Xekleidoma Slave versus Master test


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DISCLAIMER: This test is not intended to stroke your ego.

Initial remarks from my side: you are taking this test for yourself, it's not a competition so don't compare with others. It serves the purpose to get more clarity for yourself how far you are in leaving behind the slavish ways of being and becoming the master of your life and on which subjects there is still room for improvement. With each question, please select the answer that best represents your current position. If you cannot choose between two answers, then write them both down. If you score the maximum score of 100 points, then congratulations on liberating this planet. Obviously we are all somewhere in between the two extremes. So just be honest with yourself in answering the questions.

Question 1: How often do you use toothpaste containing sodium fluoride?

A) I always use toothpaste with fluoride.
B) I use toothpaste with fluoride most of the time.
C) I limit the use of toothpaste with fluoride as much as possible.
D) I never use toothpaste with fluoride because I know very well what it does.

Question 2: To what extent do you believe the existing system essentially serves you?

A) I believe the system really serves us, it's just the nature of reality that things simply cannot be perfect.
B) I feel the system serves us to a significant degree, but not in all respects.
C) I feel quite disillusioned with the system, but it's the best we have for now.
D) I am fully aware that the system is meant to enslave us and only give us what we need to in turn keep the system going.

Question 3: What is your relationship with money?

A) I feel it's important to earn a living by having a job and being productive.
B) I think we need money as a stimulus so that people's needs can be met.
C) I see money as simply one form of exchange between people and nothing more than that.
D) I am consciously striving for a world where money will not be needed anymore.

Question 4: How important is it for you how others view you?

A) I attach a lot of importance to how others perceive me, as we are social beings.
B) I tend to care quite a bit how others perceive me and talk about me.
C) I don't worry so much how others see me as it would drain my energy.
D) I am the sole judge of myself and my only norm is my own highest standards.

Question 5: To what extent do you feel the creator of your own life?

A) I feel like a toy of higher powers in this world more often than not.
B) I think our powers to create the life we really want are rather limited, something usually happens to bring us off track.
C) I generally feel that I am able to realize my goals and have my wishes fulfilled.
D) I don't let anything or anyone ever stop me from manifesting all the things I want.

Question 6: Do you ever feel a victim of circumstances?

A) I always have a hard time escaping from the role of victim when something unpleasant happens.
B) I think experience shows life does make victims, this world is not very fair.
C) I consciously try to avoid feeling like a victim and strive to evoke the strength in me.
D) I never subscribe to the victim role because there's always something you can do to improve circumstances.

Question 7: What guides you in taking important decisions relating to your life?

A) I like to ask other people's advice and usually follow their advice.
B) I tend to base my decisions on the knowledge of experts and others who dealt with a similar issue before me.
C) I combine input from others with my own intuition and gut feeling to come to a decision.
D) I listen to my higher self, spirit guides and ascended masters, they know best.

Question 8: In how far do you strive to expand your consciousness?

A) I don't bother much expanding my consciousness, I know enough to get me through life.
B) I do make an effort at times to learn new things, that keeps me fresh and inspired.
C) I reserve time in my schedule to increase my understanding of things and look more deeply into matters.
D) I have made it an integral part of my life to develop my consciousness in every way that I can.

Question 9: Do you use spirit science to consciously manifest?

A) I don't spend time on that, I'm too busy with other things.
B) I do meditate and visualize at times when there's something difficult I want to accomplish.
C) I make it a habit to use the various manifestation techniques.
D) I breathe spirit science, because I see the results of it daily.

Question 10: What is your relationship to God / Source?

A) I wouldn't really know, not sure if God even exists at all.
B) I view God / Source as the highest authority in life, that which gave birth to my soul.
C) I regard God / Source as the wayshower that can help out with things you cannot do alone.
D) I am God, nobody tells me otherwise.

Once you have chosen your most fitting answer to each of the 10 questions, assign 0 points for every A, 3 points for every B, 6 points for every C and 10 points for every D. If there's a question where you are doubting between two answers, then count the number of points that reflects the two answers (so between B and C but closer to B would be 4 points, between C and D would be 8 points). Add it all up and you have your score to indicate approximately where you are on your path to mastery of your reality. Keep in mind that the brightest souls have been repressed the hardest by the dark forces, so don't be hard on yourself if the score is not quite what you hoped. These are the grades of mastery:

0 - 19 points: slave Oh boy, you are in the unconscious slavish system idiot category
20 - 39 points: slavelike You have serious work to do to increase your conscious mastery of life's conditions
40 - 59 points: in the grey You are in the category of the average Earth citizen, lingering between slavery and mastery
60 - 79 points: masterlike You have progressed quite a lot in mastering your life and the reality you choose to experience
80 - 99 points: master Wow, you are very well developed as a soul that has mastered the art of living
100 points: sage I take my hat off for you, you are the true master and ready for ascension

So if you want to increase your mastery score, look for a good book to read that can offer new insights and empower you, search for the helpful tools that are plentiful on internet or ask the angels and ascended masters for guidance in what you can do to attain a higher level of mastery over your life. After the Event those who have been repressed the most will be making the greatest strides in recovering their former original self with the help of the light forces.