I visualized the Cabal as one man and I put before him another version of himself, namely the man he would have been if he would have been able to maintain the connection with his soul and would have kept his heart chakra fully opened. This confrontation triggered mixed reactions in the man representing the Cabal, because now there was not a random light being in front of him whom he could attack at will but he himself as the Light. It evoked both fear and insecurity as well as wonder and curiosity in him, he didn't know what attitude to take. I talked to the Cabal man and the light version of him approached him and took his hands. I did this meditation exercise to bridge the gap of duality and to work on the mental plane, as The Unknown Lightwarrior indicated there were still rigid mental constructs of darkness to be dissolved. Many lightworkers channel light but tend to forget to include the mental plane in their work. The rest of the Friday meditation and the main meditation I spent on a lot of things: I stabbed a light sword into the plasma octopus that had clung to Australia, lifted it up and threw it into the hands of the light forces to escort it off planet, I did the same with the octopus that had clung to Iran, I flung a light lasso around a number of dark entities to pull them out of their positions, I unravelled strings of toplet bombs that were entangled into other control technologies and attached to humans and carefully took them out, I saw unicorns also picking up toplet bombs and transfer them to pegasi who carried them off in their beaks to be dismantled. I envisioned a thread of light that connects the hearts of all humans on Earth so that nobody needs to feel isolated or unloved, and many other things, too much to mention.

2020-01-09: Age of Aquarius Activation Meditation update and preparation.

Like many people I raised my eyebrows at the killing of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani and a number of Iraqi militia members on January 3. What can possibly be behind that? I cannot imagine the decision to eliminate him has been taken lightly and impulsively by the US government, as it has way too many repercussions. Information on the backgrounds of this bold unilateral action varies, so we have to wait for better explanation. But general Soleimani the world's number 1 bad guy? Are you kidding? The man has been instrumental in the defeat of Daesh / Islamic State and I praise him for that. There couldn't have been a more effective action to bring people in the Middle East together in rejecting US interference, so I can only hope Soleimani's death will enable Iraq and Iran to cast off Western meddling in their affairs.
Cabal puppet Juan Guaidó has been stripped of his position as chair of the Venezuelan parliament, so some sense of rest can return in that country. Turkey has decided to send troops to Libya to defend the UN puppet government in Tripoli from commander Khalifa Haftar's encroaching forces which have the (so far mainly moral) backing of Russia. However Turkey and Russia have agreed they want to avoid military confrontation.

I can recommend the episode of Ground Crew Command Radio with Laura Eisenhower on the astrological aspects of the January 10, 11 and 12 cosmic alignments as a preparation for the all important Age of Aquarius Meditation and the two 144k meditations around it on January 10 and 12:

Friday's Full Moon 144K Mass Meditation (Clear tense energies, transmute darkness and plasma anomaly)
January 11/12 Saturday Night/Sunday's 144K Mass Meditation (Liberate Gaia NOW)
12th January - Sunday's 144K Mass Meditation (Co-create the Age of Aquarius)

2020-01-03: Age of Aquarius Activation Meditation.

All forces gather for the biggie, the colossus, the mother of mass meditations scheduled for January 11 or 12 (depending on your timezone): the Age of Aquarius Activation Meditation. The time is now upon us to end the Cabal's occult power over this planet once and for all, to break their metaphysical back so to speak and deliver the knock out blow that will lead to the financial reset with a debt jubilee and all steps that are to follow in 2020 to get the Age of Aquarius started. The light forces want to see a gradual meltdown of the old financial system instead of an immediate hard crash, as the latter would cause too much panic and chaos which would only increase the entropy on the planet and could trigger the delta timeline. In a gradual meltdown things can be steered in such a way that difficulties for local businesses and citizens are minimized or remedied. It is of paramount importance that as many people as possible take part in this extremely big opportunity for the breakthrough of the Light. So here are the relevant links:

Age of Aquarius Activation Meditation on The Portal
Age of Aquarius Activation videos
Age of Aquarius Activation on We Love Mass Meditation

2020-01-02: The end of an old era and the start of a new one.

First of all I wish everyone a great, inspiring and fulfilling new year and I want to thank all the lightworkers, light warriors, freedom fighters, truthers, rebel rousers and world improvers for their efforts in the past years. As the year 2019 has ended and 2020 has commenced, we go not only into a new year but a new decade which will see the birth of a new era. The fundamental changes that so many people long for have not taken shape in concrete form just yet, but all signs indicate we're on the brink of great change. A lot of groundwork has been done of which we will be able to reap the benefits rather sooner than later. Some people may say: what has been the point of it all, what have the light forces been doing all this time? But without the joint efforts of the light forces up there and lightworkers on the ground we would most likely be in the middle of World War III right now. It has been in the master plan of the Cabal since the 19th century to stage 3 world wars and each one would further their agenda of control, resulting in complete domination and absolute rule, but they haven't been able to pull it off. So take courage, because the victory when it will finally manifest in our lives will be sweet. In the background a lot has been achieved already.

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