Xekleidoma - Divine dichotomy


rudan nach eil daonnan dè tha iad coltach

Each country gets the leaders it deserves.

I feel the need to do some historical justice to those past leaders of nations that have gone down in history as dictators, butchers and mad men. In a world full of people that are so caught up in their own small self interests, that have such a weak sense of responsibility for their environment and the world at large and that are always looking for someone else to relieve their problems while rarely asking how they might in turn relieve someone else's problems, be glad that some strong characters forcefully attempted to change things even though their efforts turned sour or they were stopped in their tracks and caused more suffering as a consequence of some of their actions and poor decisions. Men with small minds were often victorious in the end simply because there are so many of them and they wrote and spoke unfavorably about these great characters, among which Moammar Qadhafi as a recent example. I am not condoning psychopathic leadership, on the contrary, I only say that each leader needs to be judged in his or her own right, considering the circumstances at the time of his or her rule and looking beyond the superficial appearances and observations. People also need to keep in mind that leaders often make their decisions based in part on information that is not commonly known and that often remains cloaked in the veils of history.
Bill Clinton once talked about the small people when he referred to ordinary citizens, much in the same way as an overpayed bank executive would do. I don't agree with this prejudiced use of terms. The distinction between small men and great men is very simple: small men and women spend most of their spare time and attention on small and insignificant things, and it is quite astonishing how many people do that. Great men and women spend as much of their time and attention on great and important things as they can. This implies that anyone can be a great person regardless his or her descent and education, it is a matter of choice.
It is often said that each country gets the leaders that it deserves; in part this is true, but the manipulative power brokers behind the scenes have intentionally maneuvered and placed their pawns in positions of power in those countries that they deemed of strategic interest. Nevertheless by accepting such persons as leaders the citizenry does make itself an accomplice to transgressions committed by such leaders. This is the result of the (albeit mostly indirect) interaction and exchange taking place between the leaders on one side and the active followers and passive enablers on the other side.

My paranormal experiences.

How do I know that there are extraterrestrial intelligent beings out there watching us? How do I know reptilians and black magic are real? I have had my own contact experiences, even though they were not of a physical nature and even though I didn't receive training in paranormal subjects in this lifetime. When I joined a gathering in a Dutch center called Niburu and the presenter guided a group session to contact the positive extraterrestrials I had my eyes closed and shortly after the extraterrestrials were invited to make contact with us I felt a soft touch on my skin as if someone gently moved a finger over my arm; I couldn't believe what was happening so I opened my eyes to see if someone was physically touching me, but there was nobody to be seen in front of me. The touch stopped, but I knew for sure that what I had just experienced was real. In another session at Niburu I had a short contact with an individual from Agartha whose face I saw in my mind's eye. This man had a very strong presence and energy and his facial features were not like any of the races we know on Earth's surface, but they were similar to those of the ancient crystal skulls found in South America.
In the past I had a website online on which I created a page about the prophecies of Michel de Nostredame, commonly known as Nostradamus. After I had written about the third antichrist that was prophesied and included a drawing of this man as it appears in the books of Dolores Cannon (Conversations with Nostradamus), I was visited by an extremely dark entity that attacked me. The first time I was deep asleep and the entity broke into my dream in which I was taking a walk, surrounded me with water so I couldn't move either way, bound me energetically and projected an Arabic curved sword floating in the air; I intuitively understood that this sword was going to strike me with a deadly force if I didn't get out of the metaphysical place I was in, so I summoned all my strength to pull myself out of the dream in which I had become trapped. The second time was the single most frightening experience I ever had, even though nothing happened physically. Again I was in bed, this time in a state of slumber, and the entity of which I know he was the mentor of the third antichrist metaphysically entered my bedroom, created an energetic orb of pure evil energy and attempted to pull my soul into that orb. As I was somehow energetically bound I couldn't move at all and it was very hard to escape from this energetic pull; I had to resist the pull and escape from the energetic binding at the same time. I didn't know black magic could be this powerful, words cannot express how terrifying it felt; I screamed loudly as I woke up. After this experience I removed the picture of the third antichrist's face from my former website and the experiences didn't recur anymore. I got the name of the third antichrist in a dream and couldn't entirely remember it after I woke up; from what I remembered his first name was 5 letters starting with Z and ending with q, such as Zadiq or Zufiq or something like that.

The bonus.

The negative timelines that Nostradamus warned about in his prophecies have been resolved, but he also dedicated a few prophecies to the coming golden age of mankind on Earth of which I want to share this one that is my favorite:

Century II, Quatrain 13

Le corps sans ame plus n'estre en sacrifice,
Jour de la mort mis en nativité,
L'esprit divin fera l'ame felice
Voyant le verbe en son eternité.

The body without soul no longer being in sacrifice,
Day of death put into nativity,
The divine spirit shall make the soul happy
Seeing the verb in its eternity.

Here is some musical heritage from regions that I feel connected to:

Cobla Barcelona - Girona aimada
Luigi Lai - Recital di launeddas
Tarentella Calabrese ballata
Soazig - Ar soudarded
Carlos Nuñez, gaiteros de Galicia & pipers from Scotland - Aires de Pontevedra